In foster care.In foster care.Enjoying Sunday volunteer day.Performing.She knows tricks!And is such a sweet, sweet girl. Gentle.First day back at BAPS. ='[

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Shih Tzu
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update - January 13th
Little Noelle has finally been adopted by her foster mom. Now this sweet little girl will have her forever home.

Update - December 11th
Little Noelle is an amazing little girl. She's settling in really well in her foster home and her eyes are looking really great. A few days ago she showed what a well behaved little girl she can be, she let her foster mom shave her face and body to make sure she is looking clean and tidy.

Update - November 28th
Noelle is very happy in foster care. Her eye is looking good and now she only needs treatment twice a day. She's a very well behaved and content pup. She loves to play with her sheep toy and any random socks see can find. Noelle is the perfect little dog, she's happy, playful and friendly.

Update - October 19th
Noelle is doing great in foster care. She's fun and playful, her favourite toy is a white stuffed sheep which she will toss and chase around my apartment. Noelle also has lots of energy for a little dog, even after walking uphill for an hour she doesn't want to go home, she wants to keep going. She loves being outside and exploring. I've also found that she loves snuggling up on my clothes when I leave them on the floor, but she never destroys anything. Her behaviour in my home is perfect, she never makes any noises except small growls when playing with her toys. She is pee pad trained and only poos outside. She is very happy to be transported in her carrier, she will even go to sleep when she is travelling in a car. Her eyes are still looking good. Our vet thinks that soon Noelle will be able to have eye drops only twice a day.

*Update-Sept. 20*

Noelle is still doing great in foster care. Her eyes continue to improve. She also did great with bath time. Stood still and was easy to dry off. And her little trick of sitting back on her hind legs (check the pictures!) now seems to happen whenever her foster mom asks her to sit. VERY CUTE NOELLE! Aside from this, she is as sweet and loveable as ever, and simply wants someone love and love her.

Don't you just want to take her home? She definitely wants you to!

*Update-Sept. 10*

An update from Noelle's current foster mom:

"Her eyes are much improved. She's still having eye drops 6 times and day and ointment 2 times a day but her eye are looking much better. She visited Dr Mina on Monday and she is hoping that Noelle can get down to eye drops twice a day in the future. She'll have to have the drops for the rest of her life as her eyes are deformed from the attack 4 years ago.
She's very happy in a home and happily snuggles up with me in bed. She's totally non-demanding and easy to walk. No matter when I sit, Noelle will try to climb on top of me. Leo [BAPS Director] has said she has a new foster home to go to but I'm going to miss this little girl."

Yet more proof that she's a great dog. Please, someone, consider making her a part of your family!

*Update-Sept. 4th*

Poor Noelle was dumped by her foster home 12 hours after she was dropped off. Apparently, she was not house trained enough for them and also was making too much noise, pawing at the door of her kennel a lot that she was locked in for the night. But instead of letting her go back to the shelter - as she really needs some TLC for her eye and recently discovered bladder infection - a great BAPS volunteer stepped up to have her stay with her.

She posted below in the comments already, but here's another similar blurb from her:

"Noelle is settling in well. I see no indication of any problems. She hasn't made a noise since she has got here. She's peeing on the pads most of the time but Mina [our vet] informed me that she has a bladder infection so she's not perfect yet but she is working on it. She's allowing me to give her the eye drops so hopefully we should see some improvement in her eye. All she wants to do is snuggle up with me."

This little girl has had it rough. She desperately just wants someone to love. Can you be that person?

*Update-Sept. 1st*

Little Noelle went into foster care today so that she can get some much needed treatment for her eye! She had a great volunteer day and then was delivered to her foster home this evening. We're hoping that she gets the chance to clean up a little and her eye clears up.

And let's all hope that Noelle's special someone comes along soon to take her home and give her the love and care she deserves!

*Update-Aug. 14th*
Noelle is still waiting.

She desperately needs to find that person who will take her home and really pamper her. Her eye is still an issue and she really longs for more human contact than the once a day volunteer events that we host. Some dogs cope better with being at the shelter than others. Noelle is definitely not one of them.

Last weekend she was lucky enough, however, to spend some quality time with one of our volunteers. Even though it was hot, she got to spend a lot of time out of her cage. Her eyes were cleaned well and she got to spend some time under the cool running water of the hose. It was obvious how pleased she was to be around a person and given so much attention.

She'll be your best friend if you let her!

*Update-1st July*
We are still really worried about Noelle. She is very shy at the shelter and seems to find all the noise a bit too much. Her eye really needs regular treatment and she would love to be in a nice calm home. She is a wonderful little girl who is super trainable. She has shown how clever she can be. We hope that she remember all her good manners from her time in foster care, but even if she has forgotten I am sure this smart little girl will be quick to remember her house training.

*Update-28th June*
Poor Noelle has had a tough few months. She went from a warm home back to the cold shelter. She has a sad tale to tell.

She was one of the original 120 dogs that was rescued from a dog hoarder, to start BAPS. At that time the dogs were kept in terribly cramped cages. Noelle is a very weak and submissive dog, and she was put in a cage with a very angry and dominant dog. There was a fight, and Noelle got badly bitten around her left eye. She had several surgeries, and as you know, a dog after surgery needs a foster home. A Korean volunteer offered to take her home, and then decided to adopt her, so she could keep his first dog company. that was over 4 years ago.

Fast forward to several months ago. A original volunteer sent a text message to the shelter directors saying he had taken Noelle back to BAPS. He had sold my apartment, and am moving to a new smaller one, and he claimed he could not keep Noelle. This was in early March, when the temperature at BAPS was below zero every night. We were horrified to find that the eye that should have been healed years ago seemed to not have received any treatment.

We have been trying to care for it at BAPS, but we simply cannot give her the care she needs. If she is to ever get better, she needs to get some serious care. At this point, we are hoping to find a home for her to be a base from where she can go to the vet and get eye diagnosis and treatment, and we will try to find the best option for her.

Noelle is waiting....

*She's perfectly housetrained, and very, very loving!

*Update 4th April*
Sweet little Noelle is starting to adapt to shelter life and enjoyed being out of her cage meeting volunteers. We have found that she is wonderfully well trained and can do many "tricks" for treats. This little girl is used to being in a comfortable and loving home and its so sad to see her trying to get used to shelter life. Noelle is tiny and already well trained. She loves attention and seems eager to please. She gets on well with people and other dogs. She would be the perfect companion, please consider giving Noelle a home.

Noelle has a sad story. About 2 years ago, while at BAPS, she was attacked by a cage mate and suffered damage to her eye. Because of this injury, she needed medical treatment. The person who took her into foster cared for her for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, he was forced to return her to BAPS because of a housing change that left him in a place where he was no longer allowed to have a pet. Saying goodbye to this little girl must have been no easy task.

Her arrival back at BAPS left her scared and confused. Not that any dog WANTS to be in a cage, but some of them simply don't handle it quite as well as others. This little girl wanted only to be held, hugged, and comforted. Hopefully someone will take her into their home so she can work her way into their heart.

Medical Information:
Heartworm Negative
Up to date on vaccinations

As with all BAPS (Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary) pups, anyone interested in adopting or fostering Noelle will need to volunteer 2 weekends in a row. All that means is you get to come walk our dogs from 11-3 any Sunday! Anyone interested in making Noelle a part of their family will need to complete a one month trial adoption first, to ensure that everyone gets along and you are the perfect match!

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Busan - 부산
Living Situation: In a shelter


Francesa's picture

I had a walk with Noelle last Sunday and thought she did great with the other dogs. I see what you mean about her being confused. While she liked the other dogs, she seemed a bit skeptical of the people around her. She let me pet her, but I could tell she was reserving judgment. Poor girl needs someone who can earn her trust.

Stephan's picture

Noelle desperately wants - and needs - a home. She's an adorable little teddy dog whose spirit seems to be really affected by life at the shelter. She needs a bath, a hug, and unconditional love. Of the three, I'm sure she'll return the third ten fold.

marlajoy's picture

Oh poor dear! I'll be thinking about her and hoping someone can step up and give her a foster or forever home so she can FINALLY get her eye properly taken care of! How terrible that must be for her! :(

Stephan's picture

I really have a soft spot for this sweet, adorable little pup. I made a video to help share some of her story. Please take a look at it and share it on Facebook.

Lois.Mom's picture

Noelle is at home with me. Noelle is a very sweet and gentle dog. She's had a tough life and you can tell but how much much she appreciates being in a home. She's very calm and settled in a home. She loves human attention, she just wants to cuddle and be around me. She's pee pad trained and so far peed on the pad. She's also very quiet, no noise or barking at all. Noelle is a wonderful girl and would be a great companion for the special someone.

Lois.Mom's picture

Noelle's eye is showing some signs of improvement. She's very happy to be in a home and away from the stress of the shelter. She's super cuddly and sweet. I've found she also likes to play with her squeaky toys. She's pretty smart too. She's knows commands in English and Korean. Here are a few pictures of Noelle.

Francesa's picture

I got to visit Noelle today at her foster home. I was impressed with how quickly her eyes have improved. She seems so much more relaxed and comfortable outside of shelter life, almost a completely different girl! She's doing great.

Lois.Mom's picture

Noelle is feeling very relaxed at home. I can now see the whites of her eyes which I couldn't see before. She's doing so well and is such a happy and loving little girl.