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Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Golden
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

*********Update November 13th*********
I have to confess that I am a foster failure. Every time I think of giving Baker back it fills me with dread and gives me sleepless nights. She is such a perfect dog and she has fit in with our lives and routine unbelievably well. There is no way that I could give her back to BAPS, she is such a cuddle bug and showers us in love and kisses as a thank you for taking her in. So, after my partner confirmed that he can't bear to give her back too we decided that this will be her new forever home.

*********Update October 14th*********
Baker is still at our house and we are loving having her with us. She is 100% trained on the pee pads for pee but she can't seem to grasp that when she takes a poop she needs to stay still. It's improving though. Her skin is nearly perfect now and we have noticed that her hearing has improved since the treatment. She is a joy to have around. She is a bit of a grandmother though and just wants to sit and cuddle and relax while you watch the TV. This is a bit difficult at times as our other cocker just wants to play or go crazy...She is doing extremely well with training and is the most fiercely loyal dog I have ever met, she doesn't mind me touching other dogs or playing/making a fuss of them (although sometimes she will push in for a cuddle) but she is completely devoted to her specific humans. She is such a good companion to have around the house and ever so easy as long as you don't mind a snuggle bug next to you.

********Update 5th October********
Baker went back to the vets today and he was astounded at how much she has improved, her skin has nearly cleared up and her ears are much better. The vet was very complimentary about how good she was looking. She has been really blossoming after being in a home, she's incredible and always ready to greet new people with a toy and some love. Baker is also receiving training, today was the first day and she sat down six times in a row after a while. She is so awesome and has lost .1kg- a good start after six days :)
*******Update 2nd October*******
Baker came home with us on Saturday as a foster and has been doing amazingly. She has such a beautiful nature and has done amazingly well while staying with us.

Baker went to the vets on Saturday and had a shave and a general check up. The vet said she was pretty healthy apart from her teeth, they need to be scaled. Fortunately the BAPS vet will do this when we have Baker de-sexed so we are very lucky. She has a few sores and a little ear infection, both of which are being treated with medicine and we are already seeing improvements. Overall though she is very healthy and doing very well.

Baker is a constant surprise, she is unbelievably good within the apartment. She doesn't bark, she sometimes whines a little but soon stops when told to either by us humans or her dog sister. Our neighbors have said that they wouldn't know that we had a second dog if they hadn't seen her, this is fantastic news as our first dog was a barker. Baker likes to plod around the apartment and hasn't shown any signs of destructiveness, she likes to sniff and will seek out your clothes to turn into a comfy bed, I don't mind this as she gathers them together and makes a laundry pile for me for when I return from the shower. She LOVES toys and plays fetch perfectly, there is no resource guarding, even over food. She likes to share her things with you and seems to not care that you take her toy from her.

I was extremely surprised to find that Baker is 90% house trained, she has had one accident in the time she has been staying with us and that was our fault as the pee pad room was shut. She refuses to do poos on the pee pad or grate, instead she holds on until she gets outside.

We've been putting her in a crate at night time and on the balcony during the day. She is fine with both. She sometimes cries a little when in her crate but when told "No" she stops and then settles down and goes to sleep. In the morning she is an angel and doesn't wake you up, instead she waits patiently looking at you from her crate waiting for your eyes to open. Every morning when I have opened my eyes I hear the thud of her tail wagging even harder.

She has met a few children but we haven't stopped to see how she/they react to each other, instead we have kept walking. But, she seems to like children a great deal as she gets very excited whenever she sees some, convinced no doubt that a fuss is coming her way.

Baker is most definitely a lover, she has not stopped giving us kisses to say thank you for bringing her home. Every morning when she wakes up she refuses to say hello to me until she can give me one of her toys. If you look down when on the computer she is sat at your feet looking at you and when it comes to taking the harnesses out for the walk she runs in a loop around the kitchen and then returns. She is such a lovely dog to have in the house and great fun as well.

******Update September 26th******
Baker is such a special girl she really does need to be given a chance where she can shower her new family with love and spoil them rotten.

*****Update September 9th*****
Baker as most cocker spaniels are tends to be a bit piggish. She has put on a little weight and has a bit of a barrel belly(this is easily remedied), but for this to happen she could really do with meeting her new loving family who could take her for walks and put her on a diet. This little girl has been waiting so long, please consider bringing her into your home and life.

****Update August 27th****
Baker was a rockstar last Sunday, she is always happy to be out of her cage. We ended up getting her out a second time just for some hugs and a bit of love and she was happy to oblige. The thing with Baker is that she doesn't hold back at all with her love for all the volunteers, therefore she was on the leash trying to give everyone kisses before she had to go back in. Everyone who has walked her has said that she shows real potential and that she would be a great addition to any family she just needs to be given the chance. So if you are looking for a loving dog who will shower you in kisses and hugs then she is the one for you.

***Update August 22nd***
I didn't get to walk Baker this Sunday, someone else snapped her up and took her out before I had chance. She really is entertaining to walk though, she kind of bounces rather than walks and her tail is constantly wagging. Her highlight of the week is getting out of her cage and smelling all the smells which are to be had. She loves walking but also loves the companionship and will quite often turn around and check on you the human and then keep on bouncing. She enjoyed flopping next to the water bowl and soaking up a few rays with the volunteers. She's very placid when with people, she's not a pushy dog at all and is happy to sit there with a smile next to someone. She would be the perfect family pet, happy and content to wait for the love to come her way.

**Update-August 9th**
Baker is one of the most beautiful dogs I think that I have ever seen. She is blond and whenever people see her they are amazed by her looks and her personality. Whenever a volunteer walks into the shelter she is one of the first dogs at the cage waiting to greet them. Her tail is wagging like crazy and she sticks her little nose through the bars for a pet/a lick. She wants to be loved so badly and she really is a dog who deserves it. She has been an amazing big sister to every other dog which has been put in her pen. She doesn't mind sharing her space and doesn't get jealous if the other dog gets some attention. She is an amazing little dog who enjoys life. She tugs a little on the leash at the moment while being walked but one of our volunteers worked on that the other day and already there has been a remarkable improvement. She is a quick learner and I am sure that if she had someone at home working with her she would be so eager to please that she would do all that she could to thank that special person for giving her that chance.

*Update-July 1st*
Baker loved being out walking today. She had the chance to go for a little dip in the stream and hang out with her doggy friends - especially Marie. Baker loves to play with other dogs. After her trim, Baker's mop of white hair atop of her head is starting to grow back and she is looking perfect for summer.

*Update-June 4th*
Adorable Baker is such a playful and sweet girl. She recently had her hair timed just in time for the very hot summer. This girl gets on well with other dogs and love human attention. She would make an excellent companion for someone who wanted an active and loving dog.

*Update-February 27th*
I will be out of the country for a few months so a lovely volunteer named Claire will be editing and updating my profiles to make sure they don't expire! You can contact either of us with any questions, but she will be faster to answer. However, I am still more than willing to help if you need me:-)

Baker was rescued just after our 12 dogs of Christmas (hence the name!). Leo and Jin (shelter directors) had seen her on the pound's site but later discovered she had been "adopted." Unfortunately, Leo believed this to be a shady transaction and made it his goal to get Baker out of these circumstances and into BAPS. It's possible that she was "adopted" by a man who intended to sell her for meat, and after some negotiations with this man and the pound, she finally made it into the safe and loving hands at BAPS!

Baker had a skin infection and had to stay in 2 foster homes to clear this up. She is now at the shelter and loving being around all the dogs. She is SUPER friendly and seems to think she's living the high life! I'll have videos/pictures and a write up from her foster parents soon!

She is always happy and playfuy, friendly and cuddly. She would probably do well with children, although she's never been around them at BAPS.

Medical background:
Up to date on vaccinations.
Baker is not spayed yet.
Heartworm negative!

Baker is a BAPS dog, which means anyone interested in fostering or adopting her will need to complete the adoption application ( and volunteer two Sundays in a row (from 11-3) at our shelter. For an adoption, one must complete a month long trial to make sure you and the dog are a good fit! You can visit the shelter page for more information!

*BAPS also has a sponsorship program. Anyone interested can give 200,000 won for a dog to have their full health check, be neutered or spayed, and get any necessary dental work. If you are interested in sponsoring Baker, let me know!

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Busan - 부산
Living Situation: In a shelter


geegcurtin's picture

Baker is such a wonderful dog! She is actually quite small for a cocker and is so cute and playful! The first time I walked her I really fell in love with her and I bet every person that has walked her since has been the same!
I have no doubt that she will be a great house dog :)

gewanita's picture

Can't believe this is the first time I've seen her profile! She is ADORABLE. Is she still at the BAPS shelter?

Myles' mom's picture

Hi! She sure is. Are you interested in this lovely lady?

gewanita's picture

I'm looking to adopt a low~medium energy cocker spaniel, and I saw that BAPS had some pics of cockers. I'd like to visit them sometime, but I live wayy up north in Ilsan... =/ Still thinking about it!

Myles' mom's picture

We have so many great cocker spaniels at Baps! Spartacus has been there WAY too long and he is such a deserving pup! Baker, Crixus and the rest are all so sweet and happy! I hope you get a chance to visit. Let us know when you can come down! (If you come meet our cockers and think they seem too high energy, just remember they are locked in a cage for a week at a time so they've got a week's worth of energy to get out! They will calm down with daily exercise, love, and attention.) :-) I won't be able to meet you/screen your application but Claire (who is running my account while I'm traveling) will take good care of you!

karmaplace's picture

Baker was my favorite spaniel this Sunday. She's such a sweet girl and has a wonderful loving personality. She was a happy lap dog while a film crew was doing an interview with one of our volunteers. Somebody please take this wonderful girl home!

Francesa's picture

I had fun playing with Baker, too! She's such a sweetie and so friendly with other dogs.

geegcurtin's picture

I could just look at photos of this sweet girl all day, she is so beautiful and so friendly and sweet! I can't believe she's still at the shelter!

BAPS-Leo's picture

Baker is so sweet! Please adopt her!

geegcurtin's picture

I was so happy to walk her when I got back to Korea last week. As with the other cockers she has put on weight since I last saw her 6 months previously. She really needs to get out of the shelter and into a home where her feeding can be controlled and she can get more than one walk a week.

As usual she was such a sweet dog to walk loving and full of energy! I really hope she finds her forever home soon.