Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Poodle (Miniature)
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Good with dogs
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

December 17th: Pook has been traveling all weekend long, and will soon be safe and sound in Vancouver with his forever family. I am so happy for this sweet little dog; he truly deserves the best home out there, and I know he's found it with John and Jerry. Thanks for saving him, you guys!

December 9th: I collected Pook from Asan on Saturday to board him at the vet for one week prior to his departure to Canada! He will be getting some pampering and keeping warm while he awaits his flight, and I will visit with Pook every evening to take him for a walk and make sure he is okay. I am so happy for this deserving little boy --- not too long now, Pook! Here is a short video of Pook and my foster dog, Jack, on a little walk after work:

November 11th: We are DESPERATELY looking for a courier for Pook! Anyone flying to Vancouver or Seattle before December 15th PLEASE contact me here. It will be very, VERY minimal effort on your part (all that will be required of the courier will be to reserve Pook on his/her ticket, and to help him through customs once he lands in Canada/America) and all other organization and costs will be taken care of. Also, it would be amazing if someone could foster Pook until a courier can be found; his little Poodle body is not built for the winter temperatures. :(

November 3rd: Check out Pook and some of his friends in this video of Asan Shelter dogs who are in desperate need of homes:

October 13th: Pook received heartworm prevention this weekend to make sure he remains healthy and adoptable! :)

October 6th: Pook had his check-up and he is a healthy boy, ready for his forever home! Don't miss your chance to add this amazing little guy to your family! :)

September 22nd: Pook is being such a patient, GOOD boy waiting for his forever home. He is a little confused though, since his amazing personality and sweet nature should have landed him an adopter by now. Pook the poodle is fantastic! Come and meet him for yourself!~~

September15th: Pook is as cute as ever, and BOY is he coming out of his shell! This sweetie pie loves to be cuddled, walked, and just loved. If you have room in your heart for this wonderful, affectionate little dog, please contact me at [email protected]!

September 1st: Pook's hair is growing out a bit and he's looking rather adorable! Come and meet this curly little guy for yourself!

July 29th: Pook loves getting out of his cage for some attention and walking. Pook has a lot of energy and would be great for someone who enjoys going for walks. Although Pook is still a little shy towards people, he is very eager to meet the volunteers and explore the shelter. Please consider this sweet guy!

Pook is a cute, meek little poodle who came to Asan a few weeks ago. So far, he seems very quiet and a little sheepish. He seems to like people, but is still a little shy and reserved. Pook is very slender with super long skinny legs and a spindly body. He looks even sillier now that he has his hair shaved --- but I personally think it showcases his adorable little face! Pook's doe-eyed expression will melt anyone's heart. Please consider this lovely little guy to foster or adopt. Pook is waiting to meet you at Asan shelter!

Adoption Fee: ₩70,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In a shelter
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


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This little one looks super cute! I hope he finds a home soon!

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Pook is adorable! Look at those long legs!~

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Pook: Aug. 26, 2012

This was my first time meeting Pook, and I think I could fall in love with him!! He's super sweet!

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Seriously, how cute is this dog?! And those lang bene!! Oulik! (Afrikaans, sorry! It just needs to be be said in a multitude of languages.)

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I walked Pook last weekend at the Asan shelter, what a cute poodle he is! I have never met a dog more eager to getting out of his cage and going for a good walk. He didn't come across as shy at all. Pook loves people and loves to be held and cuddled, he is such a friendly dog! He needs a bit of training for walking on the leash (he was all over the place!) but I believe he is a fast learner. If you are looking for a small, easy-going and friendly dog than Pook could be the one for you!

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September 2012
Please consider fostering or adopting Pook. Winter will be here soon.

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Pretty Pook

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Hi Pook! We will find you a home soon! I promise.

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Pretty Pook made a new friend today! Seriously, everybody LOVES this dog!~~

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Pook is a healthy little Poodle! :)

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Happy Halloween from the Pookster!~~

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Friendly, cuddly Pook:

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Pook's journey began on Saturday, from Incheon International Airport. From there, Pook was headed for L.A., where he would be put on a cargo flight to Vancouver via Alaskan Air to complete the last leg of his adventure home. Good luck, Pook! Can't wait to see you happy at home!

After his last walk on Korean ground at Incheon Airport.Bundled up safely in his crate and ready to be boarded!
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Wonderful!! Congratulations Pook!! Thank you for getting him to his forever home Allison!!