Feelin' Good post haircut
Brutus in his new penThe mats all over Brutus' poor body. Must be painful!Behaving for the first cut in at least a year!Volunteers helping Brutus out!Someone must be running around without his coat on!Feeling and looking so much happier

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: White
  • Good with dogs

24 July 2013
Last night I lay in bed unable to sleep, thinking of Brutus & just HOW I could vamp up his profile & get someone to take him out of the shelter. Yes, he was a little grouchy, but only because he was scared & alone & unloved, living his days in misery waiting for at least the two years that I have been volunteering at Asan for someone to take him home.

Sadly, this afternoon I heard the news that Brutus has passed away. I don't know why or how, but my heart breaks knowing that he died in the shelter after hanging on there for so long. I feel I've failed him.

Lesson learned? MAKE TIME for those who aren't "in your face" & who hang back. MAKE TIME for the more scared dogs. Turn the less adoptable dogs into adoptable dogs. Go and sit with them. Be patient. Open your heart and home to a dog like this. I've no doubt that, given the chance, Brutus would have made one heck of a transformation.

Rest in peace sweet boy. We love you & will miss you.
Foster Fee: 100,000 won refundable upon adoption

02 April 2013
Poor Brutus, he has only been out since his hair cut. I will try and get my hands on him either this or next weekend to bring him out and spend some time outside. When running around last weekend, he was clearly MUCH HAPPIER in his pen. He was not growling at everyone. He would just put his nose through the cage in search of treats.

Im crossing my fingers that there is someone out there who will volunteer to foster him soon so that we can start working on him. We have plenty of volunteers who have fostered the more aggressive or shy dogs and can provide you with advice and their stories if you are looking for more information. Just email Clare Mills, [email protected]

14 March 2013
Someone was lured out of his pen this last weekend and given a haircut!!! Hope we can continue to make progress where this wonderful volunteer opened the door!

13 February 2013
We have a shelter volunteer who has had success with another grumpy Asan resident who is willing to foster Brutus. Only problem is that she is not financially able to committ to his vetting. I would ideally like to raise 200,000 won to cover all his vetting needs that may originally arrise and get her some starter food so that she may then be able to work on her budget for adding a second dog to her family with food and treats. If you are able and willing to help with the financial backing to the foster home for Brutus, please send me an email at [email protected].

23 January 2013
You guys!!!!! Come on! This little guy is in real need of a foster home. His hair is terribly matted and we cannot take care of it until he is guaranteed a foster home. Money is already set aside for his grooming and original healthcheck. He is grumpy now, but his past personality has not been such. I believe this is a dog that once groomed and given the chance he deserves will really grow and change in front of your eyes.

He has been at the shelter for over 3 years now. Please consider helping us and him and get him OUT!

30 December 2012
Brutus is still as grumpy as ever, and no one has spent any time with him since his move to the small covered cages. I am personally still a bit intimidated since I know he does actually bite... and not fake-threaten bite that some of the timid dogs do.

A wonderful woman in Canada has sent money for him to be groomed, but the shelter owner does not want to do this until Spring. He mats are some of the worst I have ever seen.. strike that... THE WORST. I know that he is in pain and I know that is is probably tearing his skin. I tend to agree with the owner though, becuase the temperatures on the mountain are below zero and his coat would need to be buzzed off. It would be too dangerous to do this now. It is a shame it he slipped through the cracks this spring/summer/fall while the other dogs were being groomed.

I do have faith that he can be a wonderful dog. Volunteers remember the days when they used to be able to hold him. I think now he is just in pain with the mats which makes him grumpy. Please keep him in your thoughts! Wear a think jacket and gloves and come work with him. We have made HUGE progress in all of the timid dogs we moved the day we moved Brutus. He is the last one to work on!

02 December 2012
Brutus has been at the shelter for at least three years. He has been living out in the rehab area and has become increasingly grumpy over the years. Last year, volunteers remember being able to pet him and sit with him on their laps, this year he will take your treat and then walk away and growl if you come near him. His bad mood could be because his hair is TERRIBLY matted and I am sure it is very painful for him.

Last week at the shelter, volunteers gave Brutus some sedatives in hopes of moving him to the smaller cover pens where it will be easier for the volunteers to work with him as well as to work on his coat. We were successful in catching him in a crate to move him, but he wasn't quite sleepy enough for volunteers to feel comfortable cutting out mats. We will try again next week in hopes of making him more comfortable and checking on the health of his skin as well.

Check Out Poor Brutus and his mated hair here:




marlajoy's picture

Poor little guy! If someone could just take him into foster care they could get rid of those terrible mats and give him some love and I KNOW he would turn around quickly! No dog wants to be angry!

laisirui's picture

I would be interested in fostering him maybe after the current dog I'm fostering leaves next month. However, with my limited knowledge in dog training and psychology, I don't know how to help Brutus overcome his current behavior. I was really intimidated when I met him a couple times. I live in Seoul. If someone can give me advice or suggest some special place I should bring him to, that would be great.

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Brutus had an amazing weekend last weekend! With the help of a great volunteer, we were able to get him out of his cage. Once he was out he was far more relaxed and allowed us to cut away all his mats! It took 2 pairs of scissors and a freakin' long time, but he is now "sans mats" and looks like a new dog. His claws were also very long under there and they were cut too. I'm pretty sure he feels like a new man! (Oh, and after a good feel, I can now confirm that he is, indeed, neutered.)

Look at the size of that!The new improved Brutus!
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What?! Poor dear! I've looked at his profile so many times wishing someone could take him. It breaks my heart so much to know he never was given a chance. He never got to feel the love of a family. Don't feel bad though, Clare. Asan shelter has SO MANY animals and you can only do so much. Bye, Brutus.