Lola (formerly Gideon)

Showing off her new Italian harness!
She loves hanging out on the roof^^Sad face you got there Gideon. :(How cute she will be after a proper bath!

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Terrier
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Three legger
  • Special needs
Adoption Status: Adopted

2 June 2013
After a monster brush out yesterday to rid Lola of some of her crazy shelter fur, her new coat has revealed a heart on her side! She is so cute and so sweet! She is off to Oksu Soo to get her teeth scaled on Wednesday morning along with a bath! She will be a fancy lady by the end of the week! The trainer who agreed to weekly training sessions stopped responding to my e-mails and never came to help Lola. So I've still been working with her myself with socialization. We are going to go heavy on leash training starting next week!

13 April 2013
As of today Lola is up-to-date on vaccinations! She also received her rabies shot and had an ISO compliant microchip implanted with lifetime registration. She was also dewormed a few weeks ago just in case! This girl is good to go!

Lola is still getting comfortable with me, and we spend evenings hanging out and working on petting. She needs to be with someone who is very patient and understands her past might not have been so great. I have contacted a trainer and we are going to start weekly private training sessions to get Lola on the right track.

Since it has warmed up I have been able to take Lola up to my roof and let her run around - and boy can she run! She has gotten so strong over the past few months! I showed a video to her vet and even he was surprised! She is such a trooper!

She has been shedding a lot recently with the season and her new diet - her hair is growing in super soft. I have been feeding her an orijen/ANF grain free mix along with dried anchovies and steamed sweet potatoes and salmon. She LOVES sweet potatoes!

Lola would be best in a patient home preferably with no young children! She does LOVE other dogs and looks to them for assurance. So a home with another chill dog would be great, but not a must. Her personality is pretty laid back and would be best matched with a low activity household :)

25 March 2013
Lola has been slowly but surely warming up to apartment life. She really loves dog company more than human company which is evident with her love for my adopted dog. Her personality has started to come out a little more - she does the cutest "happy dance" (gets real low to the ground and shakes her butt!) when it is time to wake up in the morning and when she knows she is getting a treat before I leave for work.

She is still awesome with pee pads and never has any accidents outside of the pads, save for when she is really scared and she cant control it, which still happens when new people get too close to her. I really want to work on getting her outside this weekend; its just been hard since she has a freak out with being picked up still :/

We have been working on nightly "petting/brushing sessions" trying to get her more comfortable with touch. She still isnt thrilled about it, but she is progressing for sure.

Lola received dewormer this weekend and her first round of vaccinations. She will get her next round in 2 weeks and then be completely up to date. Also, an ISO microchip is on its way from the US for this little lady, and she will have that put in in 2 weeks with her next round of vaccinations.

She is SUCH a sweet girl, I really cant wait for her to completely come out of her shell. She has the sweetest eyes and loves sitting close to me and watching me all the time.. she just doesnt want me to touch her! But, we are slowly working our way there!

29 January 2013
This weekend Lola and I hit the vet for a check up. Her pee has been extra smelly, so I thought she might have a UTI of some sort, and there were white dots in her poo - so I decided on going to the vet sooner than later. Here is what went down:
-First off, the pee. A urine test was inconclusive, so the vet did an ultrasound, and she did in fact have an infection. So she received an antibiotic injection and we will follow up in 2 weeks with another ultrasound.
-Next, the poo. Fecal test came back normal. No idea what the white dots were, still.
-Then, the blood work. The vet analyzed the bood work from her previous vet visit. I was under the impression she had an anti-body test performed, apparently not, it was just general vitals blood work. So the vet ran an anti body test, her levels were all at "3", so she will need 2 rounds of vaccination boosters.
-We also discussed her fear of being touched and options for me bathing her. The vet didn't want to sedate her, and neither did I. He seemed confident that his team could comfortably bathe her - and they did. She bit them, twice, but damn is she soft now! She also had her nails clipped and anal glands expressed - I bet she is feeling great!!
-The vet estimated her to be about 4-5years old and she weighs 5.3kg- and probably shouldn't gain anymore due to her leg. He also confirmed that her leg was surgically removed at some point, its not a birth defect.

I am still waiting on the little rubber "PAWS" shoes to arrive, but I am wondering if I will even need them! She has hardly been slipping at all recently! I think the glucosamine and the regular walking around is really helping her! The vet said judging by her paws he thinks she has never had exercise, like, ever in her life.

So, in 2 weeks after her antibiotic has finished running its course, she will start her vaccinations. Until then, we will be working on socializing!

24 January 2013
Hello from Lola and her foster mom!
Lola is part fairy tale woodland creature, part terrier, part amazing. Her eyes could melt anyone's heart. There isn't too much known about Lola's past, but here is what I know about her now that she has been with me for a few weeks.

-Lola is a tripawd! She is missing her left back leg. Most tripawds dont have a hard time getting around with 3 legs, Lola however, struggles a little and slips a lot and hits her stump when she falls. I think a big part of this is because she hasn't had adequate exercise for a long time, and her muscles have become weak. Also, her joints have been over compensating for the lack of her back leg, which can cause joint pain. I started her on glucosamine last week and I have already noticed an improvement in her movements. I am waiting on PAWS shoes I ordered, to put one on her remaining back leg so it doesn't slip out from under her anymore on the wood floor.

-Lola is very shy! She has spent the past 2 years at the shelter without much human contact, so we have been taking baby steps to warm up to each other. She is interested for sure! Just cautious. She does really well with other dogs though, she is comfortable being close, but I think she is still feeling too shy to interact with my dog.

-Health wise, I have her anti body test papers in my hand, Im not really sure what they mean or what she needs since I wasnt there for that visit. I do know she is heartworm negative and has overcome her ear mites. We will be going to the vet next Saturday to get everything squared away and get her started on any vaccinations she needs.

- This weekend I am going to tackle bathing her... she needs it baaaaddd. I was hoping she would be okay with me touching her by now, but she isn't, so I am just going to have to go for it and let her hate me for a while.

-This girl doesnt like to pee anywhere except her pee pad! It's great! She likes to go by the front door, so that's where I put her pad tray and that's where she goes. I leave her free to roam my apt all day and night and she has not had an accident yet! Once she is a little stronger and comfortable with me, I will start training her to go outside for the bathroom.

I will update again after we hit the vet, with hopefully good news!

23 January 2013
Gideon has gone into her long-term foster home and I caught wind that she is doing well and really happy to have a dog-sibling. Once I get together with the new foster mom, we will get her page updated and get you some photos and videos and information.

Her ear mites are all cleared up and now she is starting her vaccinations.

30 December 2012
Thanks to two AMAZING volunteers Gideon was pulled from the shelter and went into foster care one week after a plea on the ARK facebook page for help. She was not doing well at the shelter and it was too cold for her. She is now in a temporary foster home until her full-time foster mom comes home from holiday in early January.

She is still VERY timid. She has been to the vet once and the vet said she seems healthy with the exception of ear mites. She is on med for the eat mites. She will go back to the vet this week to get her blood titer test to see where we are with her vaccination needs. I would like to thank the anonymous donor in Canada for paying for the first 70,000 won of Gideon's health check.

Check back for video and photo updates this week!!

10 December 2012
I am sincerely concerned for Gideon's safety at the shelter this winter. She has been moved to an enclosed pen which is half wire bottom so that she can got to the bathroom through the wire section. She has just three legs so when she goes to that section, her one back leg inevitable falls through the wires. Every step is such a sad struggle for her there.

The temperatures were in the negatives and below freezing. I found her wet and her blankets in her house were also wet. Volunteers tried to dry her a bit and got her into a warm jacket, but I don't know if she will last long if conditions like this continue.

She is a very shy girl, and will take someone willing to put in a lot of time and effort and who has a lot of patience to show her that people are good and that life can and is to be enjoyed.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share her profile around! If you have the space in your place, please consider fostering her! We need to get her a warm home NOW!

01 December 2012
Gideon has been living in the back of the shelter in the rehab area for over two years now. She is terribly scared of people and will tremble and try to hide from you when volunteers attempt to get to know her. Shy dogs are often overlooked and ignored at the shelter due to the sheer amount of dogs and the lack of volunteers. It is our goal to get her in a foster home where she can learn that people are here to take care of her, protect her and love her. We have MANY success stories of foster parents and adoptive parents who took a chance on a scared, shy dog from the shelter and they blossomed into loving and happy dogs. If you are interested in helping Gideon and would like to talk to some of the foster and adoptive parents with experience, please let me know and I will put you in contact with them.

Last week, as part of the plan to start socializing Gideon, we moved her from the rehab area, where she has lots of room to run around, to a smaller covered pen where she cannot run and hide from volunteers.

If you are interested in fostering Gideon, please fill out the foster/adoption application form located here: and return it to me at [email protected].

Gideon keeping a distance from the scary human:


Gideon coming in and LICKING MY FINGERS! WOOT WOOT!!!


HEALTH CHECK SPONSORED BY: Anonymous donor from Canada! <3 THANK YOU!

Adoption Fee: ₩70,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


andrea's picture

Hello - please keep me posted on Gideon's health check! Im interested in him for my next foster which I will be ready for soon. Fingers crossed he is healthy!

Megan2024's picture

I just got word that I will be able to foster her come this weekend :) I am so excited about it

Megan2024's picture

She is doing very well. She is eating wet food right now and doing very well. She is warm and dry and happy :D

marlajoy's picture

Oh that is wonderful news!! Nothing makes me happier than seeing dogs come out of the shelter during the winter! :)

Megan2024's picture

she is so scared right now she trusts noone

Megan2024's picture

She is doing well much better!! Still scared a bit but beginning to trust more and more. sadly She still is fighting ear mites I'm hoping that we are at the end of the battle. I'm taking her again today to the vet. She is such a sweet little one.

Megan2024's picture

She looks like she is doing so well! I am excited for her bath! Good luck!

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She looks so cute in her pretty pink bed! What a cutie!

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what a WONDERFUL update!! Thank you

Hunt's picture

WOW!!!!! I have no other words, I am in awe!

Thank you!

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I'm so happy she's doing soo well :D

andrea's picture

SHe has been quite the challenge, but watching her transform has been worth it! She is prepped to fly to the US with me unless she gets adopted here first! Fingers crossed!

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Awww you are so sweet!! i'm so happy for her!!

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She looks so lovely and that heart is BEAUTIFUL! :)

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What's her adoption story?! Who adopted her? :)

andrea's picture

Well I got her to the US and my mother has fallen in love with her and agreed to keep her!

Megan2024's picture

Omgosh!!!! She got adopted!!! WOOOOT!!!! that's so amazing!! i'm so happy for her!!!!

andrea's picture

I posted a video of her on Ark FB - she can walk up and down stairs now too!!

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Wonderful news!!! I don't have a FB account. Is it possible you could post the video here?! :)

andrea's picture

Yeah! I think this will work..

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Agh I tried to embed the link but I dont think it worked :/

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No worries! I'm just so happy to hear she is adopted - and the fact that it's your mom is PERFECT because you will always know how she is and know that she is well taken care of! Congrats to everyone!!! :)