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Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Maltese / Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Congratulations Raymond!! His foster family could never say goodbye now:-)

Raymond is having a wonderful time in foster care with his family! They love him, he loves them. Could it turn into forever? We'll see:-)

Raymond's new foster family picked him up today! Everyone was very excited, including Raymond or "Ray Man" as his human foster brother calls him:-) Check out the new pictures!

Great news for Raymond! A wonderful family will be taking Raymond home on Tuesday. While in foster care, Raymond will be warm, receive loads of cuddles and finally be getting the love he deserves! I am thrilled for Raymond and the very excited family. They are going to have a wonderful time together!! Of course, Raymond still needs his forever family so keep him in mind!

Raymond had the BEST day with some new volunteers. After we got back from our walk, they sat and cuddled him for the rest of the time! You should have seen how happy Raymond was, tummy-up in one lap, then another just being petted and rubbed! He absolutely adores people and his only wish is to have someone to belong to who will show him love and attention every day!

I visited Raymond this evening and tried to give him some much needed cuddle time. Poor Raymond:-( He's having such a hard time being left over and over. I've never ever had a dog fight SO hard to not be put back in their cage! No dog really likes it, but Raymond was desperate to stay out. It was heartbreaking. And as you can tell by the new pictures, it's getting too cold for him. He needs a home soon!

In preparation for the BAPS calendars, some of our dogs had special photoshoots! Leo Mendoza took gorgeous pictures and you can see one of Raymond here! If you want to order a BAPS calendar full of pictures and stories of BAPS dogs (some adopted, some adoptable), let me know!

Raymond had another great volunteer day. He went on several walks and got lots of cuddles. Raymond gets attached so easily and hates when all the people he knows and love leave him in the cage week after week. He will make a great apartment dog for someone lucky enough to take him home!

Raymond had a great day with some new volunteers. A family walked him and spent time with him and he soaked up all the attention. The little boy said he wanted to take him home, so let's keep our fingers crossed for Raymond:-)

Raymond is still at the shelter and since both of his cage-mates are in foster care, he is very lonely! Please consider Raymond if you are looking for a very loyal and loving pet! He does get very attached and would do better as the only dog in a home.

Raymond was brought back to the shelter and is back in an uncomfortable cage. He needs a warm and caring person to take him home forever!

From Raymond's foster dad:

"Raymond is the perfect dog for someone seeking a loyal companion. He is highly intelligent and already knows, in English, the commands for sit, stay, paw, and other paw. We’ve been working a bit on lay down now as well. He loves to be around people, especially to sit on a lap or next to you, and receive attention. He also gets along great with other dogs.

He loves his walks and would be best for someone who can take him out at least once or twice a day (with anything more just being a bonus). He’d also be a fine match for someone who likes to do some jogging as he has the spirit and energy in him to keep up if that matches your lifestyle. As long as he gets his regular walks, he doesn’t go inside the apartment. He is pee pad trained, but I found his aim was a little poor, and would rather he just does all his business outside.

This dog is a real people pleaser. He’ll be the perfect match for anyone wanting a true buddy."

Raymond’s rescue is memorable and sad. He was found tied to a tree, left there with no food or water. He happened to be found at a perfect time; a dog had just been adopted from BAPS, leaving a space open for Raymond! We thought he was the luckiest dog in the world when someone fell in love with him on his first day at BAPS! A week later, he was taken to his foster home. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for poor Raymond. Once again he found himself in a cage he hated.

We had Raymond for a night when Bolaven came and I can say for certain, he is one of the most lovable/loving dogs I’ve ever met. He would be happy to sit on your lap and cuddle with you all day long (as long as you pet him a lot)! He enjoys going for walks and being outside. Raymond was mostly pee-pad trained and it would not take long for someone to fully pee pad or housetrain Raymond if they took him into their home. He’s eager to please and be loved!

Raymond is a lucky dog. When the next bad typhoon hit and the dogs had to be cleared out of the shelter, one of the volunteers took Raymond and decided he should keep Raymond until he finds his forever home! You can be that home!
Many more pictures to come soon!

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Gimhae - 김해
Living Situation: In foster care