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Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: White
  • Three legger
Adoption Status: Adopted

02 October 2013

I am so happy to announce that RIVER HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!!!! He is now in Canada with his new mummy~^^

Thank you to everyone who helped River on his way!

29 September 2013

River has been in foster care and will be flying to Canada this week!! Keep an eye out, very soon this darling will have a new profile pic with his new mummy and this profile will be changed to adopted! Can't wait!

8 August 2013

River has the chance at an international adoption! But he needs to go into foster care for just a little while first. Please consider fostering River, you will be his ticket to a better life!

6 August 2013

Last week River was taken to the vet for a health check up thanks to a generous donor. River tested negative for heartworm, has another round of DHPPL and a rabies vaccination. River was also neutered. And that is when we found out that River is not a 'she'.... River is a boy! Because River is scared of people it was too hard for us to check without causing River a lot of stress. We were told that River was a girl when he came in, but he did come in with a lot of other dogs so somehow we got our wires crossed!

River is healing nicely from the surgery and his amputated front leg has also healed well. River is ready to go to a home! He will look so pretty when all that hair is washed and brushed.

29 June 2013
We still have the offer from someone to pay for a health check up for River. At the moment, we are having problems just getting her to the vet due to a lack of volunteers. How terribly sad... The same amazing person is also willing to foster River in the US. But an international foster is difficult to arrange when the dog is in the shelter.. River really needs someone who can care for her, even short term! Just to make sure she is healthy and has all the required vaccinations for travel! This is her chance!!! Please help her!

29 June 2013
A very kind person has offered to sponsor River for her health check so hopefully soon we will know exactly where she stands health wise~

29 June 2013
River has moved to a new cage! The first time I met River she was growling and didn't want anyone near her cage. The next time, she allowed us to sit in her cage with her. And yesterday she was interacting with the volunteers much more. She is really improving and we know that she would do so much better if she was in a loving home with regular human interaction and a stable routine. Providing a dog like River with a home and a chance to become a loved companion is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone could have. Please consider giving River a home!

27 April 2013
Well someone had a lot more energy last Saturday. River was up and barking her face off at the volunteers. It was good to see she had more energy. Looking forward to spending some time with this beautiful pup in the future.

17 April 2013
Poor River! I do not yet know her background. All I know was that she recently had her front left paw amputated and was brought direct to the shelter to heal. I assume it was an emergency situation, otherwise we would have been given time to search for a foster home for her while her paw healed properly.

We would still really like to have her finish up her recovery in a home. I do not know much about her personaity as she is in some pain. She is very lethargic. When I approached her to introduce myself I got a small, weak growl. I let her smell me and then gave her some egg. I noticed she had finished her water so filled up her bowl and placed it in her bed. She would not drink it but her nose was so dry that it was cracking. I rubbed some water on her lips and gums and she started to lick. She still would not move towards her bowl, so I scooped and gave it it her. She drank a lot this way. Poor dear. I tried to pet down her body and touch her. She let me but you could see she was nervous. When I got to her lower back and touched her you could she her jump a little in fear, but no aggression.

I hope there is someone out there who is willing to foster or adopt this beautiful dog. I have not seen her standing, but it looks like she may have cute little stubby legs.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting River, please fill out the fostering/adoption application completely, located here: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/adoption-application and return to Clare Mills at [email protected].



Adoption Fee: ₩130,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In foster care


marlajoy's picture

Oh no! My heart breaks hearing this! I really really hope she doesn't have to stick around long - sounds like she has been through enough already!!

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I really hope someone is able to foster him and that the international adoption goes through. He seems like a really sweet dog who has gone through a lot