Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Golden
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
Adoption Status: Adopted

***MAY 12 UPDATE*****

Sparty is going to Canada! He flies out on the 19th to his loving home, with a brother black lab!



Below you will see a jumble of updates about Spartacus. The sad reality is that he came to us in 2011. No other adoptable dog has been at BAPS longer than him. I don't know what it is with him.... BAPS adopts about 50 dogs a year out to loving homes, so that means as of this writing (April 2014) Sparty has seen over 150 of his mates get adopted, while he just remains....

He's had a couple chances at adoption, but always at the last minute things don't pan out for him. He remains..

Someone give him a chance.

OK, the below updates are the work of multiple volunteers who have all written about him. These updates will be difficult to sort, as no one thought of including a year in the update (just day and month)....


Spartacus... a dog with a personality as bold as his name!!

Spartacus is a wonderful dog and would make a perfect pet in any living situation. He is super friendly to humans and dogs alike. He has never shown aggression towards other dogs or humans, in fact he is probably one of the friendliest dogs I've met.
He was found wandering the streets in Busan and was lucky enough to be taken in by BAPS. But he has remained at BAPS for 6 months waiting patiently for his forever home to come along. Every person that volunteers at BAPS falls in love with him, but only one person was serious about adopting him. Spartacus went to his foster home and thrived there, but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances (the fosterer got accepted into medical school but wasn't allowed to keep a dog in his building) Spartacus returned to BAPS.
During the last typhoon myself and my boyfriend took him in for a couple of days and he was great. We have a cocker spaniel about the same age and they loved each other, just tiring themselves out chasing around the apartment. But Sparty mainly wanted to be loved, just sitting on a lap at any chance he got, or sleeping at your feet. He is a MASSIVE cuddler He did have a bit of separation anxiety the first day we had him but he quickly got over this. Also he didn't react well to being confined in a small area (the bathroom or the balcony) while we were in the apartment (he just wanted to be near us). But being in a crate was fine for him. His foster owner told us that once he had a sheet over his kennel/crate he never whimpered and was quite content in it. He didn't poop while we were at work (but he did when we got back, we weren't quick enough to bring him outside) He did pee quite a bit in the apartment but this is to be expected. He does seem like a quick learner, by the last day he managed to actually pee on the pee-pad.
Sparty loves walking but he does need proper leash training as he will try to pull you and lead the way.

As with most cocker spaniels he will thrive best in a situation where he has a strong owner that will assume the dominant role in their relationship. If this sounds like you and you want an energetic dog that loves to cuddle please don't hesitate to contact me!


If you are interested in adopting this dog, please go to the following link to learn about the BAPS policies and download the adoption form.


*Update April 20th*
Sparty was fantastic today he played alongside all the other spaniels. He is a funny little dog who tries constantly to jump into your arms and give you kisses. He loves it when you sit down with him and make a fuss. He's been starved of consistent love for so long that he will take any love going. He's had a shave so is much cooler and ready to play. He's a very sweet boy who has been waiting for too long for his forever family to come pick him up.

*Update March 23rd*
Sparty is such a happy go lucky guy who adapts well to any situation. He has been a dream at BAPS and seems to be content enough waiting for his forever family. But, he has been waiting so long for it...It would be fantastic if we could get Sparty into a home where he is loved and cherished. International adoptions are welcomed with all BAPS dogs, it would be great to see Sparty getting the love and devotion he really does deserve.

*Update 25th Feb 2014
I hate updating Sparty's profile, it's so hard. What can you say about a dog that is nearly constantly stuck in a cage and has been for over a year? Everything about his beautiful nature has already been said. He is a champion who loves people and affection. He is the kind of dog that will love a cuddle and will be sat eagerly awaiting your return from work as soon as he hears that keypad go. He's very good natured and seems to like all other dogs so he is perfect for a two or more dog household. He's not fantastically high level energy but he needs more exercise than say a Maltese. He's genuinely a great dog, it is hard to find a dog who is better natured at BAPS than Sparty. Every week he is almost a starter dog, we all know how well behaved he is and give him to new volunteers. Halfway through the walk at the cuddle point (top of the hill) he sits with his volunteer and showers them in love, how can someone not want that permanently? He is a lovely boy who really deserves a chance, it would be great if we could find him someone soon.
*Update January 14th*
Winter is officially here but that isn't a problem for this happy go lucky guy. No matter what the weather or how long he will be walked for Sparty always greets the volunteers with a giant smile and a goofy look. He's such a lovely boy who will really excel within a home. It would be great if we could get him in a home this year as he has been waiting far too long. He has done extremely well in homes before and this is something which will come back to him very quickly. If you are worried about him being used to living in a shelter don't be, this dog was born for walks, hugs and a pillow with his name on it. If you can provide him with those three things then he will be your best friend for life!

*Update December 30th
I don't know what to say about Sparty that hasn't been said already. I genuinely don't think there is anything new to say about him. I have already extolled all of his virtues but still his forever family hasn't come forward. He has been waiting far too long and needs someone to call his own. I love his little face and think that he looks like a mad professor with the confused facial expression. He is a delight to walk and enjoys everything about it, from the small blades of grass which he pees relentlessly on to the humans he gets to snuggle at the end of it. He has done his time and really does need a home where he can be appreciated for the awesome dog that he is.

*Update December 13th

Poor, poor Sparty...He was super excited about going to New Mexico but we have since found out that the shelter he was flying to has sometimes had to euthanise in the past, this is a risk we can't afford to take with this special guy. So, it's back to the drawing board at the moment. We are still looking for a home overseas for him and have some great contacts in the USA who are working their socks off to find this little guys family. Sparty still has a travel fund, the money is being left and any donation labelled Spartacus/Sparty will be kept and put towards his flights in the future. If he is fortunate enough to be adopted here then we will use the money donated to fly another little guy/girl out of Korea. Everyone here at BAPS is devastated not to be sending Sparty to a new home as he's such a deserving boy. So, once again it breaks my heart to say this but Sparty is back on the market and desperate for adoption. Our priority is to get him into a home either in Korea/overseas. Please feel free to message to find out more about this little gladiator.

*Update December 6th*
If you want to spread a little bit of christmas cheer please consider donating to Sparty's fly home fund. We are now fundraising for Sparty to go to New Mexico and find his forever family out there. If you would like to donate or have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to give you the details.

* Update November 22nd*
I don't understand how we are not having to fight potential families off with a stick for this guy...He is so sweet and has such a unique geek chic look. Sparty is a lovely guy who really does deserve a chance. He has the opportunity to go to America but as with everything it is funds which are an issue, please consider donating some money to help him get to his forever home. If you want to make a donation please donate to the BAPS account and label it Sparty. He really would appreciate a helping hand to get to a home.

******Update November 13th*****
Okay guys last chance saloon to adopt this beautiful boy before he jets off. He is still at the shelter and we are fundraising to send him off. That is all if someone doesn't fall in love with him, he still waits patiently for someone to come along and make him instantly his. I honestly think that he is the kind of dog that when you see him you will know. Please consider coming and spending some time with this cuddle bug.

****Update October 14th *****
Sparty had a little bit of a photo shoot this weekend and he definitely seemed to enjoy it. He was so excited that he kept climbing on top of the wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. Of course, when the photographer tried to get a picture of him like that his little feet slipped and fell. He looked crazed for half the shoot because he was so happy but it was lovely to see him getting a bit of extra attention. He also had a little bit of a facial trim which helped accentuate his devilishly handsome features.

*********Update October 6th*********
Sparty's luck might be changing, he has been waiting in Korea for so long for his forever family, and boy has he waited patiently. Having failed to find his home here in Korea BAPS are planning to fly him out to New Mexico to give him a better chance at adoption. This has been organised with one the previous adoptions coordinator at BAPS as she now works with this animal charity. For Sparty to go abroad is huge, it will give him the break that he has been waiting for so long for. Please consider donating to BAPS labelling it Spartacus, the money donated will go towards getting him to New Mexico, the fresh chance and forever family that he so desperately needs.

********Update September 26th*******
Sparty is surviving at the shelter but he's waiting for his new life to start. He will be happy when he gets a family to cuddle up to, he isn't asking for much just a corner to curl up in and a few hugs and kisses. He is such a special dog and deserves a family to make him feel cherished and loved.

*******Update September 9th*******
Sparty is still waiting for his family to come along and sweep him off his feet. Please consider giving this guy a chance and making him part of your family, he really has been waiting too long...

******Update August 27th******
Sparty once again showed his beautiful character and temperament this weekend with all the volunteers. He is remarkable in that he completely ignores everything apart from you and the walk, he is so focused on getting out and getting some exercise that he bounds along next to you sniffing and watering the plants. He could really do with being walked every day and having someone regularly give him love. Despite being slightly larger than the average dog in Korea Cocker spaniels are actually good apartment dogs, they love their sleep and will wait patiently for you to come home and take them out.

****Update August 22nd ****
Spartacus was beyond awesome this Sunday. He had all the volunteers laughing at his attempts to fit in the water bowl. He was desperate to cool down but not leave his humans side. He truly is a snuggler and you can tell that he is just waiting for that special person to come along. I don't understand how he can still be at the shelter, he is such a lovely little guy with so much potential he just needs to be given that shot to prove what a perfect pooch he can be.

***Update August 9th***
I find that when I leave BAPS on a Sunday Sparty is the dog who I can't stop thinking about on the way home! He is such a happy little dog, a classic spaniel who wants to shower someone with love and affection. He has been waiting for his forever home for far too long. But, still he doesn't seem to lose faith, every Sunday he greets us volunteers with a wagging tail and what looks suspiciously like a huge smile. If the smile isn't enough to endear him to volunteers his comical behavior on the walk is enough. He greets every bush like it is an old friend (although sometimes an old friend who needs to be peed on obviously). And then when you come to the river he wants nothing more than a little dip. As with any shelter dog who has been in a shelter training will need to be done but he is so eager to please that this should not present too much of a challenge. If you want to be greeted every day with a huge smile then Sparty is most definitely the dog for you.

**July 28th Update**
Sparty is still waiting and waiting ever so patiently for his special someone to come along. He just wants to love you and is such a good dog. Please someone take him home he's been at the shelter since April 2012, I don't know why he 's had to wait all this time ;(

*June 23rd Update*
I took Sparty for a second walk today as he looked really sad lying on top of his kennel. We worked on walking nicely on the leash and he did really well. On our way back he stayed behind me the whole time and didn't pull at all, so he's a fast learner. He got really tired from the heat at one point so we decided to sit down on the side of the road and have a cuddle. Sparty is a really great dog with so much love to give. He's been waiting patiently at the shelter for 15 months now, I hope he doesn't have to wait much longer.

*June 2013 Update*
Sparty was the first one to greet me when I arrived at the shelter yesterday with a big hug with those huge paws of his. He went for a nice long walk in the sun, it was a little too hot for him on the way back so he lay down in the river to cool off.
Please consider this goofy, funny puppy with the most beautiful eyes in the world!

* Update May 26th 2013*
Still waiting, waiting and waiting...Sparty came back to the shelter today after receiving treatment for his eye infection, luckily it healed up perfectly and he has his beautifully bronze chocolate eye back again.

*Update May 2013*
Ohh Sparty. Last week we discovered that he has a pretty serious eye infection. Luckily he went into foster care last Tuesday to get the treatment he needs. I really hope he will be ok, he has the most beautiful golden eyes. Hang in there buddy. This poor boy really deserves a break.

*Update April 2013*
Sparty had a great day today, he got lots of yummy treats and got his shaggy matted coat all shaven off. He looks like a different doggie. He could only go on a little walk as we were worried about him getting sunburnt!
Sparty Sparty Sparty, he's still waiting ever so patiently for someone to take him home,even after a year at the shelter he's still the happy, cuddly pup everyone loves. Please consider making room in your apartment for Sparty, he's one guy that really deserves it!

* Update March 31st*
Sparty went for a long walk today with his pal Crixcus. He was so tired on the way back he kept passing out on the side of the road but with a few words of encouragement he bounded up to us again again. Sparty is such a placid dog, he walked great on the leash today, gets on well with ALL of the dogs, even the grumpy one, all the humans at the shelter too always have time to stop and say hello to him. Please consider giving this great guy a chance, he really would be a great companion.

*Update March 5th*
Sparty has cheered up a little since last week. It was great day for a nice spring walk at BAPS, he did a little sun-bathing when he came back from his walk and got yummy roast-chicken strips from some volunteers. He has a new cagemate, Crixcus, they seem to be getting along well, playing together. I just wish someone would take him home..his year anniversary at the shelter will be coming up soon. ;(

*Update* Unfortunately Sparty has returned to the shelter. It was a nice break for him and he got a good bath and lots of love while he was away. But now he is back at the shelter and is desperately looking for his forever home. His foster mom said that he did really well, although he still isn't housetrained she noticed an improvement by the end of the week.
Sparty did nothing wrong and it isn't his fault that he was returned! His foster mom works long hours and felt that he needed someone that had more free time to give him the training that he needs! But she said that he was a great houseguest.
Please consider this cute, cuddly, friendly sweetheart!

Great news for Sparty, he has been taken home for a trial foster, everybody at the shelter was so happy because he had to endure the harsh winter in his cold cage. Now he is enjoying the sweet life! But unfortunately this is only a short term foster so Sparty is still looking for his forever home...please consider this loving guy!

Poor Sparty keeps getting overlooked, it would make both his and my life if someone choose him! He is so friendly and sweet I can't understand why he is still at the shelter!

Sparty had a great day walking with the volunteers yesterday. He especially loved the cuddles he was getting!
A lot of new dogs have recently arrived at the shelter...we just hope that the ones like Sparty won't be forgotten about, please consider fostering him!

*Update* Spartacus is still at the shelter waiting for his forever home. He is such a friendly guy and would love to be out of the cold shelter for winter!

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Busan - 부산
Living Situation: In a shelter


tarasugrue's picture

Sparty is such a sweetie! Everyone at the shelter loves him so much. He used to have two cage mates to keep him company but they have both gotten fostered recently. It's so sad to see him alone in cage now when you walk into the shelter. Please condsider this guy he really needs a break!

JJinSK's picture

Everyone at the shelter loves Sparty. he is a goofball and loves being the goofy center of attention. How can you not be in a good mood when you're around him??

geegcurtin's picture

That's such a gorgeous photo of Sparty!
I'm still hoping and praying that by the time I get back to Korea Sparty will be in his forever home!

geegcurtin's picture

Awh me too Gra, I just can't understand why he is constantly over-looked :(

Stephan's picture

I love this guy... He's seen so many cagemates and other BAPS dogs come and go. Yet he stays. He waits... I just hope he doesn't lose that happy, great thing inside of him that makes him such a great dog. I made this video that features Spartacus, and a fellow BAPS long-timer Huck, to showcase a small part of his story. Please share it on Facebook. Together we can find his special someone. Love you boy! <3

BAPS-Leo's picture

Sparty is such a water dog!