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Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Golden
  • Good with dogs
Adoption Status: Adopted

9 June 2013
Yay! Annie was adopted by the lady who rescued her! Congrats sweet girl!

27 April 2013
Little Annie has been let down multiple times by all involved in her care in her short little life; starting with being in a shelter in the first place and ending with losing her in town becuase she was not on a secure harness, but a loose neck rope.

Annie is currently lost after having been exposed to both Parvo and Distemper positive dogs and after having a rough spay surgery. The shelter owner has placed lost posters in the town where she slipped her "collar" but so far no one has seen her. Please let this be a reminder to all that collars are not the best option. Harnesses provide the most security and are also safer as they do not put pressure on the dogs trachea. Our dogs deserve for us to do best by them. In addition to a harness, you should have a collar with a name tag and contact information. The leash hooks to the harness and not the collar, in case the dog is able to pull out of the harness, the collar with ID information will most likely remain on.

Please keep Annie in your thoughts and hope for her safe return.

17 April 2013
OH MAN... this dog is ADORABLE in person. I want to grab her and love on her and be her Elmira; but, she is one shy baby girl.. cowering in her little plastic dog house! :(

I really wish that we had some more time last week to work on getting her out of there and into the arms of some of the volunteers who were there. We have had a lot of very shy dogs go into foster care recently and it has done wonders for their socialization, confidence and adoptability.

I hope you have the time to come out to Asan and see this stunner in person. Hope we get some more photos soon!

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Annie, please fill out the fostering/adoption application completely, located here: and return to Clare Mills @ [email protected].

Adoption Fee: ₩130,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In a shelter


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Here are some photos of Annie in her new home with her new siblings. :) Congrats Annie!!