Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Orange & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
  • Bonded pair

December 1: Quint has been adopted! You've won me over, Buddy!

November 10: Quint is dealing with some health issues (liver problems) so until he is feeling better, his adoption has been put on hold.

UPDATE: September 7: Brody and Quint, and the rest of their family, have spent the last week settling into their new home in a small town in Jangseong-gun. As a "welcome to your new home gift" I bought them a cat tree. Take a look at the pictures below and you'll see that they, along with their foster brother, Gray, are already enjoying it! :)

July 15, 2012. I am the new foster mom for Brody and Quint. The previous foster parents said that to know them is to love them and I absolutely agree!! After only one day with them, I have fallen hopelessly in love. They are just so sweet, tender-hearted and affectionate. They love each other so much and I can't help but feel love for them when I see them interacting. Such special kitties!
*6/22- My husband and I and our two cats have fallen in love with Quint and Brody. How I wish we could just keep them! Quint and Brody are so sweet, tender, and endearing. They are people loving cats. To know them is to love them. We are hoping and praying they get adopted soon. Whoever adopts one (or even better, BOTH) will indeed be blessed with a loving and affectionate companion. Thank you.

Quint and his sister Brody were going to be euthanized, but luckily found a foster mom who who loved them to pieces for a few weeks. She had to move back to America, so Quint and Brody moved to another lovely foster family where they were loved and adored. That family had to leave the country and now Quint and Brody are in their 3rd foster home with me. How do I know they have been loved to pieces? Because these two kittens are the most cuddleable, kissable, loveable fosters. They give back just as much affection as they get and purr as soon as you touch them. They love to be loved and love to be near/on you. Both he and his sister play very gently with hands- no biting, scratching, or rough play. They would be great with children. I think Quint is the goofball of the two, which figures- he's the boy after all : ) He is quite the comedian!

Ideally they would be adopted together, but we are willing to separate them if it means getting them forever homes.


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I seem to be having some trouble with the photo uploader. I'll put more photos up as soon as that's working properly.

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Hey Dawn! I also had trouble with the photo uploader even with photos smaller than 2MB. I had to re-size everything before I could upload : /

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Aww! Great photos and videos! I wish I could see them with Peanut and Ovid. They look so happy!

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Wow, 310 views. Man, is the view count depressing! Seriously, what purpose does it serve except to depress the people hoping an praying for homes for these animals?! The higher the count goes the more hopeless I feel!

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Don't feel hopeless! I left a message for you on Brody's page. :)

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Thank you!!!!

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the very first day with me and my other animals and they are already cuddling and lying next to my dog, Alexis!

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Quint in his new home.

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Quint playing with his brother and sister:


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Quint, Brody and their foster family.

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Quint's new best buddy :)

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This made my day, Marla!!!! This is great!

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Who wouldn't love these sweethearts?! :)

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I love all these posts, pics and vidoes, wow! Super lovely and so cute! Well done!

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Quint (along with his sister and brother) LOVE to climb things but since I can't let them outside, I created a 'tree' in my home by hanging a couple blankets on the wall and letting them go crazy! As you can see, Quint is a BIG fan!! :) In the second picture, you can see Quint and Gray and the lump under Quint's front right paw is actually Brody climbing from underneath the cover! :)

Quint climbingQuint, Gray and a hidden Brody
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Brody, Quint and Gray, playing in their new cat tree.

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That's awesome Marla! Such happy kitties!!

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Hi, my husband and I are very interested in adopting both Quint and Brody. You can contact my husband via phone at 010 3818 8559, or email at [email protected]. The only issue right now is we both will be gone til November but are willing to pay for them now and expenses during the month of October. We will be here in Korea until April and then would be moving home with the kitties to Washington state. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Josh and Michelle Miller

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Wonderfull! Thanks for the interest! I just sent your husband an e-mail. Looking forward to hearing back from you! :)

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Here are some very recent pics of the kids :)

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Family love, starring Quint, Brody, Meadow and Alexis!! :)

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They look so cosy and comfy!!

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Quint, Brody and I (Quint especially) have been through a whole lot in the last month and, at this point, there is no way I could consider letting anyone else adopt them. If we make it through this, they will have more than earned a forever home! You have a home with me for the rest of your lives, my sweet angels. :)

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That is definitely the best decision. <3 Lucky kitties!! Sending you all BIG hugs, and a big kiss for Quint. xxx

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Quint and Brody and their family (Alexis, Chloe, Gray and Meadow)!

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Quint passed away in bed early this morning surrounded by his whole family. His last conscious movement was to tenderly wash Brody's head. That's just like Quint to be concerned about Brody right to the end. Brody gently washed his body in his last moments and all the others got a chance to lie next to him and say their goodbyes. Quint, you were such a light in my life and I don't know what I'm going to do without you. I'm so sorry I couldn't have given you a longer life. I hope you are in a good place. I love you buddy. We're all going to miss you something fierce. Bye.

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Marla, I am so sorry to hear of Quint's passing. He was such a lovely little guy, and I know he will be missed. Thanks for giving him a chance. Big hug!

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Marla I am so sorry for your loss. I know it is so very VERY hard. I am praying for you right now in your time of loss I hope that you feel the comfort and love of everyone. I know you did so much for him and He needed you and I know his life was so much better with you!! again i'm praying for you!

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Oh, Marla, Derek and I are so very sorry for your loss. That is so very Quint to be tending to his sister and so very Brody to be by his side tending to him. Animals never cease to amaze me and that is certainly an image I'll never forget. We've fostered a lot of cats, but Quint and Brody were just extra special and Quint has always had a special place in my heart. This is a very sad morning for us, and I'm not doing so well at holding back the tears, but we'll try to think on all our happy memories of the time we had with him. Give Brody hugs for us. I hope she's doing ok. Quint, little buddy, you will be loved and missed forever, you precious, wonderful little cat. Thank you for teaching us the meaning of selflessness. And thank you, Marla for giving him a wonderful life. It may have been short, but it was happy and full of love and that's the important thing.

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I'm so sorry about Quint, Marla. What a lucky little boy to have been with a family who loved him so well. You were his miracle, as you are to your entire furry family. Thank you for everything you did for Quint, and everything you do for the animals here in Korea. <3 Big hugs from Allison, Sharkie, Tank, and Jack! xxx

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Marla, my little family is thinking of yours. We enjoyed and were inspired by all of your animal stories. I am so happy that the two of you had each other and that he was also surrounded by such a large and amazing animal family. Love always!

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Marla, I'm sorry to hear about Quint but glad he had some time with you. Thanks for everything you did for him.

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Marla, so sorry and sad to hear about Quint's passing. I loved following his story here on ARK and it really warmed my heart to see him find an amazing home with so many other furry friends and I'm happy he was able to spend his last moments together with them. I'm sure he knew how much he was loved by you and his new friends. Thank you so much for giving him this chance and finding him a wonderful family. Rest in peace lil one. Hugs to you all xx

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Really sorry to hear of your loss. Many hugs and well-wishes to you from me and my three furkids.

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Marla, I'm very sorry about your loss. I can see Quint had a wonderful life with you.

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Thanks everyone for your kind words. Amanda and Derek, I know you guys knew Quint well and I'm so thankful you gave me the opportunity to share a small chunk of time with him! I'm having a really hard time dealing with this - I've always had a really strong connection to animals and it's all the more intense when the animal is an absolutely lovely, affectionate, sensitive cat like Quint. He was so special. Knowing that other people care, helps.

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Well, you are certainly not alone in your heartbreak today. I feel overwhelmed whenever I think about it and have this awful pit in my stomach. I have been thinking about him and you all day and at first I was angry because it just doesn't seem right or fair at all, but the more I thought about it, I realized that there was a reason why he and Brody were never adopted. I cannot help but feel they were meant to be together, with you, because this was going to happen, and I found some comfort in that thought. I am a believer in things happening for reasons and not because its a nice or fuzzy thought, but because, empirically, I cannot deny that they do. So, as wrong as it seems, there is so much right in what happened in Quint's life, beginning with him and his siblings showing up at OUR vet of all the vets in Jeonju and some people taking chances on six wily and wild feral kittens! In going back to that first night I saw them; all terrified, filthy, tiny, hissing and spitting in the trap cage, and then thinking about their transformations into the happiest most loved and loving kittens, then you (in particular!) answering our prayers and giving them the best home a couple of Jeonju street cats could ever want, I can't help but see "meant to be" in all of that. We're all here for an instant, Quint, you, me, so how long that instant is, is so much less important than the quality of that instant because that's where the meaning, and beauty are, and what is life without those even if it's for 100 years? When you think about Quint's life from that perspective, you realize how terribly blessed he was to have so much happiness, love, warmth, and all those good things jam-packed in his instant. Almost makes you jealous : )

Someone sent me this story a few months ago when my cat back home in the States passed away, and I thought you might appreciate it.


I love the little boys thought that "animals already know how to do that." And doesn't Quint just prove it : )

Take care, Marla. You hang in there and just hug the crap out of your furry family tonight : ) And give Brody an extra hug from us.


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That is such a nice message Amanda! Thank you. I do believe things happen for a reason but I selfishly wanted more time with Quint. It may have been his time to go but it definitely wasn't my time to let him go. I wanted him around for another 10-15 years! He was such a joy to have around. All of my animals have little quirks that can be slightly annoying at times but Quint was the exception. There was absolutely nothing about him that ever was annoying. Seriously. He was pure love, pure joy. That brings me to the story you attached. What a lovely story; it really touched me because it certainly seems to apply to Quint. Quint knew better than anyone how to live a good life full of loving kindness. Just his presence could make the worst of days the best (my other animals do a pretty good job of this too). I miss him so much.

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I was just hoping to help knowing that there are few things that can be said that will ease the pain. If it helped, I am glad : ) I have always had a strong connection with animals too and according to my parents, a heart that's too big for my own darn good! Animals were always thought of as family members in my home and when one wasn't there anymore it had a profound effect on all of us, but me and my sensitive, little self, all the more so. People say that what separates us from animals is our ability to reason, to do ethics, and such, but to me it just seems entirely irrelevant. Animals don't need to weigh the goodness and badness of an action or behavior because they never intend badness the way we do. My animals help, or rather teach me to be a better person. They have so many virtues that I don't or that I struggle with. How ironic is that considering the popular notion that it is ethics and reason that separate us, that make people better. I think our best role models are the ones we tend to overlook and take for granted in that respect because we think they're the ones that need us; our pets, fosters included! And however they have blessed you, or whatever they have taught you, just keep paying it forward. That is the best we can do to carry on and to honor their memory and their time in our lives : )

If you would like any photos or videos of Quint, I have quite a few that were never uploaded on ARK. Just let me know : )

Take care,

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Well said, Amanda! I have always looked at animals as teachers as well. In my home, animals were merely objects to be raised and slaughtered or companions in the house for as long as it was convenient and inexpensive. In spite of the way in which they were treated and the dreadful personalities of the people around them, they were always so full of love and peace - that was a profound lesson for me. It's because of them that I am an animal loving vegan. All my animals, especially Quint, are always teaching me to be more loving, more at peace and more present. And, because of his death, I am really making sure to appreciate my other animals even more than before because one never knows when their time, or my time, will be up too. Amanda, down the road I will most definitely LOVE to see more videos of Quint but right now I'm not ready. It's hard for me to even look at any of my own pictures of him. Thanks for the offer though!

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Marla, thank you for giving Quint such a kind and caring family. i know you wish Quint could have stayed around longer but the time he did have with you was a priceless gift.

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I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, Marla, and I'm sending positive energy to you and your furries during this time. Thank you for giving him such love and care.