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Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Alaskan Malamute
Size: Large (over 20 kg)
Colour: Black & White
  • Spayed/Neutered

February 11th: Beast left Incheon International Airport yesterday and has since landed safely in Detroit. He is now on his way to his forever home! Thank you to everyone who supported Beast and helped him on his way, and a big thank you to Jordan who acted as his courier. Good luck, Beast! You deserve this!~~

February 4th: Hopefully some good things are coming Beast's way very soon. This big boy deserves a fresh start and a brand new life! He didn't get out this past weekend and was pretty restless in his cage (understandably so.) Just a little while longer, big guy! Hold on!

January 13th: Beast got out for a nice walk with a kind volunteer this weekend. He just loves getting out of his cramped cage to stretch his legs and get an extra snack or two tossed his way!

December 30th: Beast got out for a romp yesterday with Glenn and enjoyed every minute of his freedom. Beast is looking a little sad these days whenever it is time to go back into his fortress of solitude, but can you really blame him? Beast is totally people oriented and needs someone who can provide him with stability, training, and most of all, love. Let's hope Beast will find his happily-ever-after someday soon.

December 24th: Big Beast is spending his Christmas at Asan Shelter. Let's hope next year's holiday is a happier one than this.

December 10th: Beast is hanging out at Asan, waiting for his ticket out of the shelter and into a home. The cold isn't bothering this Malamute boy too much, but the loneliness and boredom of staying in his cage, 24/7, sure is. I hope that in the near future, Beast will get the chance that all shelter dogs deserve and he is able to start enjoying his life.

November 11th: Beast got out of his cage and went for a nice walk with a volunteer this past weekend. Poor Beast is so matted and uncomfortable in his new, smaller cage under the green roof. Please stop by and say hello to Beast and the other animals at Asan Shelter sometime soon. They would really, really appreciate it!

November 3rd: Check out Beast and some of his friends in this video of Asan Shelter dogs who are desperately needing homes:

October 13th: Beast was neutered and received heartworm prevention this weekend to make sure he remains healthy and adoptable! :)

October 6th: Beast is a big boy, and a hungry boy. Come visit Asan shelter and bring some extra snacks for Beast! He will repay you with big, sloppy smile!~

September 22nd: Beast! You are so beautiful and such a kind dog. No wonder all the volunteers love you!!~~

September 15th: Beast had a wonderful day at the shelter today, going for a long walk and getting pampered by the volunteers. His size and hirsute characteristics are the only thing about Beast that are remotely 'beast-like', he is an absolute sweetheart! Come meet Beast at Asan Shelter; he would love to see you there! (Especially if you bring him some extra snacks!^^)

Beast is a friendly Alaskan Malamute who has spent several months at Asan Shelter. He currently resides on the hill with an elderly Golden Retriever. Beast was tested for heartworm (negative!) and given one round of DHPPL vaccine a few months ago. He is a big boy, and loves to eat! Beast walks fine on his leash, although he will need some help learning not to pull. He is very friendly towards people, but not overbearing. It would be great for Beast to find a foster or adoptive home soon, since it is really, really hot for him in the Korean summer under that massive blanket of fur. If you are interested in meeting this bundle of fur and love, please contact me at [email protected]. Beast is waiting to meet you!


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Beast is a healthy boy...And he LOVES to snack!

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How big is Beast?

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I was wondering, does anyone know if next summer we can just pay a hair cutter to go and cut the dog's hair? I think we have lost a lot of other animals like poor Bentley and I'm pretty certain it was because of that. I would hate to see Beast stay their til the next summer, however, there will be other dogs there that will need a trim

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He's a really beautiful dog.

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Beast is awesome and such a beautiful dog. He is ready to love and be loved by someone soon.

Beast is all smiles
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Beast is really friendly to people and loves to go on walks.

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Hey, I saw his profile in the adoption section, isn't he being adopted? Its been a few weeks since I've been up, but when I was I know that there was someone there who decided that he was definitively adopting Beast.

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Hello JAS, Beast is available for adoption. He is in the Asan shelter.

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Beast made a new friend at the shelter today. They had a nice walk together and then Beast enjoyed some affection. :)

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I think Beast is super smart and would be so loyal. If you took him home, gave him a bath and brushed his coat, it would be a world of difference. He could also stand to put on a lot of weight, but I think he would respond very quickly to training away from the distractions of the shelter and a good healthy diet. He is a powerful dog, so he should really be the sole animal in the family. He is shelter favorite, but we would all love to see him go to the right family. I recommend him highly.

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I just love this big, hairy, Beast! :)

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Beast is such a great boy, I know he's going to find his forever home soon! He had four little girls tugging on his tail and coat with a brush last week and didn't even care - he's patient and loves his attention! When I walked him he pulled less on his leash than normal, so I think after some constant exercise he'll ease up. I'm no professional but I know Beast's going to be a great friend for someone - the more people in his family the better! The girls and I got out a lot of his shedding fur, and he looks WORLDS different than when I first met him! He's still got some matting but he has a beautiful coat that just needs a little extra time to care for.

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Beast is simply breathtaking. I can't imagine what he would look like with his coat properly cared for. What a stunning dog.

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WOW! Beast is so big and powerful. However, he has a soft spot and loves to be petted and adored. He literally melts from affection. The evidence is in the pictures. *^^*

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Some photos of Beast's journey to the States! :) Thank you so much, Jordan!

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Really great news. Beast looks happier in that kennel than he has in ages. The last time I saw him in Asan he was so miserable. Thanks Allison and everyone else.

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Omgosh! BEAST GOT ADOPTED?!PRAISE GOD and a HUGE Thankyou to everyone! He was one of my favorites and is such a sweet heart Yayayay!! CONGRATS BEAST!

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Beast in VA

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So amazing!!

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June, 28, 2013

From Alaskan Malamute Rescue of Delaware (AMROD):

"Some very sad news about Beast, the handsome boy from Korea. Remember he was adopted back in March to a family with children who named him Samson. The love between the kids and Samson was reciprocal. Samson had surgery this week and crossed the Bridge while at the vet. Our sincere condolences to Samson's family. Thank you for giving him a happy life the short time you had him."

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Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm happy he got to experience the love of a family though.

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Sophia, thanks for letting us know. Please pass on our condolences to his family if possible. Thank you to his adopters for giving him the home that he deserved for the last part of his life. Beast was a great dog with a huge heart. He had a huge impact on everyone who saw him and spent time with him.