Paula Abdul

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Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

*Update December 15th*
Paula has done really well in her foster home and now been officially adopted, she's now got a new name (Bingsu) and smart new wardrobe. She has come so far since she arrived at BAPS and now finally she has her own home.

*Update December 6th*
Paula went home with an amazing potential mom two weeks ago. Things seem to be going well so fingers crossed that these two are the perfect match for one another.
*Update 13th November*
Paula looks amazing! She has come back to the shelter a beautiful dog who has undergone a massive transformation. She looks fantastic and behaves beautifully. In her time in foster care she learnt how to trust humans and now everyone that comes to BAPS is there to see her and give her mass amounts of love, she really does deserve it. Paula is at maximum adoptability right now, she loves cuddles and is house trained. Please consider coming along and meeting her and letting her new looks wow you.

*Update-Oct. 14th*

Sweet Paula has been through so much before the shelter and even now at the shelter. She has been fostered a couple of times for her spaying and to correct the issues she was having with her eyes (cherry eye). But it has also done a wonder of good for her temperament and she looks like a totally different dog now as well! Once upon a time, a nervous dog, she is full of love and energy now and looking better than ever.

Come on out to BAPS and meet this adorable little girl. She'll brighten your day and who knows, if the right connection is made, possibly many more than just one! =)

Temperament: Paula is an amazing pet. She is house broken, affectionate and happy. She is a totally different animal than the scared little girl that we first met in the shelter. Paula loves to snuggle and play. When her foster mom leaves clothes on the floor Paula steals them to make her bed more snuggly. Paula is now great with people and she loves getting cuddles from her human friends at the shelter.

History: Paula is currently back at the shelter after being with a foster family for eye surgery. Although we don't know much about her history before BAPS, we do know that she was pregnant at the city pound. All of her babies were adopted, but Paula wasn't considered 'cute' enough. When Jin Young chose her, the pound workers were so excited, they screamed with joy! Paula Abdul is one of the Anniversary dogs. Six dogs were rescued from the pound as a way for Leo and Jin Young (shelter directors) to celebrate their 10th anniversary. They came to BAPS January 13th. When Paula arrived at the shelter, she was shaking all over, and terribly frightened. She'd obviously not been treated very well by people and shied away from human contact. After a few weeks, though, little Paula started to come out of her shell. She now walks well on a leash, and loves to cuddle with her human friends. Paula is up-to-date with vaccinations, she is heart worm negative, she's been spayed, and she has just had surgery to fix her cherry eyes.

**Please consider giving Paula a place in your home and your heart. She's a wonderful dog with lots of love to give.**

Adoption Information: There are many advantages to adopting from BAPS, including:
Free training with a professional dog trainer
A dedicated support group
Lots of shelter information
There's also the knowledge that you gave a dog hope and much better life.

We do our best at BAPS to make sure that the families are satisfied and the dogs are happy. We sincerely care about the well-being of our dogs and their new families. Therefore, there are a few steps you need to go through to be able to adopt a BAPS dog.
1) Please complete the adoption application at
2) To make sure new families are sincere, we ask you to volunteer one week before taking the dog home. On the second week, after volunteering, you are welcome to take the dog home. Volunteers walk, play with, and pet shelter dogs on Sundays from 11-3.
3) After bringing the dog home, you'll get all the benefits of adoption, but the adoption won't be considered complete until a month long trial has been completed. This is just to make sure that the dog fits in with your family.

*BAPS also has a sponsorship program. Anyone interested can give 200,000 won for a dog to have their full health check, be neutered or spayed, and get any necessary dental work. If you are interested in sponsoring Paula, please let me know!

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Busan - 부산
Living Situation: In foster care


Francesa's picture

I had a lot of fun with Paula on our walk. She is so affectionate! She seemed to get tired earlier than other dogs, so I'm not sure she's a fan of Busan heat.

Stephan's picture

Great news for Paula! Thanks to my amazing mother who has donated the money for her medical sponsorship, she will be getting spayed and her cherry eye fixed. =) Now we just need a foster home for her during her recovery! Any volunteers?

geegcurtin's picture

Paula looks so different now! I almost didn't recognize her. I hope she finds her foster home (and that maybe it may lead to a forever home)

Lois.Mom's picture

Paula is looking so much healthier now. She looked like a bit of a rat when she first arrived and she was so terrified. She's much better now and I'm sure she is going to enjoy her time in her foster home.

Francesa's picture

Good luck, Paula!

Ashleigh's picture

Paula looked awesome last weekend. She looks super healthy and her eyes are all beautiful and sorted. She really does look amazing and is trained ready to go to her forever home. She has so much energy and love to give!