Jack in Asan

Grass!!!! I love grass!! I love any plant!   I want to adopt plants!!  I want grass!!  - Jack's outlook on plants
Doing the head-tilt is what I do.. and I also love "speaking" to you while I do itJack at the vet - minutes before the big snip-snip! His last moments of being a man!Feeling soo sorry for himself!

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Male
Breed: Beagle
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Brown & Black
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update: 23 January 2013

Jack's adoptive family is no longer experiencing allergic reactions to Jack. He is getting along well with their other dog and he is making good progress with training. They are giving me regular updates and photos (I will add a photo later tonight)


Update: 4 January 2013

Jack was sent to a new home by his adopter. The new home is experiencing allergy problems towards Jack, but they are giving him a chance to see if the situation subsides and gets better. Holding thumbs for this little guy.


Update: 2 January 2013

Unfortunately it did not work out with Jack's adopters and he is being returned to me on Saturday :(


Update: 24 December 2012

Jack's new mom reports that Jack and his two new brothers are getting along super well - playing with each other till way in to the night before they all passed out dead tired. Look at the latest photo I uploaded of the 3 of them together :)

Update: 23 December 2012
Jack just got adopted in to a wonderful family! I couldn't be more happier with his adoptive family. They are very knowledgeable with dogs, they have two other dogs (both former ARK dogs) - one is a Labrador and the other LabradorXBeagle. He got on extremely well with them, and although he was pulling all his naughty streaks instead of being on his best behaviour, he still climbed in to their hearts.

Thank you for everyone who submitted the application form and everyone who made inquiries via phone and e-mail and was willing to give this pup a forever home. The amount of people, who were willing to help this pup, is amazing. Please bare in mind that I tried my best to match Jack with the family who will best be able to match his needs and training. I hope you do find your forever puppy and that you'll make another puppy happy by providing a forever home for him/her.

Jack's new owners will be updating me soon on how he is settling in and how he is bonding with his two new brothers in Itaewon. This is such a happy day for Jack!


Jack is an extremely friendly pup who loves any person who he meets. He is a typical beagle and loves playing with his toys. He can keep himself busy playing with his toys while you work. He is house trained and does not do his business inside the house if you keep him on a basic schedule.

Unlike beagles in general - Jack does NOT howl, but he does sometimes bark when he plays and gets very excited, but this is completely avoidable if you handle him correctly and with patience.

He knows some simple tricks such as Stay, Sit, High-5, lie-down, roll over and he will wait for your command before he eats his food.
Jack does not like to lose you out of his sight and even when you take a shower, he will wait in front of the bathroom door. He likes to be close to you and when he is tired, he very much loves to snuggle up next to you (however, unfortunately I can not allow this because I have severe allergy problems and therefore he is not allowed on my bed)

He enjoys going for walks in the neighbourhood, but when taken for walks in very busy streets he can become very excited and start to pull on the leash (but not too much) - but this can be rectified with simple positive reinforcement training. (I live on the outskirts of town, so I don't really go downtown to the busy area, which might explain why this is new to him, I'm sure if he is taken for walks more often in busy areas he will soon learn to relax)

I repeat: Unlike beagles in general - Jack does NOT howl, but he does sometimes bark when he plays and gets very excited, but this is completely avoidable if you handle him correctly and with patience.

Jack is still very much a little puppy. Even though he is now estimated at around 1 year old, he still has a lot of puppy behaviour and he is still very young and learning. If you are looking for a dog with impeccable training, fabulous manners, a quiet and calm dog - I'm afraid that Jack is not the dog you are looking for, but if you are willing to spend some time getting to know your dog and be part of the awesome bond that is created when you train your dog and going through the ups and downs with him, then Jack is perfect for you since he already has his basic training down and he really just wants to love someone and be loved and he just wants to make you happy.

He is up to date with his shots - he visited the vet recently and his bloodwork and all other tests came out as Normal and healthy.

Jack got neutered recently (19-12-2012) and is still in the healing process. He will be ready to go to his forever home as soon as his stitches comes out and the cone comes off

Please note - his adoption fee is W100 000 which will be donated to the ASAN SHELTER.

If you would like to give Jack his forever home after reading all of the info above, please download an adoption form here, complete it and email it to me with any other questions:

please consider giving Jack a forever home! He really deserves a forever home (like all dogs do)

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In foster care


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Jack is such a sweetheart! Somebody give this dog the home he needs! :)

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Hi guys,
I was Jack's original owner and it was a big shock and sad surprise when my allergies didn't get better and just escalated to the point of having asthma attacks every week.
I really wish I could keep Jack, he is the most adorable little boy and very sweet with a big heart.

Jack was found on the street in Busan by someone. She took him to the vet who phoned around and it was said that he was a puppy who escaped from the pound and she was asked to take him back so he can be euthanized. She wasn't going to let that happen. Two of her friends took Jack in and they spent A LOT of money to get him back in to shape. He was treated for heartworm, scabies and ear mites. After they got him back in shape, I adopted him from them and took him on the KTX from Busan to Asan (close to Seoul) Jack was still itching a lot and so I took him to the vet asap. The vet said his scabies wasn't cleared up, so he was on another course of scabies meds with a special shampoo.
My allergies started from day one, but I hoped that it would go away since I have never been allergic to any animals, otherwise, obviously I would not have gotten a pup.

When Jack was with me, I taught him simple tricks such as Sit, Stay, High-5, lie down, roll over and he also wouldn't eat unless you give him the command. He picked up on training very well.

My allergies got to a point where I had to make an emergency visit to the doctors. Sam offered to foster him and help find him a new home, so it were off to Seoul on the KTX where she picked him up and took him to Namyangju

Jack is not yet neutered, but I will donate W170 000 towards his neutering, or he can come stay with me for a week to be neutered here in Asan (it only costs 170 000 at our vet here).
I think it is VERY important to have him neutered first. Jack IS a beagle and they ARE very energetic, and I think the fact that he is not yet neutered, makes him even more energetic. Therefore it is VERY important that he gets neutered ASAP.

please help find Jack a home! I feel very responsible for not being able to keep him due to my allergies, and I want to ensure that he finds a great home!

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Jack was returned to me yesterday by his foster.

new updates will follow shortly

today he is on his way to get neutered!

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Jack was scheduled for neutering today, but it didn't happen because the vet unexpectedly, more than doubled his price on our arrival.

But he is now scheduled for neutering on Wednesday with a different vet :)

otherwise - Jack is doing great since he arrived back home. He has not been overly energetic (maybe it has to do with the fact that he is no longer locked up in a small cage and therefore doesn't have so much cooped up energy??) and happily plays with his toys and keeps himself busy with it and his treat-ball while I do my work and lesson planning.

He will now and then bring me one of his toys, rub it against my leg and give me his puppy eyes so that I will throw his toy :)
all and all - he is just a wonderful little pup looking for love, and as long as there is a person with him in the room, he is perfectly happy with himself and does not need constant attention.

updated photos and news will follow soon :)

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What a stunning boy!! WOW!!

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He is indeed! quite the looker,

Friendly AND Handsome! what more does a girl want?

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Jack is doing good this morning :)
an early riser despite my attempts to get him to sleep in for a little bit!

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He is gorgeous! I wish I could take him...hopefully he will find a great home ASAP.

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Jack got neutered today :)

He is of course feeling very sorry for himself.

Starting to feel a little better though, with a little more coordination as the meds are starting to work off.
The vet was fabulous (I believe this is the same vet that the Asan Animal Shelter uses) and he treated Jack like the king he is.
My co-teacher fetched us from the vet in her car and transported us back. Jack felt a little crappy when we arrived and he couldn't keep his pee in so we had a big oopsie on my bedroom floor :/ he also threw up some stinky yellow yucky stuff, but the vet said that this might happen.
He's been trying to climb on to my lap since we came back, poor baby, he is feeling very uncomfortable and still trying to figure out how to lie down without it hurting too much...

Keep a look out for the next update :) And remember to please share his profile with your friends on facebook and help him find his forever home :)

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Jack is meeting a potential forever family tomorrow :)

Everyone please hold thumbs for little Jack!

(Oh and his little piece of cucumber is a great way to distract him from his neutering-wound)

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Jack with his two new brothers- both former ARK pups :)

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Jack is doing super great in his new family and he is particularly fond of Beau the labrador. He is getting his stitches removed on Monday. Everything else is going great and he has calmed down and is settling nicely

Such a very very happy ending for this little friendly pup!