Hutch - Rest In Peace

Needed: Volunteers to help socialize Hutch!
I REALLY want that egg!I want that egg!A mouth full of yummy eggs!Handsome boyBIG SMILE!

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Jindo
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Brown

27 August 2013
With much sadness I move Hutch's profile into the "we miss you" section. Hutch passed away last weekend. I hope you're in a better place sweet boy.

Foster Fee: 100,000 won refundable upon adoption.

14 April 2013 Hutch has been moved up on the hill so he has a bit more room to move around and dig. Volunteers have been in his pen to give him some treats. He is a bit shy, but I think we will have him out for walks soon enough!

A volunteer came a couple weeks ago to snap pictures of all the dogs and got some cute ones of Hutch. He was VERY happy about all the bribe eggs he got!

Such a HANDSOME, HANDSOME boy! Looking forward to helping him realize his potential!

13 February 2013
THIS SATURDAY!!! I WILL be working on Hutch! I never have information, becuase like everyone else, I ignore him. :( His life sucks!

23 January 2013
Hutch needs someone willing to come and spend some time with him. He really gets the shaft at the shelter and it is starting to read on him. I always go with the goal of working with him, but never make it back to him pen before the closing bell gongs.

30 December 2012
Hutch has been completely ignored at the shelter. I have never seen him out for a walk in the 8 months that I have been volunteering at the shelter. There are not enough volunteers to advoate for all of these dogs. PLEASE come to Asan and meet Hutch. Give him the attention that he deserves. 8 months in a cage really sucks to say the least!

November 20120
Hutch has ben living at Asan for some time now. You can often find him resting on the top of all the cages, since he has plenty of spare time to work on breaking out of his pen.

Our long term goal is to get Hutch adopted, but our short-term goal is to get volunteers at the shelter to spend a good amount of time just focued on Hutch. He is leery of people and he is agressive towards other dogs. That coupled with his siza means that he gets ignored. This is not fair to Hutch and we need some help. Please, bring some snacks and plan to visit this weekend to spend time with just Hutch. We need to get this guy socialized so that we can start advocating for a foster home and and adoptive home.


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All right, Hutch! It is nice to see a profile for this dog. Hutch does get ignored, so hopefully this is a big step in his development.

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I saw Hutch on Saturday and He is so wonderful. He is scared of people but he let me pet his face a little when iw as giving him treats. he is a sweet heart. please consider adopting him!!

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Any updates yet on this sweet boy?! :)

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He seems like the James Dean of dogs. The girl dogs must really fancy him, escaping to the roof what a rebel!

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He actually is the James Dean of dogs with smoldering good looks and a beautiful coat. He is up on the hill, right next to another somewhat aggressive dog, his partner-in-crime, Starsky.

Both are very vocal, angry, and anti-social to any volunteers approaching their cages and might need to be split up despite their crime-fighting partnership.

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With much sadness I move Hutch's profile into the "we miss you" section. Hutch passed away last weekend. I hope you're in a better place sweet boy.

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Oh no! Poor guy never learned to trust. :( What happened? Unsure?