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Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Golden
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

*Update February 25th*
I am actually squeaking a little bit from excitement as I write this but Crixus went home with a volunteer on Sunday. The man seemed very enamored with our gladiator, fingers crossed that Crixus has found his forever family.

*Update January 29th*
Crix is still at BAPS greeting new volunteers, he is such a little ray of sunshine. He retains that fantastic 'happy go lucky' personality which is so inherent in spaniels and uses it to endear people to him when they come along. He really does deserve a chance to experience real happiness though, hopefully 2014 is his year and he will find his forever family.
*Update December30th*
Crixus is still waiting for his forever home, he's another long term BAPS resident. He deserves a chance so badly but is still waiting. He's a very trainable boy and would be more than willing to learn the rules of a new house. He's very well mannered and seems to enjoy being around people. He would love a family who would take him for walks and give him love regularly. He hasn't met a human that he hasn't liked so far and loves going out for walks and receiving fuss. Please consider coming to meet our gladiator hero.
*Update November 22nd*
There are so many cocker spaniels who need a home at BAPS and other shelters around Korea but Crixus really does stand out for me. He is a dog who chose to survive, he followed volunteers and chose to be taken in by BAPS. He could have run away, let's be honest so many stray dogs do but Crixus trusted volunteers from the get go.
Crixus chose to make BAPS his home in the hope that they would find him a really awesome forever family, but no one has stepped forward for him yet. Please consider welcoming this survivor into your home and pampering him as he deserves.

********Update November 8th********
Crixus is still waiting to catch someone's eye. He is waiting patiently until then. He is a lovely little guy and such a success story, he deserves a chance at a home and the family which comes with it. Please consider coming to meet Crixus and welcoming him into your home.

*******Update October 14th*******
Crixus had quite a lot of attention this weekend, we had a few more volunteers than normal which meant that he was able to stay outside playing with people for longer than usual. Crixus is desperate to make people happy, he is one of my favourite spaniels, mainly because he's a lover not a fighter. He's happy plodding around being next to people, he's so chilled and he genuinely does love being around people. Crixus has been piling on the weight a bit recently so he does really need to be put on a bit of a diet when he comes home, but with most of our spaniels the weight drops off nearly instantly with set feeding and exercise. Please consider coming to meet Crixus and letting him steal your heart.

*******Update October 6th*******
Crixus was such a champ today, he walked extremely well and showered his human with tons of love and kisses. He is such a friendly, happy go lucky dog. He sought out the shelter in order to give himself a fresh chance and now is just waiting for his forever family to welcome him with open arms. It would be great to see him out of the shelter and in a home, demonstrating all that he is capable of.

*******Update October 2nd********
Crixus is still waiting for someone special to come along, he really could do with a new start and a family. Like many of the cocker spaniels at BAPS he has been waiting for too long. He still has a smile on his face and enjoys going out but he needs more than just Sunday visits. Crixus will thrive in a home with a family to show him what to do. He is good with other dogs and wouldn't mind being the second dog in a family. He's come so far just from being in the shelter, in a home he could achieve so much more!

*****Update September 26th******
Crixus is a special dog who deserves a home. He captures people's hearts whenever they come to BAPS and they are desperate to walk him, in return he showers the lucky walker with love. He likes sniffing at the bushes and skipping alongside others. He is such a unique dog who really does deserve to find a special place in someone's heart.

****Update September 9th****
I can't understand how Crixus is still at BAPS, everyone loves him and he's transformed into a handsome guy. I think one thing that puts people off some of our cocker spaniels is that they look so big in the photos. Crixus is not a huge guy and will happily fit into a studio apartment or a palace, providing there is someone there who will love him. Please consider giving up a Sunday to meet this guy and fall in love with him face to face.
***Update August 27th***
Crixus is a dude, there is no other way of phrasing it. He is a chilled out relaxed dog. I sometimes wonder what the dogs would be like if they were human and it is an easy game to play with Crixus. He would be the guy on a beach, with a surfboard and drinks who wouldn't leave until the sun set. He is a very happy go lucky dog who is well adjusted, even in the shelter. This fact alone shows how much promise he could have in a home with a family. He is patiently waiting but it's not easy to be showered with love and then put back in a cage time and time again. He needs to go home with someone and have his shot at living happily for ever after.

**Update August 22nd **
There is no way that you would know that Crixus had been found looking as he did. He is such a happy, handsome dog, he loves his Sunday walks and enjoys sniffing everything he gets the chance to see and people have commented on what a well adjusted/rounded dog he is. As with all shelter dogs he would need some training, but which dog doesn't? He needs a family who can enjoy his happy go lucky ways. When I asked how he walked this weekend (I was busy walking another dog) the volunteer looked surprised that I would ask and just said, "He was great, as always". He is one of those dogs that no one can say a bad word about, he has so much to offer to someone, he just needs to meet that right person.

*Update 9th August-
Crixus is a lovely little guy, he really is something special! He is the kind of addition that any family would be lucky to have. He absolutely loves Sundays where he gets to have a number of visitors fuss him and walk him. He enjoys going out and would be happy to entertain anybody with his zeal for life and his level of enjoyment while walking. He is a friendly chap who seems to love everybody he meets. He really does deserve a shot at a family, he is the kind of dog that wants to shower his family with love and affection and endless gratitude.
*Update-June 14th*
With summer coming up Crixus is really enjoying being out and about with the volunteers. Considering how he arrived at BAPS it is amazing how much he has changed. He now looks amazing and this guy is so sweet and fun loving. He is always happy and looking to play. After a shave, he is also looking great, nothing like the dog that emerged from the trash to greet volunteers walking dogs many months ago. If you are looking for a energetic and fun loving dog who has endless love to give then the amazing Crixus is the guy for you.

*Update-February 27th*
I will be out of the country for a few months so a lovely volunteer named Claire will be taking over my profiles to make sure they don't expire! You can contact either of us with any questions, but she will be faster to answer. However, I am still more than willing to help if you need me:-)

February 19th
Crixus is a special boy. On January 6th, as volunteers were walking our BAPS dogs, a very sad looking dog wandered into their path. He was malnourished and matted but still friendly and happy! As it turns out, we just happened to have a space open so Crixus was able to join the BAPS family that day! He got a quick shave (obviously not a full shave since it's so cold) and was taken to our vet for a checkup. His antibodies were high and he's completely healthy, except for the fact that he only weighed 5kgs. For a little perspective, one of our other cockers about the same size as Crixus, weighs 11kgs. If Crixus hadn't found us that day, he probably wouldn't be here to make us all laugh at his happy, bouncy nature.

After some special feedings, Crixus has gained a little weight and is really thriving at BAPS. After a couple weeks with us, a volunteer felt something around his neck. We were all shocked that he was wearing a collar! The collar had cut into his neck pretty badly so he got another shave around his neck so antibiotics could be applied.

Despite his awful beginnings, Crixus is the happiest boy! He is always ready to play with dogs and people. He loves life and is thankful to be given another chance! We all love Crixus and his joyful nature!

Medical background:
Up to date on vaccinations.
Crixus has not been neutered yet.
Heartworm negative!


If you are interested in adopting this dog, please go to the following link to learn about the BAPS policies and download the adoption form.


Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Busan - 부산
Living Situation: In a shelter


kmwg19's picture

Good god he's cute! haha

Myles' mom's picture

He's so funny, too! He just has the best personality!

geegcurtin's picture

Crixus is a great great dog! I have had the pleasure to walk him a couple of times and i just love him. Even when he arrived at the shelter completely matted and disgustingly skinny he had the sweetest smile on his face! He has been through a lot, even having to endure having that collar sticking into him every day, he never stopped being the amazingly friendly and happy puppy that he is. He loves getting walked and gets along really well with other dogs. I'm sure that if anyone is interested in him they just have to take one look at that goofy face of his and they will instantly fall in love with him!

Stephan's picture

This dog is the epitome of life loving goodness. He's been through so much but it hasn't affected his amazing disposition in the least. He loves people. He loves other dogs. And now that he's had a good shave and put on some much needed weight, he finally looks like a pet once more instead of the mongrel that emerged from a garbage heap one week during the BAPS Sunday volunteer event. Trash dog is gone! Long live the Mighty Crixus! =]

marlajoy's picture

:) Awesome description! :)

Francesa's picture

I could hug this guy all day. Crixus was such an energetic walker today, but he finally got tired on the way back. He was cuddly and sweet when we sat down for some breaks.

Stephan's picture

CRIXUS!! Hope you found your home, buddy. You deserve it! A true rags to riches story if I ever heard one.