Happy Hoochoo!

On a walk with a stick
Pretty GirlTied to a tree & abandoned :(Tied to a tree & abandoned :(Adorable & inventive way of transporting a rescue dog!A more recent face closeup - on the day I took her to her current foster parentswith current foster mama, KendraWaiting for her walkHooChoo and her foster sisterHooChoo exploring her crateChilling on the couchTrying to get some foodHooChoo hanging outHooChooTired after a long day playing Acting very cuteCuddlesEnjoying the sunSitting pretty!HooChoo keeping warm and blending in at the same timeWatching something....possibly the TVWaiting for the elevator to open so she can get outsideHooChoo was a bit under the weather so she had to take a break at the lightsHooChoo heading to her forever home!

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Female
Breed: Terrier (American Pit Bull) / Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Black & White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update: November 30th

It is with great pleasure that we are able to move HooChoo's profile into the Adopted section! HooChoo is already settling into her new home with her new toys and mama! Can't wait to hear how she is doing in the weeks to come! We are going to miss this little one but are extremely happy for her!

Update: November 27th

Cross your fingers for this little one! Good things may be happening in her future! HooChoo is still as happy as ever. Even though we are feeling incredibly sad that her time with us may soon be coming to an end, we are very excited for her to find her forever family.

Update: November 17th

Hoochoo has finished her vaccinations! She is improving all the time with her potty training, rarely having accidents anymore, and is a great, affectionate, fun little dog! But she's not so little anymore!

Update: October 10th

Hoochoo has settled in wonderfully to her foster home in Bucheon. She gets on great with our dog, Midori, and the two of them love to play and cuddle up together. She is doing really well with her house training and, after the first couple of nights when she was understandably a little stressed, we have had no issues at all with barking or whining. She happily runs into her crate at night, and makes no sound until the morning. She has such a fantastic personality. She is playful, loves to fetch a ball, and is learning her sit and stay commands quickly. She is such a beautiful looking dog, she is the star attraction everywhere we go - everyone in our building knows her and she is very popular with the high school students next door!

We have loved having her, but Hoochoo is now ready for her forever home and to start her new life. She has lots of energy, so she needs an owner that is ready to dedicate plenty of time to walk with her and play with her. She currently gets 2 long walks a day with lots of bathroom breaks in between. She would also fit in great to a household with another dog, as she will just play and play and play!

Please consider adopting little Hooch into your home! After a rocky start in life, she deserves a fantastic forever home, and will give you untold love in return!

Hoochoo's Story, August, 2013

"I was on a bike tour towards Busan, and in Chungju, I found a motel for the night, and the next morning this little bundle of puppy joy was chained to a tree in front of the building in this sort of no-man’s-land area between a major road and a service/turn-off road. I was considering cutting my trip short anyway, so I took the morning very slowly, and kept watching the situation with her, as well as going over and playing with her several times. Between about 8am and noon, when I had to check out, she was still there, and there are no homes anywhere near where she was, and one small gardening supply business. I gestured to them as if to say “is she yours?” and the answer was "no".

So my trip was over, and I got on an intercity express bus with my bike down below ALONG WITH this little cutie in a makeshift carrier: a box with holes cut in it.

I took her straight to my vet, so she has been checked out and vaccinated. She is healthy except for roundworm, which she is taking the medication for now. She is highly energetic in the typical puppy way: curious, wants to meet/sniff/see everything.

NOW: full disclosure: I actually thought I HAD already found her a home within 2 days of being back (after all, she’s so damn cute and a more rare breed for Korea, so I had gotten a lot of responses to an initial post on the ARK Facebook page) but the first night she apparently barked a lot. That’s it. She got along well with the other 2 dogs of the house, but they kept her somewhat separated because of the roundworm, and she barked a lot. Their landlord threw a fit, and as they had just moved in they didn’t want to cause any problems. (Now, in my own experience, she had been a little yippy/whimpery each time I left after playing with her that morning before I decided to take her, so this was not completely out of the blue, but I also do not think it will be a permanent habit. She’s been abandoned, stuck in a box in the belly of a bus, ridden in that box on a bike, kept in a vet’s office, then she was brought to a new house with two other dogs but also left separated all night in that house.) I think it’s fair to conclude she was just feeling separation anxiety, and general anxiety, and that it will pass with time. Crate training should be a powerful tool for fixing this.

So, we’ve got an adorable mostly-pitbull-plus-something-else mix puppy who is checked, vaccinated, and ready for a foster or to be adopted. And trust me, she is incredibly adorable."

- Andre

Adoption Fee: ₩150,000
Location: Bucheon - 부천
Living Situation: In foster care


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OK - some updated info: Her name (temporary, of course, for an adopter who wants to pick a new one) is Hoochoo. She will be finishing a month-long training course on Saturday, August 31st and coming back to me. That same day I will be bringing her to a couple who want to foster her but cannot adopt. We must see if she gets along with their dog, BUT - and this is important - they know they cannot bring her back with them in just under a year, when they will be returning to a Canadian province that has a breed ban, SO they know there may be people who want to adopt, and they will not stand in the way of that. SO, if you are interested in adopting, do not hesitate to make contact. I will post after Saturday to inform y'all about whether she is with the foster couple or still at my vet's office. I am located in the Nowon-gu, northern-Seoul area, but the possible fosterers are in Bucheon.

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As of Monday, Sept. 2nd: Hoochoo got along very well with the potential foster couple's current dog, so she is now in Bucheon with them. She is starting her vaccination series all over again - since I rescued her shortly before I went on vacation, and her housing arrangements have been all over the place, she missed the 2nd round of the original series, so it is back to square one on that front, but Kendra & Andy, the foster couple, will take care of it. HOOCHOO is READY FOR HER FOREVER HOME!!! Are you looking to adopt an ADORABLE puppy who will end up being a probably-around-20kg bundle of joy? Well, this one is for you. Get in touch, send an ARK Adoption Application and arrange a visit to Bucheon. You won't be sorry. She is indescribably adorable, and the only reason I can't keep her is that I have an adult female pitbull, and she really can't share the house full time with any other dogs. Get in touch...

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It's great that you're helping her!
As far as whines/barking/etc., that can definitely be trained out. Our 10-year-old shelter dog did that initially, too, but like I said, we were able to train him to stop. If we can train an old dog that lived in the shelter his entire life not to whine/bark, Hoochoo's new family could, too. :)

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By the way, she's ADORABLE! I especially love the picture of her head sticking out of the box. :)

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She is adorable! She is now crate trained and no longer barks when she is left alone!

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That's wonderful!
How does she do with cats?

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I'm not sure. She has never seen one while we have had her.

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HOLY COW! She is just soooooo beautiful! She looks amazing in your home. Well done to everyone involved!

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OMGGGGGGGG, such a cutieeeee!!!

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She really is a major cutie. ^^

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Hoochoo coming in from her walk

KALM's picture

HooChoo doing one of her favorite things! Running and jumping in the park

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Hoochoo playing fetch and by herself