Freckles & her new mommy!
6 June 2013After a trip to the parlour!Gorgeous groomed Freckles!28 April 2013Sweet FrecklesFreckles! <3Freckles needs you!She loves to be held!Sweet Freckles.28 April 201328 April 2013Freckles and her foster brother, dressed in their finest!After a trip to the parlour!Freckles after her spay - Nov 2013Freckles after her spay - Nov 2013

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Shih Tzu
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
  • Special needs
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update: 24 Dec 2013
It took quite a long time but in the end Freckles found her perfect match. She has a wonderful new mom & a bunny sibling and is settling into her forever home so nicely. Thank you to Cynthia & Potato for welcoming the little Freck into their home & for taking such good care of her. Enjoy your first Christmas together!

Update: 4 Dec 2013
Freckles' incision spots have healed up nicely! Her ear is looking much better and she is on her last week of oral meds to get rid of the yeast. She will go back to the vet for a check up in the next few days.

Update: 25 Nov 2013
Freckles was spayed 2 weeks ago & had a mole cut out of her neck at the same time. She was a champ with her cone and (as expected) behaved like a complete little angel! She has a pesky yeast infection in her right ear which is being treated now.

Update: 8 Oct 2013
Freckles is doing great! She is an awesome little travel buddy and came along with me on a daytrip to Seoul the other weekend. She got loads of attention and was as chilled as can be with all the people and dogs around her. She also took some treats from a toddler's hand and was all-in-all the usual pleasure to have around.

She didn't like my foster pups because they chased her and wanted to play with her, but not once did she show any aggression towards them. She definitely prefers the quiet life though, with two adult dogs instead of teeny-weeny-bitey-chewy puppies, she is relaxed, undemanding and adorable.

Update: 6 Sept 2013
Oh dear, poor Freckles is no longer very keen on the puppies. At all! They absolutely adore her tail & as she runs away from them it encourages them even more to race after the fluffy white thing attached to her! Still, not once has she snapped or shown aggression towards the pups. She does, however, make a weird sound as if she's warning them off and the sad thing is it's the only time I can tell she has a collapsed trachea. She gets stressed and when she breathes in sharply it makes a strange sound. :(

Having the puppies has taught me a lot more about Freckles. Here are some more points to take into consideration:

1. Freckles is good with other dogs as well as cats! She is also very patient.
2. She is good with strangers & politely waits for people to give her attention on walks. She can sit as good as gold in a coffee shop and not make a sound.
3. Freckles is a very relaxed little dog. She loves to curl up on your lap and is not bouncing off the walls when indoors.
4. She would do well with slightly older children who know not to bug her but who want to cuddle her. She LOVES being loved, but doesn't like being bugged.
5. She would love a kind cat or dog sibling, but not one who is very young and wants to wrestle with her.
6. She is house-trained & prefers to do her business outside. She will use the shower floor only if desperate.
7. She loves going on short walks but tires easily due to her collapsed trachea. This will not pose a problem unless she puts on weight, overheats or runs too much.
8. Freckles loves to ride in the car & will stand on her hind legs watching the world go by through the window. :)

i.e. If you want a low-maintenance dog who loves to cuddle, doesn't need long walks & will fit into your schedule with ease, Freckles is your girl.

Update: 28 August 2013
In the last few weeks I've been fostering two puppies (Maria & Nellie) and since they've gone off the bottle and onto solids, the babies are literally jumping, rolling & somersaulting all over the show. I've been very pleasantly surprised (and amused) by Freckles' reaction to the two little girls! She is somewhat put out at having these little fuzzballs wanting to play with her, but she has not once been snarly or aggressive towards them. If anything, she turns and runs away! Poor Freck, I imagine if she could talk she'd be saying something like "Moooommmm!!! Please make them STOOOPPPPP!!!!!" Lucky for her, I only let the babies out for short, supervised times and so she is allowed some peace and quiet for the rest of the time.

Yesterday she went for another haircut and came back with two pinks spots on her cheeks again. I used to think it looked really silly on dogs, but now I think it totally suits sweet Freckles & her pretty little face which matches her pretty little personality. <3

Update: 19 August 2013
Freckles & my other 2 dogs had a great pet sitter stay with them while I was out of the country. She did really well & there were no problems at all! :) She is a totally chilled out little girl & a pleasure to have.

Update: 7 July 2013
Freckles went for another haircut today! I asked the groomer to "make her look pretty" and voila! She came back with pink spots on her cheeks. :D She looks very, very sweet, even though I never thought I would have a dyed dog in my home!

Update: 24 June 2013
Freckles had her surgery on Saturday & it went well. Her entire head smells a gazillion times better! Her teeth are all pearly-white & she had one molar extracted. She can already eat so much easier. (Photos coming soon!)

While she was undergoing the pre-surgery tests, they did an x-ray & discovered that she has a collapsed trachea, caused by being walked on a collar and lead before in her previous life. (If you walk your dog on a collar PLEASE change to a harness!) Although it is at a grade 3-4, she doesn't actually show physical signs (e.g. coughing) which is great. We just have to be sure to not let her put on any more weight and she should live in a cool home environment (to lower panting, thus lowering the stress put on the trachea). Walks in the heat should also be kept to a minimum. Luckily for Freck, she is a small "in-cabin" size so flying her won't be a problem. This girl is still highly adoptable! And her breath smells great! ;)
Oops! I got the date wrong! Freckles' big day is this coming Saturday, the 22nd. :) I'll update accordingly after the procedure. :)
Update: 14 June 2013
Freckles has a big day lined up tomorrow. She is finally going to have her teeth scaled & probably a good few extracted. I've been able to tell from Day 1 that her mouth bothers her and she has to eat really slowly. :( It's incredible what dental care can do to improve a doggy's mood. If she's so angelic now, I can't wait to see how she does after this! Please think of her tomorrow (Sat) at 11am when she will be going under anesthetic.

Update: 3 June 2013
On the weekend Freckles had her final vaccination (her 2nd CaniFlu). She also had her heartworm prevention and Frontline. From DAY ONE this girl has been the most lovely, easy little darling to have in my house. Please consider adopting her. She will make you very happy!

Update: 21 May 2013
HELP!! I am falling head over heels with this girl!! And I CANNOT adopt her because I'm from South Africa and it is ludicrously expensive to take animals home. :( Freckles gets more and more delightful every day. After a few weeks of TLC and allowing her hair to grow out she was looking pretty scruffy, so last weekend she visited the groomer...OH MY GOODNESS!! I can't get enough of that little face and that little tongue!! Seriously, she's adorable. Not only in appearance but in her manners & personality too. She walks beautifully on a lead, she likes to do her business on grass or sand. She is good with cats too! She is super chilled and got along with my 2 dogs from day one without a single problem. I think she would like to have canine or feline siblings. :)
She has adopted a small basket that I had on the floor and uses it as her bed. Too cute! She's quiet as a mouse, until I make her meals & she gets excited and tells me to hurry up a little.
She has also had her caniflu vaccination (1 of 2) so in 2 weeks after her second injection she will be fully UTD on shots.

Update: 3 May 2013
Freckles had her rabies vaccination yesterday. She has gained weight consistently in the last few weeks and the vet says a few more hundred-grams and she'll be at her ideal weight. She had her Heartguard on the 1st of May and her own nametag is arriving this weekend (she is borrowing her foster sister's at the moment). She is a dream dog!! Other than the fact that her eyes require a little extra care with the drops & the opta-gel, this girl is house-trained, very rarely barks and is chilled with other dogs AND cats! I can't wait to have her groomed, which will happen soon. Oh! And she got her very own BEE SUIT from Insadong the other day...check out the pics! Have you ever seen a cuter bee? I think not! :D

Update: 13 April 2013
The Freck is lying next to me on the couch now, good as gold! She had her Corona & Kennel Cough vaccines 2 days ago and she has just one more week of medicine left to clear up her ears. She had a lovely stretch of the legs on our enclosed roof this afternoon and she has enjoyed snoozing for the rest of the day. I'm fairly certain that her previous owners used to put her on grass to do her business and then scoop her up and carry her back indoors because she can't walk for long lengths of time. At first she is all full of energy but she tires easily. I'm sure that in time she will increase in fitness though. The doctor reckons her age is around 4 - 5 years old so she has plenty of good years ahead of her for a lucky family!

Update: 11 April 2013
Freckles crept her way into my heart and I have decided to keep her on as a foster until she finds her forever home. This sweet gal is SUCH low maintenance, despite her dry eyes. Over the last few weeks I have figured out how best to apply her "tears" and her opta-gel so that it lasts for as long as possible. (It's a piece of cake!) Even though I have to leave for work for 8 hours a day, I come home and her eyes are fine.

She is coming out of her shell too, and has taken to lounging like a lady in waiting on her bed (pic below). While I never did get a crate in time for her, she likes to retreat to her pen and sleep in there, and she knows to go in there when food is being served too. I've noticed that if she wants attention she also goes in there, sits and looks at me expectantly! :) I have been doing the NILIF (nothing in life is free) basic training with her and I just get her to sit before she receives any form of treat, food or attention.

She is also house-trained and only has accidents when I'm not sticking to a routine. She much prefers to do her business outside on dirt or grass and will relieve herself almost immediately. :) Such a clever girl, I can't even begin to imagine why she was abandoned!

Please consider taking this girl in as your fur-baby. She is so easy to have and so full of love!

Update: 4 April 2013
Freckles is such a pleasure to have! Really, other than her eyes there is nothing high maintenance about this little girl! She is gaining weight and her ear infection is very nearly cleared up. She is house trained and prefers to do her business on grass, if she can find any. When I take her out she prances along beside me and relieves herself almost as soon as we step onto grass or dirt. She sleeps downstairs on her bed at night and doesn't make a peep until morning comes. She sits politely for food and I am working with her to get her to sit in exchange for any attention. So far, so good!

Yesterday we had a quick trip to the vet for her ear check and he also expressed her anal glands which were pretty full. I'm certain she is feeling like a whole new girl now!

I would still like to find a foster home for her with someone who doesn't have to leave her for as long as I do, so if you're interested, please contact me!

Update: 29 March 2013
Night 2 went just as well! Poor Freckles, after the long time I had to leave her for work her eyes were quite sore. As soon as I got home I put her eye drops in. Relief! She really needs a foster or forever home where there is someone who is home more than me. Perhaps someone like a hagwon employee or a stay-at-home mom. It's really no trouble to pop some eye drops in every so often so please don't let that put you off this sweet girl.

Last night I was sitting on the floor and she curled up on my handbag next to me and sat, very content and quietly, while I did my work. I took a cute photo of her doing that which you can see in the comments section below.

Update: 28 March 2013
Night 1 in my house went down without a hitch. I'm always weary when I have a new dog at home about whether they will keep me awake all night. Nope, not Freckles! She settled into her pen, curled up on her cushion, welcomed the gel eye drops I put into her eyes and didn't make a peep all night. This morning she was happy to see me, and even happier once she'd had some eye drops put into her eyes. Poor baby, I can't imagine having no lubrication in my eyes. Something we take for granted, isn't it?

Besides this minor factor, Freckles is in great health, eats well, has manners and is an adorable little girl. She only barks when she gets excited...i.e. breakfast and dinner time. Even so, it's not a very loud bark. This morning when I left for school she was curled up in her pen and there was no sound from any of them.

Update: 27 March 2013
Yeah well, we all knew it would happen. Freckles is in my house now...little raspberry-blowing sweetheart that she is. She is settled nicely on a cushion in her pen and she did a wee on the peepad. All-in-all, a great start! She prances on her hind legs for food but will sit eventually. I can't decided whether she speaks English or Korean as she seemed to respond more to "sit" that to "an-ja".

She is still receiving oral meds to clear up her ear infection and I am to give her eye drops as often as possible. I have a gel for her eyes too, which go in before bed or when I go out to work (lasts longer).

Note: I am still looking for someone to foster her - I pulled her from the shelter to get her treated because when she arrived she was not in good condition. If you are interested in this sweetheart, please read the fostering and/or adoption guidelines found on this page: and then complete the application form ( and send it me. Thank you!

Update: 22 March 2013
I went to see the little girl again yesterday. Her eyes are SOOOO much better! They are lovely and clear, compared to the awful, thick green film she had on them when she first arrived at the shelter.

Here is the latest news on Freckles:
1. She is heartworm negative & has been given a heartworm prevention tablet (Heartguard).
2. Her blood tests came back great - you can see the results in the comments section below.
3. Her antibody levels were a tad low, scoring a "4" for hepatitis, parvo & distemper. She has been given a vaccination booster as of yesterday (21 March).
4. Her ear infection is being treated, together with her conjunctivitis.

She is more than ready to go into a home now and she really needs to go into foster care as soon as possible because we lack the funds to board her for much longer. If you would like to foster her, please contact me on [email protected]

*** Special thanks to Kate Carey, Cathy Hynes & Katelin MacNair for donating money to help with Freckles' vet bills. You ladies are lifesavers!! ***

Update: 18 March 2013
I visited little Freckles today and got some great news! She is heartworm negative and all her blood work came back great!! I am still waiting for the results of the titre test. Her ears are being treated and so are her eyes. The cause of her eye problems all stem from her having "dry eye" which means her eyes don't produce enough tears. She needs to have eye drops put in her eyes every day to prevent scratchiness and inflammation. She is already SO much happier and I guess it's because she feels a whole lot better! She will be staying at the hospital for one week and after that she will need to go into foster care. Please contact me if you can help!


Poor Freckles. She is in such a sorry state at the moment. She was rescued last week from the Suwon City Pound by Mr Park and brought to his shelter where he kept her cozy and warm in his house. I took her straight to my vet after our shelter trip on Saturday and here is what was said:

The vet did a lot of tests on her eyes and established the following:
- She has severe conjunctivitis in both eyes, producing loads of green gunk.
- She has a corneal ulcer (ouch!!) in one eye.
- She has naturally "dry eyes" which has caused all of the above. (Similar to some humans who need to put in eye drops every day, she needs the same. If not, her dry eyes get all scratchy and cause itching and inflammation and then makes her prone to eye infections. The fact that it has been ignored by whoever had her before, means that she is in this condition and now has a corneal ulcer which is incredibly painful.)

She also has a yeast infection in her ears and is underweight and lethargic. Blood tests were done after I left the vet so I will hear those results today and update here accordingly. She is currently in the hospital and being treated for all of the above.

Freckles is otherwise completely adorable, with little brown freckles on one side of her body and her little tongue sticking out all the time. :) She climbed onto my lap and just curled up there, wanting to be comforted and loved. This girl wants to feel better and wants to be in a home where she can be LOVED and CARED FOR!! Whoever left her in this condition...ugh...I just shake my head in disgust.

If you can help Freckles to recover by fostering her or adopting her, please contact me on [email protected]

If you'd like to help by donating towards her medical bills, please also contact me on the e-mail address above.

Please share her profile so that we can get her the kind of home she deserves!

Adoption Fee: ₩150,000
Location: Cheonan - 천안
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


clare_bell's picture

Some photos of sweet Freckles from yesterday. She is feeling a million times better than she was when she came in to the shelter.

Can you see why I'm called Freckles?Being a nosy parker :)GREAT BLOODWORK!GREAT BLOODWORK!
Megan2024's picture

Awwww Soo cute!!!

marlajoy's picture

She is looking good, Clare! You guys are so awesome for all the work you are doing for animals!!! Thank goodness you decided to stay in Korea a little longer!! :) The animals thank you wholeheartedly!!!!

marlajoy's picture

No surprise, Clare! Well, she couldn't possibly have a better foster mom to look after her!! And, a couple doggie friends to keep her company :)

clare_bell's picture

Last night I was sitting on the floor and Freckles curled up on my handbag next to me and sat, very content and quietly, while I did my work.

28 March 201328 March 2013
marlajoy's picture

Adorable! Look at that little tongue!! :)

clare_bell's picture

It was really cold the other day so I dressed Freckles in this ridiculous outfit and we went for a run around on the (enclosed) roof of my building. She pranced around in style with her bling!

Tucked in bed.
marlajoy's picture

haha! Adorable!

clare_bell's picture

10 April 2013

Sweet girl!Sweet girl!Sweet girl!
sweetmusic06's picture

She is so adorable!

marlajoy's picture

Spiderman and bee suits! Fantastic!! They are so adorable, Clare!! :)

marlajoy's picture

I will definitely be thinking about her during her dental work, Clare! I am sure it will go wonderfully!! :)

clare_bell's picture

Thanks Marla! Stupid me, I got the date wrong. She's only going THIS Saturday!! :D

clare_bell's picture

Freckles got a lot of attention yesterday at the local coffee shop! I also discovered that she is very happy when "little people" come up to her and stroke her & her tail never stops wagging! She was a well behaved little sweetheart in the coffee shop and lay down on the cool floor next to her brother while mom had her smoothie & we all enjoyed the aircon for a while. :) A lovely Sunday!

Freckles  & Noodle in the coffee shop :)
clare_bell's picture

I went to the Philippines on holiday & had a special souvenir made for little Frecks. <3

Collar bling for Freckles :)
marlajoy's picture

aw, that's so pretty!

clare_bell's picture

My sweet little girl.

Freckles loving life in the front seat of the car!The Freck looking pensive.Adorable sketch of Freckles done by a talented lady called Zoe! :)
marlajoy's picture

How has she not been adopted yet?! She is awesome!! :)

vfetters's picture

I don't know where Asan is, but I live in Daegu and if Freckles ever needs another foster. Feel free to contact me. :) She's adorable. If my husband was up for adopting another dog while in Korea, I would get her in a heart beat.

CJ's picture

I love her! To those who know her, do you think she would get along well with a rabbit? ^^

clare_bell's picture

Thanks everyone! I adore this little girl! Yes, she gets along with everyone and everything! She just has a dislike of being chased by little puppies with sharp teeth who want to chew on her ears and tail! >.< Hahaha, poor Freckly.

clare_bell's picture

Freckles was spayed 2 weeks ago & had a mole cut out of her neck at the same time. She was a champ with her cone and (as expected) behaved like a complete little angel! She has a pesky yeast infection in her right ear which is being treated now.

Freckles after her spay - Nov 2013Freckles after her spay - Nov 2013
clare_bell's picture

Perhaps not the most flattering photo of our sweet little Freckles, but this made me laugh! When I first got her I asked the vet why her tongue always sticks out. His answer was "it's either a problem with her jaw/teeth or her tongue is simply too long for her mouth".

Ummm...this photo that I took (part of a sequence of her licking the air) seems to prove the latter, don't you think? (And also, she had dental work done so we know everything inside her mouth is A-OK.)

Bandage on tummy is from her spay surgery. :)

Frecky's tongue!
marlajoy's picture

That is one heck of a tongue!! :)