Tip & Lefty

Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Black, White & Orange
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

Previously: "5 rescued kittens/7 weeks old/socialized"

Update: Tip and Lefty were adopted--by me. They got too big and there were so many kittens everyday, I just decided to keep them. They are each about 6.5 kg (BIG boys) and still pretty darn cute.

UPDATE! All of the girls--Lily, Pippa and Minute have been adopted! Lily and Minute went to their new home together and Pippa (brave girl) went to a home where she will have a small dog, a turtle and a hamster as her new companions. Tip was actually adopted and also went to his new home last week, but his new mom had to return him the next day because she had a huge allergic reaction to him overnight. So, basically Tip has had his first road-trip and sleepover! :P

The two boys--Tip and Lefty--are now 10 weeks old and full of beans. They are both about 1kg now, but their eyes are still dark--an olive green instead of baby kitten navy--and they still make ferocious kitten faces at each other when they play.

Both the boys have had their first check-up (healthy kittens!) and the first vaccination in the series of three that they will need, Both are eating dry kitten food on a daily basis. They both play together very well, but each one also plays with toys by himself, so would be OK as an only cat. They are both affectionate with people and loved to be held and cuddled.

Scroll down for personality traits. . .

I have 5 kittens for adoption. Here’s the story: 4 weeks ago, a Korean neighbor on my regular dog-walking route called me over to his house to show me a litter of kittens he’d found. He said the mom-cat (she was a stray) died and he didn’t know what to do. So, of course, I took them.

They were only about 3 weeks old, so they stayed at a vet for 2 weeks to be checked, monitored and bottle-fed every 4 hours with kitten formula, until they were weaned. Then, I brought them home. I've had them for 2 weeks and they are completely socialized with: a large dog, adult cats, using a litter box consistently, eating from a bowl, drinking from a bowl, scratching on a scratch-pad (not clothes or furniture).

Currently there are 2 boys and 3 girls:

Tip (orange and white boy)/ 650g: he is the most affectionate male and likes to cuddle. His favorite toy right now is a black shoelace (I call it the snaky) with which he races around-one end in his mouth and all the others kittens chase the other end. He likes to play rough with his brother, but is less adventurous.

Lefty (black and white boy)/ 650g: he is the most adventurous and likes to go exploring. He’s pretty fearless. He also likes to play a little rougher than the others and stares down my full-grown cat without a problem. He likes to play with his sister, Pippa, the most.

Lily (tri-color girl)/620g: she is most like Lefty but less adventurous. She loves to chase things and climb, but she likes to snuggle up with me when she gets tired. Her favorite sleeping buddy is her sister, Minute. She usually has a tiny, or sometimes silent, miow. Also, she loooves meal-time.

Pippa (black and white girl)/630g: she and her brother, Lefty, play together the most right now. She will play with (literally) anything. She’s vocal and will miow when she’s hungry. She’s also brave enough to play with my older cat. She usually forms the third in a play-group with Lily and Lefty.

Minute (tri-color girl)/550g: she’s the baby, in more ways than one. She’s significantly smaller than all of her brothers and sisters, but plays with them fearlessly. Although, after eating, she is more likely to want a cuddle with me than play with her siblings. She’s the only one who purrs every single time I pick her up. Her favorite sleeping buddy is her sister, Lily.

I have loads of vids and pics, which the website will not allow me to post, so if anyone is interested (or know someone who is interested), please let me know:

[email protected] or 010-6654-5225

The kittens will require the standard donation fee of 50,000won to be donated to Asan shelter, BUT please be aware that they are ready for their shots (according to my vet in Daejeon, the 3-shot series will cost about 150,000won--for all 3 shots). All the kittens MUST be spayed or neutered at about 7-8 months (around Oct-Nov). This operation will cost about 150,000won for males and 250,000won for females.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Daejeon - 대전
Living Situation: In foster care


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Wow what a cute bunch! Hope they are find homes soon;o)

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God bless these little guys and bless you for doing the right thing by them. My husband and I live in a studio with two adult cats but that doesn't stop us from fostering lots of kittens! Things get a little crazy (and a little expensive!), but if it's a matter of saving lives then in our minds there's no question!

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These 5 were easy. In the USA, in 2006, I had 11 kittens and their 3 feral moms in my second bedroom--all were adopted. Then in 2008, I had 2 litters totaling 13 newborns (my sister had the moms who were positive for FeLV and we couldn't let them keep the kittens)--had to tube-feed them, but 10 lived and were adopted. Love doing this. . . :-)

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That's amazing! The kittens of this world are so lucky to have you as their helper :)

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Congrats on the finding homes for the little girls!

Are Tip and Lefty the only two still waiting then? If so, could you change the name/title of this page to "Tip and Lefty"? Only names should be in that field :) Thanks!

Fingers crossed the two of them will have good luck soon, too :)

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Hello Karen, Thank-you. Can I change the first part of the field to 'Tip & Lefty and leave the rest the same (i.e., ' 5 kittens, etc')? I want people to know it's an update on the same, previously posted kittens, not 2 new kittens posted. Let me know. . .

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I will send you a message via contact form so as not to clutter up Tip & Lefty's adoption page with technical issues :)