Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Poodle (Miniature)
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Yaaaaaaay for handsome boy Ringo, fingers crossed he'll be going stateside July 13th!

Ringo has come such a long way these past few months. He had a really rough start but battled his way through all his ailments, he has such a great spirit and has turned into a wonderful little dog that would make a great companion for anyone and he is SO adorable, look at that teddy-bear face!

*Ringo is still looking for his forever home** Update from Ringo's foster Mum May 2013:
'Last weekend I took Ringo to be properly groomed as he was really struggling with his woolly jacket in this heat! He now looks and feels so much better and his fur is gorgeous and soft. I can't believe that only a few months ago he was really battling with his skin. You would never guess, as he now looks so healthy.

He's a very confident and lively little boy so recently we've been working really hard together on reinforcing good behaviour. He never, ever poos inside anymore and he tries his best when i'm at work to wait until we get outside to pee. However, if he really needs to go, it is always on the peepad. He knows 'sit' and 'stay' and waits perfectly before being fed. He is left to roam my living room when I go to work and whilst he has been known to explore the contents of a binbag or two (completely my fault!) he has never touched / scratched / damaged any of my furniture.

I was worried about his twisted paw at first, but I can honestly say that it doesn't affect him in any way, especially with regards to his little happy dance when I get home from work / before he gets fed! He gets plenty of exercise every day and it's never too much for him. He reminds me more of a little Beagle who loves the follow the scent of everything when we go out for walks / jogs and he's such a happy chap being outside! He seems to have dealt with so much already in his short little life and I would love to see him settled and happy in a forever home.'

Ringo is doing great in his foster home but is still looking for his forever home. The following is from Ringo's fantastic foster Mum:
Ringo has only been with me for a week but he has already settled in here perfectly and I absolutely love having him around. He finally had his stitches removed and was an absolute diamond whilst this was done. Even the vet was most impressed and Ringo is a much happier boy now the cone of shame has also been removed!

On the first couple of nights he was with me, he cried when I went in the shower or when he was shut in the living room when I went to bed. However with only a tiny bit of training I never hear a peep out of him for either of these things anymore. He is clearly such a smart dog and so eager to please which makes him so easy to train.

He uses his peepads although since his cone has been removed he seems to be much happier peeing outside again which is great! He absolutely loves being outside and meeting new people and is a fantastic little walker. The only downside to this is that a 5 minute walk to the shop becomes a 20 minute event with everyone wanting to stop give him a pet and some attention which he is more than happy to accept! I've had various people popping in to meet him and he has loved the attention every time!

He is very puppy-like and loves to play. That being said though, he seems to have already calmed down a lot and is just as happy having a lazy day snoozing and snuggling. In the morning, he will patiently wait until he is let into my room for cuddles. He has so much love to give and I can't say enough just how fab this little boy is. I really hope he finds the forever home that he well and truly deserves.

*March 2013*
Little Ringo is doing great these days, he's turned into a fantastic jogging and cycling buddy and his skin has finaly cleared up. He's going to be neutered soon and then hopefully off to a long term foster. ^^
This is Ringo, a little gem and one of the 12 dogs of Christmas at BAPS. He's a one-year old poodle that absolutely loves life, is pee-pad trained and walks well on the leash. He loves people, dogs and cats, always wanting to greet anyone that even looks at him. He is extremely playful and puppy-like. He plays fetch and tug-of-war, he especially likes to do this with clothes I hang up to dry! He will steal things you leave around and take them to his bed; empty water bottles and socks mostly; like a little magpie. He's also a little snuggle-bug, when he gets worn out from playing he will curl up in your lap and sleep there as long as you let him. I take him cycling with me a lot, he loves it, but he loves everything so that's not a surprise, also when he's tired he will happily sit in the basket and watch everyone go by. He really is such a great pup, he makes me laugh everyday and will make a great pet for someone.
Poor Ringo has had a bad luck streak with regards to his health though. It was discovered that he had scabies soon after he arrived at BAPS, this meant he couldn't get out of his cage for weeks incase any of the other dogs picked it up. Our lovely vet Mina tried to treat it at the shelter but unfortuately it didn't improve so I am currently fostering so he can be medicated everyday. He also has a little fungus in his ear and a twisted front paw from an old injury but x-rays show no damage. Once his skin conditions have healed, he will be neutered. Only then will he be available for fostering/adoption but it shoudn't be too long. I'll keep you posted. ^^

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Busan - 부산
Living Situation: In foster care


JJinSK's picture

Great to see Ringo is doing wel. it broke my heart to hear him whimper in his crate.

tarasugrue's picture

Yeah he's doing great..little warrior with all his ailments :D

geegcurtin's picture

Oh Tara, he is looking so great!
Well done!
He is house-trained?? That's great! Was he house-trained when you took him in?

tarasugrue's picture

Hey Grainne! Miss you guys SO much! He had a few accidents but he was pretty much house-trained when I first got him. The challenge was getting him to go outside!

Erin's picture

Ringo seems quite small to be a standard poodle. Are you sure that he isn't a miniature? I also had a question about his front paw. You mentioned that it was twisted from an old injury but that there wasn't any permanent damage. Does this affect Ringo's ability to run? Is it permanently twisted? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and for fostering this cute dog!

tarasugrue's picture

Hi Erin,
Yeah he's definitely a mini, he only weighs around 4.2kg, sorry my mistake. And yes his leg is permanently twisted, it's from an old injury that wasn't treated properly before he came to the shelter so it just healed that way. But it in no way effects his ability to run in the slightest, he runs, walks, jumps and bounces around on it just fine. It's actually very cute!
No problem in answering your questions at all, if you want to know anything else at all about him don't hesitate to contact me. ^^

Erin's picture

I should probably mention that I'm currently in the United States. I used to work in Korea, which is why I knew about this website. Ringo is the exact breed and color of dog that I've always wanted, and he sounds like a great dog. I like to run, so do you think that he would be a good jogging partner? I don't want to cause any more damage to his leg or cause too much stress to it since it healed improperly. I know that it is a lot more difficult to adopt dogs to the US or Canada, but I have seen it happen on this site with the help of people flying home. Do you think Ringo is small enough to fly in cabin or would he have to be in cargo? Thanks for your patience! I know I've asked a lot of questions:)

tarasugrue's picture

Hi Erin,
Yeah I think he would make a great jogging buddy, he's a high energy dog so he needs a lot of exercise, I'm sure you would get really along well with him. And his leg just healed in an odd way but he's perfectly able to use it.
The US and Canada are also relatively easy to take dogs into compared to other countries, microchip and rabies cert I think are the only things you need.
Ringo is under the 5kg mark in weight, so probably light enough to go in cabin, but his legs are quite long and knowing his personality I think he would do better in cargo as he gets stressed when there's people around and he can't get to them.
And no problem with the questions please keep them coming, I would love nothing more for him to find a real home where he could actually walk on real grass!
Ohh here's a link to the BAPS International Travel section; http://shindogs.org/?p=74

Erin's picture

Thanks for all of the helpful information! I just have a few more questions. How much exercise do you normally give Ringo per day? Also, how long does he stay at home by himself during the day? I'm a teacher, so I have the summers off. But during the school year, both myself and my boyfriend will be at work for a good chunk of the day. Also, how tall is Ringo? You mentioned that he has really long legs.

I read through the travel link that you sent, and I've read through some other info on this site related to flying with a dog. If I decide to adopt Ringo, what do you think the best method would be to get him over to where I am in the States? I won't be in Korea to travel with him.

tarasugrue's picture

Hi no problem at all. I usually exercise him for at least an hour a day, he's a lively chap so he loves running and jogging and if he doesn't get this he becomes quite restless. I work 8.30am-4.00pm and he's always been ok with those hours, when I would come home he would just be snoozing on the bed and lazing around.
I'm not exactly sure of his height, he's not that tall I just think he might be a little big to go in cabin. I think the best way to take him would be as checked baggage and it would be less stressful for him also.
Just my opinion, the best way to get him over would be to use a pet courier, I've heard the 'First Class Pet' is excellent. I can of course help you with the paperwork on this side. Or find a friend in Korea going back to the States who he could hitch a ride with, we would of course help you on the BAPS website also to try and find anyone going your direction.
There's also a group on facebook called 'Airborne Animals' who are very knowledgeable about International Travel if you need more specific information. I hope I answered your questions.
Please keep in touch about your plans either way ^^

tarasugrue's picture

Here are some more recent pictures of him from last week! ^^

Erin's picture

Thanks for the recent pictures of Ringo! My boyfriend and I are pretty sure that we want to adopt him as long as the cost to fly him over isn't going to be super crazy. In order for me to get a quote from the pet courier sites I need to know Ringo's exact height and weight. One site also wanted to know his length and width, as well as the dimensions of the crate he'd be traveling in. If he could hitch a ride with someone, the nearest airport for him to fly into would be Indianapolis, Indiana. Do I need to fill out an adoption application and email it to you? Also, how would you recommend that I pay the adoption fee?

tarasugrue's picture

Hey, do you have an email address I can get you at? I 'm just heading out the door now but I will send you all the details later and i'll find out his measurements (up to date) for you, don't worry.

Erin's picture

I emailed your contact email.

Myles' mom's picture

YAY RINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!