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Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Special needs
Adoption Status: Adopted

Eeyore has a rescue home in Canada, and a ride there on June 19th. He needs someone to get him to the airport, and to help his kind courier person with quarantine, security, and check-in. In one day, you could make the difference that gets Eeyore to his new life!

April 7th...we leave in 10 there anyone ready to give Eeyore a chance in life? Eeyore needs someone with a social worker heart. He likes being with our cats and other foster dog. He's less scared of us than before, but still needs intensive patience and security. Could you consider adopting this special-needs scaredy pants, and making him yours? Could you be his next foster family, hopefully long-term to let him learn to trust people?

Last night Eeyore let my daughter pet and cuddle, and even bathe him. :) :) :) We had to corner him first, and he was nervous, but once she was with him, he seemed okay with it. He's making slow slow progress, but progress. :)

Good news! The vet says Eeyore may need surgery in the future but really doesn't at this point. Yeah! :) Eeyore's greatest "special need" at this point is for someone who will really understand his caution with people at this point, and who will give him the time he needs.

Eeyore goes for surgery tonight, thank you to so many people who must have helped with his emergency fund. The window of time while he's healing from surgery might be such a great time to bond with Eeyore, while he might allow more contact and care. If you might be the special person to give Eeyore a permanent home, please get in touch soon. He'll need lots of patience, but I really think he'll come to trust and love.

Our Chihuahua WarrEeyore (ha ha) is braver by the day! He's started to come out even when we're home, making more eye contact...keeps an eye on the door...could he be waiting for you to come meet him?

Eeyore lets us pet him, seems to enjoy company with cats, people, and our other foster Rosie, but is still staying in his safe space. He's probably scared, but shows us only big wondering eyes and a pure heart. We're happy to be the new contact for Eeyore, eager to give him all the love and patience and care we can. We'd be REALLY happy to find someone special who could adopt this gentle boy and start working on a life long relationship of trust and caring. I'm pretty sure every bit of live he's given will be rewarded a hundred times over.

Eeyore found a new foster home for the middle of January! And it's someone great! Yay! Here is the update I got from his current foster mom: "Eeyore has improved so much since I first got him. He went from being the scared little dog who never made a sound and stayed under my bed in the dark to a calm dog that does still enjoy laying down in his little area, but he enjoys getting pet on the head and sleeps at the foot of my bed. He does bark whenever someone comes to the door and when I come home from work (he picked that habit up from my dog). He's never shown any signs of aggression, no matter how scared he may be. He pees on the pee pad but he doesn't always poop there. He gets along well with my dog and I'm sure he'll be great with cats as well." Sounds like he's doing well!! :)

Meet Eeyore. Eeyore is a shy dog who is looking for a forever home to bring him out of his shell. He is sweet, gentle, and never aggressive, but he is very skittish and not very trusting. He's making a lot of progress but he really, really needs a forever family who will commit to him and allow him to blossom in his own time. You will truly be rewarded to see him progress and grow into the dog he so wants to be! It'll take a special, patient person to be a right fit for Eeyore but I know you are out there!!

Eeyore is neutered, heart worm negative and has received his rabies and DHPPL vaccinations.

Here's Eeyore's story:

Why the name? Well just take one look at that sad, sad little face of his and you'll see why. Eeyore's sad face, combined with his skinny little body which he always kept tucked away in his kennel, tugged at one special volunteer's heartstrings. She went home and could not stop thinking about sad little Eeyore who got little to no attention at the shelter because of his tendency to hide in his kennel all day.

Luckily for Eeyore, this wonderful lady decided to foster him and teach him to trust again and to not be so sad. Two weeks later, she was back at the shelter to collect Eeyore and take him into foster care. In the meantime, Eeyore had his general health check, neutering and his cherry eye removed. He is now blank canvas ready to accept all the good things life has to offer him!

If you are interested in adopting this sweet, gentle soul, please contact Marla at [email protected]. Thank you.


October 4: Eeyore is making slow, steady progress but what he really needs is a loving, forever home that will always be there for him. Look into his eyes and see how much he wants to love. He's just waiting for the right person. Please take a chance on a sweet Eeyore!!

September 08: Eeyore finally made it in to the vet for a check-up. He had a minor rash on his inner thigh that cleared up quickly with some ointment. Aside from that, he's doing great! He now enjoys head pets (though is still a little hesitant with the full body petting). He's coming along great and I can't wait to see even more progress!! Scroll down to see lots of new pictures!

August 23: Eeyore's foster mom just got back from vacation to hear that Eeyore did well with the person who was taking care of him and really got along with her dog! Great news! Scroll to the bottom to see lots of new pictures! :)

August 3: Lovely little Eeyore is doing well and gaining confidence each day. Although still very shy, he is learning that humans aren't all so bad. He is enjoying his foster home but wishes he could have a forever home of his own. Won't you please be the one to grant him his wish!

July 24: more wonderful progress!!! Eeyore has started to walk around the room, even with his foster mom in the same room. He also doesn't keep his tail between his legs anymore and he let his foster mom put yogurt on his nose which he happily licked off!! WOW! Wonderful news!!! :) Can't wait for more!!! :) See updated pictures at he bottom of the page.

July 20: huge breakthrough people, HUGE! Eeyore has been following his foster mom to the door (at a safe distance) when she leaves. But two days ago he walked up and actually sniffed her!!!!! He sniffed her totally on his own. This might not sound like a lot to some people but it is a really big deal for Eeyore and it shows he is beginning the process of trusting. Yay, Eeyore and yay, foster mom, Robyn!!!

Update 11 July 2013:
Thank you to Eeyore's new foster mom who stepped up to take in this sweet, scared little man. So far, he seems to be doing exceptionally well in her home as she has another, older doggy to show him the ropes. I think this makes him more relaxed, although he does mostly hide under the bed. :) Speaking from my own experience, dogs like this just need a whole lot of time, patience and gentleness to allow them to slowly, slowly build up trust. It is one of the most rewarding things you can do!

Update 7 May 2013:
Eeyore is still a very timid little guy but the difference, just by looking at his photos, is quite incredible. Eeyore needs an environment which is nice and calm and perhaps (we think) with a patient, relaxed, well-adjusted doggy to "show him the ropes". Before foster care, Eeyore probably never stepped foot into a home before. If he did, something was not right there. It is clear that he is traumatised and it will take some time for him to a confident little dog. I myself am fostering a dog with a similar personality and I can assure you that, while it is a slow process, it is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. Please consider giving Eeyore his forever home with you so that he can learn how good life can be.

If you are interested in fostering Eeyore a few months down the line, please read the fostering guidelines: , complete the application form: and send it to the adoption coordinators listed under "contact info".

If you are interested in adopting Eeyore, please read the adoption guidelines:, complete the application form: and send it to the adoption coordinators listed under "contact info".

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


marlajoy's picture

Any updated pictures of the sweet little guy?! There's got to be something better than him huddled in his little house! :)

Hunt's picture

HAHA... If it is anything like my first week with Avery... all the photos will be the same one of him in his crate in foster care... just different days. Marla, you had a couple shy girls, how long did it take for you to feel like they really opened up?

marlajoy's picture

Yeah, I remember how much Chloe stayed in the crate for her first while in my home and even now when something big happens that really scares her (for example, she was recently spayed), she regresses and wants to stay in her crate and will refuse to go for walks until she feels comfortable again. Alexis opened up super fast in so many ways but in other ways, she is STILL learning to trust. But, the journey is so so so awesome and I'm sure little Eeyore will be such a reward! :) I welcome the pictures when they are available!! :)

clare_bell's picture

Making progress! One week into foster care and already look at the change in his body language!

After just ONE week in foster care!
marlajoy's picture

Aw, he's starting to look like the proud, confident dog that he was meant to be!! :)

sdiederich's picture

Eeyore WILL open up with the right home. I am fostering Prince and he has changed drastically over the few months I have had him (with most of the credit going to my three dogs). It is amazing what dogs learn from other dogs. Eeyore just needs the right doggy brother or sister to show him that humans aren't that bad.

marlajoy's picture

What kind of relationship did Eeyore have with his brother, Chili? Were they close? Maybe part of his problem is that he misses his brother?

clare_bell's picture

I'm not sure Marla. :( They were put into cages next to each other. Chili barks & shouts & no one ever takes him out because of it. (I might try this weekend.) Conversely, Eeyore always stayed huddled up in a corner without a peep.

clare_bell's picture

Here are some pics of Eeyore in his new foster home. :) Looking pretty comfy there Mister!

In his new foster home. :)In his new foster home. :)In his new foster home. :)
lotuslee's picture

Wonderful! I've never seen a dog so scared and sad at the shelter, and it's a beautiful contrast to see him feeling a little more secure~~~

marlajoy's picture

New Eeyore pictures! :) He's still scared but he'll come around! :)

clare_bell's picture

He is SO cute!!

marlajoy's picture

New pictures!!

clare_bell's picture

Cutest little worried face!!!

marlajoy's picture

I actually think he's looking almost confident in the second picture - he's standing up so tall! :)

marlajoy's picture

New pictures of Eeyore!

clare_bell's picture

What a cutie!!

clare_bell's picture

Head pets?!?!?! No way!!! WHOOP!!

marlajoy's picture

Yep, and he let his foster mom rub ointment on his inner thigh so he is obviously doing GREAT!!! :)

marlajoy's picture

Pictures after Eeyore got a shave! :) Cutie!! :)

clare_bell's picture


marlajoy's picture

Some more recent pictures of Eeyore romping around home. :)

susanmilde's picture

So far so good in our home, one cat Alice visits Eeyore in his safe zone (we've made him a habitrail of crates and boxes, and windows :) ) and naps near him, our other foster dog Rosie has had a nap near him, he's eating but not ready to come fully out yet. He does give us adorable trusting doe eyes!

marlajoy's picture

PICTURES! Please! :)

marlajoy's picture

He let your daughter pet and bathe him?! That's super great news! :)

kluna's picture

Is Eeyore still looking for a foster for the week before his flight?

susanmilde's picture

Hello, YES we are still possibly looking. Do you think you might be able to help? We also still need a crate for him, and I think funds for his airline fee as checked luggage.

kluna's picture

I want to help but we have 2 cats who have never been exposed to dogs and I work an office job so I'm not sure if it's a good idea. I just don't want Eeyore to almost make it. What is Eeyore's situation? Is there a family waiting for him in Canada? I guess I'm trying to figure out how I can help.

susanmilde's picture

Thank you for looking for a way to help. He does have a home waiting, a courier, and I think a place to stay for the last few days after I leave and before he does. What I think we need is someone to come to the airport on June 19th in the afternoon to help the courier. Eeyore can be VERY VERY scared, and can have toilet accidents, and can panic and try to run away. I think we need someone who can come in non-traveling clothes, and who will be ready for anything. (Worst case scenario might be if the airline actually refuses Eeyore). We have one very, very kind volunteer who would come, but they live really far. If you were able to help out on that day, it would just be a great back-up, to make sure this sweet little guy gets home.

marlajoy's picture

Did Eeyore make it safely to Canada? Update, please! :)