Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Poodle (Miniature)
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

**Dec 17, 2013 Update**
After 10 months of fostering Choco we have officially failed as foster parents. Choco has found her forever home and it is with us!

Meet Miss Choco, a spirited toy poodle who wants nothing more than to jump into your arms and kiss you smack on the lips! If you are looking for a small breed dog with bouncy energy and a penchant for playing fetch, then look no further than chipper Choco!!

**Sept 3, 2013 Update**
Little Choco is enjoying the cooler weather and is taking full advantage of long walks in the park. She spins circles of joy in front of the door while waiting for her leash to be put on, and is now so healthy that she can walk for more than an hour without laying down from exhaustion. She has also gained 4 pounds! Over the last 6 months Choco has transformed into a healthy, happy, and cuddly little girl who is going to make a wonderful forever companion for a lucky family.

**July 15, 2013 Update**
Choco has moved with her foster family to Yangju from Bundang this month and she did amazing. We expected that the stress of the move would regress her training but Choco has adapted wonderfully. She is still cheerful Choco with her quirky and bubbly personality. The more comfortable Choco has become with us the more we have found out what a hilarious little character she truly is.

**June 23, 2013 Update**
Choco is now officially crate trained!! Previous to living with us her crate was used as a place of punishment where she was banished without food or water when she was "bad". This meant it took quite sometime for Choco to enjoy being in her crate, but she now happily runs in her crate when given the command and doesn't mind staying there. Choco now sleeps in her crate in our bedroom with the rest of the family, this is a special treat for her because she loves being with her family!

**June 4, 2013 Update**
Little Miss Choco has become quite the social butterfly. She has been attending community events, softball games, and the occasional visit to her foster father's office. She is doing amazing at getting along with people and other dogs. Choco is still a bit wary of very young children as they tend to move quite fast, but she is getting better as her exposure increases. She is also working very hard at crate training and is making great progress. Great work Choco!!!

**March 26, 2013 Update**
Choco continues to blossom in our home. She is one of the most cuddly eager to please little dogs I have ever met and she deserves a home where she will get to snuggle all the time. She now recognizes multiple commands including sit, down, come, stay, paw, and go night night, plus is doing fabulous on her potty training. Resource guarding is defiantly Choco's weak point, but we are seeing progress in that area as well. She has no problems sharing her toys and water dish with her foster siblings. Choco LOVES to go for walks and to play with her toys. She is very active but due to her size would be suitable for small apt city living. She is going for her third round of vaccinations next week and has a clean bill of health.

Choco Found a Foster Home!

Choco will be moving to her more stable foster home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She will be with a loving family in a house with a yard, and she'll have two foster siblings, a miniature poodle and a standard poodle! It'll be a poodle-filled house of love!!! Keep an eye out for updates on this lovely little lady!!!!!!!!!

Choco is a lovely toy poodle who has survived despite the terrible odds she's had her whole life! She was rescued from a man who was abusive, only to go into a home that was negligent and where "discipline" was all she knew. Choco was rescued in "Operation Save Choco" to save her from this negligent home when the owner decided she was "too tired to deal with her". Despite everything, Choco is a very happy, playful poodle who needs a chance at a fur-ever home.

If Choco were human, she'd be a cheerleader and class president. As a cheerleader, she is bubbly and looks up at you with so much love in her eyes, it's a wonder rainbows don't shoot out of them! She will cuddle you all day and all night if she can. When you come home from work, she'll be at the door to greet you, and if she had thumbs, no doubt about it, she would cook you dinner. She bounces around and spins in her delight to be near you, and you will laugh endlessly at her goofy nature. But, as class president, she has learned to err on the side of caution. She isn't one of those dogs who will run up to every single person she sees on the street. She will take a few moments to read the situation because for her, these situations haven't brought much happiness. When she met her current emergency foster human, it took her about a half hour to warm up to her and it took her about the same to warm up to me, but she has really started to blossom in her current foster home. So her caution makes her one smart cookie, lest she go bankrupt in the love department.

Choco didn't have many toys in her suitcase when she moved to Seoul, so the ones she has are gold in her eyes. She loves playing fetch with the bouncy balls and she'll squeak away on her cheap plastic bone.


She loves to lounge in the dog bed like a Lady in Waiting on the Queen's court. She loves prancing around in her doggy dress, showing off her figure and soaking up all your attention! And while she has that aristocratic poodle look about her, she's a gooey marshmallow under those luscious curls and doesn't mind getting her dress dirty when rolling over for some belly rubs.


Choco is certainly a typical poodle: very smart and VERY trainable! She knows a few tricks, like "beg" and she is currently learning sit/stay and down/stay.


Her current Human has started crate training her and she has made great strides, but will benefit from further training with the crate and does prefer to be out of her crate because in the past her crate was used inappropriately as punishment and is the furthest from comfortable a crate could be. BUT, she certainly has promise, as evidenced in this video:

Choco is also being potty trained and has at some point been taught to release in the human bathroom; she also does a good job holding in her #2's, but does have small pee pee accidents.

Choco has some issues with resource guarding, specifically her crate, toys, food bowl, water dish, and treats. Her previous owner has admitted to certain "training techniques" that involve punishment and harsh reactions, so it is much more likely that any undesirable behavior she displayed was in response to the denial of food and love and all the good things dogs should have. We are currently doing "replacement activities" where we have 2 of the same value treats and give her one, then replace it with the other, repeat, repeat, repeat. She is well with this and I think any potential issues will be avoided with this type of activity.

Overall, Choco's energy, intelligence, and motivation for food will make training her a cinch, so don't let any of these normal doggy behaviors deter you from this precious gem of a dog!

Choco has not received any vaccinations as far as we know, and she seems slightly dehydrated, which just goes to show you how neglected she was in her previous home. She is also a little out of shape, although she isn't at all overweight. She wasn't walked a single time in the days leading up to the previous owner surrendering her, so I'm sure if you play with her inside instead of needing several days of "me time", like the previous owner, she will develop the right muscle tone for her body. Her size and energy level mean that she will be active indoors, so quick potty breaks outside and a longer walk a day will suffice (don't worry, her energy level is on par with a poodle, not a husky). She was supposed to be spayed in her previous home, but of course, she wasn't, so she will also need to be spayed. Except for these small issues, she is very healthy.

Contact information:
[email protected]

[email protected]

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Yangju - 양주
Living Situation: In foster care


Miss Langman's picture

Hello I really want to adopt Miss Choco... I have emailed the amanda email account... please let me know how to go about it. : )

happycoco's picture

Miss Langman you are doing a wonderful thing . i hope Amanda
contacts you soon and i wish you all the happiness with your new
Gorgeous friend.

Miss Langman's picture

Hey where can I find the adoption form that I must fill out for my Choco? sorry I am a bit slow when it comes to finding my way around websites... : )

happycoco's picture

Its at the bottom of this link. Copy and paste this address:

Miss Langman's picture

Thank you got it!!!

Miss Langman's picture

Hey Choco I finally finished filling out the adoption form today, wanted to make sure of all the details and make sure that we are ready for you to come and join us in your new home. We hope to be able to visit you soon and chat with your current foster folks. Hope we can meet soon.

Amanda-n-Leeloo's picture

Choco is still looking for her forever home as the potential adopter was frustrated that it took only 2 days to review the application and had to wait a long 4 days for a phone interview, so they decided to buy a puppy from a puppy mill pet shop. Sorry this didn't work out, but Choco is doing very well in her foster home and we are willing to wait as long as it takes for her perfect home! Please spread the word about Choco!

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Choco is so lovely ....i wish to adopt her .100,000 it is adopt processing fees?

Amy Canupp's picture

Hello Agatha Lee, yes, Choco's adoption fee is 100, 000 won. If you are interested in adopting her fill out the pet adoption application and send it to [email protected].
Adoption application:
Thank you!

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What an amazing dog! :) She reminds me of a poodle I had growing up - lots of love, lots of joy and lots of smarts!! :)