Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Poodle (Miniature)
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Black
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

2013-08-04: Murphy has been adopted! Congratulations to Aaron and Janice on adopting Murphy into your life forever!

2013-08-02: This is a big weekend for Murphy. He has a few interested potential forever families that plan to meet him! If all goes well, he may have a forever home to go to!! *fingers crossed*

2013-07-21: We had three potential adopters inquire about Murphy. But all three of them fell through. Murphy is still available for adoption. He is healthy with all vaccinations up-to-date. The vet did inform me that he does have a little skin irritation on his paws (explains why he didn't like us touching his paws). But, he is getting treated for this now. Other than that, he's the sweetest little thing (only 4 kg). Please consider giving Murphy a forever home/family!

2013-07-14: Smallville hosts adoption events with KARA once a month, and yesterday there seemed to have been a potential adopter. This was through Smallville and KARA, and the potential adopter said he would think it over for a few days before making the commitment.

Additionally, we recieved a text message and phone call from another potential forever family/home. This potential adopter wanted to meet with Murphy. So I gave general directions of where Smallville is located. I have also asked this person for an application, but have not recieved it, yet.

GO MURPHY!!! Let's hope one of these situations works out for this amazing little guy.

2013-07-11: The Vets at Smallville said Murphy has all the needed vaccinations at his age. I also forgot to mention that he is already fixed/neuterred. This little guy is all ready to meet his new forever family! Please consider adopting him. We have received a few interests but so far nothing solid has come in.

We ask that potential adopters to complete an ARK Adoption Application located at:

Please send the completed application to the email address provided below.

2013-07-05: Murphy is still at Smallville doing well. The we are paying for a test to see what vaccinations Murphy may already have. We even bought him a large bag of dry food to sustain him while he stays with Smallville. There are a few other dogs (and cat) that stay at Smallville. So, he will not be lonely. And the vets there are great about taking care of strays. They even adopted a former service golden retriever named, "Jang-goon" (aka General).

Again, to note, we are only allowed two pets due to our condition of living/working in Korea. Therefore, we are unable to keep Murphy.

Please consider adopting/fostering this little guy! He really would be a great addition to your family!!!

2013-07-02: After the weekend, we learned that Murphy was not potty trained. During the weekend, it was not noticeable because he just pottied when we took our two adopted dogs out. However, while we were at work on Monday and Tuesday, Murphy was unable to control his bladder. He peed in the the entrance, in the bathroom floor, and even in his crate. He actually pee'ed in the house over the weekend, but it was easy to catch him in the act because we were home. However, while we were at work, he would be in the crate with a small puddle of pee. Because we are unable to potty train him or give him the attention he needs, Smallville was willing to shelter him until we could find the owner or a new forever home. NOTE: we are unable to adopt this little guy because our living/working conditions only allow for two pets per household.

2013-06-28: We recieved no calls from any of the vets. One vet even contact the area pound/animal shelter, and but recieved no call-backs. No one was claiming this poor little guy. We even made flyers and posted them all around the area where we found this little guy. This night, we went back to Smallville, and brought him home with us. Smallville did a quick physical exam and they found no issues with him. He even smelled of strong shampoo, like he was recently washed (before we took him to Smallville).

We brought Murphy home with us over the weekend. Even though he smelled of shampoo, we gave him a bath and decided to house him over the weekend. Murphy does very well with our other two pups -- both adopted through ARK (Guinness and Max -- in our profile photo). He is extremely good at following us around; and eat very well, too. He is very friendly, and loves to cuddle in bed or on the counch. Oh, and he loves to play with smaller plastic balls.

2013-06-27: We were eating dinner Thursday evening in the ChungAng University Hospital area, and saw a few people crowd around. We saw a small black poodle without a collar or leash. And no owner to be found. We quickly finished dinner and asked the people around if they were the owner. No one knew who's dog this cute little black poodle belonged to. So, we picked him up and walked to the nearest vet. The first vet said they have never seen him before. The second vet said the same. We even check with the nearby pet groomers, and they took down our information in the case of an owner stopping by to ask if they saw Murphy. After about 3 other local vets, we finally walk to our neighborhood vet and asked them. Smallville said they would watch after him for the night to see how Murphy did.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: Other circumstance