Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Large (over 20 kg)
Colour: White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

UPDATE: December 25th

Beau is finally with his mummy!

He went to join his forever family on the weekend. Beau's adopter is from Luxembourg and they will be traveling home together in early February.



From Beau's fosters:

"In just a couple weeks Bo will leave our home and go home with his future forever owner. While my boyfriend and I are so sad to let him go, we know Bo will be in the best hands and will have a yard to call his own and lots of room to play and grow. A dog couldn't ask for a better situation. He will formally be adopted on the 22nd of December, and then updates will no longer be posted by me, but by Veronique (Mee Hee) - his future owner. So thankful and she is so excited!"

UPDATE: Nov. 10th

From Beau's fosters:

"Bo doggie met his new owner for the first time yesterday and got to hang out with her today for several hours while she came to visit! She is in love with Bo already and is going to adopt him for good at the end of December and then take him back to Europe! Great things happening for this doggie's future <3"

UPDATE: Nov. 8th

From Beau's fosters:

"Tomorrow Bo will take a journey with Ros and I to Seoul to see the vet and start making the necessary preparations for him to fly with his future forever owner. Let's cross our fingers he doesn't get car sick...more than once. Hehe.

This is a big day as he will also meet his future owner for the FIRST TIME! I'm really excited for them to meet as I know a really wonderful home and yard await him! If everything goes as planned, Bo will be officially adopted at the end of December! Now that's what I call a good Christmas gift! <3 "

UPDATE: October 31

From Beau's fosters:

"Things are really looking good for Bo!!

While he's happy and healthy with us in his foster home, it appears that he has a forever home lined up! A home with a yard and lots of space to run around and do Bo things! Cross your fingers for this loving doggie! Ros and I will be so sad to give him up, but his potential arrangements couldn't look better at this point!

Bo gives everyone his love :)"

UPDATE: October 10

From Beau's fosters:

"This is Bo's Foster Family again!

Yesterday Bo Bo had a rough day! He went to the vet to get neutered! All was a success (no heart worms, and he had his rabies and distemper vaccines) but this poor pup really hates car rides (he gets car sick every time!!) and going to the vet. Bo definitely gets some anxiety when we leave or if he's left in the care of a vet or groomer. He just doesn't like being alone, but who could blame him?!

We can see that he's feeling a bit better this morning as he's walking around without stumbling, isn't whining and woke me up with his nose in my face wagging his tail! He'll be back to full energy in no time! His future adoptive family should be sure to know he needs a lot of exercise and play! Ros takes him on an hour walk every morning, and then he gets 2-3 more walks after that a day and plays a lot with us in the home as well. It's not so much that we can see he has a lot of energy, but that he needs to be played with and kept busy. He's a smart dog and likes to be stimulated.

Ros and I LOVE Bo so much, but really can't take him with us on our travels when we leave :( . He really needs a loving, caring home! He is the perfect dog in every way with lots of personality! He's still so young, so please consider Bo (house trained, leash walking, gets along with other animals, so KIND and GENTLE) before getting a "new" puppy or other dog. "

UPDATE: September 29

This is a message from Beau's (Bo Bo's) foster family!

Both myself and my boyfriend have nothing but good things to say about Bo! He always goes to the bathroom outside, walks great on a leash (sometimes it feels like I'm walking nothing next to me instead of a dog), and has barked maybe 3 times in the past week we have had him! On his walks he has seen stray cats and other dogs and does not bolt for them. He's been to public places like Starbucks and the local boxing club and waits patiently. He lets strangers approach him and ,more than often, pet him right away.

If you are looking for a dog, Bo is your boy! He's still only a puppy and has his clumsy puppy feet- so don't let his size fool you into thinking he is an adult dog. We only leave him alone for about 2 hours total every day, so it would be best if Bo's future forever home would have someone at home most of the day to keep him company, as he is still a puppy. A great thing about Bo is that because he is house trained, we actually let him have the whole apartment while we're gone. He never digs in the garbage or chews/tears our things.

Bo is such a personality packed dog and we both really want him to have a good home- he definitely deserves it!!

UPDATE: September 26th


Beau has finally found a home... BUT it's only for a SHORT TIME! His foster family will leave Korea at the end of the year so he still really really needs to find a forever home!

He has been in foster care for just two days but is doing really well! He is comfortable in the house, has not had any toilet accidents inside and has even tried his luck at jumping into their bed for cuddles!

Beau has improved so much! He would even let people touch him in the shelter and now he wants to share a bed! He is more than ready for a forever home!

If you are interested in adopting Beau, please contact us.

He still has a possible longer term foster in the US but we are having a lot of trouble finding flights so if you do know anyone flying towards Portland/Seattle please also let us know ^^

UPDATE: September 8th

Beau has found a temporary foster home here in Korea! He will be going to his foster family after the Chuseok holiday. Beau also has a potential foster in Seattle. If you or anyone you know is flying that way and can check him onto your flight as excess luggage, please contact me. It's really easy and everything will be paid for.

These are all only foster homes though. BEAU NEEDS A FOREVER HOME!! He is an amazing dog! If you are worried about adopting a shelter dog because of possible behavior problems then BEAU is perfect! He has spent 2.5 months in a training school learning some manners.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ADOPTING BEAU, please contact me: [email protected]

UPDATE: August 6th

We decided to keep Beau at the training center for one more month. We really don't want to send him back to the shelter.. He has 3 weeks left and we really don't know if we are going to be able to afford to keep him at the training center any longer.

Beau is a really good boy, he is learning so well at the training center! He is still a little scared of new people and situations but he is getting better.

Please consider adopting Beau!

UPDATE: July 20th

Beau has only one week left at the training center. He is doing so well there. He has become comfortable around people and responds to the trainer really well. Beau will really thrive in a stable home!

UPDATE: July 18th

Beau only has a little more than a week left at the training center ... please consider helping him.

UPDATE: July 13th

BEAU BEAU BEAU! He is so beautiful! He is really learning to trust and enjoy having relationships with humans! He is doing really well at school, but sadly, he is halfway through his time there... He needs a home asap!


Beau is doing really well at school. He's really getting comfortable with people and picking up basic manners really fast. He has been there for 1 week now... only 3 more weeks left.... HE REALLY NEEDS A HOME! Please consider Beau or share his story to help him find his forever home~

Below is a video of Beau at school today with my dog. Beau is the one with better manners... the big fluffy one.

UPDATE: July 1st

Beau is just amazing!!!! He spent one night in my house between the shelter and training school. He came in terrified and not too keen on being touched. But, he slowly started wagging his tail whenever I went to check on him. We went for TWO walks! On Saturday he wouldn't even stand up with a harness on! He had a bath and we brushed him, he's looking much better!

Yesterday, when we took him to the training centre we got the biggest reward! Without any lead he followed us around everywhere! Beau is so loyal! After just one night of TLC! He also really perked up when he was introduced to some other puppies. He is easy going and learnt to sit just by watching the other puppies for less than a minute! I just can't tell you how AMAZING Beau is!! He has so much potential!

The trainer is going to focus on general manners and socialisation.

Beautiful Beau!

Beau is one of the New Fantastic Four.

He is going to the Dog Training Centre just outside of Seoul tomorrow and he will be there for a month learning all the things he needs to know to become a perfect companion!

Beau is just amazing! Today, after a lot of effort we finally got him out of his cage. He was wearing a harness and was ready to start his journey.. But then he realized to wants nothing to do with being walked. He was terrified of the idea! He was also pretty scared on his drive back to our house ... and also when he arrived in this new strange environment. But, after just a little while, when I went to refill his water bowl he looked up at me and wagged his tail!!!! From terrified to semi excited to see a person! All in one afternoon! He is just getting better and better!

Tomorrow he will start school and will learn that walking is fun, sitting gets you treats, coming when called gets you treats and that the bathroom is outside!

He will be ready for a new home really soon! And he will be a step ahead in his training!

Please keep checking Beau's profile for updates on how his school life is going.

If you have any questions or are interested in adopting or fostering Beau, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you






Adoption Fee: ₩150,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: With owners


marlajoy's picture

Are all of the fantastic 4 heading to the training center?

jtaylor's picture

Unfortunately no... we only have the money for one at this point. We are trying to put together some more and hopefully find some forever or foster homes...

clare_bell's picture

Here is Beau on his way out of the shelter! He had NO idea what was going on and did NOT like the idea of going on a harness and lead! :D I cannot WAIT to see his transformation at the doggy school!

cowgirlissy85's picture

How/where is he in his potty training?

jtaylor's picture

He is not going in his bedding area. But he has been in a shelter environment for his entire life, so I'm sure he will need a family that is willing to invest the time into potty training. Living in a house will be totally new to him. He will learn in the training school but that is a totally different environment and setup to a house. ^^

kmcdonald's picture

New news:


Beau has a new home in Seattle... he just needs to get there!

We will, organize everything, pay, and meet you at the airport to check him in! All you need to do is book him on your flight! It's so easy and you will be helping to SAVE A LIFE!

Beau is currently at a training center in Seoul. His time is up on AUGUST 29th. We don't have the money to keep him there any longer, nor do we have a foster...

If you can help Beau in anyway, please contact me! If you, or someone you know is flying that way, or if you can foster Beau until we find him a flight!


clare_bell's picture

Fantastic update!! Thank you foster parents!!

petunia's picture

A little confused on the updates and the comments. Does Beau need a foster home still? We are looking at possibly foster a dog who would be good with our two children. I see that he is in an awesome foster home right now, are you looking for another foster home? If so we may be a good match. One comment mentioned that he already has adoptive parents in Seattle. Just looking for clarification. He seems like a great pup :)

jtaylor's picture

Hello - Sorry for the confusion.. we have been trying to make plans for Beau, but they keep falling through. This is his situation: He is in foster care now, his foster family will be leaving Korea in January so he needs to find a forever family before then. If not, in about December we will be looking for another foster for him =( He has someone that is willing to foster him in the US but because we don't have the money to get him there it looks like that won't be happening. Our best bet for Beau now if to try and find a forever home for him in Korea. We would love to have another foster lined up just in case though... or if you are looking to foster sooner we have many dogs that need foster homes! If you are interested please email me at [email protected] and we can talk about it. Thank you ^^

clare_bell's picture

Congratulations!!! Thank you for working so hard for him Julie. Thanks also to his foster parents & all involved in his rescue! Now I wish that that same could be true for his sisters.

meehee87's picture

on december 22nd, I picked Beau up in Cheonan. From the past car rides experiences, he gets car sick all the time. That's why I gave him a non-vomit powder which he really hated but it helped.
During the 1h30min car ride to Seoul, he didn't vomit at all. We also made 2 breaks that he can pee and relax. During the car ride, he was very stressed and was drooling a lot. I sat next time him and pet him the whole time.
He also didn't like to enter the car. He lay down and didn't move at all. I had to carry him and put him into the car.
After the 2nd break, he just jumped into the car by himself.

Arrived at my home he drank a whole bowl of water, looked around the new room and lay on his blue blanket which I got from the fosters.

In the afternoon I took a 2hours walk with him, went to a park with walking trails. He didn't do his big business in the park, but when we came back to the busy restaurant street, he thought it would be good to poop infront of a restaurant.
Thank you beau.

First night was alright, he was kinda tired of this stressed day and slept well..

meehee87's picture

2nd day: everything is new to Beau. In the night, he started to eat.
He sleeps a lot and he likes to play with his new stuffed squeaky alligator.
In the morning, I took a 2 hours walk with him to the same parc again. To get to the parc, we have to cross the streets few times and pass restaurants. He wasn't impressed by people talking to him or young people who wanted to pet him. He kinda ignored them. In the parc I practiced with him his manners and not pulling on the leash. It worked well. because he was trained well in school before. I don't feed him ham. I feed him with german (milk treats) or american treats(salmon or chicken flavored). He loves them all.

meehee87's picture

24 decmber: today he went to Acris Animal Clinic for a full check up.
When the vet took him away from me, he didn't like it and tried to pull to my direction. He didn't know what's happening to him. The full check up took 1 hour. During the examination, Dr. Jung updated me with his condition and test results.
He said that Beau has an aggressiv behavior towards his staff and him. I asked him to stay with Beau during the examination to calm him down, but it was not permitted.
Beau didn't like it at all. I heard him whining and growling. It broke my heart.
After the examination, Beau left with a muzzle!? I had to take him it off... because he was apparently too aggressive to the vets. Which I couldn't believe. Beau is such a nice doggie.
He was negative to heartworms, he got a prevention for heartworms and other diseases.

He got an X-Ray of his lungs and he has some lung problem which he must have for few weeks already.
Dr.Jung said it can be treated with antibiotics for 2 months.
In 2 weeks I have to return to the clinic to check his improvement.

kmcdonald's picture

I don't understand why the vet would not permit you to be in the room during his examination. Maybe someone else knows why. I have never been out of the room for an examination with Lewis except his first one, which i was not happy about at a clinic in Itaewon. Some vets are not used to examining big dogs and I think maybe they are not comfortable with it either. And he has been through a lot...but i do not accept that they can label a dog so easily. To me that is strange.

marlajoy's picture

I absolutely agree. Personally, I wouldn't feel comfortable ever going back. There are definitely other vets out there that would allow you in the room and wouldn't be so quick to label your dog as aggressive.

meehee87's picture

I only need to go there twice. That's alright.
and I have to avoid car rides with him. that's why I went to this clinic.
He doesn't need any full check up anymore, so it will be okay.
that's just a prejudice because he growl and try to bite them during examination ( I don't know what they behaved towards him )

meehee87's picture

I already changed the clinic and in Nonhyeon, I went to many clinics to get information first.
The first clinic I went with Beau was also in Itaewon and I was also not permitted to stay with him during examination.
I thought that's the way the vets doing it in Korea.
I only have to go there twice before flying back to Europe.
It will be fine next time.

kmcdonald's picture

Mee Hee if you want to ask around about other vets to see we can help find one that is gentle and comfortable with big dogs. This does not sound right to me. Also some vets take a domineering attitude if they are not comfortable with a dog. Their job is quite difficult, it's true, but they should at least make an effort in your presence to be friendly and show the dog they are not threatening. Did the vet do that?

simply_ulee's picture

My vet always allows me to stay with my dog during any examinations. However, they also tried to muzzle him and that is when my dog freaked out. It was strange, because when he was younger and smaller, they always gave him his vaccines, etc. and never tried to put a muzzle on him. But now that's he's grown up and bigger, maybe they don't know how to handle him but I was pretty upset that they felt the need to use a muzzle when he has always been such a good boy with them, never whined, growled, or showed aggression. It's unfortunate that even vets here don't know how to deal with larger sized breeds.

meehee87's picture

but why is that? I feel Korea has to learn a lot about dogs or any other animal!
I can't wait to leave Korea in 46 days! :)
Next time I also insist to stay with him, avoiding the muzzle thing and he won't be aggressive! He's such a friendly dog! :)

simply_ulee's picture

Ha ha, there are many things I still don't and never will understand about Korea.

meehee87's picture

today I picked up his new crate " Iris Air Travel carry ".
and I started his crate training today.

meehee87's picture

2 January 2014, his first time at cafe Pawz in Gangnam.
He loved it, he could run around, getting crazy and play with other dogs.
He was dominated by a corgi :) He wanted to play with the poodles but they were too scared of him.
In his playtime, he forgot that he was thirsty. I took a 3 hours walk with him before the cafe.
After a while he vomitted twice. ( not sure if it was from his excitness or the side effects of the antibiotics of his respiration problem).

meehee87's picture

3 January 2014:
The new bandana arrived.
The same day, his sister Summer was found by ARK'ers!!

meehee87's picture

4 January 2014
Morning walk.... attacked by another Jindo which was run away from his home.
Beau saw him and wanted to play. The jindo walked towards our direction and I could see his fur standing on his back... Before we could turn around, he already attacked Beau, by biting him. Beau defended himself. I kicked the jindo on his chest and face...and he run away.
So sad, Beau has a tough time in Seoul City.
While walking back home, we met a Pomeranian who wanted to play with Beau, but Beau started to growl at him...and the old ajumma got afraid hahaha..
Back to my home, I checked him if he is hurt, but everything's okay. He started to play with his favorite Alligator toy which is already disabled..

36 days to go !!

marlajoy's picture

Yeah, my dog's have been attacked by stray Jindos too. It's so scary because there is nothing you can do to avoid it. Hope Beau isn't traumatized from the whole incident.

kmcdonald's picture

I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time! But there *are* things you can do Mee Hee! Here's a summary:

General Safety Tips
1) Avoid dangerous situations in the first place: NEVER walk your dog wearing headphones or talking on the phone. You must always be alert and 100% aware of your surroundings. Avoid approaching dogs with no clear owner that are off the leash before they come near. Walk away from them at 90 degree angle, do not turn your back on them.
2) If approached by a strange dog, look out for negative canine body language. Warning signs include an arched or low back, a flat tail and raised hackles.
3) Do not look directly at the dog. This is a sign of aggression to the dog. Look to the side and keep the dog in view from the corner of your eye.
4) Do not smile at the dog. Whilst smiling is a friendly human gesture, an aggravated dog may be perceive you bearing your teeth as a snarl, potentially leading to further aggression.
5) Remain calm. Try to control the situation with a simple, firm command such as “Down!” or “No!”. Most dogs have an inbuilt instinct to obey humans, and confident, forceful verbal commands may help calm the situation.
6) Do not run away or make any sudden movements – the dog may give chase. Back away slowly. Put your own dog on a lead so they do not run away either.
7) Adopt a non-threatening stance. Stand side-on to the aggressive dog and do not make eye contact.
8) Block the dog. If the dog tries to attack, block the animal with a stick, an umbrella or something similar.
9) Cover his face. If the problem dog is actively attacking you or your dog, try to put a coat or something similar over its head, obscuring his eyes. This may cause him to let go and stop his attack.
10) If all else fails, try to pick up the problem dog by the back legs. This can lessen the dog’s power and ability to bite. (This is recommended by some canine experts for certain scenarios but not all.)

marlajoy's picture

Those are awesome tips and I'm sure they would be very helpful in many situations. Unfortunately, every time my dogs have been attacked by a Jindo there was absolutely no warning at all. We were walking along, didn't see any dogs and all of a sudden a Jindo dog was on top of mine attacking. They can see my dogs in the distance and just start running full speed toward them. Sometimes I can see the dog coming and pick up my dogs but sometimes they come from behind and I felt there was nothing I could do. I was living on Jindo (the island) though and if you've ever been there you know there is a HUGE problem with stray, angry Jindo dogs. It was a minefield. So sad.

kmcdonald's picture

I'm not sure if any of these tips would have helped in your situation this morning, but maybe they can help if something happens in the future! (touch wood that's the last bad luck Beau and you have in Seoul!!!)

meehee87's picture

I will avoid this street for the next days. Grabbing his legs seem very complicated when the dog is biting..
The rich owners of that jindo were just too lazy to walk their dog. I know where that jindo lives. When I passed the house, the door was open. There was a security guard of the golf center who came outside and didn't do anything. He just looked.
I'm just counting the days to Europe. Having dogs my whole life, I've never made so many bad experiences within 2 weeks. I'm sick of this country.
I'm a bit worried going to the dog cafe again, because Beau growled at the nice pomeranian too. I hope he doesn't growl to the dog cafe dogs. >_<

meehee87's picture

2 weeks with Beau. love it :)
He learnt a new commando: Stay! I'm so proud of him!

meehee87's picture

13 January 2014:
Beau is doing fine :)
The respiration problem disappeared.

Beau is getting slowly better with people. I introduced my friends to him , by inviting them to my home or we take a walk together.. after a while, he wants to get pet my them. I'm really happy about this.
He is still too shy to meet his size or big size dogs.
While our walking, he discovered a lab, stopped and looked where he can hide. He run into a building until the lab passed. I talked to the lab's owner and we tried to get them together because the other dog wanted to play...
Beau improved, he walked slowly towards him, they sniffed each others then suddenly Beau wanted to play with the dog as well. I was so proud of him :)

meehee87's picture

Only 12 days left until we go back to Luxembourg!
I can't wait to bring him back!

Yesterday we moved to Hapjeong, very close to Han River!

meehee87's picture

Tomorrow, Sunday, 9th at 3PM.

We fly to Europe!!!

Thanks to everyone who helped me to get Beau to Luxembourg!

Bye Korea!

meehee87's picture

Last Photo in Seoul with Beau.

meehee87's picture

10 days in Luxembourg and Beau is doing great :)

He is a very curious dog, no more shy, playful and friendly dog. He already improved so much :)
12 February: He got Luxembourg Nationality!

meehee87's picture

new photos from Beau s new Life in Luxembourg.
I couldn t be happier with Beau.

meehee87's picture

Beau is doing great!