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Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Jindo / Retriever (Labrador)
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Gold & White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

My roommate and I rescued my dog Tessie last June from a very unfortunate beginning in Gwangju, where a couple discovered her being beaten nearly to death by her owner. She suffered several cuts and a badly broken leg. The couple couldn't care for her and because my roommate already had a dog, we decided to take her in, otherwise she would have been either put down or given back to the owner that beat her. We got her and she quickly recovered and eventually attached herself to me. She recovered well and and became full of energy. She's an extremely friendly dog that doesn't bark, doesn't bite, and doesn't go to the bathroom in the house, EVER! She doesn't bark at other dogs but she does get really excited and will try to meet and smell them. It only took her a month to get used to my roommates dog and they became great friends, wrestling and play fighting all the time. When there are no other dogs around, I have taken her on walks without her leash and she stays with me and comes when called.

Unfortunately, I find myself unable to take care of her anymore. Due to some particular work-related circumstances, at the end of the lease in our last house (which we didn't want to live in anymore), I had to leave the country for a month. My roommate moved into a new place by himself and I was going to try to find a new place where I could live with Tessie, meanwhile she was being taken care of by another friend. Finding a new place for me proved to be quite impossible due to my circumstances and due to the fact that almost every place available says "no pets" or is too small anyway, so I thought moving in with my former roommate again would work out, but now the landlord is saying that only one dog is allowed in the apartment, not two, with of course no explanation as to why. It's now even more impossible for me to find a new place where I could bring Tessie, so my only option now is to find someone who can take better care of her. If you want a playful, well-trained, and obedient dog and can take care of her, then I will gladly give her to you. I can also give you her large cage, which she likes to sleep in (and is a good place for her to calm down when she's too happy to see you). Please send me an email if you want to make a new home for Tessie. Thanks!

Here's a video of Tessie in action:

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: With owners


marlajoy's picture

Is she not spayed yet?

tgardner85's picture

No, she isn't. I wasn't able to get her spayed earlier because she was recovering from her injury and then was on her heart worm medication (which she is finished with) and we were told it wasn't a good idea to get her spayed at the same time. She has been in season since I got back to Korea so I was going to wait until that was all finished. My roommate got his dog spayed at a certain vet that has a special low rate for jindo's and/or rescue dogs, I can't remember which. I only have about two weeks before I have to find a new home for her, so I'm not sure if it's a good idea to do it before that or what.

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Well, if you did get it done she would be able to recover in the home in which she feels most comfortable and, undoubtedly, it would make others more likely to adopt her. :) If you need a home within 2 weeks perhaps you should write "URGENT" in the headline of the profile. What will you do if you don't find a home by then?

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Yeah, I understand that. Now that I can afford to get it done, I'm just waiting for her to finish her seasonal issues. If I can't find a home by then I will have to put her in a (no-kill) shelter, which I would rather not do but I wouldn't have a choice. I have to travel for work again and the landlord has already been on us about the two dogs.

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Gosh, the poor girl has been through SO much already so I would really hate to see her end up in a shelter. I will keep my fingers crossed that she finds a wonderful home before then! Please keep us all updated! :) Oh, and that video of her in the snow is adorable. She seems so lovely!! :)

tgardner85's picture

Yeah, I know. But at least she seems to be able to handle it all well enough. She's a bit skittish still, probably due to her previous owner, but she's still pretty happy-go-lucky. She definitely deserves a good home. I just hope I can find one for her.

Amanda-n-Leeloo's picture

A dog with a history like Tessie's would seriously regress in socialization and obedience if sent to a shelter. Since you have to rehome her, at no fault of Tessie's, perhaps you can do better by her and pay for her to be boarded so you have more time to find a good home for her. Sending her to a shelter, quite honestly, is ridiculous given her history. There are many boarding places across the country, so if you are interested in doing right by her, let me know and I can give you the information.

tgardner85's picture

No need for the condescending tone. If I could afford such an option then I would naturally be able to afford other options in which I would be able to keep her. I don't believe you know very much about her history or how she handles things, but she has proven to be quite resilient. She was able to handle moving in with two strangers and a strange dog while less than a year old and unable to walk as she was still recovering from the beating, and she was able to handle being taken care of for a month by another stranger. Obviously a shelter is not an ideal place, but if it leads her to a new home then I have no doubt she will bounce back as she has before.

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Terrible turn of events for all of you. I do agree with Amanda-n Leeloo though. I volunteer regularly at shelters in Korea and dogs who have previously been in good circumstances and great dispositions tend to lose it in the Korean shelter environment. Also, finding a good home will most realistically not come very fast, and she could be waiting out all weather conditions - monsoon, freezing snow, extreme heat outside. There are really not too many no-kill shelters and some like Asan, will request that you pay 30,000 won a month to cover feeding costs if you are dropping off your dog to them. These sl\helters are already overrun with Jindo and jindo-mixes. She will just become one of the many and most spend years there. :(

Maybe you could start making and selling things to get her to a shelter in Canada or the States where she will have a fighting chance as your last resort before the shelter drop off.

I really hope someone comes through as an adopter or forever home for her! Good luck!

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how about a money-raising appeal to send her to a less-expensive boarding situation? For fosters and shelter rescues, Anydogschool does a 350,000 won per month deal. i know it sounds like a lot, but it would buy you a month of time to find her a foster, and a good money raising event could help defray a lot of that cost? She is a very beautiful dog, and lucky that you and your roommate stepped up when you did. There, she would not be inside, but she would be comfortably sheltered and get to go out in a giant grassy area by herself 1x a day to run around and sniff, off the lead. It would not be the same as being with a family, but much better than a shelter where she may be with other dogs in close quarters, does not have guaranteed time to walk and sniff around, etc. http://www.anydogschool.com/. Friendly Jindos are such great pets, and even in small apartments they tend to sleep all day if they get a good amount of exercise a couple times a day. I would say apartment size is less of an issue, but i TOTALLY feel your pain in finding a place that will expressly allow a dog. really hard anywhere. I wish i could take her in but i already have a Jindo and two Jindos unsupervised is not a good thing in a small space :-/ Good luck to you, if you have any questions on anydogschool give me a call, i boarded my Jindo there for a month and he was pretty happy. Plus, you can visit them pretty much any day up until 6pm (and so can prospective owners or fosterers you line up...)

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I'm interested in Tessie and would like some more information on her. I will have to double check with the landlord to see if another pet is allowed, but if it is, I'll be likely to send in an application. Please email me at [email protected]

Thank you.