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Quick Bio

Age: Senior (over 8 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Dachshund
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Brown
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

UPDATE JUNE 1st: Dexter was adopted today!~ He is off to live his golden years in the Korean countryside surrounded by love and rice fields. Dex's new mom is the most amazing and loving woman. He certainly is the luckiest dog in the world!~

Super Dexter is still looking for someone to love him forever. Is it you?

Meet Dexter!~ Dex is a longhaired dachshund who recently celebrated his tenth birthday. You’d never know that he was an old man because he doesn’t look a day over seven!

Dex’s story (as far as I know it):
Dex is full-fledged American. He was born and raised in America with his family and lived there until he was 9 years old. When he was nine, his family was transferred to South Korea. They brought him along. However, nearly a year into their stay in Korea, Dexter’s family decided that they “didn’t want him anymore” and abandoned him at a vet’s office just after his tenth birthday. A week after he was abandoned, he came to live with me.

He is a happy, healthy pup who didn’t understand why his people left him. As far as I can tell, he has no discernable quirks or habits that are specifically undesirable and would cause a family to kick him out.

Dexter is a snuggle bug yet totally independent. The best of both worlds! When you get home, he will give you all of the kisses and love that you have ever wanted. But, when you are working at your computer or watching TV, he will just lie down on his blanket and have a nap.

He isn’t really interested in toys or in playing specifically, but every once in a while, he will play tug-of-war or keep away with his favorite rope toy (and give you kisses afterwards for playing with him).

He LOVES going on walks and is so so happy in the sunshine (inside, he will find the sunniest spot and have a nap while soaking up the rays). He prances along the river with me and takes in all the sights and smells. He specifically loves birds. Oh my goodness. Birds are fun to watch and to scare into flying away.

Dex loves EVERYONE. If I let him, he would run up to everyone, jump up and give them kisses. If someone screams and runs away (as people do), he might bark, but mostly because he thinks it is a game.

Dexter barks only rarely, and this is when he is startled by a big noise: doors slamming, garbage trucks, etc. His barking has steadily decreased over time as he has become more and more comfortable in my house.

At night, Dexter likes to sleep on the bed with me. Half of the time, he is on top of the covers, but every once in a while he will nose his way under the covers and sleep curled up against me. Basically, he makes my heart melt. Every day.

Dexter is a perfectly healthy old man. My vet is pleasantly surprised at how healthy Dex is for a man of his age. His heart is good. His vitals are good. His weight is good.

The only struggle that sweet Dexter has is with his ears. He suffers from chronic ear infections, poor thing! This condition is easily managed by cleaning Dexter’s ears frequently (I currently clean them every other day). He hates it, but will sit quietly while I do it.

He has a healthy appetite and devours his food every morning and evening. He is a camel and LOVES water. If he had his way, he would absolutely drown in water. (He doesn’t mind bath time because there is so much water around to drink!)

Other pertinent information:
Dexter is TOTALLY housetrained. In one month, he has had ZERO accidents (knock on wood). Dex can hold his toilet the whole time while I am at work, up to eight hours, without a problem. He does not use pee pads and only goes outside.

Dexter walks well on a leash. He sometimes pulls when he gets excited (birds), but this is decreasing. I sometimes let Dex stop and sniff but have trained Dexter to respond to “5 4 3 2 1 Let’s go.” When I say “let’s go,” 9 times out of 10 Dexter will follow along without issue. He is so smart.

He can sit, stay, lie down, turn (turn around in a super cute circle), shake, and seems to understand but not be able to complete “roll over.”

Dex is good with other dogs, and I try to socialize him as much as possible with other pups. He has a poodle best friend who romps on the river with us sometimes.

All in all, Dexter is the perfect companion for someone looking for an easy, independent, and loving dog. Although you’d never know it, Dexter is an old man, so he would do best with a family that is stable and able to care for him as he gets older (which is still a long way off!)

UPDATE May 6th: Dexter is doing so so well in foster care. He is healthy, cheerful pup who loves snuggles and kisses. He gets along incredibly well with ALL people and dogs. His ear infections have cleared (knock on wood)! Yay! So he is perfectly healthy and ready for his new adoptive home. Please consider opening you home and heart to this sweet senior.

UPDATE May 24th: Dex is thriving! Last week, he stayed with a friend while I was out of town, and my friend commented on how SMART Dex is. When Dex needed something, he was able to clearly (not vocally) communicate it. Nosing at his leash for walks, standing over his food bowl at dinner time. This is one smart pup!

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Daejeon - 대전
Living Situation: In foster care


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Breaks my heart!! :(

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I love doxies... if I didn't have a full house :( These dogs are personality plus! And 10 is NOT old. I rescued my doxie when she was 8 and she lived until 16.

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I agree!!! He is so depressed here at the clinic, but he is soo sweet! He loves being held and snuggled as well as giving the sweetest kisses. He seems so confused on why he is here.

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He looks super sweet....and super sad! :(

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Dex is doing so so so well in foster care! He's an absolute angel. I'll write more about his progress, personality, etc next week, but for now, suffice it to say that he is a magnificent pup!

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very handsome :)

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How is Dexter doing?! I'd love to hear an update and see some pictures of this gentleman!! :)

Robin's picture

Super Dex is doing so so well. He is healthy, happy, and full of kisses. He adores long walks in the sunshine. He is perfectly friendly and loves meeting new human and pup friends. Birds are fun to chase. He snuggles under the covers at night and greets the sun with tiny nose kisses. He watches Game of Thrones (Seriously. He loves the direwolves and ravens). He doesn't mind bath time and puts up with having his ears cleaned like a rockstar. All in all, a perfect companion!~ He will make his furever family so so happy!~

dexter has good taste in television
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Aw, he looks great! It warms my heart! Thanks for the update!! :)

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Ahaha, what an awesome pup! I love his pictures, and being a GoT fan is pretty awesome, too!

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Wow, in Dexter's info section, he's got THE WORKS! I'm really impressed!

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He is basically the greatest dog EVER! Someone is going to be so so lucky to have him!~

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Sweet Dexter is still available and ready for adoption! Please consider this sweet pup with lots of life left to live and love to give!~

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How can you resist this face? <3

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Just in case anyone is wondering if adopting a senior dog is a wise decision, check out the profiles of William, Alexis and Chloe: All were dogs that were adopted as seniors and all are proving to be the most lovable, wonderful dogs in history! :)

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Congratulations, Dexter!

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That is such wonderful, wonderful news! Another senior dog finds a home!! :) Yay, Dexter! And thanks to his new family! :)

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Hi! Just an update about Dexter :) He is very happy in his new home. We are having a great time getting to know each other. He seems to really love long walks in the morning and evening. We go for a minimum of 1 hour during each walk. He is friendly to just about everyone. My favorite funny thing he does is sleep in the bed, bury himself in the blankets and then barely get himself out to great me when I come home. He is just too cute!! He is meeting a lot of other dogs in the area and even went to a "dog social" today where we played in an inclosed area for a bit. He is such a show off with his tricks and commands. Honestly though, I am the happiest when he has been worn down with all the fun and can barely open an eye to say good-night. For me, his comfort is what makes me happy at the end of the day. Thank you Robin for taking such great care of him until I found him!! LOVE!!

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Who could ask for a better update?! THANK-YOU!!!! :)

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Dexter's original owner contacted me to to say that she's happy to hear that Dexter now has a new home, is grateful for the help he received in finding one, and that their family misses him very much.

She also explained that the decision to rehome him was more difficult than described in his adoption listing above. Dexter had bitten their baby twice and it was their worry for their daughter's safety that brought them to this decision.

I wanted to clarify about this here because it was hurtful for them to read that they "just didn't want him anymore", as this was untrue. (From my understanding of the situation, I don't think the information was intentionally omitted or changed, just that Dexter's full background/history was somehow not conveyed to the foster home).

Also, for safety reasons, I think Dexter's current home should know that he needs to be closely supervised around small children-- this is true for all dogs, but more so for dogs who have had bad experiences.

On the topic of his not playing much, the original owner also wants his new family to know that he prefers stuffed toys and loves giving high fives and shaking hands.

Thanks to everyone who helped Dexter find a great new home!

Robin's picture

As Dex's foster mom, I was definitely NOT told any information regarding why Dex was abandoned/left to be rehomed. I was merely told that he was dropped off because his people didn't want/couldn't take care of him anymore. My profile for Dex was true as I knew it. I am horrified and sorry to hear that Dex bit a child. From my experience with him, that is definitely out of character. I will pass this information along to his adoptive mama, because it is incredibly important for her to know. Thank you for this information!~

Karen's picture

I'm sorry, I don't know anything more about the bite incidents (like what were the circumstances that led up to it). Thanks for passing on the information!

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I am the previous owner of Chaos, (Dexter). He spent nine years as my husband and mines companion. He slept in our bed with us, thus instilling in him that he was one of the leaders of our pack. When our little came along, he thought he had to show her that she was lower on the totem pole than he. When he realized we were not allowing that, he tried to avoid her. (She made a lot of loud noises that scared him) but when she started to crawl and stand and most of all grab, it became very difficult for him to relax. A few times she would pop up when he was asleep on the couch and grab him roughly (nine month olds don't know easy petting yet). Luckily we were right there supervising which prevented anything more than scratches on her face. When it happened twice within a few weeks of each other we knew what we had to do. It was not his fault, nor hers. He is a very loving, smart and sweet dog. But he can be protective of his home and family. I think he is much happier with the freedoms he has in his new home. We miss him very much. Thank you to everyone who helped him get a new home. And for the foster home he got to stay at while awaiting his new owners.

Although, the people we dropped him off with never asked us anything, we had to tell them what happened. I think they need to be asking temperaments of dogs to know what home is best. I'm sure they wouldn't want to be responsible for any incidences in new homes, especially involving children.

sdiederich's picture

I am the one you "dropped him off" with . I ALWAYS ask about the temperament of dogs as well as cats when they surrendered, including Dexter (Chaos). I also ask why the animal is being surrendered. Our policy is to euthanize after three days, since the clinic isn't capable of holding animals for longer than that. The owner understands that because they sign consent forms and I thoroughly explain that to them. I have been preventing that by finding suitable foster or forever homes. I perform screenings and care for these animals on my own time, and have taken this initiative on my one else has been doing so. I told the foster home what was told to me: that the dog had growled at the baby a few times and that they didn't want to deal with it anymore.

There was no false information given.

Jessica Donaldson's picture

I didn't say there was false information given but the foster home said they did not know anything about him not being good with young children. Whether he said growled or snapped, the truth is he tried to bite her. The fact that you put in quotations that we "dropped him off" and said we didn't want to "deal with it anymore" is the exact reason I contacted Karen. That makes it sound like we didn't care. We both cried over this decision. It was difficult to make. And I know you made my husband feel awful when he "dropped him off" because of word usage such as this. I'm not saying that was on purpose and I'm not trying to say anyone did anything wrong. I just wanted the new owners to know that he was not abandoned, he was loved, and to make sure they knew to be extra careful around small children. I have contacted her through email on here also. I'm sorry if what I said made you mad I just wanted things to be clarified on here.

Jessica Donaldson's picture

Also, thank you for working so hard to find him a new home. We really DO appreciate what you did for him and probably countless other dogs.

Robin's picture

I also would like things to be clarified, although I fear starting some sort of continued heated discussion, which is not what I want to do at all. What I say, I say out of love for the ARK community and for Dexter, the beautiful animal that was my companion for three months. I mean no disrespect to anyone, but I do think it is important to share my perspective, as the person who rescued and fostered Dexter.

I would like to commend Sasha for her kindness and generosity in helping to find homes for animals that are dropped off/abandoned/surrendered at her clinic (for the record, as is clear in the conversations above, Jessica, you used the words "dropped off" first, I do not think Sasha was meaning to offend. And I wrote Dexter's ARK profile with the language of "just didn't want him anymore." This was true as I knew it, I am sorry if these words were hurtful to you. I did not know of Dexter's history with small children until yesterday.). Sasha is an incredible, honest, and professional woman who prevented Dexter/Chaos from being murdered/killed (let's call it what it is). The only reason Dexter is alive today is because she made his plight known. I found Dexter through Sasha, I took him in after a week at the clinic (Sasha ensured that he was not killed during this time). I cared for Dexter, he did not merely stay at my house, as was suggested above. We went on hours of walks each day, I spent hundreds of dollars on health care for him (when Dex was surrendered, he had such a severe ear infection that he was in physical agony every moment. It took over a month to get it under control and for his pain to subside.), I loved him unconditionally, he lacked for nothing. I searched for an adoptive family for Dexter. I found an adoptive family for Dexter.

I know first hand the agony of rehoming a pet. When I was very young, my family had two dogs. When my younger sister was born, one of the dogs became agressive. The dogs fought constantly, and it wasn't safe for me or my baby sister. We searched and searched and finally found a home for Smokey. It was traumatizing for my family and for me. But it was the best decision for us and for our dog; she got to live in the countryside with a loving family without small children or other dogs and we didn't live in fear of a horrible incident.

Jessica, I don't judge or blame you for what you did. I know how hard it is. But Dexter is incredibly lucky. If not for Sasha, and for me too I guess, he would be dead. Now he has a second chance at life.

I am so glad he has a second chance.

Jessica, thank you for the information about Dexter's past. Whether it was that he growled (what your husband told to Sasha when he was surrendered- because she asked about his temperament), he bit (what Karen related), or tried to bite and scratched (what you mentioned here) your daughter, the behavior is unacceptable and Dexter's adoptive mama is now fully aware of the situation and is committed to working with Dexter to correct this behavior. I am very sorry that you were put in a situation where you felt your family was in danger and had to surrender your pet.

I give my love and respect to the ARK community for making it possible for dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, and all other animals to have a second chance at life. I am honored and humbled to be a part of this community. Dexter's case is a success story. He is loved by us all and living his golden years in the countryside with a mama who adores him.

Jessica Donaldson's picture

I agree with everything you said and thank you for your input. I did not have high hopes of him getting adopted because of his age and short time span he was given. So, needless to say, my husband and I are ecstatic that he is still around for many more years. Like I said above I just wanted to clarify that he was loved and not abandoned and I do not blame you or anyone for the words that, yes, we're very hurtful. But my second worry came when you said you were not made aware of the issue with children. Now I know it was probably just a miscommunication somewhere and is nobody's fault. But at the time I felt it my duty to make sure it wasn't an over site that might cause problems with new families down the road. I can not say enough how truly grateful we are to everyone involved in helping my baby dog live a longer, fuller life. I believe his new home is a great fit and that he will be much happier with his new life with more freedom to be the loving dog he is. I know all of you went above and beyond what you had to and fought for my "pooper bear" and he owes his life to you all. We are truly grateful beyond words to the entire organization.

kimrussell's picture

Hi Everyone!-
I am so glad that the history behind Dexter has been brought to light.
I want everyone to know that I had figured out that Dexter wasn't likely the best dog to be around children way before these emails so I am not completely shocked by the news. Before these emails, I had already made the decision to limit his exposure and time with children in some settings.
I have learned a few things about his personality and what I refer to as his Sensory Processing System. Some of these things may be long term issues and some may fade out as he becomes trusting and comfortable in his new home. This is a given with any pet that goes through an adoption and change of home. Rest assured, he is very happy right now and I believe that this will continue to develop.
Luckily I also have enough knowledge regarding Dachshunds to know that they are known for the grumpy temperament-young or old. I am aware that techniques need to be in place to help Dexter to remain calm in stressful situations (bicycles, loud trucks, screaming kids and grabby kids). He is responding well to most of the techniques and we continue to get better together.
I also realize that some things are just best avoiding rather than trying to change or fix. Though I don't plan on isolating him, I am likely not going to try and "change" his behaviors around children without supervision. For right now, these are my plans and thoughts.

He is outside often, exposed and getting lots of love! We walk every morning and every night. He goes out at lunch time too, even when I work. He has met neighbors, other pets and even some older children. He has been welcomed by everyone. All of this has been and will continue to be supervised and carefully introduced.

From everything I have read and know about Dexter now, he was not a good candidate to be adopted by a family with children however without a doubt, I think he was still a good candidate to be adopted. So all worked out well, despite any communication breakdown. :)

Mrs. Donaldson- You and your husband needed to make sound decisions that are the best for your child's safety and life. So whatever it is worth, I want you to know that I also completely respect your decision.
Please know that Dexter is happy. Let this bring peace to your heart and to your family. Do not second guess anything. It is all good now.

Also, Mrs. Donaldson, I hope that you would consider contacting me privately. Not only if you would like updates or pictures but because I do have a few questions regarding Dexter (Chaos to you!). I will not continue to harp on his behaviors or any issues, I just have a few background questions that could be helpful.

Here is my personal email address:
[email protected]
You can also find me on Facebook with this email address.

One thing I wanted to know is if he is 9 years old or 10 years old? Has he always scratched or rubbed at his muzzle-it is cute and doesn't seem to be a problem as the vet confirmed but I am just curious if you saw this too? :) Just some silly questions mostly. You can email me or call me personally to answers these or I also understand if you need to have closure and not respond. No judgement here.

If you are still in Korea, my personal cell is 010-4441-5683.

I will end this email with some of the sweetest things that Dexter has shared with me. Dexter is adjusting well and lucky that each and every one of us has played some part in making his life happy:
Kisses, nose rubs, warm cuddles on the couch or bed, wagging tail, HIGH FIVES, funny grunts and moans when he is getting comfortable, belly and neck rubs, tearing up all 3 beds in my house, playing chase and fetch (yes, he does this at least 5-6 times in a row before he doesn't care anymore) and running around crazy like a puppy when I say "go go go Dex, go". He is too much fun!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Kim and Dexter

Jessica Donaldson's picture

Thank you, Karen for deleting that comment. I would like to give an update. I have become Facebook friends with Dexter's new owner. She is an amazing woman! She shares photos and funny stories with me all the time. I love seeing how happy she makes my pooper bear. We are so thrilled, she is the best second mama for him we couldn't have asked for anyone better than her. He is so happy and healthy, and we owe it all to the ARK, the foster parents, and of course Kim for taking a chance on an old dog. Thank you everybody!

marlajoy's picture

I love hearing about happy endings!!! :) It gives me hope. Thanks! :)

sueunlee's picture

I am also volunteering at shelters. I am trying to find dogs' homes, too. If I made the previous owner feel bad with my comment, I really apologize for that.
I guess everybody has different ideas and opinions. Really sorry I spoke only my own opinion. Just dissapointed to see another dog struggling.
There are too many dogs without homes with all different reasons in our shelter. Sorry and thank you.