Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Spaniel
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Brown
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

January 22nd: Koya was sent on a plane to Portland today where she will meet her new mom, dad, and spaniel brother, Rusty! Congratulations, sweet girl!~ You deserve this! Thank you to everyone who helped Koya and supported her along the way. :)

January 13th: Sweet Koya is not picky about her people --- as long as you are ready with a kind word or a belly rub, she is putty in your hands! This sweetie has never met anyone she didn't like, and forced to watch as one by one, her pen-mates are fostered or adopted. When will it be Koya's turn? I can't believe she's even had to wait this long for someone to realize how sweet and wonderful she is!

December 30th: Koya and the other two spaniels are snuggling together, trying to stay warm on the hill at Asan Shelter.If you have a soft spot for spaniels, then this little sweetie is the girl for you! Her little bum starts wiggling as soon as she sees the volunteers making their way up the hill. I know she would make a wonderful companion to anyone willing to give her a chance. Please consider beautiful Koya.

December 24th: Koya is spending Christmas at Asan Shelter this year. Poor baby girl deserves a home SO badly, and all she wants is to be the best dog ever for some lucky person. Please keep Koya in your thoughts, and cross your fingers that this is the last Christmas she will ever have to spend in the shelter. Merry Christmas, Koya.

December 8th: Koya is so sweet and friendly. She loves any chance to get out and spend some time with the volunteers. Please consider making this lovely lady a part of your family. She really deserves a wonderful home.

Koya is a beautiful, female spaniel who has been living at Asan Shelter for quite some time. She is friendly, sweet, gets along well with other dogs, and really loves to get out of her cage to go for a walk. Koya is very affectionate and loves to show the volunteers how much she appreciates them by giving plenty of kisses and tail wags.

Koya doesn't let the shelter life bring her down. She has an amazing spirit and positive energy about her that just makes people smile. I think Koya knows that her forever family is out there somewhere, and is simply waiting for them to find her. She is a patient girl, but I hope that she won't have to wait too much longer as winter is here, and she has already waited so long already.

Koya would be an excellent companion to cuddle on the couch with, go for a lazy stroll, and to keep your feet warm on these chilly winter nights! Everyone who meets this special dog agrees: she is wonderful. If you are interested in meeting Koya, please contact me at [email protected].

Adoption Fee: ₩70,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In a shelter
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


megs's picture

What an interesting looking fellow! I'm sure he'll attrack someone with unique tastes.

matthew4694's picture

Thanks for your interest in this dog at Asan Shelter. I just began putting together information for this animal this week, so I apologize that my information is limited.

We are visiting the Shelter again on Sunday and I plan to spend time with all the dogs I have assumed profiles for. I will be sure to get some more photos and shoot video of this animal and update his profile accordingly.

Again, thanks for your inquiry and for checking out the website. Stay tuned for more!

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I was only able to spend a little time with Lash today (Nov. 11) and feed HER some hard boiled eggs and other treats. However, she did get out for a nice walk and some exercise thanks to some great new volunteers at the shelter.

I will spend some more time with her over the next few weeks and post more details soon!
In the meantime, please consider fostering or adopting this sweet animal before the cold and windy weather really sets in.

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Koya loves getting cuddles! If you are looking for a sweet, friendly cuddler, look no further!

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As soon as I arrived the shelter, I made a beeline for the Cocker Spaniels' kennel to meet Toby and Todd. However, I got a little surprise - Koya! I didn't know then that she already had a profile here because her fur was much darker than in the summer pictures, so I didn't recognize her at first. But once I got to know her she was the SWEETEST dog ever! She was the only female of the group and while the other boys were excitedly jumping all over my legs, she quiet stood by and then cautiously approached me after they moved out of the way. She was shy at first but after I sat down and offered her a treat, she quietly ate it and then leaned on my knee the whole time, watching me with quiet, soulful eyes. She didn't bark or jump around too much, and was quick to sense what I wanted from her (give me some space, sit, let me pet the other dogs, etc).

Koya was not pushy or attention-greedy. She was obviously happy to have a visitor, but she was polite and quiet when saying hi. She just loves to quietly sit by your side and lean on your leg after looking for your approval. And her coat was so soft and beautiful! Like a dark burgundy color, long and wavy. She is not that big, either so I don't think she'll be any trouble living in an apartment. But best of all, her eyes are so beautiful and she looks deep into your soul, asking you to take her into a warm home. Here are some pics of her in the snow!

koya in winterToby, KoyaKoya koya winter snowKoya Dec. 8, 2012Koya Dec. 8, 2012Koya Dec. 8, 2012koya kissKoya Dec. 8, 2012Koya Dec. 8, 2012Koya eating chicken
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Although I am interested in meeting Toby I am also interested in meeting Koya this coming Sunday she also looks very sweet and loveable. :-)

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Koya is SO SO beautiful! That picture of her with her leaning on your legs is so sweet! :)

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Koya is AMAZING. She definitely stole my heart today at the shelter. While the other dogs around here were barking like mad, she was very quiet. She never barked once. When I got into her cage to harness her up for a walk, she was so excited for attention. She jumped up on my legs and tried to give me kisses. When I got her out, she wasn't interested in walking at all. She'd stop and flop over on her back to get all the belly rubs she could. She was friendly with everyone and had no aggression issues with other dogs who were out for walks either.

When I had to put her back in her cage, she broke my heart. She looked at me with these sad puppy eyes. Koya would make an AMAZING family addition. She needs a bit of grooming but overall, she looks to be in pretty good condition. I even checked inside her ears and they don't look too bad-- just need a good cleansing.

PLEASE consider adding her to your family. If I was in the position to adopt another dog, she would be it. She has a gorgeous reddish-brown coat (not very common for a Cocker Spaniel) and the sweetest temperament.

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Koya enjoyed some belly rubs and affection from some smitten volunteers this weekend!

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Here is the last picture I took of Koya at the airport, and one of her living it up in Portland with her new brother, Rusty! :)