Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Gold & Black
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
  • Three legger
Adoption Status: Adopted

Uma went to her new home a couple weeks ago. She is doing very well in her new home :)

Thanks for everyone's help and for the kind words of encouragement!

New video of Uma below.
Uma will need to find a new foster home by the end of March. I will be leaving Korea then. Please consider Uma. She is totally well behaved, doesn't cause any problems indoors or out, good with other dogs, likes to be played with but also entertains herself when I'm busy.

Uma is doing well, but is still having issues with her skin. The vet is now suggesting that she has really dry skin, so I've been giving her Omega oils and rub her skin with coconut oil. I have also been feeding her a home cooked diet which consists of about 70% meat. It seems to be slowly helping.

The good news is that Uma is quite intelligent and listens when I call her, so I let her loose in a park where she can run around with Belgi. Her face lights up when she's able to run around freely. She is also doing a lot better with strangers, sometimes allowing them to pet her, even.

Uma is a beautiful, sweet, and affectionate dog who has been in foster care for nearly three months. Uma is up to date with her vaccinations and is spayed. She's being treated for a bacterial skin infection with a weekly shampoo, and is improving. She is around 3 years old and around 7.5 kg.

Uma is a three-legged dog who was taken out of a shelter. She was very scared and shy when I took her home but over about a month, she began to open up. She wouldn't allow anyone to touch her and would pee when I'd approach to pick her up, but now she loves attention and enjoys being scratched and petted. Uma also likes to give kisses. She is generally a quiet dog, but briefly barks when strangers make noise outside our apartment. She gets along very well with most dogs but she's shy around new people (it takes her a couple days to get used to new places and people). I have to emphasize how sweet she is. She's a remarkable dog.

Nobody knows what happened to her leg, but it seems not to matter to Uma. She is a very fast runner (check videos below) and loves to be outdoors, but also likes to take long naps in a warm and sunny spot on the floor. She jumps up on my bed and up stairs, sits and stands like most other dogs. I hesitate to call her a handicapped dog, because the missing leg does not make that much of a difference to her.

The videos below will show you Uma enjoying herself outdoors and indoors with my dog Belgi. We usually spend the day at home (especially now that it's so cold) playing games, eating treats and sleeping. Uma is a very well behaved, relaxed dog.

I will be leaving Korea at the end of March so I'm looking for a foster home (if a permanent home isn't found), as well. The adoption fee is 100,000 won. If you'd like to meet her, get in touch with me. If you do meet Uma, you will not really get to know the REAL Uma, as she is a bit shy around strangers (as I said earlier, it takes her a bit of time to trust strangers), however, what you see in the videos below is Uma when she's very happy and excited, which is who Uma really is.

Here's a new video of Uma.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Yongin - 용인
Living Situation: In foster care


clare_bell's picture

What a beautiful girl! Thank you for giving her a chance Piotr. I love seeing the shy dogs transform with some TLC. :)

clare_bell's picture

Great updates Piotr! I can't believe she hasn't been snapped up yet! She's such a lovely girl.

marlajoy's picture

She looks so lovely! That missing leg doesn't slow her down at all! She can totally keep up to Belgi in the snow! Thanks for taking her in!! :) Hopefully she'll find her family in the new year!! :)

Shubha's picture

What an adorable girl! She looks almost exactly like my dog that I rescued last year. He is a very sweet, gentle, yet energetic little baby and it seems like she has a similar personality.

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Yay Uma!

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So this is my dog. How do I do updates to her info? I received an email from a very concerned lady who wanted to know how Uma is doing. She claimed others were also inquiring about Uma. It would be easiest for me to just update her page here. So... how? :) Thanks in advance for any help...

marlajoy's picture

You can just update right here in the comments section and include any pictures you may have. :) Can't wait to hear about Uma! :)

Piotr's picture

Brittany, I am sure everyone would love to see some new pictures of Uma, as well. I am not sure how to hand over the profile to you, but if you email me with an update and pictures you want me to post here, I can do so.

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Hi all,

Since Uma's already adopted, please post updates and pictures in comments. Editing Uma's main profile will bump her back to the "Congratulations" block on the homepage which is reserved for the animals most recently adopted, so please don't do that :) Thanks!