Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Brown
  • Three legger

September 29th: We were informed by the shelter manager that Sammy has passed away. I am so heartbroken and sorry that this amazing dog never had the chance to know a loving family. He deserved so much more than what he got. I love you Sammy. <3

July 3rd: Where is your family, Sammy? I know they're out there somewhere. You just have to be a little more patient. Please think of Sammy if you are considering adding a dog to your family. I can't think of one who deserves it more than him...

May 3rd: I've missed this special dog *so much* since I moved home to Canada. I wonder how he is doing, and cross my fingers every day that someone will take a chance on him so that he doesn't have to live out his entire life lonely and terrified at the shelter. What a sad existence for this wonderful dog with so much potential.

April 3rd: Sammy is still on the hill, so wanting to come out of his shell, but unable to receive the consistent, daily interaction with people that he desperately needs. Please visit Sammy at Asan Shelter and spend some time with him. He loves people and SO wants to trust them --- he simply needs a little encouragement!

March 2nd: Sammy continues to open up and is becoming a lot more comfortable with people. I would love to see him in a home where he could really begin to make serious progress socially. If you think you can open your heart and home to this shy boy, please contact me at [email protected]. He needs someone special to help him really come out of his shell!

February 4th: Sammy is getting braver and braver by the day! I am so proud of how far he has come having such limited socialization/interaction with people. I can only imagine how FAST and easily he would open up if he were to be placed in a home. Sammy came out to say hello to me and sniffled away as I videoed him. He was also very curious and friendly towards a young female volunteer who stopped by his cage to give him some chin scratches.

January 13th: Sammy is so special, and he really needs some special people to come and visit him at the shelter, and dedicate their afternoon to sitting with him in his cage. This boy desperately wants to trust people, but he needs a little help, first! Please help Sammy come out of his shell, and consider visiting him at Asan Shelter soon!

December 30th: Sammy is making excellent progress these days. Yesterday, I sat in his pen with him for a good long while, and was able to stroke his chin briefly. He wagged his tail, and I almost burst into tears. These dogs are not beyond hope, but if they stay at the shelter only to be socialized once a week (if that) their progress is bound to be slower. Please consider helping a dog like Sammy; these are the ones that need people the most.

December 24th: Sammy will be spending Christmas at the shelter this year. When a few volunteers visited him on Sunday, he came out of his house to say hello and have a snack on some eggs. I have already seen Sammy make tremendous progress in terms of his socialization with people, and I hope that Sammy will be able to find a foster or adoptive home soon that can help him open up and trust people. Merry Christmas, Sammy!

December 9th: Beautiful, shy Sammy is waiting, waiting, waiting. I hope he won't have to wait much longer, although being a shy, three legged dog does not bode well for him being adopted quickly. I would love to see someone special take a chance on this wonderful boy. He is not aggressive or angry; he is just scared and cannot understand why this is his life. Please don't overlook Sammy --- he is special, I know it!

Sammy is an incredibly shy, incredibly sweet dog who was brought to Asan Shelter this past summer. He is missing part of his left front leg, but it doesn't seem to hinder him in any way. Sammy can get around just fine, and often comes out to see what's going on when volunteers are walking up the path between the dog runs.

Sammy is incredibly shy. He has never shown any aggression towards me when I've gone into his cage, but will retreat into his little house when I enter. Sammy is making a little progress, however, since he has sniffed my hand and taken food from me recently, something he would never have done when he first arrived at the shelter.

Sammy is a special dog, who is going to need a special person to commit to him, and help him to come out of his shell. This is not impossible! We have seen dogs like him at the shelter before, and all it takes is someone who is willing to look past the friendly, happy, perfectly adoptable dogs, and take a chance on one who needs it the most. If you are interested in meeting Sammy, please contact me at [email protected].


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Sammy got some fresh hard-boiled eggs and doggie treats today.

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Thank you so much for posting! I did not get a chance to spend any time with him this weekend other than feeding him a few hard-boiled eggs.

This video is a terrific way to see him and will go a long way to spread the word about this sweet dog as winter approaches.

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Sammy is still unsure of himself, but with more visitors and people to show him how to trust, I know he will continue to make progress!

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Sammy is so beautiful, inside and out!

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What a beautiful boy! Has there been any interest in Sammy yet?

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No interest in Sammy, yet, but this sweet boy wins the hearts of everyone who passes his cage. New volunteer MJ spent time giving him treats. Seems he is learning to trust a bit more would be a perfect low-key companion.

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Sammy came out of hiding just long enough to get fresh food and water, plus a dose of flea and tic protection.

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I love you Sammy