Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Large (over 20 kg)
Colour: White
  • Spayed/Neutered
Adoption Status: Adopted

November 13th: Ghost was adopted today by a dedicated volunteer from Daejeon. We are all so happy for this big girl and thankful to Glenn for bringing Ghost into his home. Congratulations, G & G! ;)

November 11th: Some very good things might be happening for Ghost in the near future...check back here for details soon! :)

October 20th: Ghost had a few special visitors today and was happy to get out of her cage --- she wasn't so happy to go back in, though. ;)

October 13th: Ghost received heartworm prevention this weekend to make sure he remains healthy and adoptable! :)

October 6th: Ghost went for a check up at the vet's this week and she is a healthy girl! Yay, Ghost! Thank you Pam and Jared for sponsoring Ghost's health check. She is such a lovely dog and deserves an equally lovely home. Any takers?

September 22nd: This special girl got a lot of attention from the volunteers today. She is so gentle and kind, it's impossible not to fall in love with her.

September 15th: Ghost is so beautiful and gentle: you hardly know she is there! She is very eager to get some extra food, and likes going for a walk once she's decided you are a friend. This lovely girl deserves so much better than a cold cage outside. Please come and meet Ghost at Asan Shelter! She is an amazing dog.

Ghost was rescued by Mr. Park from Asan City Pound and brought to his shelter about two weeks ago. She is extremely skinny and needs to gain a lot of weight in order to fill out her giant frame. Ghost will be an incredibly large dog once she reaches her ideal weight; she is all legs and tail. :) Though she appears healthy, she hasn't had a health check yet so her heart worm status is currently unknown. Ghost is beautiful, gentle, shy, and sweet. I sat in her pen for about twenty minutes before she would come say hello. After we introduced ourselves, Ghost became comfortable with me quite quickly and allowed me to put a harness on her without fuss. She walks well on a leash, but obviously pulls a little bit. She is very curious to meet other dogs and cats, and her tail didn't stop wagging the entire time I had her out. Ghost got some snacks and extra food yesterday; hopefully she will be able to beef up in no time! Please come say hello to this beautiful dog at Asan shelter. She would love to meet you!

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In a shelter


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Ghost, the gentle giant:

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WHAT A CUTEY! It's so sad that great dogs like these don't get the proper care they deserve. I know she will do great in a home!

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Beautiful Ghost.

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Such a sweet pooch with an unforgettable face...this is one friendly ghost!!

Ghost Dog
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Ghost is a beautiful dog with a gentle spirit. What a special girl.

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Ghost is a healthy pup!~~

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Ghost is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I spent a couple hours with her today and I can't emphasize enough how ready she is to be in a home with a loving family! I did a lot of different things with her today and learned a lot about her. She let me run my hands all over her, letting me pull her tail and ears, and letting me pick up all her legs and play with the pads of her feet and her double hind dewclaws (a Pyrenees signature). She also let one of the volunteers remove a tick that was lodged pretty well right next to her right eye. This may sound mundane, but these are pretty big tests to ask a big dog to do, especially in a stressful environment and only minutes after having met me!!! :o)

She is still very skinny, but someone said that she has put on a lot of weight, so she'll be up to her ideal weight in no time! Despite being very skinny, she is VERY polite when taking food from people (men, women, and kids alike)!!!! She let me put my hand on her snout as she ate and she even let me remove a treat from her mouth! I was also able to put my hand in her food dish while she was eating. This is very lovely behavior from a dog that needs a good 20-25 pounds added to her frame to look less like a skeleton! She also sits for treats, and if you know about Great Pyrenees, you know that this is no easy feat!

Ghost was also EXTREMELY quiet today, as in, not a single peep! Pyrs are often notorious "alert barkers", so the fact that she was virtually silent is an important thing to note! She also seemed fine being around other dogs. She let them do the butt-smelling ritual and didn't seem fazed much. She did want to be playful with a few of the other dogs, but it was all well within the range of what is considered normal playful behavior for a dog. She walked fairly well on the leash, considering she only gets out once a week and probably hasn't had regular "leash time" in quite awhile. She does have some of that infamous Pyrenees stubbornness and had a few moments of "Nah, I'd rather go this way", but this mostly happened when it was time to go back to her pen, and I know if I had a taste of freedom, I'd also sit my butt right down and refuse to move if you were going to steal away that freedom! Rest assured, though, with a simple food offering, she got right up and pranced along side us to where we wanted her to go.

Ghost also had very little reaction to a few other simple tests that I did: give her a hug, raise my hand (looking like I might hit her), make weird noises, stand over top of her, ignore her, stare at her, make sudden movements, examine teeth, and restrain her with her harness. Again, these are some simple, but very telling tests for a dog.

Overall, I'd say that Ghost is a very calm, confident dog who is aware of her size and understands what is expected of her and what "good dog" behavior is. She didn't display any fear or aggression of any kind, and seemed more than willing to accept most of what was done to her with an ease and trust that is not always easy for a dog, especially in a shelter environment. I'd say that she would be good in a home with kids who can respect and understand her size, and that she could easily learn how to behave with even younger children (although she might not quite understand this at first).

She does seem somewhat trained - can sit and can give gentle, standing hugs - so I think she might have fallen victim to the breed standard of roaming and perhaps wandered away from her family, because Pyrs aren't the greatest at USING learned behaviors (again, they are stubborn), and I highly doubt she was taught these skills at the shelter.

*****Please note that I am NOT a professional dog trainer and the "tests" I did came from my own understanding of dogs, so anyone interested should definitely consult a dog trainer if they want a more professional assessment of Ghost!!! :o)

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Here are some pictures of Ghost from her adoption day. Way to go, Ghost! :) Thank you, Glenn!

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Wowee!!!! So happy! Congratulations Ghost and Glenn! She looks right at home already! This makes me all warm and fuzzy!

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oh, such wonderful news!! I'm always especially happy when one of the big dogs gets adopted!! Thank you, Glenn!! :)

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Geez Louise these photos of Ghost and Glenn are AMAZING!! Thank you Glenn! I didn't think she could get any more beautiful but she has in only a matter of days. Those eyes are stunning!!

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you're awesome glenn!!!!

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Awesome!!!!!!!!! Yay for Ghost and Glenn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Update from Ghost (now Clem) and Glenn: Clem (actually I'm thinking about changing her name) is lying on her back, quite un-lady-like, beside me as a type. She's a pretty happy Canadian immigrant. She's going mental in the snow. We'll just be walking along a sidewalk in the city and she'll suddenly jump in the snowbank and start rolling around. I went snow-shoeing yesterday with her for a couple of hours in the hills behind my place in Quebec. Some of the attached pics are from that hike.

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OH! This makes me so happy!!! :) What a wonderful update!!! :) THANK YOU!!!

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Me too. I get a warm, fuzzy feeling just looking at her blissful face. <3 Thank you Glenn!

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How's Ghost doing? :)

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Glenn reports that she is right at home in Ontario. They have recently had another deep snow and she absolutely LOVES running and playing in the snow. She also seems to enjoy eating it, too.

She is a remarkable story and is so happy and healthy as a part of his family there. Things went so well, he is back here now looking to take home another (smaller) dog as a buddy for her!

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Oh goodness! there really couldn't have been a better update, hey?! And that second picture is priceless!!!! :) Ghost is having a grand time! :)

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That's not Ghost! She looks completely different! :D

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I was totally thinking the same thing - I actually had to scroll up to the top to see if I was on Ghost's page! :) She looks great!