Teddy aka Ella ;)

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Golden
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • House trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

UPDATE: Teddy, now known as Ella, left for her forever home in Seoul on Saturday!!

UPDATE: Teddy has been with us at home for about a week now. She is just adorable and will make a great addition to any family!! She is friendly, playful like a pup should be, love walks (she still strains on the leash a bit, but it's getting better), playing fetch and being cuddled ;) She loves sleeping by your feet when you watch TV and following you everywhere. She is a quick learner, never barks (serioulsy she has barked twice and both times the cats were teasing her!) and we are busy house training her. She's learned to wake us up in the morning if she needs to go and we've only been in training for 4 days!! She is very good with visitors, kids and cats...if you are looking for a bit of puppy love, she's definitely the one you want ;) She needs to stay with us until January 10th, in case her owner comes forward, but after that she is free to go to her forever home!! I attached some pics of our afternoon at the park ;)

UPDATE: we went to visit her, she was so happy to see us, you would think she's been with us forever the poor thing ;) She is a very friendly and mild mannered puppy. The vet said she doesn't bark at all ;) She is still at the vet while we try to arrange a foster home for her...and with the snow today I am even more glad we stopped and picked her up!! The vet seems to think she is healthy, we haven't done any tests or anything like that yet as we are hoping to find her owner, but she is eating well and has no obvious signs of anything that is wrong!! Anyone willing or able to help out with a foster home would be greatly appreciated!!

We found a 10month old puppy yesterday (Christmas day) looking very frightened and lost in traffic on a busy bridge in Ulsan. We usually don't do this, but it was take her and put her in the car or leave her to be run over ;( We took her in, took her home, cleaned her up a bit, gave her some food...as it turns out she is the cutest thing ever!!

She looks recently groomed (her whiskers are cut and her hair is trimmed with no knots) and she is very well mannered and used to people and food. She is not spayed and we have no history other than that she appears healthy, just a bit thin. We took her to a vet who will keep her till the 10th of January while we try to either find her owner or a foster while we look for a home for her.

What I need from you guys is someone who can foster her while we sort out something more permanent for her. I hate the idea of her sitting in a cage at a vet, and I can't bear to think that she will end up in a kill shelter. If anyone is willing to help out, even if it is only short term, please let me know. We live in Ulsan, but we have a car and can travel to surrounding areas. I would like to keep her close for the first 2 weeks, for in case we can find her owner, but right now I am not picky!!

We have 3 cats, persians at that, in a 2 room apartment, so unfortunately there is nowhere for us to keep her and I am not set up to deal with dogs at all. I am so clueless I can't even tell you what breed she is!!

I have attached 2 photos of her, she looks just like a teddybear ;) If anyone can help out, please call me on 010-2838-2014 or send an email to [email protected]

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Ulsan - 울산
Living Situation: Other circumstance


linhorobin's picture

She is adorable, and she looks really sweet! Thanks so much for rescuing her- she's extremely lucky you came along!
Have you been here, yet?

megs's picture

Ditto to everything linhorobin said. ^^ She's lucky and you're great!
Edit: I'd pay good money to figure out how that puppy climbed the bamboo....

linn22@mail.com's picture

Is Teddy still available for foster care?

janine.louw's picture

Hello linn22, yes she is still available for foster care. Would you be interested? We have a couple coming to meet her next Saturday with the possiblity of adoption for middle of January, so we are desperate to get her out from the vet and into a home with regular contact with humans etc...where about are you located?

linn22@mail.com's picture

Hi - I am in Seoul but may have to leave Korea end of Feb due to fact that at 60 after 10 years here

jenn718's picture

Great news for Ella!! Ella is going to have a wonderful life with her new parents, who are two of the nicest people I've met in Korea. What a lucky girl!!!