Millie's do is a showstopper! Taking advantage of the day, in the best way!

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Black & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

2 December 2013
Millie had a blast pigging out at the Thanksgiving dinner this past Saturday. She was a little wary at first with so many strangers around her, but she quickly warmed up, thanks to some turkey bribes. Once again, everyone was completely amazed at how calm and quiet she is. I seriously can't stress enough how polite she is with guests!

23 September 2013
Can't believe more people haven't shown interest in this girl~ She's absolutely adorable and calm! Guests are always amazed at how quiet and calm she is whenever they come over!
Anyways, Millie spent a nice, long day at the park for Chuseok. She got to meet other doggie friends and even enjoyed some affection from strangers^^

25 August 2013
Millie's fur has grown back nicely! She no longer has bald spots...hooray! Unfortunately I found out Millie has a fear of thunderstorms =(

1 August 2013
Millie came back from her first vacation at the beach! She was a little nervous in the car at first but calmed down after a bit and slept the rest of the ride there (about a 3 hours drive).
A blind senior doggie went with her on the vacation, and she did very well with him. She displayed no aggression towards him and even waited patiently for him to finish his food first before approaching his food bowl in search of leftovers (she's such a little piggy! hehe) The only time she ever got spooked by him was when he bumped into her booty while she was occupied with something.

Millie was also a lot more active at the beach house since there were constantly a lot of things happening. Her favorite place to be was in the kitchen or at the dining table, patiently waiting for someone to give her some food (seriously, a piggy! hahaha). My coworkers also commented on how she followed me around everywhere at the beach house. She's still a little shy if someone else tries to pick her up but is completely comfortable with me doing it. Therefore I know she will be able to trust her forever parents too!

Please consider adopting this adorable little girl!

24 July 2013
Millie has continued to do well! Unfortunately because the monsoon season is here, she has been unable to go for her daily walks, but she still gets to go outside to potty. In the past couple of days, I have come home to find she has moved her bed to the middle of my room, which I think is pretty funny. Other than that, she's still the super calm, quiet doggie she always is!

3 July 2013
Millie has become more comfortable with being picked up and is enjoying receiving affection. In fact, she has started to return the affection! Once in a while, she will give me a doggie kiss, which made me super estatic to see how comfortable she's gotten.

24 June 2013
Millie seriously charms everyone who meets her. I have a guest staying with me at the moment, and she has completely fallen in love with Millie too! I seriously can't say enough how perfect of a dog Millie is!

Millie doing her trick "shake"


15 June 2013
Millie has completed her shots for her skin treatment! Whoo hoo! However, she will need to go back to the vet in 2 weeks for a checkup and is still taking meds to help her skin clear up.

She is an amazingly calm and mellow dog. Even when other dogs are barking at her or lunging on their leashes to get to her, she won't react. She has never shown any signs of aggression towards anyone or other dogs. And as much as she loves food and treats, she has no food aggression either.

There are only 2 cases where she gets super excited: 1, when we're getting ready to go outside; and 2, when there's food or treats coming. She also really likes being outside and going for walks, even if it's for a brief time!

She's still weary about getting picked up or hugged but really enjoys getting her ears scratched. In fact, if I stop petting her, she'll put her head closer to my hand for me to continue but isn't pushy about it. She doesn't jump on people either, and my guests are always amazed at how calm and well behaved she is.

She's definitely the perfect pet for someone who wants a low maintenance dog!

8 June 2013
Only one week left for her skin treatment!
She still has some bald spots where her hair fell out but it's slowly growing in. Soon she will have a beautiful coat once again!^^

27 May 2013
Woohoo! Millie has completed all her vaccinations and also received her rabies shot today! She's earmite free now and has 3 more weeks left for her skin treatment.

Now all she needs is a forever home!

Isn't she super adorable?!!

22 May 2013
Millie is such a low-maintanence dog and completely housetrained. She waits to go potty outside and will often stand by the door if she really needs to go. However, she also knows how to use peepads (for those rainy days when I don't want to take her outside), but really prefers to potty outside.

I spent all day Sunday with her, and all she did was sleep. Every once in a while, she'll wake up to chew on her doggie bone or to drink water. Other than that, she was content to just snooze the day away. Plus she's super quiet!

Millie would be great for someone who likes to powerwalk. But she's a bit slow if you want a jogging buddy...hehehe

She has started her vaccinations and is on flea and heartworm preventatives.
Her skin and ear infection are also clearing up nicely. Soon she'll be 100% healthy!

She's such an awesome girl and will make a great addition to any home!

27 April 2013
HOORAY! Millie finally made it into foster care! The shelter owner had a friend drive her to Seoul on Friday night and board her at Hans vet. Her new foster mom went to pick her up from the vet this morning and will immediatly start working with a local vet to help this wonderful girl cure her painful skin problem that is leaving her bald with sores.

Im looking forward to seeing her cleaned up and comfortable. THank you to MarlaJoy for donating the money towards her vetting and helping to make her move into foster care possible!

17 April 2013
Millie spent more time outside today. I made sure to bring her a niver bone to chew on, but she didnt like it as much as the crap bone from before...dogs!


10 April 2013
Millie needs a foster home so that we can begin treatment on her skin. Fees for her health check, and medication and vetting for her skin condition has already been donated, so you do not have to worry about those costs!

02 April 2013
Last Saturday, Millie spent the day out in the sun in one of the pens with Bruno. She played for a bit with him, but then tired of his puppy energy and opted to bask in the sun; which she does not see or feel for 6 days of the week! She is quite a lovely lady and I cannot wait to see her in a home, where she can get cleaned up and properly trained on good house manners.

Now that we have been able to cut off some of the mats, she has obtained quite a nasty skin rash that is actually causeing her pain. Sometimes she would cry out when I was brushing her. I felt really terrible for her. Most likely, a vet will want to put her on medication,k which really cannot be provided at the shelter. We really need to get her into foster care so that we can work on her skin condition. So, I am moving her situation to urgent so we can get her treated.

*Remember, if you foster, you have to pay the 130,000 won fee to the shelter, but when she gets adopted out, you get to keep the 130,000 adoption fee.*

15 March 2013
The weather was so nice last weekend that Millie got to spend time in a large outdoor pen with Newton and Brutus while the volunteers were there. She enjoyed chewing on a bone in her bed, getting the knots cut out of her hair, her ears and eyes cleaned and brushed. She is such a lovely girl!

13 February 2013
Stop being silly guys! Someone needs to come down and get Millie. She is amazing and adorable! There is no reason she should be wasting her life away in a nasty shelter! She should be getting pampared and entertaining you and your guests with her crazy "do"!

23 January 2013
Stunned that Millie still wastes her time away at the dreary shelter! She is such a lovely girl. She is relaxed and kind - likes all people and dogs and adorable. If you are interested in fostering, I believe this girl would be a great first foster for someone. Once she gets vetted and cleaned up and has someone to keep updating her profile with new things learned and photos and videos, I believe she will be adopted quickly!

Please consider fostering Millie!

30 December 2012
Millie is a wonderful dog - loves all dogs and all people! Doesn't even seem to mind the kitties. If you are interested in fostering, this would be a great starter dog. I would consider her a highly adoptable dog once she had a person who had just her interest in mind. Right now, volunteers are so dog&cat-logged, that she often gets left in the dust. We have been focusing on some of the more feral and shy dogs the last few months and she has yet again been pushed to the backburner.

Please consider foster or adopting. She is a lovely girl and from her last health check - healthy!

For information on fostering or adopting, please see the information below.

02 December 2012
Millie has been living in the rehab area of the shelter for at least two years now. Because she is hidden away in the back, she is often overlooked. While other dogs are being chosen for cuddles and grooming and walks, she is ignored. It is our goal to get her more attention and get this uniquely beautiful and sweet gal into a foster home or forever home ASAP.

She is very sweet and absolutely adorable! Her face and hair are very unique and a bit comical! I'm not sure there is anything that could tame the wave of spikes on her head!

Last week she was moved into the front pens. She doesn't have the freedom of the rehab area, but she will have more visibility and hopefully we will get her out of the shelter soon... it is definitely her turn and well deserved.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Millie, please fill out the fostering/adoption application completely, located here: and return to Clare Mills, [email protected].

Adorable Millie:


Adoption Fee: ₩130,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


dbis's picture

Lil Millie moo! Hope to spend some more time with her next weekend! Thanks Guillian for getting her profile up!

Dalyn's picture

I am really interested in Fostering Millie, how can I start the application process?

Hunt's picture

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Millie, please fill out the fostering/adoption application completely, located here: and return to me at [email protected].

turtlegal's picture

Hope the foster works out!

matthew4694's picture

Millie got some more exposure this weekend at the shelter. She appears to be suffering from a rash, but was happy to get out and stretch a bit. She has such a sweet personality and is SO chilled and well behaved. She just needs a little TLC to become a loving part of some special family. After 3 years in the shelter, I think she is overdue for a Spring exodus. Happy Easter, Millie!

clare_bell's picture

A kind sponsor has offered to pay for all the initial vet check up fees and medication that Millie needs to be healthy again. If you would like to foster her / save a life / help a sweet dog who has been at the shelter for YEARS, then please contact Guillian: [email protected].

She needs some urgent TLC. Please help her!

marlajoy's picture

Does she have to wait for a foster before she can be treated? If so, maybe you could put at the top of her profile that her costs are covered and she only needs someone to foster her so she can be treated. :)

Hunt's picture

She does have to wait to guarantee it is taken care of properly. Good idea... I will update that Marla!

matthew4694's picture

Fees for Millie's vet bills are already taken care of so all she needs is a safe warm place to heal. We just know that this wonderful little lady is a true diamond in the rough, however her skin condition needs urgent attention.

Please spread the word or consider taking her in so her treatment can begin as soon as possible. Millie has been at Asan Shelter WAY too long and the changing season is the perfect time for her to start her new life!

me2ffc's picture

Millie had a busy busy day yesterday. She was so scared when I picked her up from Hans vet. She's a little shy but loves treats, so it was pretty easy to win her over. Once I was able to put the harness on her, I took her for an hour walk then off to the vet for grooming and a health check.

Vet estimates her to be about 5 years old and 6.5kg. She's healthy except for her skin and ear infection, but she's currently taking meds twice a day to help clear it up. She'll also be receiving an injection once a week for it. She's heartworm free and has started her vaccination again parvo. She doesn't need her distemper shot since she has enough antibodies for it.

Millie's still a little scared, especially in my house, but once she's outside she's a happy little camper, tail up and wagging. She loves to sniff around while outside and didn't even pay any attention to a flock of pigeons we passed by! She wasn't even phased when we passed a super loud construction zone. How awesome is that?!

I'll update with pics later since the files are too big to upload right now~

me2ffc's picture

Millie is awesome! She's super quiet and doesn't chew anything at all, except for her bones/rawhides. She doesn't seem interested in playing with toys but absolutely loves treats! I've given her free roam of my house and was worried about leaving her alone for so long while I'm at work. But I came back to a house left completely the same with no potty accidents! She had pottied on the peepad, which I was super excited about since she did have an accident when I first brought her home...hahaha. I take her out twice a day for a walk and to potty, and she has been doing well with that.

She has no separation anxiety and doesn't try to bolt out the door either. She has no food aggression at all and takes treats nicely. Right now she's a little naked since her fur as been shaved off, but she still manages to look adorable at it!

clare_bell's picture

SCREAM!!! She is ADORABLE!!!!!! Thank you so so much!

By the way, did the vet say what exactly is wrong with her skin? Is it a fungus?

marlajoy's picture

She is looking great!! Thank you so much for taking her in and helping her out! Seems like she is showing her gratitude by being the perfect little house guest! :)

me2ffc's picture

The vet didn't specify what was causing her skin condition, but he was happy to see that her skin is clearing up...yayy!!! Unfortuately during this past week's vet visit, we discovered Millie has ear mites, so now she's receiving meds for that too >.<

Millie, on the other hand, is still sweet as ever. She's still nervous about being picked up and held, but she's willing to approach me for affection. She also did a lot better at the vet this week compared to last week. It's also super cute how she'll come up and watch me, especially if she hears a bag rustling since she thinks a treat is coming hahahaha. I've only heard her bark once, and that was when someone knocked on my door. Other than that, she is super chill and completely happy to gnaw on rawhide or sleep. She also waits for me to wake up in the morning. If she hears me move, she'll perk her head up to watch if I get up. If I don't, she'll lay her head back down. If I do get up, she'll jump right up and follow me. Super cute!

And she still continues to look absolutely adorable~

clare_bell's picture

She is utterly stunning! I always knew there was a beautiful little girl under all that matted & unkempt fur! Thank you so much for taking her in and thank you SO much to Marlajoy for sponsoring her veterinary care. Your kindness seems to know no bounds.

I think Millie needs a new profile picture...! :D

lotuslee's picture

I've seriously gotten teary-eyed catching up on Millie's status~~~ THANK YOU MARLAJOY! It's just amazing to see her in foster care and not at Asan with her scraggly fur and balding spots~~ She's SUPER adorable! Great job~~~ I know she's in good hands with you!

marlajoy's picture

I'm not fostering her - I just donated money to cover her vet bills. She obviously has a great foster parent who is doing a wonderful job of looking after her! No dog should have to sit around a shelter with painful skin issues - yuck!

lotuslee's picture

Oh, and I never realized how much Millie looks like my rescue dog, Hoochoo! And your description of her sounds similar as well in that Hoochoo is still not comfortable with being held and picked up...but she's also more than happy to get a treat! Sounds like Millie has a great environment to help her relax and come out of her shell~~~ Go Millie!

me2ffc's picture

Millie seems to get cuter and cuter everyday!

I can't comment enough on how low-key she is. She'll be perfect for someone who wants a calm, low energy dog for companionship hehehe. She seriously is just content to sleep and have a couple bones to gnaw on^^

marlajoy's picture

Yay, Millie!! So glad to hear that her skin is great! She is absolutely adorable! Thank you so much for fostering her!!! :)

me2ffc's picture

Every day, I fall more and more in love with her! She's seriously the perfect doggie!!

Here are some new pics of her. She looks a little naked without her doggie shirt hehehe

marlajoy's picture

She is seriously the cutest little thing ever! Goodness gracious she is adorable!!! :)

KB's picture

I really like Millie. She's very cute. Would like to meet her sometime:-) How big is she? Kinda looking into adoption.

me2ffc's picture

Millie is about 7kg. If you're interested in adoption, please fill out the adoption application here: 

and send it to Clare Mills at [email protected]

me2ffc's picture

Millie enjoying some affection~

She looks a little scruffy in here with her crazy little wavy fur...but still oh so adorable!

marlajoy's picture

What a sweet, sweet angel!! :)

marlajoy's picture

That picture of her with a bow in her hair is so adorable - off the charts!! :)

me2ffc's picture

Here's Millie on vacation!

She's still looking for her forever home~

me2ffc's picture

Yay~ Her fur has grown back nicely!

marlajoy's picture

Thank you for taking such great care of her!! :) Have you tried thundershirts for her fear during storms? They work like a charm! :)

me2ffc's picture

omg...can't believe I saw your post only now...I'll definitely look into it!

Quick question though...Millie falls right between XS and S...which size would you recommend?

marlajoy's picture

Yeah, my dog is the exact same size as Millie - she falls right between the two sizes. I definitely recommend the larger size. When it's slightly too small, it doesn't quite fit correctly but if it's a little too big, it's easy to just tie it up tighter and it still fits correctly. :)

me2ffc's picture

Millie's Chuseok outing~~

me2ffc's picture

Millie's first Thanksgiving~~~

marlajoy's picture

what a gorgeous, happy dog!! Thanks for the pics! :)

me2ffc's picture

Santa Millie says "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!"

If all goes well, she will be in her forever home in January! Yayy~~~^^

me2ffc's picture

So happy to announce that Millie has officially been adopted today! I'm going to miss her like crazy, but also super happy she's found her forever home~^^

marlajoy's picture

Yay, Millie! I'm sure you are going to miss her but now you have room for another foster! ;)