Arong, the Beautiful Mama Cat

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years)
Gender: Female
Breed: Persian
Colour: Brown
  • Litter trained
  • Special needs
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update (4/18): After a few unsuccessful attempts, Arong has finally been adopted. She now has a new name, Haru, and lives happily with her owner in Seoul. :)

UPDATE: I'm talking to a potential adopter. Wish her luck...


Please consider this beautiful cat for adoption. Arong was living at an animal hospital where her previous owner had abandoned her after declawing all her four paws. She had been living there for quite some time, as I'd seen her on my previous visits and admired her pretty face. In January, on one of my visits there, I learned that she was pregnant - she became pregnant by a Siamese stud who was there to sire another cat. So now there were two very pregnant cats living in cramped space. Then I saw Arong trying to eat, and noticed the bowl was empty. Two pregnant cats, and they had nothing to eat. Right then, the vet asked me if I'd like to take the cat (her kittens are "accidents," and will not sell, was what he was saying). I already have two cats at home, but I just couldn't bear the thought of two cats having their litters at once, in show-window type cubicle with no privacy (only a glass wall separating them from the passerby outside), not having enough to eat, etc. I took her home, telling the vet I'll foster her until she has her kittens and have them weaned, then return her. At least she'll have enough to eat, I thought. I also wanted her kittens to have a better chance in life - pets "bought" from pet shops and pet hospitals in Korea have infamously high rate of being abandoned, like Arong, so I wanted to place them in a home myself.

And now the thing I dreaded most happened. I'm trying to find homes for the mama cat and her three kittens, and of course there are lots of people who want to take the kittens. There are even people who want two kittens, and I'll be screening them carefully. But the mama cat - nobody wants the mama cat. She's a really beautiful cat, but next to the adorable kittens she doesn't stand a chance. I don't blame them, but it is truly sad. Arong deserves a chance at life too... I even tried to persuade potential adopters to take one kitten and the mama cat, saying it'll be easier to raise the kitten, they'll bond for life, etc. Nothing works. If they want two cats, they want two kittens.

But I really, really hate to return Arong to the hospital. They will keep displaying her until a taker appears, but in the meantime she'll just languish in the glass cage. They will most certainly give her to the first person who wants to take her, no screening whatsoever. This happened once to another cat I know, twice, and in the second instance she came back to the hospital in a box, left at the door before opening time (she's living with my mother-in-law now). I really want to find a forever home for her, free from the worries of becoming a breeding cat. In my opinion that hospital has questionable ethics (declawing, letting unplanned pregnancies happen, breeding and selling pets). If she ends up in the hands of a commercial breeder somehow, she may live the rest of her life as a breeding cat.


Arong is a shy cat. This is one of the main reasons I'm worried she'll never find an adopter. I think she is naturally shy, but I think something in her past that I don't know about may have worsened it. It may have been the declawing - I've heard of cases where declawing led to personality change in cats. She may have had little human contact before she was abandoned, or worse, abused. She is afraid of sudden movements, and freezes momentarily when someone comes near. But once you pet her, she may cower a bit but doesn't run away. It's like she enjoys petting, but can't give herself up completely. I've kept her separated from my other cats as much as possible, but she doesn't like other cats much (I don't blame her, as she's defenseless without her claws). After having her babies, she was actively protective of them, sometimes batting at my cat. This has lessened as the kittens got older. It doesn't help that one of my cats is extremely jealous and hates all "new" cats (she loves all humans and hates all cats).

I really think she may blossom and show her real personality when she has a loving home and human to care for her. She's already made progress in the short time I had her. At first she would run when I moved in her direction, but now she doesn't mind that at all. She even begs me for food! She loves to be hand-fed chicken breasts and fish snacks (she loves all kinds of treats). Actually... she loves eating in general. She has a cute sitting position - she doesn't fold her legs beneath her like most cats, but she crosses them in front of her like a posh little lady. I've given her two baths to clean up all the matts and dirty hair she got from a long stay at the hospital, and now her fur is very soft. It's hard to find a home for an adult cat; harder if the cat is not a jump-in-your-lap kind of cat. I think a single cat household will be most suitable, since she's shy and has no claws, but she may do just fine with other gentle cats. I just need to be sure that she will not be bred again, and will be loved for life.

So please, consider this kitty. She's still young, and she deserves a second chance. She has the biggest, expressive amber-green eyes I've seen on a cat. One friend of mine nicknamed her the "Shrek kitty." I'm also considering finding another foster home for her, since my cat hates her so much. If you're interested please send me the application. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Adoption Fee: ₩70,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


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She is beautiful, and I wish her the best of luck finding a home. If my house wasn't so loud with children and dogs, I would scoop her up in a heart beat! There must a family out there for this lovely girl. Absolutely gorgeous.

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Well of course plenty of people want to get the kittens - that's why the vet clinic had that male Siamese there to make kittens to sell. Kittens sell, and adults don't. However, kittens require more time, effort and so on, and this leads to many of them being given up when the owners realize this and they put up postings like: looking for an owner with more time to devote to these kittens etc. or abandon them when they are no longer cute babies.

Consider the advantages that an adult pet has over young pets, which are much like taking care of babies - frequent feedings, cleaning up after toilet accidents, greater need for attention and play,tendency to chew/claw and get into mischief at home. Fully grown adults like Arong will be easier for owners to integrate into their homes and lifestyles, and it will be less likely that they will want to give up the pet due to not having the time or similar reason.

Is her health and vaccination status good?

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Dear Ann

My husband and I read Arong's story with interest. In fact it made me tear up. We would love to give her a good home. We just have a few concerns. One, our apartment is very small. She sounds kind of like an introvert, but I don't know if she would feel shut in living in our teenie weenie place. We are on the second floor and I don't see oppurtunity for her to enter through the window here. So she won't have a lot of freedom. Two. We cannot adopt her permanently. We are going to be in Korea for only two years. Then we will probably go to the States. Of course, we would try and see whether she can be transported with us, but I have heard a lot of people who have tried this unsuccesfully. Let me know what you think. We are not the sort of people who will adopt or foster when we are not in the position of offering the best kind of home.


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UPDATE: Arong is still available for adoption.

Thank you for the kind comments above. Arong is probably an introverted cat turned even more so by her declawing. I don't think she she was ever an outdoor cat, so no access to the outdoors wouldn't be a problem. In fact, due to her lack of any claws, the outdoors might be too dangerous for her. She will be defenseless if met with a street cat, and having spent her life indoors, she would be completely lost outdoors. She has certainly shown little interest in going out, even though we have a small yard. She spends most of her day lounging, eating, and sleeping. She doesn't jump on furniture or high places at all, and in this respect she's more like a quiet dog than a cat (I said above about her tendency to beg for food). I've heard this is pretty characteristic of Persian cats, but it's probably been aggrevated by declawing.

I do ask though that the adopter commits to her for life. She's not exactly a kitten anymore, so I would assume that finding a home for her will only get harder as she gets older, not vice versa. I would think that it's hard on her too, changing homes so often. However, I've heard that the US is a relatively easy country to import cats and dogs, if preparations were undertaken in time. I'm also American, so I've looked into this matter also. My understanding is that with commitment, it shouldn't be impossible to achieve.

Arong is a truly lovely cat. Not only is she gorgeous, but she has such a big heart. She would let her kittens nurse even when they already had full sets of teeth and were well capable of eating dry food. I've never seen a mama cat nurse her kittens this long (most mamas would simply stand up and walk away once they decide their kittens have had enough). It seemed that when they came to her, she just couldn't help but feed them and lick them. She would nervously meow at the door when her kittens were locked in the bathroom for potty training. All her kittens are gone now, and it breaks my heart to see her large eyes questioning me where they have gone. With her quiet and gentle nature, she won't ask for much, only to be loved. Wait... she does like food. ;)

If you have any questions at all, please email me.

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Hi Ann

Thank you for your detailed response. My husband and I are still deliberating. Our immediate response is: this beautiful, kind-hearted creature deserves all our love, right now! We are on our way! But, we have to go slow and take all things into consideration. Here are some remarks, questions and concerns that we still have:
- Vaccinations, neutering and so forth? If we have to take care of any of these then we have to know beforehand so we can budget for them.
- Another budget thing: food. How much do you spend a month? Does she have any dietary requirements or preferences?
- I read a bit on the transport to America thing and it seems do-able. We will just have to start arranging it early enough beforehand.
- We live in Daegu. Do you think that we can take Arong with us on the KTX? We don't have experience transporting cats. Does one need a cage? I don't like the idea of it, but I don't want to risk her getting lost or anything. I guess one could take her out once in the train?

Any other advice or comments will be appreciated.


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No problem! I'm glad finally she has a chance of having a home.
- First off, health status. She's still a bit bony from having recently had kittens, but she's in fine health as far as I can tell. No fleas or parasites. If a potential adopter comes along, I will try to find out as much as I can by contacting the hospital she came from. If she's been adopted from the hospital (which I'm assuming she was) I'm pretty certain that she's have had her initial shots as a kitten. I don't know if she's had annual update shots. There's a lot of debate out there on vaccinating cats, and I don't personally vaccinate my adult cats, but I don't know if that's something to consider if she might have to go overseas. I think they cost roughly 50,000. She's obviously not neutered yet (just sent the kittens off). For a female, I think they cost anywhere from 100,000 to 300,000. I thought I'd give her a while to recuperate from nursing before putting her through surgery, but it's something to be discussed with the potential adopter.
- The cost of food can vary greatly (wet or dry, expensive or cheap), but I'd say you should budget about 10,000 to 30,000 for one cat. Cat litter is also greatly varied, but I spend about 10,000 per month. So for food and litter, 30,000-50,000 sounds about right. Arong is not a picky eater at all. She eats just about any cat food, treats, and even human food. So the difficult part would be watching that. For a while she had diarrhea and I got worried, but I found a dry food that she doesn't have a problem with. I suspect she does better with non-grain foods. (diarrhea could have been caused by nursing - she was drinking a lot, probably because she was perpetually thirsty).
- My parents live in Daegu, too! In fact, two weeks ago we took a trip down there with Arong because my parents' neighbor had expressed interest in her. It didn't work out, and we had to return with her. Arong took the trip in a stride (4-hour drive each way!). She was probably scared, but didn't make a sound. KTX is even shorter trip, so I'd say she'll do fine. You would need a cage though, not just for this time, but for future uses too. Cats are terrified of new surroundings, so they actually tend to cope better within a cage.
- If you live in Daegu, I know a vet who's incredibly skilled at neutering/spaying cats. He used to work for the animal shelter in Daegu, so he's probably performed thousands of such operations. He also did the surgery on one of my cats, and my kitty was running around the next day. Just a thought that popped up.

Let me know if you have more questions. You can also email or call me! :)
[email protected]


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Recent photos of Arong... This is what I mean by her loving treats!

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Dear Ann

We've already made Arong's photo our desktop background, hehe. So much for taking it slow.

Here is what we think. We would like to adopt Arong, if you find us suitable. We want to love and nurture her until the loveliness in her eyes can come out completely and show in her whole personality.

We think that we will make a good match for Arong and vice versa because of our patience and her indoors preferences.

We have decided to adopt Arong for life, because what you said is true. She is an older and special needs cat. What are the chances of her finding as a good a home again? Especially in Korea where the foreigners come and go. No, we don't want to put her through that, being passed around like a ball.

I assume we have to fill in a form before you can make the final decision. Will you send it to us please?

If you find us suitable, I would just like to warn you that we won't be able to come through on this weekend because of stuff happening at our school. We would be able to come through the weekend after, that is the 6th to the 8th.

Let us know what you think

Ps. We wanted to send an email, but didn't know where to get your address from.

Kind regards

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Oh sorry, just noticed your email address up there. Didn't show on the email notification :)

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Hi Hanika,
The application is here:
The date is fine. I can certainly keep her for a bit longer. But I think it might be a good idea for you to see her in some way. Do you use FaceTime (iPhone, iPad, etc) or Skype or anything like that? If so, we can set up a time. Anyway, please send the form to me and we'll go from there :)