Marty, 7 July 2013 (Photo: R. Rosen)Marty, 7 July 2013 (Photo: R. Rosen)Marty soakin' up the sun :)Nov 2013Enjoying the heated floorMarty trying to keep warm!

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Chihuahua
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Golden
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

11 May 2014
Marty is still looking for a new foster or preferably, a forever home! Please consider this little cutie!

11 April 2014
Marty needs a new foster home by the end of this month! My neighbor has been complaining about him barking when I'm not home so I don't think my lifestyle is the best for him. He will definitely do better in a home with another dog or with someone else who is home more often than me. He is fully vaccinated and will come with all his belongings (crate, food, toys, etc). He's really low maintenance and super easy to care for when you're home. If you're busy, he'll sleep soundly. But if you're moving about or cooking, he'll follow you just to be part of the action. He really deserves to find his forever home!

6 April 2014
Really hate to say it, but the adoption didn't go through as planned. Everything was set for Marty to go to America, but he was left behind last minute by his potential adopter, so he's back with me =(

26 Mar 2014
Super excited to announce that Marty is being adopted and will be flying out to America next Friday!!

18 Mar 2014
Marty is still looking for a new foster home, preferably a forever home! He's low-maintenance and loves going out for walks. He spends most of his time sleeping when I'm home and even sometimes tries to nap on walks! Super cute! He's super smart and learns tricks easily. He also loves playing with a treat-dispensing toy.
However, as it turns out, my lifestyle isn't the best match for him. Starting next month, I will be away from home for around 12 hours each day, and my current schedule now is already stressful for him. Therefore I feel it will be best for him to go to a home where there will be someone home more often than me.

12 Mar 2014:
Marty has done a lot better these days. He really loves to go for walks and is always eager to meet other dogs. These days he's enjoying biking with me to the Han River as well as going to Seoul Forest. At home he's more than happy to sleep. However he would really love it if he could find his forever home!

22 Feb 2014:
I have Marty for a couple weeks now, and recently I've received complaints of him barking while I'm not home (and I'm away around 10-11 hours a day because of work). He absolutely loves being with someone, so I think my situation isn't the best for him. Therefore I think he'll do best in home where he'll either have a doggie friend to play with or with someone who is home more often than me =(

****1 week left****
3rd Feb 2014- I'm still hoping for a miracle in that someone recognises Marty as the star he is and gets the ball rolling in adopting him before I leave. He deserves more than to be bounced around again.

This week we've actually been playing with Marty instigating! It comes in short bursts but it's so awesome to see after all this time. We've even been having some tail wagging :) I'm used to having Marty as my shadow but he's actually gained enough confidence now to know he can choose to stay in another room whilst I bumble around elsewhere and I'll still be there when he comes back.

Marty also follows 'sit' and 'wait' perfectly every time. Even on busy, noisy roads which he used to hate. Well done Marty!

***** Urgent update - 2 weeks left******
23rd Jan - Marty only has another two weeks left before I leave. Last night I had friends over for dinner and unlike the old Marty, he wasn't fazed by this at all and instead decided to curl up with his new friends on the sofa and be tickled. This itself is testament to just how far he has come since the days where he would prefer just hide in the corner :)

16th Jan - Marty only has another 3 weeks left in foster care until I leave the country. If there was any way I could take him with me, I honestly would. He's become an amazing little companion and has come such a long way in such a short space of time. I do not want to see him go back to the shelter after making so much improvement. If you are interested, please contact us asap! Don't be put off by his breed - he is the least demanding, dog I have met, who loves curling up next to me and has never, ever been 'yappy'.

We've also been hiking a few times recently. Whilst you wouldn't think it to look at him, he absolutely loved it and was more than able to keep up, despite his tiny size and much to the amusement of other hikers!

Update: 4th Jan 2014
Some really great news to start the new year off with... Just as we were hoping, Marty's heartworm test came back negative yesterday :) Well done Marty! He also had a great Christmas and got pretty spoilt for choice with new toys and treats!

I've added some more pics of the new, improved happier Marty at Christmas.

Update: 23rd Dec 2013
Marty has officially become a snuggle-bug! I genuinely can't believe how much progress he's made in just a couple of months. He's the perfect apartment dog and everyone has remarked about how much he had improved recently. He loves any form of attention and has happily started to greet people at the door, rather than run and hide. He's still wary of small children but has never shown any aggression. I can't believe this gorgeous boy is still waiting for his forever home.

Update: 28th Nov 2013
Marty has finally realised it can be fun to play! Not only does he LOVE to chase his tail, but he has even started to play with some of the toys he used to completely ignore. He is however, completely confused by the concept of fetch, choosing instead to look at me like I am a complete idiot! I had a bunch of people round for Thanksgiving last weekend which I was worried about in case he just got too scared but he did so much better than I expected with the amount of people and noise. He has also mastered 'Sit' and will wait patiently for treats rather than begging for them these days which is a massive improvement. All this deserving little guy really needs now is a forever home to call his own.

Marty is continuing to make progress. He is fascinated by all dogs, even dogs 10 times his size and seems confused when not all of them are as friendly as he is! He has grown in confidence enough now to actively come to me for affection and loves curling up to me on the sofa in the evenings.

Update: 12th Nov 2013
Marty has been with me for nearly 3 weeks now and after a nervous start, the transformation I have already seen in him in such a short space of time is amazing :) Even though he was terrified of everything at first, he never showed any aggression towards me and he is now really coming out of his shell. He absolutely loves his little walks and adores milk bones! He is now also happy eating dry food instead of canned and is eating really well so has put some much needed weight those bones of his.

Marty is such a chill little boy and at only 3KG, he is perfect for apartment living. At first he didn't like being left on his own but we've worked on that and now whilst I am at work he is an angel - he has never been destructive and doesn't bark at all, providing he has a little safe place. This is currently my laundry room as he still has a fear of crates!

Marty absolutely loves anything warm; especially my Ondol and will happily snooze on the floor for ages. Strangely enough, he also seems to prefer rolling around on his back, having a lovely time on my bathmat rather than any of the other snuggly beds he has the option of which makes me laugh every time. I will try and upload a video of this soon!

He is still very nervous around other people and gets spooked easily on our walks but I am confident this is something that will change with a bit of time, patience and trust. Please consider this little boy. He’s already got bags of potential and will make someone a great little companion.

Update: 7 Nov 2013
Marty has taken some time to adjust but the last few months have been really hard on him. His new foster mom is being patient and amazing and he is slowly coming out of his shell. Here is what she has to say:

We are making progress! After some initial seperation anxiety, we've been working on creating a little safe haven for him in my laundry room. I've been keeping it heated and warm and putting him in there regularly for differing amounts of time each morning / evening with different routines and he seems to be doing much, much better than he was at first. Recorded him yesterday whilst I was at work and it looks like he only had a barking fit a couple of times and seemed much less stressed when I came home.
We also have him pooing outside for the most part and he's really warming up which is lovely to see. I don't blame him for being such a scared, confused little boy. Whilst he is still extremely nervous for the most part and I know this will take a long time to conquer, he does have his curious moments where he comes to investigate and sit close to me and these are already becoming more regular. So excited to see him with his tail and ears held high!

Update: 4 Nov 2013
Marty made it safely to Gumi to his new foster home. Thank you Heather! Here is what she has to say:

Marty is absolutely fine here, he is starting to get much more confident around me but is still a terrified little boy of most things. I'm still giving him some space to settle in but he is actually doing much better - he actually started to play with one of the toys I bought him a couple of days ago which I was mega excited with!

Watch this space for more Marty updates!

Update: 10 Oct 2013
URGENT!! Marty and his owner are in a huge predicament. Shortly after coming back to Korea and adopting Marty, she has had a serious family emergency arise back home in Poland. She's only had Marty for a week, but she needs to go back home to be with her family and there is no time to get Marty prepared to travel with her. He is still, after all, in the recovery stages of his heartworm treatment. Marty needs an urgent foster home - he hates being in a cage (even if we board him) and he was transforming so well and so quickly with the love and care he got from his new mom. This is really an upsetting set of circumstances. We are looking for somewhere for him to go. Either a foster home to buy him some time, or an adoptive home. His owner does not know when she will be able to come back to Korea and she wants what is best for him. If a forever home comes along, we would like to give Marty what he deserves and not move him around anymore than he has to be.

Please read what she has said:

URGENT FOSTER HOME NEEDED FOR MARTY! I took him from Cheonan vet's clinic last week. He was shy little guy desperately scared of all people. During stay with me per this couple days he changed a lot! Now no one would recognize in him this shaking ball of fur he was before. Unfortunately I got know I have to urgently leave Korea in couple days and have no time to prepare him to travel. So now I desperately need a foster home for him. He is a really small, quiet, calm boy. Good with other animals, walks well on a leash and behaves very well when stay at home alone. For toilet he goes outside and always signals that he needs to do it. The only thing he DOESN'T LIKE is NOISE. Please find a little bit of space for this little guy in your home and heart. I promise you will not be disappointed about him! I will give you for his cage, food, bowls, blankets and other stuff he needs! I don't want put him back into a cage just after he start open himself to the world.

Update: 5 Oct 2013
Marty has been adopted! I loooove this story!! His adopter fell in love with him from over in Poland via his ARK profile. We liaised for a very long time and did the adoption process online. I was trying not to get my hopes up too much...after all, he was incredibly scared and sometimes bit out of fear while at the vet. I was concerned that his new mom might meet him and realise that he's not the one for her. Well, that didn't happen!! Once she got back to Korea, she met him & fell even more in love. She took him home and they hit it off from the start! He has come out of his shell in such a big way - she thinks I've given her the wrong dog. He is not AT ALL like the one in his profile videos or my description! Go Marty!!

His new mom says:

He walks on leash very well and start understand that he has to share space with other people and they not gonna hurt him.
He is fine with other dogs! He doesn't care about them. Just passing them on street without pay attention. Even some dogs are crazy to get him but he doesn't even look at them. Cats the same. About kids-he has nothing against them until they become noisy.
He walks through noisy streets and he learns very fast. Some accidents still happens to him at home but only when I am late with observation.
When someone visits my home he just stays in his place and watches them. If I disappear from his eyes he come to check if everything is fine and come back on his bed. He eat almost everything and he is terrible beggar ;) He is still skinny so I let him eat more than he should but I have to be careful to not overfeed him.
I start to mix his can food with dry food because he refused to eat dry one.
After a couple more days he will be completely straight normal dog I'm sure about this ;) He already knows his way back home and closest area and feel comfortable here.

Thank you for everything Marta! Congrats on the new addition to your family. (New photos in the comments section.)

Update: 27 Sept 2013
Marty has a special someone coming to meet him next week...let's hope they hit it off! Who could resist that face though, and those bulgy little eyeballs? :D We love you Marty!

Update: 27 August 2013
Marty needs to go into a quiet, calm foster home as soon as possible in order to recover from his heartworm treatment. Please give scared this little man a chance!

Update: 25 August 2013
Marty has tested positive for heartworm. :( Poor little guy! He has now finished his treatment but needs a quiet, low-stress environment where he can recover. After about a month, he will be able to do more "normal" doggy activities. We are urgently seeking a foster home for him who can provide this. If you, or anyone you know, have space for this small fry in your home (I promise he's small!) PLEASE complete the application form at and send it to me.

Sweet little Marty is a new addition to the Asan shelter. He was rescued from a city pound death row by Mr Park, along with about 6 other dogs. They are all a little shell-shocked at the chaos and noise of the shelter, but Marty seems to be a perfect little gentleman, happily coexisting with his fellow "inmates". He is a little timid but warms up very quickly. He just wants to be loved.

He is not yet neutered. He is very underweight and needs to go into foster care as soon as possible to put some weight on his bones!

If you would like to foster Marty, please read the fostering guidelines: , complete the application form: and send it to the adoption coordinators listed under "contact info".

If you are interested in adopting Marty, please read the adoption guidelines:, complete the application form: and send it to the adoption coordinators listed under "contact info".

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


clare_bell's picture

Marty is SO happy in his new home!!

marlajoy's picture

Yay, Marty!!! :)

Marri's picture

Day by day become more difficult to think i have to leave Korea without Marty... He is so adorable you never know! Couple days ago i would never think he will start play around apartment just like puppy! He is definetly different dog now! Its impossible to not love him after get know his real personality. Yesterday he took bath and was groomed and managed this with no problem. Now he looks so beautiful. People on the streets cannot pass him without say how cute and ipuda he is;) Something new about Marty... Today i wanted wash his blanket and discovered that he steal from my suitcase and hide in his bed two pairs of my socks kkkkk he didnt distroy it. I guess just sleep with it. Do I have to say more?

marlajoy's picture

He hid two pairs of your socks?! Oh, the cuteness! :)

Marri's picture

I guess he suspected i wanna leave... So maybe he thought I will go nowhere if i will not find these socks;)

Marri's picture


clare_bell's picture

Wonderful update!! Thank you Heather!! :)

Heather's picture

Updated pics

marlajoy's picture

Oh, goodness gracious! He is over the top adorable!! :)

Heather's picture

December pics

clare_bell's picture

He's SO cute! Love his fuzziness! Thank you Heather :) Merry Christmas to you and Marty.

Heather's picture

Rather than sleep in his comfy bed, he's just as happy chilling on the floor by my side. As you can see, he's also excelled at pulling off an 'I'm way too cute to be kicked out of your bed' pose.

marlajoy's picture

What a doll! Poor little guy doesn't want you to leave - he's coming up with all the cuteness he's capable of! :)

me2ffc's picture

I'm currently fostering Marty now in Seoul~
He's is quite smart! He learned 'shake' in just two brief training sessions. Such a smarty =)
He really does love other dogs and always wants to play with them when he sees them on our walks.

Here he is showing off his new "shake" trick!


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new pictures!

clare_bell's picture

That FACE!!

me2ffc's picture

Marty enjoyed a nice long bike ride along the Han River this weekend!

DanaFanel's picture

How does he interact with cats? Does he play with them or ignore them? Is he upfront with them? (bonds toward them with no fear)

me2ffc's picture

I haven't seen him interact with cats, so I can't say for sure how he is with them. However when we pass stray cats on our walks, he doesn't seem to mind them at all

me2ffc's picture

Marty is still looking for a forever home or a new foster!

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This comment was silly and I have erased it. I will shortly email my foster application.

DanaFanel's picture

Test run is not the right phrase. A play date.

sue22's picture

Seems to be a mistake, I've been trying to adopt him for over a week

me2ffc's picture

The adoption coordinator has been really busy these past few days. Marty isn't the only dog she has to screen applications for, so please wait a little bit more, and she will get back to you =)

clare_bell's picture

Here is lovely update from Marty's new dad!

"Marty is doing really well! I am impressed with how quickly he has gotten used to living in his new home. The first day I brought him home he was surprisingly mellow. He seemed a little anxious after we took him from Kay and waited for the subway, but a group of old ladies came over and gave him some attention which calmed his nerves a little. When we got back to the apartment he walked around for a few hours to get a feel for it. Once he was comfortable he hung out with my wife and I in the computer room, curled up in his bed. He even nibbled at his food from time to time, which told me he wasn't as nervous and anxious about the new changes as I thought he was going to be! He is very smart about using the pee pad, in fact the only accident he's had so far was going pee on my bath mat, which is beige and the same size as his pads. He loves going on his walks, which I feel he needs a little more training with because he seems to walk his own path instead of following my lead. I walk him with his little red harness backpack, which he doesn't seem to mind at all. It's great because I can keep his waste bags in there so I never forget them when he needs to go outside. He's been practicing his tricks! He does sit, shake, lay down and bang almost consistently now, though after a while he gets impatient and loses his concentration, haha. I'm currently trying to teach him "easy" and "drop it", because when he gets impatient he gets a little excited and nips at the treat. He's saying "Just give me the damn cookie already!". I am going to get a clicker and try to condition him for clicker training so he doesn't get super fat from all his rewards for being a smart boy. He seems to trust me and my wife, which is really gratifying. He got his first bath yesterday and I have to congratulate him on being the mellowest pet I've ever bathed. Marty likes to dart around the house after I dry him off with a towel, we call it Marty's way of air drying. It's so funny, I really need to get a video of it to show everyone.
Overall my wife and I are very delighted at how quickly he's adjusted."

Thank you Tim!