Penny Lane

She loves playing

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years)
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Black, White & Orange
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

Penny is a wonderful cat looking for her forever home. She's great with people and is very outgoing and affectionate. She is very playful and loves string and anything fluffy.She loves people, especially anyone who will play with her.

*1/31/2011* Penny is spayed now! Yay! Her recovery is going well and she's much happier than before. She was back up and walking around within a day of her operation. She's perky and bright. The only sign of her operation is her shaved fur.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: KAPS: Daegu


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Thank you for helping Penny Lane! cute name :)

Could you let us know what measures you took to locate her owner? Thanks!

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Hi Karen, I tried as much as I could to get the word out that Penny has been found. There are so many stray cats that are feral by the apartment complex I found Penny, at that point I kind of understood what the school staff ladies meant when she told me that Penny might not even have an owner. Still, I put up flyers near where I found her and the near by bus stops (the signs didn't stay up that long … I think someone took them down to put up their own) and I also handed out a couple to the near by vets and pet store and the local mart. I also put up a notice on the first week I found Penny. No one has contacted me back, I see people looking at one of the flyers that I pass by all the time on the way to school, but nothing.

I don't know what else I can do for her. I feed her, play with her and keep her warm for now. If you have any suggestions I will gladly accept them. Thanks for looking.

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You've been super diligent! Thanks for explaining everything you've tried. I do worry that animals will get adopted before the owners have a chance to find them... not everyone uses the computer to search, so it's great to hear you've put up posters.

Have you cross posted this listing to ARK's Facebook group? I'm not a Facebook user, and if you aren't either I can ask someone else to post a link to Penny's listing there to help spread the word.

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I have the same worry too, that Penny might have an owner and that I have taken her away from her home. When I first found Penny, she was so friendly (unlike other cats on the streets that would do anything to just get away from me). Since Penny was so willing to come to me when I called her over, I thought that she must be recently lost. I think that she was mostly sick and hungry (I attribute her initial friendliness to this :P), she inhaled the first morsel of food I offered her.

I really did hope that the owner would show up because, she really is so sweet and a good pet (except on occasion, when she goes psycho over human food, which I guess she is used to even though it gives her tummy aches).

I did put something up on the Pet Sitting Network on Facebook for when I go on vacation in January, but didn't think to put something on the ARK's Facebook page because I still wanted an owner to show up … :'( I did post the same thing that I posted on the Pet Sitting page on to the ARK-Facebook page now that you mention it. Thanks for the reminder, let's keep our fingers crossed that someone will turn up :)

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What happened to Penny Lane? I hope she had some good luck.

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She is currently in a foster home and I was instructed to take the post down so that the foster parent can post something new... but didn't see a thing to delete a post, just the expiring thing.

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I'm so glad to hear she found a foster home. That's wonderful!

When the foster parent is ready, I can change the authorship of this listing and transfer this profile to them so they can update here instead of starting all over. Please see the Posting Tips page at the very bottom.

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Penny has entered a loving new foster's care. Karen, shall we keep this profile or create a new one. This link in your comment does not work : ( But whatever is best, we just need the new foster to be able to post about her. Thanks to Boram for all she did for Penny!

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Penny was adopted last night by a previous KAPS adopter! She will have a new friend and roommate named Mojo and a loving caregiver. Congratulations Penny!

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When you adopt with KAPS, we are here for you through all stages of adoption - from the application, to bringing the animal home, to dealing with health or behavior issues... We make ourselves available to help you should ever you need anything. Penny's adopter had adopted a KAPS cat just a few months back, but she was ready and prepared to another another loving animal. She decided Penny was for her. Her application and the meeting went great. She chose to rename Penny to Beatrice. Everything was amazing... but how to properly introduce the kitties? Here is her and her cats' story of how they adjusted to their new life together with the help of KAPS:

"The thing that was most helpful was remembering just how young Beatrice is and acting accordingly. We were all surprised when she was so anti-social during the first visit. She didn't even come out of her carrier to go to her foster mother! However, if you take into consideration, she was a street cat only three months ago, then suddenly being asked to come to terms with a new house, a new person and a new, large male cat! She wasn't being anti-social, just overwhelmed. I needed to break her introduction down into more manageable stages: I first tried keeping them in separate rooms, with Mojo closed in with me and Beatrice in the living room. That worked fairly well, but I think if I had kept doing that, it might have taken them much longer to get acquainted. I made the next breakthrough by switch[ing Mojo's place in my room] with Beatrice. ... I went to sleep with her in her carrier on the floor. When I woke up the next morning, she had come out and was peeking at me from the side of the bed. Once she was sure of her standing with me, she could focus her energy on getting acquainted with Mojo. ... Over time, she began to realize that he was not going to hurt her, and she became more relaxed. Now they tear around the house like bet buds, and she initiates some of their play sessions."

She goes on to say...

"To new cat owners, I would suggest a plastic cover for your bed mattress and a large bottle of vinegar. (...we did have two accidents!...) Should there be an accident, just put the sheets and blankets in the wash with detergent and 1-2 cups of vinegar... A thorough cleaning will prevent the cat from using that same area in the future. Also, one way to head off accidents is to clean the litter regularly. You might be tempted to slack off sometimes, but you could be rewarded with a not so pleasant surprise."

We are so proud of all our adopters ^^ If you ever need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We at KAPS are happy to help all animal guardians. Though our focus my be helping KAPS' animals, we love to share our experiences, insights, references... everything! Because together, we save lives : )

Mojo and Beatrice - best buds!
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Thank you ekslye for fostering Beatrice, and boramy24 for working so hard for her. While KAPS Foster Program can no longer take in non-KAPS animals (animals not registered with KAPS system), we help every person who contacts us about any homeless or unwanted animal. We are so thankful for ARK as a resource for those who are not affiliated with a rescue to be able to help homeless animals. Again, together we save lives ^^