Poppy (aka Penny)

Livin' on the edge!Enjoying some sun...Bath time!Playin in the snowDreaming of her forever home~Ummm... too cute!How sweet art thou, Poppy?Merry Christmas!Pretty PoppySweeter than honey!She fell asleep while I was cutting out doggy dreads. :PPoppy and Pepper playing.THIS is what I think of your Santa hat!I think Pepper did this, but Poppy doesn't look too innocent! Kkkk.Foster sisters cuddling...She loves playing with the biggest of them!She loves playing with the biggest of them!Poppy and GangjaPoppy and GangjaCuddle time!One sweet girl on one fine morning.Shake it up!Vigilant, as always

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Gold & White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

May 16:

Update: Poppy (aka Penny) is still adoptable!

Poppy (we have been calling her Penny) has been in a new foster home for about two and half weeks and she is doing great! She is shy but has been very affectionate and trainable. She has learned new habits and routines really quickly! She lets us know when she needs to go out for walks, understands basic commands, and has been progressing really well with leash training. Apparently she also makes a pretty good jogging partner! We have really enjoyed having her, however, based on our current situation we cannot keep her (particularly since we're leaving soon for the summer). Penny is a sweetheart who really deserves a permanent home. She would make a perfect companion or new addition to a family. She will need to be adopted or find a new foster home as soon as possible! Please give this pup a chance!


Poppy should be the only dog in her new home. (Right now she's not...) She needs a lot of attention and training, which I know she would willingly accept and blossom at! She needs at least a new foster by THIS SATURDAY April 27th. Please consider fostering and/or adopting Poppy!

Animal Name :
City/Location : Seoul/Seongnam
Breed : Mixed (My guess is Corgi and Jindo)
Sex : Female
Spayed / Neutered : No
Age : about 2 years
Size : about 9 kg
Health status/ vaccinations : UTD on all shots and healthy!
Behaviour/Personality : Shy at first / LOVES being touched / morning snuggler / excited about LIFE

April 22:
Poppy is desperately in need of a home with no other animals. She really doesn't want to go to a shelter, nor do I think that's a positive option for her. PLEASE consider taking her in your home and your heart~

April 11:
Poppy REALLY needs to be in a home with no other animals PRONTO. My own dog is so scared of everything now, she even jumped when the wind blew hard while taking a walk. I'm begging for someone to take her... Please, Poppy deserves to spend most of the time out of her kennel, with no other dogs around. Will anyone open their home to this sweet girl?

March 31:
Poppy has completed all of her vaccines!!! The masses on her lower stomach haven't grown, so the doctors are pretty sure that they're benign. She's a champ at the doctors~
Training: She is such a wiz when it comes to tricks. She's been trained in English, Korean and "sign language" (basically just pointing, haha). She's completely mastered: sit, come, lay and "go in" (to her crate).
Behavior: It's become urgently clear that Poppy needs to be the only pet in the house. She is a gem, she just needs to be given the chance to shine.

March 3:
Poppy will visit the doctors this week for a check up on the masses on her lower stomach and to start her first round of shots!
Training:Poppy's leash training is going SO MUCH better. She is figuring out that we don't move until she stops pulling. Poppy does bark when people run around in the apartment building hallway. BUT, I'm training her to come to me when she hears something. I shower her with love and we all know how she feels about that. :D So, needless to say, she's barking a whole lot less (maybe 80% less...). She is very motivated by lovings.

If Poppy could find guardians who would train her (with positive reinforcement) for the rest of her life, she would be as happy as a pig in mud.

February 15:
Poppy had a comprehensive check up with the vet. She is officially healthy (yay!), though there are a few things the doctor is keeping an eye on. Poppy lost 2kg in the past 2 months, but we're working diligently to gain them back. She also has 2 masses on her lower stomach. The doctor will keep a close eye on them in the coming weeks. If they seem to be growing, then they'll have to be removed, but judging by all of the tests they ran, they don't seem to be affecting her body. She also doesn't mind them being touched or squeezed. Her next check up is February 22nd- I'll definitely keep you all updated on the situation. She will begin her shots in March. She is heartworm negative and has been on HeartGuard since I started fostering her in December. ^_^
Training: Poppy knows come, sit, lay down, paw/shake, up (as in stand on hind legs), jump up (as in jump up on the bed or couch), and is learning new tricks all the time. This dog is SMART! She learned lay in about 5 minutes, if that. Poppy is a PEOPLE PLEASER. She is even being crate trained right at this moment! She is extremely motivated by attention and praise.
There are a few things she is working on, though. Poppy is still learning how to walk appropriately on leash, and how to react to other animals while outside.
She is house trained with the exception of when she is sick or has had too much to eat (or the wrong food). She is good at letting you know that she needs to use the bathroom. It's very cute when she understands that you've figured out what she wants. She jumps up in the air and spins!
Behavior: Poppy is great with kids! At the vet, a 2 year old little girl toddled up and rubbed, scratched, tugged and leaned on Poppy who soaked. it. up. She looked like she was in heaven!
Poppy was such a lonely dog before, she gets a little too excited (and can come off as aggressive) when she meets other new furry friends. She seems quite curious about the stray cats in the neighborhood. Poppy is very observant of her surroundings, both inside and outside. She pays keen attention to even the slightest noise or movement and will stand vigilantly until she figures out what it is. Sometimes that makes walks a little longer than intended, but that's okay by me. :3
Recently, I have been concerned with her behavior towards my dog. Poppy seems to be jealous when I give attention to my dog instead of her. I will attend an animal behavior seminar at the end of this month to get more hands-on education about dog behavior. It's my hope that the seminar, with the combination of the help from the amazing people in the ARK community, that we can clear this issue up.
One of the best things about her is her calmness when it comes to bath time. She will let you give her a nice deep cleansing without one little fuss. She also enjoys being brushed after bath-time. I bought a furminator (which her adoptive home WILL need) and she loved it! Now she barely sheds. (double yay!)

Poppy needs a mom/dad who can spend a lot of time loving, training, socializing and exercising her. With as highly motivated she is, I know she will be the perfect companion for someone who needs to be needed. Please consider this amazing dog to be a part of your family.

January 14: Poppy is AWESOME! Oh let me count the ways she is so: She LOVES people. She loves to smell them, be petted by them, and cuddle. She is so playful and greets with a bark and a wag. She is not intimidated or scared by anything or anyone! She is very confident and knows herself. She likes playing with big dogs and small dogs alike. She isn't driven by food as much as she's driven by affection, but she'll take a treat if she's offered one. :) Poppy loves loves loves to be petted. If she could be touching a person 24/7, she'd be in heaven. She does not mess with anything that isn't meant for her to play with. She's very good at playing fetch. Right now she's learning how to be patient and calm in a crate. She doesn't go crazy in there or anything, but she does cry if something awesome is going on outside the crate. Poppy is very much an "action" kind of girl. She almost has leash training down. She doesn't pull except when we get close to the best piece of grass in our neighborhood, or if she sees another dog. Twice last week the leash slipped out of my hand (it's one of those retractable ones) and she came running to me when I called her! How awesome just after 3 weeks of being a house pet!!! She is soooo smart and eager to please. If someone were very diligent with training, she'd be as perfect as pie for such tasks. If you can't tell from the pictures... she's GORGEOUS! Everyone she meets comments how beautiful she is. She's SO soft! I was petting some cute puppies the other day and she's even softer than they were! Some people have been asking about her breed... As to that, I don't know. She's mixed with something beautiful, soft, smart and confident. She's long and short and weighs 10kg (about 22lb.). She has a quite solid build and her fur is thick and luscious. I know she'll make someone extremely happy. Won't you consider adopting this sweet pea?

December 25: Pretty Precious Poppy! Poppy is one of the most sweet and affectionate dogs I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is so kind, gentle and playful. She wants nothing more than to snuggle and get rubs aaaaaall day. Her motivation is definitely getting a good pet and hugs and kisses... she doesn't care much about treats. She loves to play fetch (for a reward of petting, of course)! Poppy is 1 year old, not spayed, and is not up-to-date on her shots (yet). She also doesn't have heart worm. Yay! She is healthy, except for a little eye infection, which she is getting treatment for now. Until I took her in, she had never been to a vet, never had a bath, never eaten dog food, nor been in a house or gone on a walk with a leash. She is living the high life now! She is a CHAMP in the bathtub, not putting up a fight or crying while I picked prickly things out of her fur and washed away tons of dirt. Now, she is SO SOFT! I put her in a crate her first night with me, and she only got restless in the middle of the night, but was calmed down with a soft voice and a few scratches through the grate. I leave her out to gallivant with my dog Pepper while I'm at work and she does just fine. Pepper has been showing her the ropes as for what to do to get a reward. She's smart and picking up commands very fast! I am at a loss as to why her previous owners did not want her anymore. She is one of the most perfect little doggies on the planet! Quick~ Someone snap her up before I get too attached! ;)

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


megs's picture

She's got an interesting look to her. What's her backstory? It's great that she's finally experiencing the good life. ^^

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She's a cutie, isn't she? I have no clue what she's mixed with, but she is PRECIOUS! Her fur is the softest I've ever felt on a dog... it's even softer than puppy fur! Her legs are so short and her body is so long. She's adorable...
Her previous care-taker was Ms. Kang, who found her chained to a pipe outside a meat restaurant. The owners have had her since she was a puppy and just threw her some food scraps to keep her alive. She got pregnant (because, of course they didn't care enough to spay her, or ever take her to the vet) and had a litter of puppies about 3 months ago. After the puppies were weaned, the owners told Ms. Kang that they wanted to get rid of her, so she's been looking for someone to take her in... so I did. ^_^

megs's picture

That's great to hear! It sounds like she's doing really well, even if she has lost weight. Is it possibly linked to the masses?

She looks like a wonderful dog. It sounds like she's good with other dogs, too, though she gets a little jealous.

I think you're doing a great job with her!

m3gana's picture

The doctor wasn't sure why she lost weight, and didn't think it had anything to do with the masses. I think she lost weight because she runs around the apartment with my dog all day (vs. being on a short chain outside) and she is eating kibble (vs. the meat scraps her previous owners were feeding her).

She's really great and is usually good with other dogs, she just needs to be socialized more and trained properly. It'll all be sorted out soon enough, I'm sure.

Thank you!

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She is such a beautiful girl! How is she doing with her jealousy? Do you think it's something she can learn to overcome with training and socialization? You mentioned shes curious about cats, do you think theres any aggression in her curiosity or just a "whats that??" curiosity. Also, is she spayed? (Sorry for all the questions, but I'm interested in this lovely lady and want to know so much about her!)

m3gana's picture

She's learning that waiting her turn for pets and love isn't so bad. She is smart as a whip and very eager to please, so I believe she can learn and overcome anything with training and socialization. I really don't know how she would be toward a cat. I think it's more curiosity. (She's VERY curious about EVERYTHING.) She loves to play, so a gentle and gradual introduction would be in order. She isn't spayed and hasn't had shots yet. She will start her first round of shot next week, though. That's very good to hear that you're interested in her. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. ^_^

acmandrell's picture

She sounds so great! I'm going to move to Bucheon next week (maybe the week after); after I get settle (it might be a couple weeks since i will be brand new to korea and want to be comfortable navigating, and also double check with my landlord) and if she's still available, I'd like to arrange a day to visit her if that's ok?

I'll keep in touch, I hope I get to meet this pretty Poppy :)

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Wonderful. Let me know when you'd like to visit. :)

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I met poppy today. What a wonderful girl. Ill be submiting the adoption papers later this evening! What a wonderful companion!

acmandrell's picture

Even though I'd be disappointed for myself (I know it's selfish haha) I want this pretty lady to get a great home and if she can get it with you then that's A++ :D

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If Poppy is still available could I possibly meet her this weekend?

eta: and by this weekend I actually mean this coming Saturday, not this very evening haha whoops

m3gana's picture

Poppy would love to meet you this weekend! First, fill out and send an adoption form and then we'll set up a time and place to meet.

acmandrell's picture

I will get you the adoption form as quickly as I can, but I must warn you my internet connection at my apartment is spotty at best. If you want, feel free to contact me on Kakao. My username is the same as here: acmandrell

I may have to visit a PC bang, but I WILL get it to you :D

m3gana's picture

Alrighty~ sounds great!

acmandrell's picture

Poppy is a WONDERFUL dog! I wanted to adopt her so so bad, but unfortunately my living situation would not suit her :( This is in no way Poppy's fault! Please somebody consider this amazing girl, she is magnificent, sweet, smart, and beautiful!

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Poppy's so good with kids!

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OMG, that's SO CUTE!!! Trying not to die from cuteness overload!

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Glad she is thriving at your home. Why the name change?