Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Pug
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & Black
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Frank was adopted to a family a few months ago, but just days ago ran away from home and ended up at a government run kill shelter. His family was contacted and said that they don't want him if he runs away. Two wonderful rescuers pulled Frank from the kill shelter today (Monday, July 22), and he is staying at an emergency foster home while we look for a more long-term foster or, even better, a FUR-ever home. If you or anyone you know can step forward, please contact me! [email protected] or 010-2790-1834

Hello, my potential fur-ever family! My name is Frank and I'm looking for YOU! I have been waiting my whole life to keep your feet warm and kiss your face. I have so much love to give you that my curly Pug tail just won't stop wagging it's love your way! I've been patient and I make sure to behave really nicely, so can I come home with you now?

Frank says, "I love you!"


Say hello to Frank, the little Pug who wants nothing more than to follow you around your home and throughout his life! He would love to have you throw his squishy tennis balls for him to fetch when you're out and about on a relaxing Saturday, and then curl up at your feet when you get home to upload a billion cute and goofy pictures of him on Facebook to show him off to your friends and family around the world!

Frank will be incredibly affectionate with you, and he will be forever yours if you give him his favorite: doggy bacon strips! He loves going for walks outside and is a polite gentleman on his leash. He will love you so much that he can't help but come running toward you when you call his name, even if off-leash. In fact, he will love you so much that he will give you everything you want: his toys, his food, his attention, the list goes on! He is learning sit and down, and is eager to please, so his training potential is endless! He is eager to shower you with love, and will like your cat just as much and if you have a calmer or older dog, he is great (he would rather be with you, so if you have a very active dog, Frank will simply move away - no aggression - but he'll be lonely and aching for you)! Frank hopes you have space in your bed for some cuddles, but he is perfectly content to sleep and be in his crate because he understands that absence makes the heart grow fonder - so long as he's sleeping! :o) Overall, Frank is a very easy-going dog who knows when to relax and when to play, and he will follow your lead. If you want to head out to the park for a stroll, he'll be packing his water bottle for you. If you want to sleep in on a Sunday, he will happily roll over for some more shut-eye. If you are ready for a goofy, happy Pug-filled life, look no further!

Frank Quick Facts:
- Neutered!
- Has no issues with food aggression
- Has no issues with resource guarding
- Prefers calmer, older dogs and children (younger children who grab his face make him grumpy)
- Learning sit/down
- Has great recall
- Loves fetch (he's shockingly fast) and cuddles (he's shockingly cuddly)
- Crate trained and will sleep through the night
- Loves attention
- Learning potty training (hasn't had an accident inside in DAYS!)

Check out Frank's recall!


Frank's Story:
For the past several weeks, Frank has been the constant loser in a cruel game of musical chairs. Frank was found in Pyeongtaek, and taken to the local vet near Camp Humphreys. He was fostered out rather quickly, but unfortunately Frank was returned a few days later when his foster mom realized she wasn't quite ready for a dog, or the training necessary to keep him.

After Frank was returned to the vet clinic, he was then sent to a city pound and put on death row. When some kind volunteers heard about this, they drove to the pound to save Frank. They had arranged another foster family for him, and were confident he would be stable and cared for until he was adopted. However, after about a week, this family also gave up on Frank due to the fact that he was having accidents in the house.

Frank was moved to yet another foster home, who decided that they could no longer keep Frank either.

So, poor Frank, through no fault of his own, was passed around to THREE different irresponsible homes and served a stint on Death Row. He is currently staying in Pyeongtaek with his foster mommy where he can FINALLY relax, settle in, and learn the tricks of the good-dog trade.

1. Frank is doing VERY well with his potty training! On his current schedule, he hasn't had an accident inside for almost a week! He had some issues with house training at his previous fosters' homes, but likely because his previous very irresponsible and inexperienced homes didn't take the time to get to know Frank's potty signs and didn't take him out frequently enough. At his current foster home, Frank goes out every 3-4 hours to potty, and is on a very structured regimen, so he's been doing VERY well! He had only 2 accidents inside on his first day, and hasn't had any since, so we know that he is learning and beginning to understand that release should only come outside. He can sleep through the night without accidents, and will even hold it for the 10-15 minutes he's out of his crate first thing in the morning while his foster mom is getting ready to take him outside! His current foster mom says that "he has been GREAT!"
2. Frank probably experienced A LOT of stress with all the shifting around and uncertainty in his life, so has become a bit wary of punishment. If you raise your voice to him or make sudden movements, like tossing your phone on the bed, he will flinch a bit. He doesn't run away or growl or have any other fear response, just a slight, uncertain flinch. With a stable home and loving family, this shouldn't be a problem once he settles in. His foster mom is working with him on this. This issue is also only when he's inside; when outside, he is fine. This is heartbreaking, as he wasn't like this before all the moving around and all the people yelling at him when he had a potty accident inside.

Frank is overall a HEALTHY boy! Frank was neutered today and is recovering nicely! He will begin his vaccinations next week!!!

Frank will undoubtedly be a WONDERFUL furry family member. Even with all the uncertainty of the last several weeks, he is happy and excited to be with people! Please consider opening your home to this amazing dog. After going through so much, he deserves a fur-ever home!

If you are interested in fostering or adopting this sweet little Pug, please fill out a copy of the adoption application form and email it to [email protected]. Frank is waiting to meet you!!

Adoption Fee: ₩70,000
Location: Pyeongtaek - 평택
Living Situation: In foster care


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I wish that I could foster/adopt him. I live extremely close to Pyeongtaek. I have one Pug waiting for me back at home. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Pugs make as great companions and friends.

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From Frank's Foster Mom:

Frank is doing so great! I do not know what happened in the previous foster families, but he has been so good in the house! The first night he had 2 pee accidents in the sunroom (that's where I used to keep the puppy pee pads for my pup, which are gone now. I guess he must have picked the scent up or something). So for the past 2 days he had no accidents in the house, no peeing and definitively no pooping! I walk him every three hours and it seems to work out just fine. He finally eats! He hasn't been eating well lately, but he ate a mix of dry and wet food. He seems to gain on weight as well and starts to listen better when I call him outside. He doesn't have a problem with the snow, he walks just fine. He is great with my dog, even though my dog punches him sometimes with his paws, Frank doesn't go crazy. He just tries to walk around him and runs off (he runs very fast by the way...). I finally found some treats that he likes so I am working on basics like sit, down, paw etc..
I will take him to the vet tomorrow and start him on his shots. Unfortunately, he hasn't been seen by a vet during the last weeks so I will keep everyone up to date. I hope he finds a home soon because he really is a great and very loving dog!

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Frank is heartworm free and weighs 6.5kg. He has a cold so the vet gave him antibiotics and he is now resting and getting better :) He also doesn't have an infectious disease. He seems to gain confidence every day. Today he actually went to a stranger by himself and wanted to be petted, carefully of course (yay,great news!). Now we are working on a fundraiser to get him the vaccinations he needs!

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Update on Frank: He has been doing so great! I can leave him out of sight and he doesn't mark his territory anymore. He seems to know that he is only allowed to do his business outside. He loves to play with other dogs and seems to gain more and more confidence every day. He also walks towards strangers now and wants to be petted. He loves to lay on your lap and likes to be rubbed on his belly. I took him to the lake today and he was so excited! He seems to know that "Frank" is his name. I guess he was a little bit confused with the name change from Frank to Simba and then back to Frank. But he knows "no", "sit", "come", "go"-> runs ahead since he likes to wait for you or walk next to you, he listens right away when I am whistling. We are working on "lay down". His cold has gotten better and he eats like a champ! Great progress for 5 days!

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If you have fallen in love with Frank, but are unable to give this lovable boy a home, please consider donating to help Frank get all his vaccinations and neutered. Thank you for your support!

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Here are some new pics of Frank. We had so much fun at the dog park today! He is so great with other dogs and also very good with kids (the girl was about 10 years old). He was cuddling on her all the time. Here are some pictures:

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Frank is going nuts, part 1, watch this:

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Frank is going nuts part 2

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Yes! Frank is a begger! :)

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I loooove to lay in your arms like a baby. I will roll my head back and show you my pretty teeth ^^
FYI, If you also rub my belly I will NOT move for hours.. :)

Rub my belly pleaselook at my teeth :)
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Frank does now 'sit" and "lay down", he learns very fast with the right treats :) So it's been 8 days since I have him and he had one accident so far. I used to put him in the crate every time I left the house, because I didn't know if he would jump on the bed and pee on it, but he didn't. He was fine so far. I let him out today as I left the house and let him hang with my puppy. Today was also the first time that Frank initiated to play with Drey (my puppy). He usually prefers to run behind other dogs, but today he jumped on him and pushed him like: Hey play with me and runs off. That was a sight for sore eyes! :) He also seems to be more open towards strangers. He likes when people come over and greets them right at the door. He is such a sweetheart

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Congratulations Frank!!!!!!!!

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Goodness gracious! This poor boy has been through so much!! I hope you find something great for him!

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I don't understand. He ran away (a fairly normal dog thing to do if they're not well-trained) and his family doesn't want him back because of it???

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Well Frank doesn't want to go back to an adoptive family that isn't interested or willing to invest in his training and safety anyway. Good luck to them finding a rescue dog that doesn't need any "work".

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Is Frank settling well with his new family? I hope so!

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Frank is doing so well! We are his new family and we love him so much. We have a female french bulldog who is about the same age as him and they are inseparable! It seems like Frank knows he is home and is surrounded by love. He is such a quirky, sweet, sensitive little dog and we feel so lucky to have him as a part of our family now. Thank you to everyone who has done so much for Frankie in the past! And thank you to the volunteers who found him at the kill shelter and gave him a second chance at a good life :) He will be flying with us, in cabin, back to the states next year and we can't wait!

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Awesome update! :) Great to hear (and see) that he is doing so well!! That picture of him and your other dog is priceless - so cute!! Thank you!!! :)

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August 4th, 2013, my husband, our french bulldog Izzy and I drove from Pyeongtaek to Seoul to meet this little man. Sandy, his foster mom and her family were simply wonderful. Frank was so well taken care of after being rescued from the kill shelter. If it weren't for them, who knows where Frankie would be!

We fell in love with Frank immediately. Izzy was all about him too and it didn't take long before they were chasing each other around Sandy's home. We decided to take Frank that day for the 30-day "trial" adoption. We were prepared to do whatever it took to help Frankie adjust to a new, wonderful life. He settled right in at our villa and Izzy was so great by not bombarding him and letting him adjust. She could tell he had a rough go.

After about a week, I took Frankie to the vet for a check up, micro-chip and to have his teeth checked out. He hates the vet! His little paws literally clung to me as I carried him into the exam room. The vet predicted him to be only 2-3 years old (Izzy is 3, perfect!) and he was in great health.

We discovered that Frank actually really enjoys his crate and likes to be left in it when we leave them alone (Izzy has free reign). Prior to this, he was never alone for a few weeks because I wanted to be there for him. Then I slowly began leaving him. He did great! However, we had a friend's dog over who relieved himself on our couch and after that, Frank began to pee on the same spot when we left him alone. Urg! But that was quickly fixed when we started putting him in his crate when we left. Problem solved!

His high quality, grain-free diet transition went perfectly and his teeth have improved a lot (breath too). He is one handsome pup! We have been taking him to the on-base dog park at Osan (we are air force) and he is perfect. He is great with children and they just love him. His "dog talk" is great too and he knows how to read other dogs well.

While Izzy can't handle big hikes, Frank loves them! He is my off-leash hiking buddy. His recall is incredible so we have no problem having him off leash when we are away from the city. I can't understand why he has bounced around so much. He is such a perfect companion and is very receptive and simply wants to please. I have yet to even raise my voice at him. If he does something naughty (rare) I just calmly say his name, give him the stink eye and he knows.

We can't wait to get him to the States next October! He will be flying in cabin with Izzy :)

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Our kids.

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I LOVE you guys! Thank you so much for giving him such a great home and thank you so much for the wonderful update! I will never tire of seeing updated pictures of him!!! :) Thanks!