Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Black & White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
Adoption Status: Adopted

Nymphia is a member of the "Eeveelutions" as we call them, the puppies of the mother dog Eevee we rescued from Karma. She is very playful. We have no idea what mix of breeds she is, but from her appearance I'd say perhaps her father is a Shi Tzu and you can look at Eevee to see what mom looks like. They are a bit young to be adopted, but I want to get their listings made and start getting names of people interested in them.

Update 6/17/13: Got their first set of puppy shots yesterday. I should also add that their birthdate was 4/24, meaning that they are now 8 weeks old. Happy and healthy, and running momma Eevee ragged ^^; We haven't had a chance to start with potty training on anybody, but we are trying to get them at least trained to pee-pads with limited success so far (the pads get chewed up instead of used half the time).

Update 7/1/13: Got their second set of puppy shots today. Really need to try to get them homes soon because their momma is beginning to lose patience with them (she's ready for them to be weaned and gone I think) and they often fight amongst themselves. Nothing bad, but it can get quite noisy and I'm afraid my neighbors may complain. Still haven't been able to do any training with them, just too busy with school and getting ready to open our new business...

Edit: Need to get Eevee and her remaining pups into homes ASAP. Our housing contract is getting close to finishing and we will be moving to a new apartment. The dogs are now temporarily staying in one of my Cat Cafe hotel rooms, but they cannot stay here long as they will upset the cats. I think that Hotmail might be "screening" some adoption requests as possible spam (people have posted comments saying they sent email, but I never got it), so I am adding my phone number to the listings for calls or text messages.

Adoption Fee: ₩75,000
Location: Chuncheon - 춘천
Living Situation: In foster care


glammy's picture

what a furry ball of cuteness! Definitely interested :)

ktkt2289's picture

She is so beautiful!

DanaFanel's picture

Based on the pictures, I am assuming they are being raised around cats. Is this true?

MaachaQ's picture

The cats don't have much contact with the puppies because their mom Eevee doesn't like them, but the puppies themselves seem fine with the cats so far. Mostly the dogs have been staying on our patio while the cats have the full run of the rest of the apartment.

DanaFanel's picture

I am definitely in love, but I am looking to help a friend instead. They are little dolls.

marlajoy's picture

Adoption pending?! These little ones are going fast! :)

MaachaQ's picture

One of the teachers at my school wants to adopt this little girl, but she has to prepare her home first. Her husband still isn't sold on the idea of having a pet either, so I may yet need to find a different home for this little girl; I'll keep this updated.

ktkt2289's picture

Has this girl got a home yet? I'm so tempted! Does she bark much?

DanaFanel's picture

How old is the little one now? Is she ready for a home?

MaachaQ's picture

I'm going to give my friend her last chance tomorrow, if she's still not convinced her husband to let her adopt this little girl I'll change the status back to available. I'm not really sure they're ready for a dog anyway, since they've never had a pet before and the husband has been so against it so far.

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MaachaQ's picture

I'm officially putting this girl back available again, my friend has still been unable to convince her husband to let her have a dog. I promissed to help her find a dog at some later time if and when her husband changes his mind, and so now I get to find this little girl a home. I've had a couple inquiries by e-mail that I'll reply to, hopefully we can get her settled soon ^^

mrsavena's picture

Is she still available? The husband and I are interested !♥

MaachaQ's picture

Yes she's still available, I had a few inquiries about her but nobody had really responded with more information so far when I asked. She and her sisters are getting quite big now, half or 2/3rd the size of their momma, I'll have to give them baths and make them look nice for new pictures soon. Please send me an e-mail to the address on the contact section up in the profile and we can talk more.

porters's picture

I am interested if she is available. Wife and kids watched the videos with me and said she is too cute. I emailed you already but if you can let me know what we need to do get started I will get on it.