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Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Black & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
Adoption Status: Adopted


The pup is now at her new home with a loving mom, ready to go on new adventures and meet new people!

Meet Freckles, a shy, gentle, calm, kind, sensitive, and quiet dog.

Freckles has a great personality, she welcomes everyone when they come in, jumps up to say 'hi'. A lovely little lovely female dog her she gets her name from the black freckles that spot her white coat. She is really coming out of her shell and just waiting for her forever friend.

This dog needs a lot of tender love and care! She is just getting used to being touched or held by people. And maybe had some negative experiences in the past, especially related to being lifted.

When you spend time with her she gets very active and friendly. She doesn't really understand playing with toys, but hopefully once she relaxes in her forever home she will learn to love them. She is a healthy dog. This silent, pretty, and cute dog needs a home.

Update: Freckles had quite a challenging weekend (June 1st). She came out with the Girl Scouts to walk around the park. This is the first time we have managed to successfully get her in a harness and out of the yard! She was pretty scared a lot of the time, it is a very overwhelming experience with so many people and dogs. But her little dog walker gave her lots of love and by the time we were heading home she had relaxed a lot and seemed to be having a good time.

Freckles is now the life of the yard. She is friends with everyone, she started with Frank and has worked her way up to Sir, our currently resident retriever. She gets everyone playing and rolling about (practically unheard of in our yard of pensioners). She loves to come and say 'hi' to visitors and is getting braver with new people.

She is a great little dog just waiting for someone with time and patience to help her get her adventurous sea legs back.


Freckles is currently living in a foster home, and is proving herself to be a great house dog. At home, Freckles is quiet, and playful, and has learned very quickly how to use a pee pad. She has also adapted very quickly to being left alone during they day. She has shown to be very affectionate once you spend a little time with her, becoming very comfortable with being picked up be those whom she is familiar with, and often times she will hop into your lap once you give her some time.

For a dog who hadn't had much experience outside the shelter, Freckles goes on walks like a pro, always excited to explore, while being reserved such that she doesn't drag your around, or become manic. Given this is still a new experience for her, she does tend to shy away from people on the streets, though from a far she is very interested in them. She has also shown a dislike of all things metal such as manholes and sewer grates, and will do all she can to keep her distance when passing by one.

Freckles has proven to be a bit territorial in her new home, and while she will love you to death and always be excited to see you return, strangers do tend to make her a bit nervous. This however is a short lived problem, and while it may take her a little time to get used to having foreign people in her home, she is never hostile.

Freckles really is a sweet dog, and doesn't need much more then a good walk and some love to be happy. While she definitely would prefer to sleep with her new owner in her forever home, she is also well trained in using a doggy bed as well.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: KAPS: Daegu


shyshytucker's picture

Sweet little Freckles. Must visit her soon!
Thanks for updating her profile, Em. I've been a terrible profiler lately. I'm sorry.

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How's that little cutie doing? She went into foster care, didn't she? I bet she's loving all the attention! I really adore the picture of her in her sweater, too. :)

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She is doing great! She has really adapted well to the change in environment, and is loving her adventures in the outdoors :D She still hasn't quite figured out playing, but she is trying XD

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I love her new picture! Those ears! They just make me melt. :)

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She's been adopted?!?! That's FANTASTIC!

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I love Freckles! She enjoys her sleepy time during the day on my pillow, even though she has a cuddle corner, her own bed and her own pillows. Her favorite activity is to go on long walks in the woods surrounding the apartment! She is truly such a sweet little girl.

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More recent pictures

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Haha, I'm so happy to hear that! She looks fantastic, and happy. :)