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Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Beagle / Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

*Update* Since we are leaving at the end of this month Dasher is hopefully going to his forever home in a couple of weeks! We are hopeful that they will be the perfect match (I feel that Dasher would be anybodys perfect match!) He will get his heartworn treatment once he is settled into his new home and I'm hopeful that this will be the happy ending we have all been dreaming...watch this space!
We had some sad news today. Unfortunately Dasher has heart worm. Apparently we have caught it before it got serious so luckily he should be ok. We have decided to start the treatment straight away. If you do decide to foster/adopt Dasher you will have no financial requirements for his heart worm. We plan on fundraising the money and of course will contribute as much as we can. I hope this doesn't change anybody's mind about taking him, in about one and a half month he should be finished treatment and hopefully perfect!

Well it seems that Dasher has overcome any depression he may have had! He has accepted us and lets us know by giving us as many cuddles as we want, licking us with great enthusiasm, plays more with us and flashing his amazing smile at us! He has been with us for a month now and this past week, every time I wake up in the morning or come home he is so excited with his wagging tail and happy face! oh and he is also back on his kibble diet and loving it!

But, we are leaving in February and need to find Dasher a foster home, or better yet, an adoptive home! He has been by far the easiest dog I've ever had. Why?? here it goes...
He will hold his bladder for up to 16 hours (while at the vets office, we bring him out 3 times a day)
He has peed twice in the apartment. But both times were marking only when another dog has been around, I'm hopeful that once we get him neutered this will stop. If there is no other dog around he will never mark!
He is very lethargic while in the apartment, usually just sleeping in his bed. But he loves his walks and perks right up when he knows he is going for his walk. The great thing about him is that he is a great indoor and outdoor dog.
He doesn't jump on furniture.
He has NEVER shown any signs of aggression in any form!
He is completely trained.
He is very healthy (both inside and out, look at that shiny coat)
He is GREAT at catching a ball ;)

I know I have missed hundreds of other reasons why he is perfect, but I guess you should just see for yourself! :)
I know that he will be a very loyal dog to the lucky person that gets him

Update:Dasher is such a perfect dog! But we have noticed that those sad eyes of his are always looking sad! We think he might be suffering a little bit of depression, maybe missing his owner :(
We will bring him to the vet tomorrow to get his heart worm test and ask the vet about it then.
Last night for the first time Dasher rolled over on his back and allowed us to give him lots of belly rubs! He loves being petted but never wanted to be petted like that before, we are so happy that he is so trusting!
He is so great, we have a low table and eat our dinner on it and he never tries to snatch from us or steal! He just sits and watches with those beautiful eyes of his!

Update: Dashers cold has gotten much better and he is back to himself, we are going to bring him for a nice walk today as we haven't been walking him since he caught the cold, for fear it wold make him worse.
We have had two calls from people that had seen his posters and are claiming to be his owners, we were so excited for him but both of their descriptions have been a bit off so we aren't holding our breath and are still looking for a foster/adopter.
he has been given free reign of my apartment for just over a week now and he has just been wonderful! He is the perfect house dog, he will whimper by the door if he needs to use the bathroom, we take him out three times a day and that suits him perfectly. He isn't a very playful guy, he will play but on his terms! He hasn't taken to eating kibble, we though it was just because he was sick but he still won't eat it by itself so we have been mixing it with soft food. We have also noticed that if there is a t-shirt or something lying around we will nearly always find it hiding in his bed when we come home, haha. He LOVES giving kisses, he can lick you for the longest time.

I really hope somebody considers taking Dasher, as I said he is the perfect dog for someone that wants a dog that is already perfectly trained, quite calm and very loving. He will get on just fine with other dogs (as long as we get him neutered)

We brought poor Dasher to the vet today because he was coughing a lot. Unfortunately he caught a cold while staying with us :( But the vet gave him some medication and we have moved the cat to the other apartment so that he can be in comfortable warm surroundings. But this now means that the other 2 dogs are stuck in their kennels for quite a while so we still need an immediate foster for this amazing guy!

I left Dasher have free reign of the house on New Years eve and expected to come home to a mess. I was so surprised to come home and find that NOTHING had been touched, he was just sitting in his dog bed in the middle of the floor! He really is the perfect dog!

We still have had no luck finding his owner so now we are going to start looking for an adopter for him as I am leaving in March and so is his short-term foster so he really needs to find his forever home soon!
If you are looking for a completely trained, calm, loving dog then Dasher is for you!

Currently poor Dasher is staying in the bathroom and i hate it! He is such a great dog and deserves better! Dasher is everything that we wish our own dog was! He is so sweet and seems to pick up things so quickly, We brought him for a nice long walk today and he did so well on the leash. If you want a dog that is completely trained, healthy and easy then this is the dog for you!!
He still hasn't tried to jump up on counters or even the couch. He loves his dog bed so much and will just cuddle up in it for hours!

We have put up posters around our town but so far no luck, we will continue putting more up tomorrow.

*UPDATE* His antibodies test came back negative for parvo virus, distemper, and hepatitis. So, he is completely healthy!

He spent last night in my apartment and was a dream. His owner seems to have trained him so well! He never jumped up on anything, not even the bed or couch! He was so sweet just found the dog bed and curled up in it for the night! He is also house trained, didn't pee or poop inside, waited to be brought out! I would love to find a foster home for him as after today I will be caring for 2 dogs and a cat excluding him!

The vet just told us that he will not keep Dasher any longer...even though he agreed to keep him until Monday. I will bring Dasher home tonight but I am pet-sitting a cat for 1 month come tomorrow and I'm already pet-sitting a puppy and have my own dog. The puppy and Willy are currently in my boyfriends apartment but the cat will come to my apartment, so unfortunately from tomorrow Dasher will have to stay in the bathroom. I would be so grateful if I could find a short-term foster for Dasher while we continue searching for his owner!

Myself and my boyfriend were walking our dog yesterday and this very friendly little guy came up and started playing with Willy. I thought he was with some people but everyone left and he was still there. We waited about 30 mins for an owner to come along and then he followed us so we took him to a local vet and checked for microchip...unfortunately there was none.
We cannot take him in at the moment as we are pet-sitting our friends cat and another friends female puppy that hasn't been vaccinated and especially since neither is neutered I don't want to take the chance.
Currently he is staying at the vets. I have made posters and will post them around the town tomorrow. He seems to have been well looked after and the vet agrees. He was wearing a collar and his nails seemed to have been recently cut. I really want to reunite him with his owner so I have walked him around the neighborhood hoping that he will lead me to his home. No such luck :(

I am looking for someone to take him in while I continue searching for his owners. He is very sweet, will let you hold him and cuddle him, very dog and human friendly! He was kissing me so much today. Also incredibly he was in the vets for 18 hours and waited until I brought him out today to do his pee and poop! So I believe that he is house-trained.
I don't know why but I have a very strong feeling that I will find his owner...I just need someone to help foster him to give me more time!

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Gimhae - 김해
Living Situation: Boarding


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I finally got to meet Dasher last night and let me tell you, he is amazing! He is gorgeous, first of all, but more than that, he is so well behaved. He was sitting on command (in Korean) and wasn't jumping up even though he was excited to see us. Just as Grainne said, he must have/have had an owner because he is so healthy and looks great. He's obedient and well behaved so hopefully he is just lost and his owners will call soon. It would blow my mind if he was abandoned or thrown out because he is honestly incredible! Keep your eyes on this pup everyone, because if no one calls to claim him he will make a GREAT pet!

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I met Dasher today. He is a gorgeous dog. He loves wagging his tail and meeting people.

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Congratulations, Dasher! I look forward to seeing lots of happy updates! :)

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