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Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Jindo / Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Brown
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Microchipped
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

*Update January 14th*
We had a New Year miracle. Nick/Noori found a home. This lucky boy is looking set to fly to Washington DC with his foster dad to meet his new mum. I cannot describe how relieved everyone is and how big our smiles are. He's such a gorgeous boy and really does deserve this chance. (I'm not updating to adopted yet as he still has to get on the plane, but, he is booked).

*Update 7th January*
Nick/Noori's time is running out. He has until Valentines weekend to find a new home. The situation is getting desperate, this is one Valentines gift that this gorgeous boy does not want. He is being rehomed through no fault of his own and is desperate for a loving family to call his own and bond with. He loves everyone and just wants to show everyone how much he loves them. He really does need a new home and a family he can shower with love and devotion.
*Update 30th December
Nick/Noori is doing fantastically, He is learning how to behave around other dogs and how to be the perfect gentleman. He deserves a home where he can carry on his training. He is a jindo cross and therefore is so much more intelligent than most other dogs (mine included) he picks up new tricks so quickly it is unreal. He loves learning and can't wait to show off his tricks to get praise.

*Update 27th December 2013*
Noori's wish to Santa hasn't come true yet. He is desperate to stay out of the shelter. He loves his walks and his comfy dog bed. he enjoys watching life go by out the window and meeting new friends. On Christmas Day he met many young children who absolutely fell in love with him as fast as he loved them. he is great with kids. gentle, patient and kind.
he's in a one bedroom apartment now and thinks it's just fantastic. anything is better than a cage in the cold 24/7 with only one short walk a week.

Update December 25th
Please give Noori a Christmas miracle, help him find a new home :D

Noori's diary for Monday and Tuesday December 23/24.

Noori has been enjoying relaxing under on his doggie bed surrounded by blankets during the cold writer weather. for all everyone talks about Jindo's and exercise (and don't get me wrong, he loves a good run) he's perfectly content with spending the majority of the day lazing around.

Update: Noori's Diary for Friday December 20, 2013

Today Noori and I met a new doggie friend while on the bike. I was so pleased to see Noori not only fairly calm, but allowing the other dog to sniff his bum first! Hoorah! Noori has consistently surprised and is nothing like a typical Jindo. He loves everyone and his doggie friends. I find that even when other dogs are aggressive towards him he only wags his tail and cocks his head in curiosity. Super proud of him

Noori's Diary for December 21/22, 2013

One of the great things about Noori is his flexibility. I had two late nights in a row with end of semester shindigs. Both mornings Noori was patient enough to let me sleep off some of my headache. He does the majority of his business on his walk everyday and so his bathroom breaks are not strictly scheduled. He is happy to sleep and snuggle with us until we get up and feed him and take him out.

*Update December 19th*
I just spoke to Nick/Noori's foster dad on the phone and he updated me on how the little guy was doing. He now loves the bicycle with a passion, in fact going for a run on it is the highlight of his day. But, he is also fantastically chilled in the apartment. The foster dad and his partner only have a one room apartment and Noori does fine during the day. He loves his crate and enjoys resting/napping in there. He also loves to be near people, he just wants to have love. He has never met anyone that he doesn't like. His foster dad is still working on dog socialisation, it is important to note that he isn't aggressive but he can be rather rude when sniffing other dogs and that does need a little work. But, saying that with my cocker spaniel he is the perfect gent, smaller dogs tend not to interest him as much. He is currently chilling on his bed with a giant goofy grin (picture to follow). I am confident that anyone who meets him will fall instantly in love with him. He is the perfect little guy and very gentle with all that are close to him. I really hope he finds his forever home soon, he has only six weeks until he goes back into a cage in BAPS which I cannot stress would be devastating for him.

*Foster dad update December 18*
It constantly amazes me how quickly this little pup learns and adapts. prior to welcoming him into my home he had never known a proper home. within days he was settling in. after only 8 months he has learned trust and obedience far beyond what anyone thought he might before he entered a home. Even by my own high expectations he has excelled. This little guy deserves a loving home that will give him everything he gives his owner.

*Update December 17th from foster dad*
This weekend Noori had a lazy weekend and showed just how relaxed he could be, even without the exercise he deserves. We were super busy and only able to give him medium walks Fri and Sunday. He didn't seem bothered, content enough to snuggle under his blankets on his doggie bed.

*Update 13th December from his foster dad*
Today Noori and I ran into a neighbour while on our morning bathroom run. Noori typically ignores strangers so, and he hadn't seen this neighbour in a long time. I was quite pleased to not only see Noori recognised him, but eagerly went to sniff and receive attention from him. His memory never ceases to amaze me. It must be why/how he learns commands and rules of the house so quickly.

*Update 12th December from his foster dad*

Today Noori showed real enjoyment while running alongside the bike. I think he is now truly comfortable running alongside the bike, which is great to see. It was awesome to see him ready to run full pelt and given the opportunity to outside of an enclosed area.

*Update 11th December*
Nick-Noori (he has a Korean name too) now only has 67 days until he is returned to BAPS. He has come so far, he loves everybody and doesn't seem to remember his life before BAPS at all. Nick is an energetic dog but he loves nothing more than to run alongside a bicycle, perfect if you really want to tire him out. Yesterday some maintenance men came along, he ran to greet them and then dropped to get a belly rub, you don't get more affectionate than that. At the moment he is in the warmth of an apartment with his foster parents, but he will have to return if we can't get him settled before hand. His foster dad has offered to answer any questions and even facilitate meet and greets. Or you could always do a skype date if you are overseas. No distance is too far for Nick to travel to meet his forever family, and his foster dad will help with the costs of transporting. Please consider welcoming him into your home.

***Update December 6th***
I have such a soft spot for this big guy. I remember meeting him at the shelter on one of my first visits and he was the ball of energy that was bounding desperate for a longer walk. Then I was fortunate enough to watch his transformation. I saw him after he had finished his heartworm treatment and I swear he was a different dog. Nick is a special dog, any dog that can have such a rough start but still love everyone regardless has a huge capacity for love. The first time I saw Nick again I got in his foster dad's car and sat next to him, next thing I know he was kissing me and giving me lots of love. Then his head flopped onto my lap and he lay contentedly until the car stopped. He has come so far from the dog that I first met, the thought of him coming back to BAPS breaks everyones heart involved. Please consider giving Nick a chance he will be the perfect addition to any family. Please share this gorgeous boys facebook page to help him get the exposure he needs.

**Update Nov. 28th**
Nick's foster family has created a Facebook page for him, to get him more exposure. Please LIKE the page and consider sharing it on your own personal Facebook to help Nick find a home before he is forced to return to BAPS.

His foster family is extremely dedicated to finding him a home and is willing to contribute financially to the adoption of this amazing guy. They had this to say in a recent Facebook post about him:

"He has never had an accident in the house, he's super loving of everyone he meets and is crate trained.

His foster family will be giving his new forever home everything he/you need + a years supply of Heartguard & Frontline.

For anyone interested from abroad...he CAN leave the country and his foster family will even help pay for the cost of transport."

***Update 22nd November***
Nick is a champ, he has come so far and done so well that it would be a tragedy for him to go back to BAPS and have to start again. He has come so far, his foster dad would be more than willing to answer any questions and introduce Nick. They are extremely attached to him and would keep him forever if it was possible. Please
consider organising a meet and greet with Nick, he's such a lovely guy whose joy for life will win you over.

**Update 8th November**
I've seen Nick a few times since he left BAPS previously and boy has he done fantastically. He is such a loving dog! He loves everybody and wants to give you hundreds of kisses. He will need an owner with a firm hand as he is super smart but he tends to respect boundaries which are set. He still pulls a little on the leash but this is 100 times better since he left BAPS before and I'm sure he will get even better. He's looking healthy at the moment and he's calmed down a lot. He still has a lot of energy and would need to be in an active home, but, he has learnt to expend that energy outside. Every time I have seen Nick I have seen him getting even better looking and more trained. He is very smart and picks up tricks etc quite quickly. He also is completely house trained. At the moment he is still with his previous owner and it would be great if we could get him in a home straight away without him going back to BAPS. His previous owner will be willing to meet up and let you meet this gorgeous guy. Please consider giving Nick a chance.

*Update- November 7
Sadly the circumstances in the life of Nick's home have changed, and he is now up for adoption again. He is a great guy, who has improved a lot. See the comments below for details on his condition now.

Nick's foster family has decided they want him to be a permanent member! Have a great life, big guy.

*Update-May 29th*
We have amazing news. Nick is currently in a foster home and doing really well. A volunteer has recently taken Nick home and we have all been amazed at how much Nick has changed. He's become much more relaxed and happy now he is in a loving home and being taken on regular walks. Nick should be starting his heart worm treatment in a few weeks. We are hoping that this turns into a forever home for Nick.

*Update-February 27th*
I will be out of the country for a few months so a lovely volunteer named Claire will be taking over my profiles to make sure they don't expire! You can contact either of us with any questions, but she will be faster to answer. However, I am still more than willing to help if you need me:-)

*Update-February 4th*
Nick has been able to get out a lot more lately. A volunteer has been working on Nick's leash walking behavior. Nick loves having fun and is a little crazy so it's slow going but he will get it one day! He needs someone who can work with him every day and give Nick proper exercise. Once Nick is able to get daily walks, I know he will be a great companion!

*Update-January 15th*
Nick went for a nice long walk on Sunday. He needs the chance to get out more, which will require someone who has time and experience with big dogs. Please consider Nick! He just wants to have fun!

*Update-December 30th*
Nick was taken out for a bit of training today and he really enjoyed being out of the cage for a bit! He needs someone who is patient and used to handling big dogs. Nick is just a big goof who loves all things!!

*Update-December 23rd*
Nick wasn't able to get a walk today but I got in his cage and we played for a little bit. He is SO MUCH FUN. He just loves everybody and everything and wants to play all the time.

Nick is a big, bouncy, fun loving dog who is still young. He has a very expressive face that we've all fallen in love with. He is super playful and LOVES anyone who gives him a good rub. He will lay flat on his back so somebody can rub his big belly! He's our biggest dog, probably around 15-20 kgs and has a LOT of energy, so someone with experience training big dogs would be best for Nick. He looks like a jindo mix, not exactly sure with what.

He's working on his leash training. He was a chain dog so walking on a leash is something new, but he is learning and doing well.

Nick was rescued from a terrible living situation but really needs to be in a more comfortable place than the shelter.

Medical information:
Nick is up to date on his vaccinations.
Nick hasn't been neutered yet.
Unfortunately, Nick is heartworm positive and needs someone who can handle keeping a big dog still for 2 months so he can begin treatment.

Since he is a BAPS dog, anyone interested in fostering or adopting him will need to complete the adoption application ( and volunteer two Sundays in a row (from 11-3) at our shelter. For an adoption, one must complete a month long trial to make sure you and the dog are a good fit! You can visit the shelter page for more information!

*BAPS also has a sponsorship program. Anyone interested can give 200,000 won for a dog to have their full health check, be neutered or spayed, and get any necessary dental work. If you are interested in sponsoring Nick, please let me know!

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Busan - 부산
Living Situation: In a shelter


Stephan's picture

Nick is continuing to walk better and better each week on his leash from what I can see. A firm hand and a little patience is all this giant pile of dog wants from someone. He's genuinely a good dog, he's just got that puppy-at-heart flare to him. I really like this big lug.

geegcurtin's picture

Nick is a great goofy dog!
As Stephan said with a little patience and a lot of love Nick would be a great larger dog to have. He loves nothing more than cuddles and I hate seeing such a large sweet dog in such a small cage :(

BAPS-Leo's picture

The text below was written by his current foster home:

We have been using a Korean name (Noori). He responds to it, but mostly he responds to my voice. He will be tested this month, but most likely he is free of heart worm and has no medical issues of any kind. His latest blood work came back completely normal. He has been neutered. He has gained about 5kg with me and so weighs about 22kg now. He comes with an almost new harness and chain. He comes with a large crate and dog bed and bowls and brush.

He walks, jogs, hikes, runs alongside a bike, and jogs on hiking paths well. He is becoming less prey driven every day and has become very manageable with other dogs around. He has successfully made other dog friends and is not aggressive to other dogs who are smaller than he. He is very socially awkward and scares potential friends by being very forceful. With more socialisation he will be even better. With large dogs he will try and be dominant.

I will be purchasing a years worth of his heartgurad and frontline protection for him. Whoever decides to take him into their home will have only to worry about giving him his food and plenty of love. If we cannot find him a home in the next 4 months that will be an expense BAPS doesn't need to worry about.

He is a fantastic dog, the best I could've ever asked for. He deserves a great home and I will find him one. With your help as well, I am sure we can find him a forever home with the stability love and care that he deserves.

jandrewill's picture

Do you think nick wouldn't like living in an apartment with me? I'm going to be getting to Seoul in march and will be looking for a dog when I get there. Also, ill be living alone, so he'll have a lot of free time to himself while I'm at work.

Ashleigh's picture

Nick currently lives in a one room apartment and loves it. He's very trained and comes with a crate in which he is trained to wait in while his owner works. He is completely house trained but does need to be taken out a couple of times a day and exercised as he is quite an energetic boy. But, he is trained to run next to a bicycle which makes tiring him out a lot easier. If you have any questions or want to speak to his current foster dad/see more pictures or videos please message me and I can put you guys in touch :D