Jindo Puppy we call "Luna"

Adopt a jindo puppy.
Cute Jindo puppy for adoption.Cute jindo puppy for adoption.Korean jindo puppies for adoption.

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Female
Breed: Jindo
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

[UPDATE] February 21st* - Luna is a possible Jindo / golden retriever mix, looking for a NEW FOSTER HOME or HOME for the rest of her doggy days 

This sweet little 2-month old puppy has really grown into quite the celebrity around the streets of Seogwipo. I’ve only had and been training her for a week and a half now and she is one of the best puppies I have ever cared for of my 5 different dogs, growing up. She already has a routine of walking on the leash right next to me until we get to an Olle trail or park in Jeju. I then let her off of the leash and continue hiking the trail. She comes whenever I call her, stays nearby me, and is so friendly to children who are on the trail as well. Her cute curly tail wags whenever she sees dogs or a person passing us by – this is including the big dogs that look as if they would like to eat her. She is a 8 lb, white as snow, fluff–ball of joy and is super flexible to a busy working, or outdoorsy lifestyle. As an English teacher, I work 8 hours a day, with a LONNNNGGGG commute across the island. Every morning I find her sleeping, and cuddling next to me. Yesterday morning, her head was even resting on my neck. She doesn’t wake me in the middle of the night and waits til the morning alarm to get up, go to the bathroom and eat. I usually take her outside before work without a leash and she stays near me and walks with me back up the elevator and into my studio apartment. I leave her in the room while I am at work without anyone checking on her. At first, the thought had crossed my mind of Luna maybe peeing everywhere and ripping up my pillows like any regular puppy, but instead once I got home, she was sleeping by the window near her toys, and hadn’t gone to the restroom a single drop. She was so excited to see me home that her whole body shakes in joy She’s been like this everyday of this week. I’m also amazed that she hasn’t chewed up anything in my apartment, besides one pair of my undergarments she found on the floor.

We say that Luna is a Jindo / Golden Retriever mix, because many of us who are caring for Luna live next door to breeders of a pure white jindo and pure golden retriever. Luna looks like half of the puppies and is the same age; thus, we do believe, but have no proof that she may be a runt, runaway, or abandoned from that group. She is a little smaller than most of the puppies, but she really grabs the attention from the dogs when she walks by their outdoor crate. We are uncertain about this, but are hopeful to at least believe that this is her birth background to help piece together where Luna came from.

Not only is Luna a really happy, loyal, and well-mannered puppy, she also keeps my life full of adventure. On one of the mornings this week, she woke me up with my alarm clock and we walked leash-less to the harbor and watched the boats bring their fish into the shore. Even with all of the commotion, Luna would either be sitting or standing by my side. This little puppy is so sweet, I really wish I could keep her, but I’m afraid that I can’t given the circumstance of my job and apartment. To be honest, it is quite lucky that Luna doesn’t bark hardly ever because it makes my life easier to hid her right now from my landlord ;) If you are interested in fostering this little cutie or taking her in to love her forever, I can guarantee that she will love you in return.

I have chosen to lower Luna’s adoption price to 70,000 won which will cover all of her updated puppy vaccines and worm medication. If someone is interested in Luna and lives further away, I am also flexible to provide the cost of her shots from my own pocket, as long as the prospecting adoptee will pay for her travel costs to her next home. Anything can be negotiated and is flexible – including timing as to when she will arrive to her next house. She is really cute and deserves a lot of love because she has A LOT to give. :D please contact me if you have any questions or would like to hear more about Luna.

[POST #1 - February 17th]

We found this fun-loving puppy along the famous Art Street in Seogwipo, near the harbor. At the time, she was incredibly dirty, shaking, timid of all who walked by, and looked very hungry. She is so young and we believe she belongs to the fresh litter just down the street. The owners of the litter were not claiming her though she looks just like the parents and some of the puppies; thus, she is either a stray or abandoned, no one is sure. I was in true disbelief because when washed, she has such a beautiful ivory coat, and a wonderful prance like a show-dog. She is now no longer the timid puppy we found, she is confident and playful.

We've taken her to a vet, she is 2 months old, weighs 4.8 kg, a strong Jindo mix, incredibly healthy and is up-to-date on all of her needed vaccines, including worm infection treatment. She is no longer a stray for we are currently her new found foster parents and she heavily socializes among the foreign English teachers in Jeju-do, South Korea. Since then, we have walked her around the streets, asking for her owners over this past week and a half. We have spread the word about her, but she has no collar, tags or any record previous to us. We also have fliers being put up around Seogwipo, Jeju-do in case anyone has lost their dog.

We found her on the Korean Lunar New Years, thus we all have been calling her, "Luna." I wish I could keep her for myself, but as an English teacher, pets are not allowed. She is so smart that we've been able to potty-train her within a week and she knows simple commands such as "sit," almost "lay down," and is very easy to walk or run with, with or without the leash. She is a very well-behaved puppy and has not damaged anything in my small studio apartment yet. She needs a loving home that will cuddle with her, because that is her favorite thing to do. She loves being held, and will fall asleep in anyone's lap. Luna needs a home that is big enough for her and a family who can provide her the socializing that she loves to do. She is good with children, but I'm not sure about how she reacts with dogs yet. Dogs around Seogwipo want to eat her, but she wants to play, so she hasn't been able to receive a lot of dog interaction thus far. She is still very young, and easy to adjust to a new, fit home. Please contact us if you are interested because Luna would love to meet you :)

Please excuse if my Korean is still on a beginner's level:
우리는 한국에서 음력 설에 이 강아지를 발견했다. 그 강아지는 아주 어려 보였고 아주 사랑스러웠지만 매우 춥고 배고파했다. 우리는 그 강아지를 데리고 왔고 목욕시켜주고 수의사를 만나고 나서 지금은 아주 행복해 보인다. 수의사가 말하길 그 강아지는 2개월에 8kg이하의 아주 건강한 상태이며 강아지로서 아주 좋은 품종이라고 했다. 강아지의 털은 아름다운 아이보리 흰색이며 진짜 진돗개처럼 보이는 표시가 있다. 우리는 음력 설에 발견해서 강아지 이름을 “루나” ‘Luna”라고 불렀고 루나는 길들이기가 아주 쉬웠다. 루나는 최근에 모든 접종을 했지만 너무 어려서 아직도 spayed 하지 못한다. 단지 10일만에 그 강아지는 “앉아”, “이리와”라는 말을 알았고 이미 대소변을 가린다. 그 강아지는 거의 짓지 않으며 강아지가 잘못했을 때 “안돼”라는 말에 반응을 한다. 위기를 잘 피하며 물어 뜯지 말아야 하는 어떤 것도 물어 뜯지 않았다. 장난감 뼈다귀와 좀더 씹기에 딱딱한 것을 좋아한다. 그 날 정해진 시간에 하루에 두 번 강아지 사료를 먹는다.모든 사람과 동물한테 친절하고 껴안기며 지금까지 자기를 향해 으르렁 거리는 개를 보고 딱 한번 으르렁 거린 적 있다. 강아지는 나에게 목욕시키게 했고 어디든지 데려가게 했으며 가죽끈을 묵게 했다. Luna는 끈을 묵든 풀든 걷는 것을 잘했고 밤중에 절대 나를 깨우지도 않는다.20분 정도 신나게 놀다가 잠자는 때가 있다. 양말 가지고 노는 것을 좋아하며 잔디 위에서 뒹그는 것을 좋아한다.사람들의 접촉을 좋아하며 내 팔에서 쉽게 잠든다.루나는 아주 사랑스런 강아지라서 나는 루나를 기르고 싶지만 내 아파트가 강아지를 허락하지 않는다.루나는 정말로 훌륭하다.나는 루나가 잃어버린 강아진지 버려진 건지 모르지만 아무도 주인이라고 나타나지 않는다.루나를 자기 강아지라고 요구하는 주인이 있는지 없는지 알아보기 위해 나는 산책하면서 루나에게 말을 건다.루나는 사랑이 많은 집이 필요하다. 그리고 루나는 훌륭한 실내용 또는 실외용 강아지이다.관심 있으신 분은 연락주세요. 그러면 루나는 영원히 감사해 할 것이라는 걸 나는 안다.

Adoption Fee: ₩70,000
Location: Seogwipo - 서귀포
Living Situation: In foster care


racheljahn's picture

아파트 안에서 키우기는 무리인가요? 진도견이라 엄청 커지겠죠?

Jay and Tay's picture

아, 안녕하세요?
죄송합니다, 조금 한국어 알아요. 아파트 앤 외부 괜찮에요. Luna is house-trained, but loves to exercise at least once a day. She is expected to grow, but the vet said that she will be about 30-40 lbs as an adult; so she should be a smaller-medium sized dog. Her paws are pretty small right now too. Thank you for your question - I hope I answered it okay :)

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Hey friends, I mahy be open to foster Luna in a couple of weeks should she need it, but I am in Anyang and I'm not too sure where you are in reference to me. Please let me know if we can arrange something and I will confirm taking her in as a foster ASAP! PS- do you know how she is with cats?

Jay and Tay's picture

Hello, that would be great for someone to foster her near Seoul actually because it is much more likely for her to find a home in the mainland. I live in Jeju-do right now, but I am planning to take Luna to the mainland by ship, March 1st, during the long weekend. If no one claims her by then, would you be willing still?

racheljahn's picture

I am currently located in seoul nowon-gu wolgye-dong.
As long as she is well trained to be indoors(apt), and will remain
medium size, i am interested in being her family.
Is their a phone number i can reach you and talk to you in person?

Pls let me know
thank you


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Hi racheljahn! I'm really happy that you are interested in cute, little Luna. Today I took her on a walk without a leash, early in the morning around the streets of Seogwipo, and she followed me the whole time. I can't guarantee that she will be small as an adult dog, but the vet had told me that she should be only 15-18 kgs (30-40 lbs). She is house-trained to not go to the bathroom inside the house, or in any or my friends' apartments, who sometimes watch her. She hasn't chewed up any furniture or computer wires of mine, but she is a puppy so she can sometimes be playful and grabs my folded socks while I'm doing laundry. She sleeps in my bed at night and stays in my apartment while I'm at work or out to dinner with friends. If you do decide to take her, I would recommend walking her at least once a day because when she gets exercise, she behaves the best inside and just sleeps on my lap as I watch tv, after work. My phone number is 010-2818-1989 and my email is [email protected]. Please ask me more questions and I will be more than happy to answer them~ If you are unable to take her now, we can also arrange for her to find a foster home in Seoul (see above) until you are ready :D Everything is flexible for me~

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Thank you very much for the kind reply.
I will text you my number soon.


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I would love to.
But I think it is important for me and the dog to meet and see if we get along.
And if she can stay in apt.

I can give you my phone number if you need so we can talk about it further and also arrange the meeting on 3.1.

Thank you


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Hi Jay and Tay,

That actually works for me since I am moving into my new place a few days before. If Rachel wants to take her, even better! A forever home for this little girl.

you can send me a message with your # and we can talk further. First talk to Rachel, though! I hope Luna finds a good permanent home with her!

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Oh, sorry I forgot to answer the previous question as well... I've only seen Luna with a cat one time and she seemed fine approaching it. She was curious about the cat, smelled it and then kept walking. I haven't had the chance to have Luna in a small area with a cat, but I think she would be okay around cats because she is friendly to small and big dogs.

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Well, maybe it would be best for Luna to go to Olgalovesbooks for a foster home until you decide??, that way, Luna can meet you in Seoul without having the trouble to find a way to transport her back to Jeju. If it does not work out, she would at least have a loving home to stay at until she does find a family :D

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Okay, great! Thank you olgalovesbooks! My phone number is 010-2418-1989 and I'll let you know the final conclusion soon :)

olgalovesbooks's picture

great! i'll give you call tonight or tomorrow :)

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I would love to adopt her . Please let me know if she is still available.

ps. I texted 010-2418-1989 late night .... (sorry for texting late)

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We are interested in fostering Luna. We live in Itaewon so if you are bring her to Seoul we can meet you somewhere convenient for you. She is so lovely a lot of people are interested to have her. But just in case she still needs a foster home we will be more than happy to look after her.
My no. is 010-7703-1423.~jesy