Frida is always smiling!
Frida loves running through grass and cloversCheck out that tongue hanging out! She wanted some mandu ;)Such a happy girl!Gorgeous Frida-- so photogenic!So happy after a long walk outside in the beautiful weather!"Why did you stop petting me, Mom?!"Post-bath :)So happy! Look at that face!Frida always wants to sit next to you :)Happy Frida, running around at the dog park!Frida on her way to her new foster home in Bundang.Such a well behaved girl. Frida looking cuteWhat a beautiful girl <3"Look Mom! I can lick my nose!"Resting in her foster mom's home.Sleeping on mom's present pile! 25 Dec 2013Sitting pretty :)Smiling for the camera!Frida loves belly rubsFrida is so good with children <3At the doggy park!She loves running outsideNo qualms about checking out some new humans Frida and a new friend from the dog park <3That face! <3Such a good girl :)Frida loves to sit in people's lapsI call this look "peanut butter nose"X-rays for FridaX-rays for FridaX-rays for Frida

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Black & White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

UPDATE: 21 July 2014
It is with great happiness that I move Frida's adoption status to "adopted." This sweet girl got on a plane today, with the help of MANY wonderful people, to fly to her new home in Washington state, USA!

Strictly speaking, she is not technically adopted. A wonderful rescue has agreed to take her in, and will find a FOREVER home for her in the states. The rescue offered to take her in last Monday (exactly one week ago), and we found a courier for her that same day! Clare and I have been working very hard to make sure Frida got on that plane today. As of two hours ago, Frida is officially in the air and on her way to a better life :) After five years of living on the street, getting hit by a car, then living in shelters and finally my home as a foster, this gir trulyl deserves her new life!

Frida's couriers (one for the bus and one for the plane!) said she did great, and the ticketing agents at Incheon especially loved her! But then, who doesn't love Frida? ;)

Special thanks to Clare, Jordan, Heather, Stella, Terri, Rita, and all of the wonderful people who donated to Frida's flight costs. Without all of you, this would have never happened!!!!

UPDATE: 12 July 2014
Frida visited the vet today and got a clean bill of health! She got her monthly Frontline and Heartgard, they clipped her nails, cleaned her ears, and expressed her anal sacs. She's one healthy, happy girl! (and so am I!)

UPDATE: 08 July 2014
Check out the new photos of Frida! She's such a beautiful lady :)

UPDATE: 05 July 2014
I realized today that it's been nearly FIVE MONTHS since Frida has had any health issues! WOO HOO Frida!! She's seriously so easy to care for, and so low-maintenance. The only extra things I have to do for her each day are squirt a tiny amount of medicine into her food each morning, and add water and a spoonful of pumpkin to her kibble with each meal. It takes not even and extra minute of time. So easy!

Check out these adorable videos of Frida! Every time someone comes to my door, she runs over as fast as she can to say hello. Then she flops over on her back for some belly rubs :) Frida LOVES humans!!! She's such a sweetheart!

UPDATE: 26 June 2014
I'm so proud of Frida! It only took her a couple weeks to become fully crate trained. What a smart girl!! Now she loves to hang out in her crate during the day, and she even goes in there at night sometimes (when she's not hanging out next to my bed :) ). She's a very train-able young lady!

UPDATE: 12 June 2014
I can't believe Frida is STILL waiting for her forever home :( :( She is such the perfect companion: loyal to no end, incredibly loving, perfectly behaved, and such a sweetheart. It breaks my heart that there's hardly been any interest in her. She is SO easy to take care of, and she really deserves a family who will love her forever!

UPDATE: 18 May 2014
EXCELLENT NEWS for Frida!!! After talking with one of the top vet specialists in the U.S.-- sharing info about her current health status, bowel movements, movement observations, x-rays, etc-- he says she does NOT need surgery!!! At least, not at this time. He explained that the previous consult in Canada was done by a radiologist, not a surgeon, which can be a problem. The radiologist is only looking at the X-rays, and not the patient as a whole, and that's why they jumped to surgery as a "fix."

From the specialist:
"Any surgery in this case should be based on clinical signs. If Frida can defecate without problems now, then she may be OK forever this way. If she has no significant lameness associated with the previous fracture, then that problem does not need to be addressed. If she can defecate now and her quality of life is good then surgery is not indicated as a TREATMENT. Then the question is, is surgery indicated as a PREVENTATIVE? i.e. will the megacolon result in obstipation or constipation and a significant effect on quality of life?
There are probably 2 ways I can think of how the defecation could worsen. 1st would be if the pelvic canal becomes more obstructive because the callus continues to grow. If the fracture is healed then this is not likely. The second is if the colonic wall continues to weaken. This is unpredictable. Either way if there is not a clinical problem now then surgery would not be indicated because a pelvic osteotomy alone may provide relief for the colon but it is unlikely that the colon will ever go back to its normal size, i.e. the damage is done; so why do the surgery now if it is not a clinical problem now."

Frida can defecate normally now, she has no pain or difficulty in posturing, her stools are of normal size and volume, and she defecated regularly. All of that means------- NO SURGERY!! Now, it IS possible that she may need surgery in the future if the megacolon worsens. He says, however, that it can be easily controlled with daily use of medication (lactulose) as a stool softener, and a high-fiber diet. I know from the past 3 months that this regimen works very well for Frida. We have not had any poop problems since starting her on the lactulose and extra fiber :)

Now that we have a clearer picture of her health needs and future, I REALLY want to find her a great home to call her own. I am leaving Korea in about 9 months, and do NOT want to see her go back to the shelter. She would not got the care she needs there, and would likely die a miserable death. PLEASE, help me find Frida the home she deserves!! We are still hoping to find her a home in the U.S. or Canada, because her options for care are so much greater there. If anyone knows ANYONE that would be interested in taking this loving, wonderful, beautiful girl in, please let me know!

UPDATE: May 11 2014
Frida is such a gentle, sweet, loving girl. She's clearly been abused in the past, she was thrown out into the streets, hit by a car, and then denied proper medical care. She went through all of this hardship, and yet all she wants is to give humans all her love and affection. She's perfect in every way-- except her history of megacolon and luxating patella. It's hard for me to think of this amazing pup having such a hard time.

Frida really needs to find an adoptive, foster, or rescue home overseas in the U.S. or Canada. Korean veterinary care is just not up to par for these situations. Megacolon is a rare condition to see in dogs, and vets here simply aren't trained to manage the care she needs. Various medications and supplements that she may need in the future are also not available for her here in Korea. She NEEDS to go overseas!! I need help with getting this amazing, loving girl a family to call her own. I've seen this community band together and do some amazing things to help other dogs in need. Now it's Frida's turn.

UPDATE: 05 May 2014
Frida has recently taken to sleeping next to my bed, rather than in her own doggy bed :) It's really adorable and sweet, but a bit of a problem when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and accidentally kick her! If only I had a bigger space for her...

UPDATE: 27 April 2014
Frida had a potential adopter lined up in Canada, but unfortunately that fell through :( The adopters spoke with a specialist in Canada, and they said Frida needs surgery to correct her pelvis fracture (and subsequently her bowel obstruction) if we want her to have a positive, healthy future. We are looking at options to get her the necessary surgery (and we are also seeking second-and third opinions on this, as my current vet said she does NOT need surgery), but regardless, it would be ideal for her to be in a forever home with a loving family around her. It is back to the drawing board with trying to find her a home. She DOES have some medical issues that will require care in the future, but I promise-- she will repay you with the most unrequited love you could ever imagine.

UPDATE: 07 April 2014
Frida stayed with two friends this weekend while I went on a trip down south. They said she was an absolutely lovely housemate, and really easy to care for! I've asked them to write up an update about their time with her, to give a little insight from an outsider's perspective :) Keep an eye out for that coming soon!

UPDATE: 28 March 2014
Check out the new pictures of Frida! She is such a beautiful girl, and so well behaved. She never barks, never bites or nips, she doesn't beg for toys, treats, or attention, she's quiet in the mornings and at night when I'm trying to sleep. She's excellent when meeting new strangers, and always lets them pet her. Sometimes she even rolls over for a belly rub with strangers :) She's great with children and adults. Frida is calm, and really just wants to be near people. She only goes to the bathroom outside, and hasn't had a single accident indoors. She doesn't chew, rip, or scratch, and she doesn't get into the trash!
What more could you want?! Frida is seriously the perfect pup!

UPDATE: 16 March 2014
Spring has finally sprung in Korea, so Frida and I took a trip to the dog park today! She had so much fun running around, playing with the other dogs (there were TONS today!), and getting attention from the humans. Some things I learned while at the park today:
-Frida is GREAT with other dogs, although she will be a little shy when meeting a new pup for the first time.
-Frida is also great with children. She allowed kids of all ages to come up and pet her. She never snapped at them, even when they were less than gentle :)
-Frida is not afraid of strangers. Just like with new dogs, she might be a little shy at first, but she warms up quickly. She was good with Koreans and foreigners, young and old, men and women. She's quite a well-adjusted doggy :)

UPDATE: 11 March 2014
Calling all volunteers and animal activists in all countries-- we need your help! We are trying to get this goofy, sweet, super cuddly girl out west and over the pond! The attention and medical care that Frida needs is much more readily available in the US and Canada, so we are seeking a forever home for her in one of those two countries (other locations will be entertained as well, but those are simply the two easiest for international adoptions). Please help this incredibly deserving pup by SHARING her ARK profile (just copy-past the URL at the top of the webpage- super simple :)) and getting the word out. Let's all band together to find Frida the best home ever for her! International adoptions are shockingly easy, and surprisingly inexpensive. I will do everything on my end to make sure Frida is ready to fly and all of her paperwork is in order. But FIRST, we need to work together to find her a FURever home!

For questions about international adoptions, or to submit an application for adoption, contact Clare (Asan shelter coordinator) at [email protected], or myself (Frida's foster mom, Sara), at [email protected].

UPDATE: 11 March 2014
Frida has been through so much, and yet she continues to be such a loving, caring, cuddly, people-loving, well-behaved, adorable little girl. She amazes me every day with how smart she is and how much love she has for everyone-- from me, to strangers in the elevator whom Frida allows to pet her while she sits calmly. It's amazing really. Frida clearly has a lot of trust and love for people. She couldn't care less about having toys-- all she wants is to sit near her human. There's just so much love in that tiny body. I really want to find Frida a forever family with a heart full of love for HER!! I think that should be easy-- everyone who meets Frida can't help but fall completely in love with her big black eyes, cute waggy tail, and incredible disposition. :)

UPDATE: 09 March 2014
Excellent news-- Frida is officially heartworm FREE!!! We went to vet to get her 6-month re-test after beginning treatment, and she tested NEGATIVE!! Such good news for this sweetheart! We're all smiles over here :)

UPDATE: 03 March 2014
Frida has been so much better in the past week!!! She has gained a lot of the weight back that she lost during the megacolon issue, as I had to completely withhold food for 6 days. With that, she has also regained a lot of her energy. She is once again back to her normal, loving, happy self :) It is so good to see, because this sweetheart really deserves to be happy and healthy!

I have new co-workers at work, and they have all been so impressed with how awesome of a dog she is. The first thing they all said is "AWWWW! What a sweetie!!" Within 5 seconds of meeting one new person, Frida was rolling on the ground on her back, looking for a belly rub :) I love her so much, and would adopt her in a heartbeat if my situation allowed. Any person would be incredibly lucky to add this beautiful girl to their family.

Frida will be going back to the vet at the end of this week to re-test for heart worm and make sure that her bowels are still moving things along nicely.

UPDATE: 24 February 2014
RE: Frida's medical problem last week:
When I took Frida in to the vet two Fridays ago, she was diagnosed with megacolon. Megacolon is where stool gets stuck in the bowels, and turns into many hard lumps that are near impossible to pass. Because they are so hard to pass, stool just keeps building up, and becomes very painful, and enlarges the intestines. Think of a normal intestine being the circumference of a finger; in megacolon cats and dogs, the intestine stretches to the circumference of a human forearm! YIKES!
Frida had been crying and straining really hard to poo since Thursday evening, so I took her to the vet as early as I could on Friday. The vet said that this megacolon was due to her previous pelvis fracture, which never healed properly, and now partially obstructs her bowel. He also said that based on the symptoms she was having while in the shelter, she also had megacolon at least once during that time period, which stretched out her intestines, and makes the muscles less effective in pushing stool through the digestive system. The first day I took Frida into the vet, he kept her the whole day to give her enemas and help try to manually remove the stool- he said it was A LOT of work. Although she had been pooping regularly up until the day before, she still had quite a bit of stool blocked up, and it had essentially turned into concrete. The first two rounds of medication (Colyte) I gave her after first taking her in were ineffective, but luckily the second medication we tried (Lactulose) worked wonders. After about 6 days, we were able to completely clear her bowels!!!! What a relief for both Frida and I!

Frida is now on a special high-fiber diet (a specific high-fiber kibble from the vet, and added canned pumpkin), as well as a small dose of Lactulose before each meal (it's uncertain at this point whether she will need to take that continuously everyday in the future). I make sure to give her as many bathroom breaks as possible during the day, because she really hates to go inside, which doesn't help the constipation issue. The vet said that although she is OK now, this WILL be a recurring issue for Frida :( It's impossible to say how often though. From what I've read about megacolon, with the proper diet and daily care, animals can go years without a recurrence. Now that we know the problem, and we know how to treat it, Frida can still live a long, happy life in the right home!

UPDATE: 15 February 2014
Poor Frida got pretty constipated. I took her to the vet yesterday afternoon, who did a number of procedures to help her, and sent me home with a bunch of liquid medicine (laxative + oral rehydration fluid). Unfortunately, the first round of medicine didn't quite do the trick, so he sent me home with a bunch more today. We're hoping to get her 100% clear by Monday, when I will take her back to the vet for a (hopefully) final X-ray to check. The vet would like her to eat a very high-fiber diet in the future to help prevent this. If anyone has any recommendations for high-quality, high-fiber food (he said at least 15%), let me know in the comments! Positive thoughts are appreciated for both Frida and I :) We've had an exhausting two days!

UPDATE: 08 February 2014
Frida received her second CaniFlu vaccine on Monday, so she is 100% up-to-date on her shots! Now all that is left (health-wise) is to have her re-tested for heartworm on March 7th. Cross your fingers that it will be negative!! If all goes well, this lovely lady will have her spay surgery shortly after that.

UPDATE: 31 January 2014
Today Frida got to visit the dog park for the first time ever! I think she's been missing her puppy foster brother a little since he was adopted, so this was a great chance for her to socialize with other dogs. Sadly, because of the holiday, there was only one other pup there, but Frida LOVED chasing her around and playing together!! Her gimpy leg doesn't slow her down at all. She was running nearly as fast as her 9-month old new puppy friend! Three Korean ladies stopped me at the park to ask what kind of dog Frida is, because she's so cute. Sadly, I still don't know what she's mixed with- must find that out!

It was quite muddy along the river, so Frida got a nice bath when we got home. She did surprisingly well in the shower. It definitely isn't her favorite thing, but she sat there and took it like a champ!

UPDATE: 20 January 2014
Frida went to the vet today! She got her first canine influenza shot. She will get the second one in two weeks, and then she will be 100% up-to-date on vaccinations! Yay Frida! I gave him all of the notes from the vet in Cheonan, and he thinks that the luxating patella in her left hind leg is only grade 3 (rather than grade 4). He says she will NOT need surgery for that, as the muscles have grown to compensate for it. He also said that her left hind leg is over 2cm shorter than her right, due to her pelvis injury, which is what caused the luxating patella. The vet estimates that she is about 5 years old. Frida weighed in today at 6.2kg; what a healthy girl! As far as the heart worm goes, she completed her treatment a couple of months ago, and has been receiving Heartgaurd monthly. She will be re-tested again at the beginning of March, and we are all hoping she will test NEGATIVE!

The first comment the vet made to me when I picked her up was how about how friendly Frida is :) That's my lovely lady!

UPDATE: 19 January 2014
Frida has had a few visitors in the past couple of days, and they all loved her! Everyone said her pictures don't do her justice- she's MUCH cuter in person than she looks in pictures! Frida does tend to be a little shy when she meets new people, but she opens up quickly. Frida is full of kisses and snuggles for everyone!

UPDATE: 17 January 2014
Frida's new foster mom here! Frida has been living in ritzy Bundang for the past week, and has settled in nicely. Besides one accident in the first couple of minutes that she was in my apartment, there have been NO potty accidents. She is 100% house trained!! I even have pee pads down for her, but she has no problem holding it until I can bring her outside. She hardly ever barks- the only time she has barked has been when she's heard loud, scary noises outside my apartment door.

Frida is a huge lovebug. She wants nothing more than to cuddle with you and get some love. She is really such a sweetheart. The other day I sat down on the floor to play with some toys with her, but instead of playing she just crawled into my lap :) She is always full of smiles and happiness when I come home. Frida would love you until the end of days if you welcomed her into your home <3

UPDATE: 1 Jan 2014
Frida had a wonderful Christmas! She was a joy to have around & even sported a Christmas outfit. She got very involved with the present-opening & had a whale of a time shredding up the wrapping paper that was lying on the floor. :) Later that night, she was spotted curled up on my present-pile. TOO CUTE!!

Despite her gammy leg, Frida has speed! She loves playing with toys & desperately wants to play with my other two dogs, much to their displeasure. She knows how to use the peepads, although she prefers doing all of her business outside. She loves to cuddle & kiss. She does the cutest thing when she's about to kiss you & bares her teeth into a grin. I need to try catch that on camera! She loves curling up on a comfy doggy bed & is just one of the sweetest little girls I've met. She doesn't like it when I leave the house & barks a little, but quietens down after a short period. We are working on this. When I'm home she is completely quiet & well-mannered, quietly keeping herself occupied with toys or snoozing on her bed.

Frida will 100% make an amazing addition to your home!

UPDATE: 24 Dec 2013
Frida came home with me last night and will stay with me until her "official" foster mom comes back from her winter holiday.

She is THE SWEETEST dog ever! She is so affectionate and would like to be near you as often as she can. She was a little stressed with the move but that didn't stop her tail from wagging! She slept soundly without a peep, which I was most pleased about. :) She seemed 100% STOKED to be in a warm home!

UPDATE: December 8th
Today, Clare went to visit Frida at the vet and has given me and update on her medical status. Here it is:

1. Her scabies is 90% sorted. Her fur is growing back so nicely. In fact, you can't even see any bald spots anymore! She is "safe" to touch.

1a. She had a bath at the vet today (8th Dec).

2. She has a broken pelvis, as we know. This cannot be rectified because it is an old injury. You can only fix it if done within 3 days.

3. Because of her broken pelvis, she has a grade 4 luxating patella (I think her hind left leg). Can potentially be operated on but vet did movement and palpation and thinks there is no pain because the muscles etc. have moved around to compensate for the injury. She's pretty speedy!

4. Slight bowel obstruction from broken pelvis but with the right diet she is no longer constipated.

5. Vaccinations:
She received DHPPL & Rabies on 7th Dec 2013.
She will need Kennel Cough & Corona on the 28th Dec.
She will need to start her canine influenza vacc's on the 18th of January 2014.

6. Heartworm update:
She has finished her heartworm treatment. Now she needs to relax and recover.

This is what happens next:
7 January 2014 - Heartguard (or heartworm prevention)
7 February 2014 - Heartguard again

Frida also now has a foster home lined up! She will be going home with Clare next weekend and staying for a few weeks until her new foster mummy is available to take her. This is all fantastic news for Frida!!!

We have also found out that she is really good with cats!



This darling has something wrong with her hind legs.. We think that the vet can help her if she finds a forever or foster home ASAP!

It's a girl!

This little one is a newbie at Asan shelter and is absolutely terrified. She barely moves.. She stayed in the same position during most of our visit yesterday. Didn't growl or anything, just wouldn't move.

We are sure little Frida would open up and become a great dog if he/she was out of the stressful shelter environment and in a loving home. She just needs someone to take a chance.

This dog is really small, so if you are looking for a small dog to fit happily in a smaller apartment, look no further!

We will continue to work with Frida, but her best bet is to find a forever home or foster home ASAP.

Please follows this little one's profile for more information.

If you have any questions, or are interested in adopting of fostering Frida, please don't hesitate to contact myself or Clare Mills.

UPDATE: June 23rd
Yesterday we took Frida out of her cage. She walks around well, but doesn't put any weight on her back left leg. She was really excited to get out and sniff around. She really brightened up once she was out of her cage.

Frida is really happy to just sit in your lap while you relax. She loves cuddles and doesn't appear to have any sensitive spots despite her injuries.

We really want to get her into FOSTER CARE ASAP! Yesterday when she went potty, she cried at little and her poo is rock hard. She needs medical treatment and a comfortable home. Medical costs can be covered by the emergency fund. Please consider taking this girl in, she really needs a guardian angel right now.

UPDATE: July 13th
Frida needs a foster home ASAP! And now she has potentially been exposed to Parvo... so she needs a foster home with no other animals. Two of the dogs she was sharing a pen with have died of Parvo.. Poor Frida... her luck has gone from bad to worse. Please consider helping her before it is too late.

UPDATE: October 6th
Last week I went to visit Frida. She is still at the shelter waiting for the right person to come along. The poor girl.. her hair is all scruffy.. she needs a good bath and brush. She is as affectionate as ever though, always excited to see people and to get out of her small cage and stretch her legs. She still has really hard poos and needs medical attention. The first thing she does when you let her out of her cage is to go potty, which tells me that she doesn't like going in 'her space'... this is a great sign for house training!

Please consider helping

Adoption Fee: ₩150,000
Location: Seongnam - 성남
Living Situation: In foster care


marlajoy's picture

Poor little thing! I hope she can open up soon! :)

matthew4694's picture

This new arrival was pretty shaken up at the reality of her new surroundings. This little dog's body is completely white and the head is all black...Stay tuned for more info and updates next week.

Sam and Mike's picture

June 22, 2013

Big thanks to Clare and Julie for cutting and brushing away some of the matts Frida had!

babswillson's picture

How is Frida doing? Is her scabies cleared up? Heartworm treatment started? Any word on how much her surgery will cost? Thanks!

clare_bell's picture

Hey babswillson - update coming soon! She is a much happier doggy! She will go into foster care soon and will be looking for that special someone to love her forever and ever. :)

Lois.Mom's picture

Wow, what a change for Frida. She's looking so much better. I've been watching her on ARK for a while and wishing I was nearer to help her out. So glad that she's got a home to go to now.

clare_bell's picture

Frida is going to come to us as a short-term foster, from this weekend until early January.

Noodle & Nobu are both excited to have her around for Christmas and have said they don't mind sharing their Christmas dinner with her, as long as they aren't expected to share their awesome stockings & stocking-contents! So I made one for Frida too.

Merry Christmas Frida!

marlajoy's picture

That's exciting! Looks like Frida will have lots of fun!! Clare, Noodles looking like he packed on a few holiday pounds. Maybe he's gearing up to look like Santa! :)

clare_bell's picture

Hahaha! MARLA!!! I won't tell him that you said that! (Actually he has lost a little weight but I swear he looks bigger because his hair is long!)

clare_bell's picture

Frida came home with me last night and will stay with me until her "official" foster mom comes back from her winter holiday.

She is THE SWEETEST dog ever! She is so affectionate and would like to be near you as often as she can. She was a little stressed with the move but that didn't stop her tail from wagging! She slept soundly without a peep, which I was most pleased about. :)

Frida's first night in foster care. 23 Dec 2013 :)
marlajoy's picture

Look how happy she looks. :) I'm sure she'll love her stay and her new friends! :)

clare_bell's picture

Frida had a wonderful Christmas!

So much fun tearing up this wrapping paper!"On Christmas I slept on Mom's Christmas present pile. It was comfy!""I had my own stocking!"
marlajoy's picture

Regarding her constipation, pumpkin (just plain boiled pumpkin) works really well for most dogs. My one dog, Alexis, can get constipated really easily and if I add a tablespoon or so to her food for a day or two, she's good to go. Also, I give my dogs raw vegetables and/or fruits daily. I don't know if Frida would be into it but my dogs love carrots and cucumbers and apples. That provides lots of healthy fiber. Also, I don't know how you feel about this but raw organ meat has a laxative effect on dogs. If you gave her a little organ meat every day it would definitely keep things moving. Careful though because too much will definitely cause diarrhea! :) Hope that helps. :)

sherbst812's picture

Do you buy canned pumpkin or whole raw pumpkins and then cook them? And where do you find that in Korea? I read that pumpkin works wonders, so I'm planning to incorporate that into her meals, but I couldn't find it at Emart today. I'll definitely plan to add apples and carrots to her diet as well! Thanks for the tips Marla :)

marlajoy's picture

I just buy whole raw pumpkin (easy to come by at any outdoor market or traditional grocery stores too - there are smaller ones so you don't have to buy a massive one.). I've never seen canned pumpkin in Korea but there is pumpkin soup that you can buy at any grocery store or corner store. I wouldn't use that though because I'm sure it has all sorts of sugar and other additives.