Blanche looking ADORABLE!
Blanche with short fur and a smile (HOW CUTE!)Blanche with her favorite toy, plush socks.Blanche with medium length fur

Quick Bio

Age: Senior (over 8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Schnauzer (Miniature)
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Grey & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

URGENT! Mini schnauzer in need of a new foster home. She is 12 years old, 5.5 kgs, and very healthy. She had her check up about 6 months ago and her teeth scaled about 4 months ago. She is house trained and very well behaved. She is very calm but loves to play and get belly rubs. She is quiet, plays well with other dogs. She is very excited and happy at first but calms down quickly. I don't know if she is good with cats because I have never seen her around a cat but Blanche is so calm I would be surprised if she did not get along with other species. She knows a few commands (high five, sit, give me your paw, ect). *She looks very different with LONG fur and SHORT fur so I posted photos of both*

Last year I found Blanche, the mini schnauzer, on Facebook's Pet Sitting Network. The woman who found Blanche took her to a local vet who said that she was 6 years old. Blanche also had heartworm. With that knowledge, I decided to take her in. I wanted her to come to America with me. After I brought her to my vet, I was informed that the dog was NOT 6 years old but infact 11 years old (this was a year ago). I decided not to take 11 year old Blanche with me to America but, I decided to keep her and give her the best life that I could for as long as I could. The vet said she had heartworm and it would be pricey to treat. She was also microchipped but the chip was disabled. The vet said that most likely her previous owner dumped Blanche on the street after the owner found out she had heartworm. I had few choices. If I put Blanche in a shelter, an 11 year old dog with heartworm had a VERY slim chance of getting adopted. Even though heartworm treatment is expensive (1 million + won and takes months to clear) we paid out of pocket and went through with the procedure. The woman who found Blanche was also kind enough to help with the heartworm treatment fee. Now, Blanche is heartworm free!

Blanche is also great with other dogs. The woman who found her has a alpha dog and Blanche got along with him. I was also fostering a very very energetic 6 month old toy poodle (I got about 4-5 hours of sleep each night because this puppy wouldnt leave me alone! LOL). Blanche sat in the corner and watched the other dog play. Occasionally Blanche tussled with the other dog but most of the time Blanche sat back and watched.

After finding out that Blanche was 11 and not 6, my plan was to find a foster owner for Blanche starting December 2012. That would give me 3 solid months to find Blanche a new foster home since my contract ended in March 2013. I was just informed that the new owner of my hagwon is NOT interested in keeping any of the teachers/staff and I am without a job and apartment. I will most likely return to the states since I decided that I will absolutely not stay past May 2013 and it is incredibly hard to find a 3-6 month contract. After November 25th, I will be without a job, and thus without housing. So, I want to take the steps necessary to find Blanche the best foster owner.

Please help! This 12 year old mini schnauzer needs your love. I can bring her to you! She also comes with 2 leashes, a metal crate, like new electric clippers, dog comb, dog toys, food, and of course her favorite blanket so she feels more comfortable in her new home. I am not sure if she is good with cats because I have never seen her around one BUT with her calm nature, i would be very surprised if she didnt get along with cats. I WILL BRING HER TO YOU IF NEEDED. ALL ADOPTION FEES WILL BE DONATED TO A LOCAL SHELTER.

Please contact me if you have any questions. Happy holidays!

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Anyang - 안양
Living Situation: In foster care


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Blanche showing off her lashes.
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What a sweetheart! I hope you find someone for her soon! :)

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Hey! I'm interested in little Blanche and I'm a HUGE schnauzer lover. Can you flush out the details of your time frame? You mention Nov. 25 as a critical date, but I understand that you are currently in NY. Can you give more information about the dates on your time line? When will you be back in Korea? When will Blanche need to go somewhere? Etc...

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Blanche is adorable. I only wish my landlord allowed dogs.

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Amanda n Leeloo,

Please check your inbox, I send you a message. Cheers.

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Hello! Quick update on Blanche for everyone - I've had her for a month now and she's been a great pet and friend. I can't believe how much energy she has!

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She looks so healthy! Thanks!! :)