6 Fatty Fluffballs

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Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Unknown
Breed: Jindo / Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
Adoption Status: Adopted

Sadly, no more puppies are available. I had some great people lined up but found out today that all the puppies went to their new homes, and we can all hope those will be good, proper loving and caring homes.

I've finally been able to connect with one of the orphanage workers (my friend who speaks English)! He's been so busy and I've been busy but I finally have...not much more information :-/ It sounds like 4 of the puppies are spoken for, or are already in new homes. I believe his workers were interested in some of the puppies so I can only hope they will give them good lives! It sounds like some of the puppies were already taken from the mom, so again, I can only hope that they were older than I thought before!

So, two puppies are available! I have one person very interested in one pup, so if you are interested in adopting the other one, please send completed application to me. I am going to go by there this week and see which ones are left and will update when I know.

Remember, these puppies are going to get BIG!
Also, the adoption fee will be donated to a shelter of your choice. I recommend Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary, the closest shelter to the puppies and where I volunteer! For more information, see the shelter page.

If you've been searching for the cutest faces and fattest bellies, these puppies are the perfect match for you!
*When they get a little older and we name them all, I will make seperate profiles for each one so be on the lookout for those!*

The orphanage where my boyfriend and I volunteer has a resident jindo, and that lovely resident jindo has just had 6 of the cutest little fluffballs you can ever imagine. I've offered my help in finding them homes (they can't afford to keep them and I was worried they would be giving them away to anyone who wanted a puppy but would keep them on a chain outside since they'll be big dogs...you know what I mean!). I originally thought there were 3 but found out today there are 6! I'd say they are about 2-3 weeks old. We first noticed them last week and one looked like it didn't even have it's eyes open yet. (I put that they are under 7kgs but they will grow quickly and although I don't know the breed of their dad, I think they'll definitely be big dogs.)

Obviously, they can't be taken from their mama yet, but I am looking for people interested in fostering or adopting them when the time comes. They live outside, thankfully they have a house but no blankets or anything, and should go to homes to start training as soon as possible!

They're jindo mixes, no idea what the dad is, and honestly are so cute I want to cry. 4 white ones, 2 brown/black.

Most of the ones I held today were boys but I was too taken with the adorableness to remember to check all the genders.
They're very playful with each other and love being held and cuddled. I even got a few puppy kisses today (SO SWEET)!

Baek-gu (the mom) is NOT up for adoption but I included some pictures of her to give an example of what the puppies may look like when they're older.

PLEASE let me know if you are interested in fostering or adopting one or more of these babies!! I'd much prefer them to live in comfy homes where they get lots of attention as opposed to a life their mama has (chained/aggressive/negative attention).

If you are interested in adopting one or more (or all:-) of these fantastic puppies, please fill out the adoption application! http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/adoption-application

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Gimhae - 김해
Living Situation: With owners


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**The 100,0000 won adoption fee will go towards their vet fees. They'll need their vaccinations as soon as they find foster/adoptive homes.

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Hi Myle's Foster mom! Thank you for looking out for these pups and trying to find them responsible homes! Who will be handling the trips to the vet/vet fees? The reason I ask, is that I personally would never be willing to hand over 100,000KRW to an owner for a puppy that's essentially been 'bred'. I'd feel like the owners were profiting by allowing their dog to become pregnant, does that make sense? I guess what I am asking is, will the adoption fee be paid to the owner of the mother dog, or given directly to the vet? Also, do you know if the owners are willing to entertain the idea of spaying Mama? Thank you! :)

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The money is for the vet and the price was set by me (I haven't even discussed it with the owners yet). I haven't quite settled on how to get it all done but I am thinking the foster parents will be responsible for taking them to the vet, and either they'll pay and will be reimbursed with the adoption money or I will pay half and foster parents will pay half, and then we will be reimbursed. Of course, an adopter would be responsible for all. I haven't planned on having the puppies vaccinated without foster homes, since they live outside in less than clean conditions and I am not sure if the owners would be willing to help out with that, money and transportation-wise (and I can't afford to pay for all 6 myself right now!), but nothing is settled yet. So I still need to sit down and talk with them about all the details. I also had the same discussion on the FB ARK group about getting the mom spayed. I'm going to ask and encourage for the poor mama's sake! But I am not so sure they'll want to put in the trouble of getting a big, dirty dog to the vet, pay the expensive bills for that, etc...Fingers crossed they do, though! When I have more information regarding fees, the mom, puppies, I'll post it here!