Amazingly Awesome Ace

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Samoyed / Mix
Size: Large (over 20 kg)
Colour: White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Special needs
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update (February 4th): Poor Ace, had to spend her holidays in the cold and noisy shelter :( :( :(

Update (December 23): Ace is still patiently waiting for a warm and comfy home to spend the holidays with. This poor girl looked really sad and lonely the last few times I visited :(

Update (November 11): Lovely Ace has been moved outdoors to share a kennel with the Jindo-mix Hee-mang-ee. She seems quite timid in her new environment and was not herself when myself and a new volunteer went into her kennel. She is normally very outgoing and will approach people right away but she was very shy this time. I don't think she's used to be outdoors, and surrounded by all the big dogs barking all the time. Also, he kennelmate is a young dog who has lots of energy and may be a bit too overbearing for her. I tried to coax her into letting me take her on a walk but she wasn't into it. We are hoping that a foster comes through for her soon because she really needs a good environment to rehabilitate from her surgery. There is also a possible of international rescue but everything is only in the beginning stages. I really don't want her to have to spend the winter outdoors, and at this rate, she is not getting the exercise she needs to strengthen the leg/hip that was operated on.

Also, she was actually adopted a little while ago, then returned just after a few days due to the family disagreeing on keeping her. I'm SO revolted at the irresponsibility of these people and believe that that ordeal could also be part of the reason she wasn't acting like herself. Another reason she was returned was because she was nervous and peed in the elevator and the neighbours complained. I really don't understand why people think that shelter animals are going to come fully house-trained and perfect. If you're going to adopt, be serious about all the problems you could face and make sure you are ready for it, otherwise you should not own a pet!

Update (October 26): GOOD NEWS (sorry for the delay)! Ace does not have cancer. The mass which looked like a tumor was actually a urinary infection which has been treated by the medication she was receiving. have a urinary infection. Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, Ace got out for her first walk since she was returned to the shelter last year. See the pictures below.

And here is the link to her health check-up (it's in Korean):

Update (September 13th): Thanks to Amanda for sponsoring a health check for Ace. She had her vaccinations and several tests and was confirmed to have been spayed. Unfortunately, there is some sad news. The vet found what looks to be a bladder tumor from the ultrasound. It is unconfirmed and we are hoping for the best, however it may be cancer. She is taking medicine at the moment and will revisit the shelter in 2 weeks to see if she will need to undergo surgery to remove the mass or not.

Update (August 21st): Ace had her hip surgery a few weeks ago and is recovering well at the shelter. She would loooooooove a foster home where she can be in a calm and clean environment while she heals! Or better yet, a forever home :) :) :)

Update (July 6): Ace will be getting surgery on her hip after the summer, and then she would love a clean and calm environment to heal in :) Or a foster/forever home would be great!!

**Are you looking for that special furry family member to complete your life? Are you looking for a beautiful dog with an amazingly calm and affectionate personality? Are you looking for a dog that's good with kids and small dogs? Are you looking for a dog that rarely ever barks? Then Ace is the girl for you.

This is truly one of the most adoptable dogs at the shelter; she is pretty much perfect in every way. I cannot believe how sweet she is, and what a beautiful soul she is despite her sad past.

She was adopted from Yangju Shelter about 2 years ago to a candidate with a a really great application. A year later, she was returned to the shelter for "eating and pooping too much". She came back, fur completely matted, left leg dislocated, and emaciated beyond belief. You can see the pictures of what she looked like.

We don't know what happened to her to cause her leg to become injured but she was definitely not like that when she left. Therefore, we can only conclude she was abused by her past owner. They had to completely shave her down and she has spent the last year almost, recovering at the shelter.

You can see her now, fur has grown back in and she has gained so much weight, and is healthy again. Minus her leg; she still has constant tremors, and has to limp. She will be undergoing surgery in the next little while - thankfully, the vet says she is not in pain.

This girl, after all she has been through, still has the most beautiful personality, and loves humans so much. We are all amazed at the fact that she doesn't seem to hold any grudge. We can learn so much from this dog.

She is so gentle and loving and lets all the little dogs jump all over her and she is like a mother to them all; she lets them sleep on her (as you can see) and she cuddles them like they're her kids. When we've had kids visit the shelter, she is just as gentle with them. She is not jumpy and she will sit there in your arms for as long as you please.

She will be available for adoption after she heals from her surgery but I just wanted to get the word out there on this amazing creature who deserves to go to a forever home, with a family who will truly love and appreciate her.**

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Yangju - 양주
Living Situation: In a shelter


marlajoy's picture

oh my goodness! This dog is phenomenal! That picture of her when she was returned is so disturbing. How on earth could someone allow that to happen to her?! Please, please, please don't let her leave there unless you are entirely certain she has a great home this next time round. That girl deserves nothing but the absolute best!! :)

Brown's picture

'Eating and pooping too much'???????? How much did they think she needed to eat? Apparently *nothing* from the look of her when she was returned! Amazing that she is still such a gentle and trusting soul. Great, too, that she is so good with other dogs given her history of starvation and neglect.

This really highlights the importance of screening - in person as well as on paper. When I was still in Korea, a couple's application was turned down, so they got someone else to fill in the application to get them the dog they wanted - they ditched him a few months later. It had a happy ending fortunately - that dog has a great home now. Fingers crossed Ace can get her own happy ending very soon.

simply_ulee's picture

Yes, that is why now their sceening process is incredibly stringent, which some people complain about. But if you really want to adopt an animal, you'd be willing to go through it because the animal is worth it. Ace, as well as all the other animals, deserve nothing but the best. It really is incredibly how she seems to have no trust issues at all.

eveliens's picture

Ace is an amazing dog. She needs an amazing family!

simply_ulee's picture

Ace is as sweet as can be :)

marlajoy's picture

Has a surgery date been set yet?! :)

simply_ulee's picture

Not yet. But it would be great if she had a foster home lined up before the surgery; somewhere clean and relaxed for her to recover in peace :)

marlajoy's picture

Hi, I sent you a private message. :)

marlajoy's picture

Great to hear she finally had her surgery! :) I hope she makes a speedy recovery and is free of the tremors! :)

marlajoy's picture

OH MY GOSH! That is terrible news about the tumor! I'll be praying about her and really hoping it's nothing serious. The poor dear doesn't need cancer. She deserves a healthy, long life. Stay strong, Ace! :)

marlajoy's picture

How is Ace doing?

simply_ulee's picture

Pictures of Ace from a few months ago, and most recent. Also, she is able to walk, but awkwardly so she needs a few short walks a day to strengthen the muscle around her hip.

marlajoy's picture

Such good news about her not having cancer!!! Was the surgery totally successful? No more tremors?

simply_ulee's picture

She still walks very awkwardly, but that is understandable considering she hasn't walked in more than a year, and is still healing from the surgery. Once she gets more exercise/therapy, it should slowly start to get better as her muscles get stronger :)

Bryan's picture

I see from the photos that Ace has been walked in the past, but both times I've tried (about a month ago and just yesterday), she wouldn't let me, instead running to her dog house and hiding. She let me pet her, so she's not afraid of me, just the leash. Any idea what's up?

simply_ulee's picture

Yeah she has become REALLY shy since being moved outdoors. But the shelter doesn't have space for her inside anymore and they think it's easier for her to be taken on walks when she is living outside. But I don't think it's doing her good at all.

marlajoy's picture

What?! Adopted?! I just noticed this now. What kind of family did she get adopted into? :)

Brown's picture

That's wonderful news!

marlajoy's picture

Do you happen to have any recent pictures of Ace in her new home?! I'd love to see her! :)