Purl (pronounced Pearl)

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-9 years)
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Long Hair
Colour: Grey & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Good with cats
Adoption Status: Adopted

Formerly known as The Scientist, Purl has been in and out of KAPS two or three times over the last two years. And posted up and removed from ARK with just about the same frequency. Why? Well, I'll get into that ^^ First, let's just talk about Purl.

This gorgeous kitty is quite honestly my favorite cat at KAPS shelter. That means she's won my heart over the 80 some other cats there! She is not only beautiful, but she has such a loving personality. She loves to cuddle and be held. She's always happy to be pet. She is ok with other cats, but she certainly prefers human company. Her looks are so distinguished and striking. I called her The Scientist because I thought she looked like a mad scientist's cat. I've since changed her name because it does not reflect her loving and wonderful personality. I think Purl is a better fit! She belongs with a "crazy cat lady" who knits (purl, get it? ^^) and will love her and fawn over her for the rest of her days, and who will work on the small issues that she has...

Purl was returned to the shelter after living with a family. This family had allowed her to be an indoor/outdoor cat. As such, Purl loves people, but also likes to be outside.

In Korea, unless one lives in a house with a yard & where no one would snatch her up to sell her for meat or breeding, this is just not an option. Even still there are cars to worry about, kids who may throw rocks, people who may chase her... She needs to be safe! She found that at KAPS.

KAPS allows her access to indoors and out due to the safe design of the shelter. But she is missing people and the relationship she enjoys with them. KAPS allowed her to be adopted, but she was soon returned with the adopter saying, "She meows and scratches and wants to go outside. I can't keep her." But KAPS staff tried again with another adopter... sadly it also came to the same result. KAPS expat volunteers tried, but, by this time, KAPS no longer wanted Purl to possibly be discarded by people. (Understandably!) Purl came back to KAPS each time sadder than when she entered. At least, KAPS figured, she's safe here. She gets fed each day, and pet here and there... but it's not enough for Purl. Purl wants to be a kitty in your lap while you knit. Or the kitty sitting on your laptop helping you avoid work. I just hate to see her sit and rot away without love from a person each and every day. KAPS asked that we, their expat volunteers, look super hard for a forever home for her. They also see how sad she is. She trusts and loves people so much! Even though they turned her away, rather than helping her avoid her behaviors or encouraging her to be who she is. It may take a lot of work! (We will not lie! ... Purl will be work.) BUT... She will be worth it!

She needs someone to save her poor, little, loving spirit from being suppressed day in and day out as she sits away waiting for her chance. Will you be that person? We will help you through all her issues. We will be here for suggestions and support. But we need to find Purl a true forever, extremely dedicated, loving home.

Some suggestions we will give you include but are not limited to leash training, utilizing Feliway to calm her, outdoor enclosure options (again, this is going to take work! this is about embracing her and working with her and keeping her safe! again, crazy cat ladies (or men!), we're lookin for you! ^^), a a BIG fun one (since you'll have Purl for a lifetime... 10-15 years... this certainly could be possible!), while in Korea... a window seat ^.^ I could go on! There's lots that can be done to fix this issue and to keep her happy, but one must be dedicated. She'll love you forever, you just have to invest in her and know that what you're putting into her will come back to you a million times more.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: In a shelter
Adopted From: KAPS: Daegu


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Aw, so sad :( When I adopted a cat that my animal activist neighbor in the US had rescued, she adopted him to me with the promise that he would now be an indoor cat because of the safety issues. It took some time, and he was very vocal about wanting to go outside, but after a long time of hearing him crying, he gave up and came to love his indoor habitat.

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Very sad. Poor little Purl is waiting... Yes, just takes time and patience and understanding : ) Thanks for the support annemariew ^^ Glad your kitty learned how much fun staying in was and now he's safe and in a loving home!

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I neurotically check Purl's profile everyday. Come on Purl, we're gonna fine someone for you <3

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254 views! Yeah Purl! We'll work with you to get her adjusted. Please email us to chat about her if interested : )

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We're not givin up Purl!

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648 views! Oh Purl. You're one in a million. We'll get there with time lil one : )

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Amazing news!! (^O^) Purl has been adopted by a Korean family with a huge house and lots of land ^^ I found out yesterday when I visited the cat house and our sweet Purl was not there to greet me. I asked the cat house manager and she gave me the news. I was so happy! Way to go Purl! Let's hope this is her forever home and we do not see her back at KAPS! ps - I am waiting to see the adoption photo and will post when I receive it.

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Wow! Such exciting news!
Good luck Purl, I hope this is the home you've been waiting for :)

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UPDATE: photos of Purl from her FOREVER home! : ) <3 Congratulations Purl!

Purl got a bit matted at the shelter, so she certainly needed the shave ; ) Also with the hot summer months it may cool her down. She remains an indoor/outdoor cat with her new family as they have a large country home with a big yard. We could not have found a better place for Purl. I am so happy for her!

Purl's all too happy to sit on her family and purrrr away : )Livin the good life!OMG is that a KNIT blanket? Purl found the PURRfect home for sure ^.^