Summer (from the Fantastic 4)

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Female
Breed: Samoyed / Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: White
Adoption Status: Adopted

UPDATE: January 18th

Summer is doing really well!

Summer's stitches will be coming out tomorrow! We can't wait to free her from her cone! She is eating and pooping well =) And putting on weight... slowly. She will also be finishing her pain killers and antibiotics tomorrow. We will soon be starting her medication for heartworm treatment - we will be discussing that with the vet tomorrow.

Summer is part monkey. Even with a break in her pelvis she continually climbs the baby gate to get out of her room! She doesn't like to be separated at all. She also loves to go outside! Summer is really warming up to us, she follows me around the house and loves ear rubs. She is extremely patient with Kuma our other dog! He is a little full on but Summer is great at just ignoring him. Summer has a love of blankets. She loves to pull them off me and shakes them around! It is the cutest thing to see =)

All in all, Summer is doing so well! She is an amazing little girl.

We are still fundraising for her for her vet bills, if you would like to donate please contact me or go to:

UPDATE: January 10th

Summer's surgery time was changed and the surgery was done on Wednesday the 8th. The surgery went well! The surgeon found that her rectum had been elevated from the accident so during the surgery he repositioned it. Now, we arer waiting to see if she can poo by herself.

I have been visiting her every day and it's easy to see that her condition is slowly improving. Her energy levels are slowly increasing and she seems really comfortable and relaxed.

UPDATE: January 7th #2

Summer is eating a little at the vet. She is on pain killers and looks much more comfortable. Her surgery is scheduled for Thursday the 9th at 7pm.

UPDATE: January 7th

More bad news for Summer. An xray and ultrasound have confirmed that her condition is much worse than we intially thought. She has a broken bone in her pelvis, a bone fragment that we feared was in her bladder, but luckily, is not, the botoom of her spine is broken and her tail totally disconnected, she also has internal bleeding and heartworm. All this is on top of being completely exhausted and terribly skinny =(

Poor Summer has such a long way to go... =(

This is the plan of action:

* She is currently in a vet - they are going to spend one or two days building her strength.
* In a day or two she will have surgery on her spine. The very bottom of her spine and her tail will be removed =(
* During surgery they will also check to see if she is still bleeding internally and try to fix the veins that are damaged - hopefully they aren't major ones!
* The bone fragment will be left in. It is too hard to find in surgery and the hope is that is will slowly break down and be discharged from her body.
* The break in her pelvis also needs to heal on it's own. This will take 3 to 6 months.
* After she has recovered from all this we start heartworm treatment which will take another month.
* At some point she will also need all her vaccinations - when this will happen is yet to be determined.

We have started a fundraiser because the costs are quickly mounting. Every little bit helps! Please share her story on facebook and with your family and friends. You can find more details here:


My husband and I have decided to adopt Summer ourselves. =) I have always had a soft spot for her and have grown even more attached to her through this whole ordeal. All I want is for her to be healthy, happy and carefree. As soon as she is well enough, we will be taking her home to Australia with us. There is a little confusion about her adoption - yes, she was adopted from the shelter. She was only in her adoptive home for a few days when she ran away. Her previous adopter has given me his blessing to keep her and make her part of my family =)

Thank you to everyone that is supporting Summer.

UPDATE: January 4th

She was found yesterday by the hangang bridge! She is in a bad way at the moment.. but we are hoping for a speedy recovery.

YAY! Summer is safe =)

UPDATE: October 28th

Summer is still missing =( If you live in Seoul and want to help by looking for her or putting up posters please contact me.
[email protected]

UPDATE: September 26th

Summer was adopted about two weeks ago, just as I was about to ask the adopter if he was happy to finalize the adoption and change her status on her to adopted I found out that she has gone missing. =(

Poor Summer! Her adoptive dad and lots of other people are really worried about her. She went missing last Friday (September 20th).

She is missing in Seoul around HBC/Itaewon. There is an event on facebook about her and we need as many people to help and share as possible! We really want this sweetheart to have her happily ever after!

Summer is one of the girls from the Fantastic 4. She is still at the shelter and needs a foster or forever home. She also has 2 sisters and 1 brother Beau, that are looking for homes.

Say hello to the Fantastic 4 remade!

These 4 puppies aren't as lucky as the original fantastic 4.. They are all still in the shelter at this critical development stage.
There are 3 girls and 1 boy.

They have started their vaccinations and appear to be in good health. They are a little scared of people at first but once you are in their cage, they quickly come up to you. Two of them are really curious and excited! As puppies should be. The shelter life is starting to take it's toll on the other two though.... They keep their distance, but if you go to them and pat them they aren't aggressive at all, they just look really down on life and don't know what you are expecting from them.

These puppies need out of the shelter now!!!!
Forever homes would be great!!! International adoptions can be arranged!
Foster homes are also needed.. they are at the perfect age to be trained and to learn to live with a family.

Please please please consider these gorgeous puppies! Please share their profile and help them find homes.

Don't hesitate to contact myself or Clare Mills if you have any questions about them.

These beautiful puppies are spending some of their most important months in a bad environment~! Please consider them and help spread the word, the sooner they are out of the shelter and in loving homes the better!

Please consider fostering one of these babies! Their chance of finding a forever home with be drastically increased if they have someone taking cute photos of them. It is a truly rewarding experience.. Help change a life!

UPDATE: June 23rd

Yesterday we spent some time sitting in the cage with these puppies. They soon calmed down and relaxed with us. They seem to like being around people but are just unsure of what to do.

We hope that we can find forever or foster homes for them soon, so that they have the chance to experience living with people while they are young.

UPDATE July 13th.

Beau is halfway through his training at the dog school and doing really well!!! He really needs a home ASAP otherwise he will have to return to the shelter and will probably forget the good manners that he is learning! He is really a beautiful boy!

The girls are still in the shelter and doing ok. Of course their lives could be drastically improved if someone is willing to open their home to them and give them a chance!

UPDATE: July 20th

Beau has only one week left at the training center and his sisters are still at the shelter. These 4 sweethearts are all waiting patiently for someone would cares enough to save them to come along...

Check out these puppies in action!



Adoption Fee: ₩130,000
Location: Incheon - 인천
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


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aw bless, the one in back looks positively shell schocked! :(

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Yeah.. that little one broke my heart ... so down on life... Please share their profile and help us turn their world around! Thank you!

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Thank you for creating a profile for this group. They are too cute not to share!

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Hello. I was wondering if the one in the first video that is panned to in the corner is still available for adoption? I sent in a request to [email protected]; [email protected] and I'm wondering if I did it right. I think she would get along great with my other dog, Girl.

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Hello, please email me as I am handling the profiles for these dogs. [email protected]

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please contact the people in the contact info above, julie_taylor7[email protected]
[email protected]

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OK! Sent :)

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Is this little girl missing? I saw a few posters up in HBC and was confused after I saw she isn't adopted yet but is missing(?)!

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Yes, I adopted her before Chuseok and she got away. If you see any dog wearing a black collar and a leash, she got away while still on her leash, let me know pleaseeeee!

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Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee join the Facebook event to help us spread the word about Summer!!!

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Love seeing her face in that "adopted" box! :)

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I just read the update and I'm SOOOO happy to hear she is doing well and managing to really enjoy her new home in spite of what she is going through. You are awesome, Julie!! Thanks so much for deciding to take her in. I hope her siblings are just as lucky. :)