Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Unknown
Breed: Unknown / Other Breed
Colour: Black, White & Orange

Very cute kittens waiting to be adopted by a new family. They are tiger, color mixed brown, black and white. They are probably female. But it's not sure. They are still very small.

The Appartment guardian found one abandoned kitten on 21 May front of the appartment and a second kitten on the following day.
They are around 5 days old according to a veterinary on 22 May.
Im taking care of them in my apartment for the moment but I can't keep them because I already have a big dog in France. And I will move back to France in 2 years. My dog doesn't like cats, he will be too jealous.

Conditions of adoption
Your apartment allows a pet.
All members of your family agree to adopt a kitten.
I will check the kitten after adoption. So, please keep in contact with me.
(I heard about stories on cruelty to animals and experiments on animals in the world. So, I just want to avoid these situations.)


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I'm curious...what happened to these poor little kitties? :'(

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Last Friday (May 25), the first kitten (female) couldn't drink milk and she died in my hands on the day after early morning. The second kitten (female) became sick too on Saturday morning. I brought her to the veterinary, but he couldn't help her. He said the kitten was too young and too small, so it's not possible to give her antibiotic and intravenous drip. The second kitten finally died on last sunday night. (; ^ ;)

I found a third kitten (male) in my garden on last Friday (May 25). No doubt he is the brother of two kittens who passed away. I don't know why he was in my garden. He was much stronger at first but finally got the same symptoms as her sisters. Last night I brought him to another veterinary who gave him a treatment including a drip. Since he seems better and but still can't drink milk very well. So I give him milk every 2 or 3 hours during nighttime too. I'm also using a heater permanently to warm him up (ambient temperature should be maintained at 30 degrees). I'm doing my best to help him to survive, this is first priority. I didn't decide yet whether I keep him or get him adopted by a family.

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Oh no!!!!!! That is so sad. I'm so sorry :'( That must have been very hard on you. I will be hoping that the little boy pulls through and becomes healthy and strong soon!!!