Harley Quinn

Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Female
Breed: Unknown / Other Breed
Colour: Black, White & Orange
  • Good with kids
  • Litter trained
  • Bonded pair
Adoption Status: Adopted

Finally found a loving family for Harley Quinn. We wish her the best!

Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: With owners


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Are you looming for a foster home for any of these kittens?

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angelique.welsh's picture

I am yes. I am leaving Korea this year so if I do not have any successful adoptions before I leave, I'd like them to have foster homes at least.

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Ok! I'm probably not going to be able to take all three of them but I can at least take one. I have animals back in the states with family right now so I am just looking to foster to help animals find great homes they can stay at forever. Please let me know if you can use my help. I can send you my email too if that's more convenient for you :)

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Do you plan on vaccinating them before you adopt them out, or will they be the responsibility of the new owner?

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My dad said that if we cannot get them vaccinated before the adoption, the fee for adoption will be returned to the owner or just simply take no fee for adoption to help them care for the kitten(s).

It will be the responsibility of the new owner however we won't charge them for taking the kitten. It sounds fair and reasonable to me.

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I think that's very fair as well. Hopefully I will be emailing you soon about one of these beauties! Just gotta tell the bf first ;)

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OK then, I look forward to your response. Angelique

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angelique.welsh, you cannot use the ARK website to give kittens away for free. Please see:

I know you want to do what's right for the kittens. If you cannot have them vaccinated before they are adopted, then I think a better solution is that you collect the adoption fee and return it to the adopters ONLY AFTER they show you receipts for their vet visit, or go together with the adopter to a vet clinic and have them pay the 'adoption fee' directly to the vet (as part of their vet bill).

I'm not saying anyone who has voiced interest here is not responsible, but I've heard of far too many cases where promises were not kept. Please also read the page on screening adopters.

In any case, if you're not going to charge an adoption fee I will have to remove this listing. Please let me know what you decide.

angelique.welsh's picture

Hi Karen,
Sorry for my misunderstanding. I will charge for the adoption in accordance with your guidelines. Angelique