Clark Kent

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Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Brown
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Clark has finally found a family and a home of gis own. after searching for six years he finally has a place to call his. Congratulations Clark :)

Update-Clark is doing great in foster care. He's won their hearts and now it seems he will have a permanent home. well done Clark and thank you so much to his amazing new family!

Clark Kent and Lois Lane were abandoned at a pet store hotel and after THREE years there, the pet store owner ran out of room for them.

Clark is a super friendly boy who really hates being left at BAPS. He enjoys spending time with all the volunteers and going on his walks. He does great on the walks and is very trainable.

Everybody's doing it:


Clark goes sliding!



If you are interested in adopting this dog, please go to the following link to learn about the BAPS policies and download the adoption form.


* Update 25th May*
Clarke has gone into a lovely foster family who are making a fuss of him and putting him on a much needed diet. He's already lost weight. He's also already gotten over his resource guarding. He is a fantastic dog who
has already benefitted from one on one attention. I can't wait to see new pictures of this gorgeous boy.

*Update 23rd March*
Clark is doing fantastically as always, he is still tubby but still lovely. He is such a special boy who deserves a home where he will be loved and cherished. Poor Clark has been waiting so long for his forever home, far too long. He has done extremely well waiting for his home but he does deserve one soon. He is a very loving dog so will need attention and love as well as regular walks to help him slim down. Please consider Clark, he really has done his time at BAPS and deserves a shot at freedom.

*Update February 25th*
Clark slipped his harness last Sunday, I watched it happen and was terrified. I had another dog who doesn't do well with other dogs so couldn't move to grab him. He literally trotted up to the shelter owner who he knows and climbed on his lap for a cuddle. Obviously dogs slipping their harness is far from ideal but it just shows how desperately this poor boy craves human love. If his harness is tight he can't slip it so this needs to be watched. He would do fantastically in a home and it is clear that he would love his own human or even a couple of humans to shower with love.

*Update January 21st
Last time I saw poor Clark I fell over him. It was completely my fault I just wasn't looking where I was going. Needless to say neither of us were impressed, well I was annoyed at myself and Clark just ignored my clumsiness like a true gentleman. I can officially say after this weekend that he does not hold a grudge. That boy was making such a huge fuss of me that I felt spoilt. While other people were walking him or petting him he was coming at me with his tail wagging. He has such a capacity for love and he really is a fantastic dog. After meeting someone a few times he also becomes incredibly bonded, whoever has him in their family is going to be showered with love and gratitude every day. He is one of the sweetest dogs we currently have at BAPS, he never causes any trouble and is just happy with whatever he can be given. He's been at the shelter for so long and remained so resilient he really does deserve a chance at a family.

Update January 14th
Every time I see Clark I have a smile on my face. It is impossible to be depressed with him around, he is such a happy go lucky bundle of fluff who loves life. Clark's been at BAPS a long time now but he is definitely still trainable. He also has quite a few months worth of love saved up for the lucky person who is willing to take him in. He has shown such promise in the past and really deserves the opportunity to do so once more.

Update December 30th
Clark is one of our longest residents at BAPS now and it is so unfair. He has been waiting so long for a home and is desperate for a forever home. He's very trainable and loves everyone who meets him. He loved his foster mom and became very attached, now he is attached to whoever walks him and gives him love. He needs a family who will spend some time giving him the love he deserves, he's been trained before and will pick it all up quickly if he has someone to remind him how to behave. He just needs someone to take a chance on him.

*Update December 23rd
Clark is still waiting for his forever home. He's such a gorgeous boy with a beautiful colour and a cheerful smile to match it. He's one of the happiest dogs we have at BAPS and is everyone's best friend. He is awesome with everyone he meets and loves nothing better than a good scratch and cuddle. He really does deserve a home and someone who will love him. Please consider coming to meet this superhero and let him steal your heart!

*Update November 22nd*
Clark is a lovely boy, he has met so many people and won quite a few peoples hearts. There has been interest in him but for one reason or another (none of which him) it hasn't worked out. Clark really does need a home, even Superman needs somewhere warm to lay down his head at the end of a stressful day saving the world.
Clark is friendly to everyone, he likes other dogs, he loves humans and he's been house trained in the past which will come back. He is however fat, Clark is a typical pig of a spaniel who has overeaten to the point where he is a barrel. He would be the perfect dog to get fit with or to help motivate you. He would love a little bit of help and a warm home to curl up in before Christmas.

*Update-November 6th*
Poor Clark is still at the shelter. He's really missing human contact. As soon as he's out of his cage he's eager to meet and greet all the volunteers. I'm really hoping someone comes along to save Clark from another winter at BAPS. He's the most wonderfully sweet guy and he desperately wants his own human to love.

* Update-September 25th
Clark is the most loyal dog I have ever met. I had Clark in my apartment for just a week over 8 months ago, I was then out of the country for more than 6 months and was blown away by the fact that Clark still remembered me after all of that time. In fact he was trying to get over to me during the walk while someone else was walking him. If there is one thing I can guarantee to any potential adopter is that you will be the most special thing in his life. While he was fostered I used to go on playdates with him, my dog and a couple of other dogs. All of the other dogs were playing but he only had eyes for his foster mom. He really is a beautiful loyal pup. He also needs to get out of the shelter soon. I was shocked when I saw him again after 6 months, he has put on so much weight due to his lack of exercise and the free feeding at the shelter. An active loving person would be ideal for Clark.

*Update-September 1st*
Poor Clark, he's been a BAPS shelter for almost a year now. He's the friendliest dog at BAPS. He loves walking and cuddling. Clark would love nothing more than his own home with a special human to cuddle with. Please consider giving the wonderful Clark a home.

*Update-July 1st*
Poor handsome Clark keeps getting overlooked by potential adopters and volunteers on Sundays. He super friendly and loves giving kisses to his human friends. He's been at the shelter from a while now and really needs to get out. When we open the cages on volunteer walking day, Clark is probably the quickest to try to jump out. He's a great walker, neutered and his coat is beautiful. He looks great and is the most affection pup at BAPS.

*Update-June 28th*
Sweet Clark is still in the shelter. I don't understand why this beautiful boy is still here. I don't think there is a dog that loves being around people are much as Clark. Last Sunday Clark was really happy to get out for a walk and even more happy to be able to cool himself down with a paddle in the river. Clark is starting to put on some weight because he isn't getting the chance to have all the exercise he needs. Clark needs a home where he can get lots of walks and give lots of love.

*Update-March 7th
Clark is back in the shelter. His foster mom loved him but she is headed back to the U.K soon so Clark is still looking for his forever home. He's already house trained and has only had a few accidents. Clark loves humans and would be totally devoted to his human companion. If you are looking for a devoted and loving dog, please consider Clark Kent.

*Update-February 27th*
I will be out of the country for a few months so a lovely volunteer named Claire will be taking over my profiles to make sure they don't expire! You can contact either of us with any questions, but she will be faster to answer. However, I am still more than willing to help if you need me:-)

*Update-February 18th*
Clark really needs to find a new foster home (or forever home!) before the end of March! His foster mommy really doesn't want to see him go back to the shelter!

*Update-February 4th*
We met up with Clark and his foster parents for a doggy play date. There were 4 dogs but Clark was mostly interested in his mommy and the other humans! He is a little sweetheart! He just sat behind his foster mom and stared at her lovingly! Don't you want to be the apple of Clark's eye? :-)

*Update-January 29th*
From Clark's foster mom:

"Clark Clark Clark, what is there to say about this handsome chap!!! I’ve been fostering this loveable little critter since the end of December and although he can be a handful at times, he is the cutest most loving dog I have ever met! All he wants is human contact and love. He’s not really fussed about having loads of toys, just a lap to sit on and a cuddle is all he needs. No high maintenance with this pup. I took him for a check-up at the vet on the first day and the vet seems to think he is around 8 yrs old as he has slight cataracts, the state of his teeth and a few grey hairs. The vet said scaling wasn't necessary for his teeth but I do have to brush his teeth once a day which is preferably a two person task but can be done on your own. He loves the taste of the toothpaste but it tends to make him sneeze?! The first day or two I had him he would whine when I left, no barking though which is great considering I wouldn't have been the most popular person in my apartment block. However, after some door training his whining has improved and he will only whine for maybe a minute, if at all, and then I can hear him wander off back into the apartment. He’s done really well with his training and is now trained to sit and stay when it comes to his food/snacks, putting his leash on, waiting at traffic lights, lift doors etc and will even offer you his paw for his foods which just makes me melt every time. As for walking he walks well on the leash, pulls a little for the first few minutes but calms down a lot after that, still needs a little work but he’s getting there. I take him out between 4 and 6 times a day depending on my work schedule and usually take him out to the nearby baseball park to let him off the leash as it’s all fenced in and he’s a quick one when he gets running :0) Just be warned you won’t be able to have a quick 10 minute walk as people LOVE him. Every time I’m out with him people of all ages and nationalities come up and pet him and he loves the attention, straight up to them with his little tail wagging ferociously and if he’s really feeling like showing off his ‘fall in love with me’ trick he’ll collapse onto the floor, roll onto his back with legs right up in the air for a tummy tickle and go into his ‘I’m in dog heaven’ pose! Adorable doesn't even cover it! He’s great at night too, sleeps in his own bed through the night (snores like a trooper when he’s particularly tired) and is up in a flash for his first walk as soon as I’m up and my feet touch the floor (I only wish I could be the same as soon as I’ve woken up). He’s pretty much pee pad trained and will only have accidents when I’m out of the house, never when I’m in. I’m sure with time that would improve though as some days he has no accidents and some days he has a fair few. The only slightly negative thing about little Clarky is that he resource guards. He won’t let you take a toy from his mouth and will growl and snap at little but again with time and training I’m sure this would improve. He is a very quick learner but unfortunately with his background in the pet hotel I think sharing is not going to be a quick fix. He will let you pet him and touch his face but not the toy or chew bone etc. As he doesn't play with his toys much, it’s not too much of an issue in the house but out on a walk it can be as he sometimes picks things up off the floor (chicken bones etc). So, you have to keep an eye out whilst walking or you have a bit of a mission getting him to drop them. All in all he is a GREAT dog and just needs attention and love each day. I think he would really benefit from either another dog in the house during the day whilst people are at work or someone that is home more often than not. I think this is what contributes to the weewee accidents in my apartment. I believe Clark has a little separation anxiety so tends to wee when I leave but as I said before this is getting better the more he realises I do come back every time! Also, it would stop him from thinking he’s the dominant one as he’s in the house more than the owner! I will be leaving Korea in March so I would love to find Clark another foster or even for him to be adopted before I leave as the thought of putting him back in the shelter makes me want to sob! So if you’re interested or have any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them :0) This is one old dog that CAN be taught new tricks so please don’t let his age put you off as with time and patience Clark will be the best dog you could wish for and more!!!"

*Update-January 15th*
Clark is doing so well in his foster home but he is still searching for his forever home!

*Update-December 30th *
What a great day for Clark!! Clark went into foster care today with someone who fell really hard for Clark! They adore each other already and Clark will thrive in a home, I am sure of it! Will post pictures soon!

*Update-December 23rd*
Clark had a great day. A potential foster came to meet him today and immediately fell in love! Clark really needs to get out of the shelter so we're all excited for next week when he should be going to a nice, warm and loving home!

*Update-December 17*
Clark had a rough day yesterday. He just cries and howls when he isn't with the person he is most attached to. He got a lot of walks and enjoyed those but poor Clark needs someone to love him every day! He is easy to train and does not cry and whine in the house after being trained not to (which didn't take long). Please someone consider giving Clark Kent all the love he needs!

Clark is very sad to be back in the shelter. He was happy to see people but cried and whined when not being held or loved on, especially by Grainne who took him home for a week. Clark would do much better in a home. He also had some pain in his paws, where apparently his nails had been cut too short and we noticed after his walk that he was bleeding, which could have been part of the reason he was crying so much! His pads are doing much better though, where he had the infections.

Please check the comments section for updates about his week in a home! He is now back at the shelter. He would much rather be in a warm home with some love and attention!

In preparation for the BAPS calendars, some of our dogs had special photoshoots! Leo Mendoza took gorgeous pictures and you can see some of Lois and Clark here! If you want to order a BAPS calendar full of pictures and stories of BAPS dogs (some adopted, some adoptable), let me know!

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Busan - 부산
Living Situation: In foster care


geegcurtin's picture

Clark had a wonderful first night! First of all he seems to be house trained. He waits until I bring him out to do his business. He is a big whimperer, but already he is improving a lot (and it's not even been a day!), I've used a spray bottle on him to stop his whimpering/barking when I leave the apt and so far he is responding really well. I left him alone for a couple of hours last night and there was no barking or whimpering!
He seems to have gotten very attached to me, I presume he will act the same way with any person that takes him in. He doesn't seem to care about anything else other than me and being close to me. He is so sweet, I even have to sit next to him when he eats so that he will do so. My boyfriend came around last night and Clark only had eyes for me! There is no aggression in him at all! Our foster dog Willy can really bring out aggressivness in dogs as he is really full on, but Clark was great with him (just ignored him really) He is very used to being around dogs as he was with about 20 others in a room at the pet store.
He has no commands whatsoever, I'm trying to teach him sit and so far he responds more to affection than food.
He is the sweetest little guy and I know he will make the perfect pet for someone! More updates to come soon!

geegcurtin's picture

Clark is doing incredibly well in a home situation.
He is so loving and is always by my side. The great news is that his whimpering has decreased so much. When I leave the apt there are no whimpers, I just hear the pitter patter of his feet going to the couch. He also doesn't seem to get into things when I'm out. He isn't fully house-trained, I usually find a couple of pees in my apt when I come home from work, but other than that he is perfect. He will never pee inside at any other time. I usually bring him out about 4 times a day to do his business. He has never pooped in the apt. I would have loved to bring him for a hike but unfortunately he cannot go for walks right now because of the cuts on his paws. I brought him to the vet yesterday though and it's not serious, they just need time to heal.
If I didn't have another dog, there is not a hope that Clark would ever go back to the shelter as he is just a dream dog! His leash training needs work and unfortunately I haven't been able to work on it because of the problem with his pads. He is starting to understand sit and usually sits before getting food. He has never showed aggression except for when he has a toy or treat. He will growl if I go near him, I think this is something we can easily overcome though.

He is great to sleep with, he cuddles up by your side for the whole night, sometimes I wake up to him on my pillow and laying his head on my hair or neck. I know that if anybody is considering Clark as their furry friend the second they meet him they will just fall in love with his gentleness!!

marlajoy's picture

He sounds like such a sweetie!! Thank you for taking him home! Can't wait to watch his progress!! :)

geegcurtin's picture

He is wonderful!
Unfortunately I had to bring him back to the shelter yesterday. I was heartbroken sending him back and it was nothing at all to do with him. I had promised my boyfriend that it would just be for a week, so I had to keep my promise. As I said if I didn't have my dog then I would have kept him! I have had a few short term fosters from the shelter and Clark is the only one that really made a huge impact on me. I cried last night feeling like I let him down sending him back. The love that he gave me in just one week is like no other that I've felt from any other human or animal. But I know that once someone comes and volunteers at the shelter they will fall in love with him.

JJinSK's picture

Aww... He just wants to give his love!!

elizabethbennet's picture

Hi, my husband and I want to adopt a dog and Clark seems like he might be a good fit for us. We would love to come meet him at the shelter in Busan. Do we need to set up a meeting?

JJinSK's picture

Thanks for your interest! If you want to meet Clark you can come to BAPS volunteer events on Sundays from 11-3. You have to volunteer twice to have a month trial adoption. If you feel that the dog is a good fit for you and your family after the month, you can adopt him. Click the link below for more information on BAPS. Good luck! :)

Myles' mom's picture

Elizabeth, Clark is a wonderful dog who only wants to be loved! I am sure you will adore him as soon as you meet him:-) As JJ said, you need to volunteer two weekends in a row first, then you can take Clark for a trial adoption, if you decide you would like to. You also need to fill out the adoption application which you can find a link to in Clark's profile. Please send the profile to Claire ([email protected]) as I am out of the country and don't have much time for screening! As soon as Claire receives the application, she can begin the screening process. You are welcome to begin volunteering at any time, of course! If you have more questions, please email me at [email protected] or you can email Claire at the above address. Thank you!

elizabethbennet's picture

Thanks for the reply. We live in Daegu, so I was hoping that we would only need to go through to Busan once. Is the rule about volunteering twice bendable?

Myles' mom's picture

Daegu isn't too far from us, fortunately! The policy is not bendable, simply because it shows us the potential adopter's dedication to the process and also we are able to get to know you better that way! We've had people come as far as Seoul to volunteer two weekends in a row and we feel much more confident about those people because they put in the travel time and the few hours of volunteering time. Adopting a dog is such a big commitment so we are just hoping to see a little of that commitment before a dog is taken home. From Daegu, you can take the KTX to Gupo Station which is only about 30-45 minutes. Then you can take the brown subway line to Daejo, where you transfer to the purple line (Gimhae-Busan light rail) and go to the King Suro's Tomb station. Gupo to King Suro's Station is about 30 minutes so in all it will only take you an hour to hour and 15 minutes. All the volunteers meet at the station so you can share a taxi with other volunteers:-) However, if you're driving I can get you in touch with Leo (shelter owner) who can give you driving directions right to the shelter.

6colorbracelet's picture

What a beautiful dog! I hope he finds a home! He looks almost like a Golden Retriever puppy!

geegcurtin's picture

eeekkkk I can't believe he is still at BAPS! He is the sweetest dog and has shown, through his fosters, that he is willing and able to learn! He is the perfect size, too small to cause any damage to an apartment (unlike my dog!) he is also a MASSIVE cuddler! When we used to have play dates with him, all of the other dogs were running around like crazy while Clark only wanted some human attention!

Francesa's picture

I had a fun walk with Clark today! He had a great time playing with the other dogs and volunteers. He's a lively boy with lots of energy.

geegcurtin's picture

Poor Clark, I saw him for the first time in 6 months last week and unfortunately was shocked at how much weight he has put on. I have so much love for Clark and he has so much love to give to anybody that is willing to take him. He NEEDS to get out of the shelter so that he can lose his extra weight and start getting regular walks feeding and most importantly love!

I'm so surprised to see that he is still at the shelter after all of this time :(